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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 19 (Volume 4 Extra Story 4 Part 1)

Volume 4 Extra Story 4 – Training the New Sprouts (Part 1)

It was a common practice for skilled subjugators to take on the training of new recruits.

If the old and strong, who had survived many deadly battles, would impart their skills and experience to the young, the survival rate of the subjugators as a whole would increase, and this would benefit the guild as well.

The guild itself encouraged this training system and even assigned new recruits to those who were not busy.

This encounter was also a result of this system.

“I’m Cirona, and I just registered with the guild today! Nice to meet you!”

The girl who came to Schild’s doorstep was a girl who still had a smell of milk on her lips.

She was wearing brand-new leather armor that was easily recognizable as cheap and ready-made, and her entire body reeked of a young chick.

“The guild has asked me to seek assistance and learn from you today. I will do my best, so please take care of me, Mr. Schild!”

The girl who introduced herself as Cirona looked like she could have been a flower vendor in the corner of the town until yesterday.


She seemed too nervous and tensed to be a monster subjugator.

If you suddenly put a girl like this into a real battle, it is inevitable that she will lose her life.

It was a good decision for the guild to entrust her to an expert like Schild, but whether or not Schild would agree to it was another matter entirely.


With a face as if to say, “I’ve been forced to deal with a troublesome matter again,” Schild circles around the new girl subjugator and observes her body from all directions.

He was like licking and sucking with his eyes.

“Uhm……that……Mr. Schild?”

“Too thin to be a subjugator. You have no muscle tone at all.”

Next, Schild grabbed the new girl’s buttocks in an eagle grip.

Suddenly and without warning.


The response was, as he had expected. Soft and gentle.

“You also have a squishy ass. These womanly buttocks are all flab and not a bit of muscle are on them. I don’t think such ass can generate the leg strength to chase or escape from a monster if endangered.”

Furthermore, Schild, not knowing what to expect through her clothes, also pulled down the pants of this new girl, revealing her cute raw buttocks. If yo u ar e able to r ead this me ss age, yo u are re adin g from an unau tho rized ag gr ega te site. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at stab bin g w it h a s y r ing e. ho me. bl og to sup port me and my tra nsl ations.

As if to show how young she was, it showed to Schild the bluish birthmark spots in her ass. Even though age-wise, she’s now a lady.


“If you scream like this, you won’t be able to keep your cool when facing a monster head-on. I’m not that expert enough to babysit and do my job at the same time.”

We should contact the guild officials and cancel Cirona’s registration, he concluded.

That a newbie must be at least fit enough to register.

“No way!”

“This’s for your own good. A fellow like you will only die if you go out into the field in your state, and there is no advantage for me to teach you if you cannot even catch up to my pace.”

The only possible advantage, if any, was……

“A meat toilet.”



“Fortunately, you’re still a woman. You can at least play that role to your advantage. How about this: if you can do a good job in calming down your partner’s erect penis – my penis – I may be able to teach you how to become a proper subjugator.”

“I’ll……be a meat toilet?”

“Yes. I don’t know what brought you to enter this field, and I don’t really care, but it will be hard for me to be in the field if an “unprepared” woman is nearby due to my constitution. In other words, you will have to be prepared to accept my advances too if you want to become my apprentice.”

While training as a subjugator, she would also play the role of a carnal servant. Of a man named Schild.

In actuality, Schild was already being generous here. After all, he would endanger his life just to teach the other his trade secrets. Plus, at this day and age, there was no other exchange available for a weak and frail woman like her but this one.

Using one’s own body to repay favors.

This also meant that she must be prepared to offer her body if she wants something in exchange.

This would be even more commonplace once she chooses to become a subjugator, a job dreaded by many for being bloody and uncultured. For a weak-looking girl to apply for this job, she has to learn the harsh ways, or she’s just asking to be devoured.

Either by humans or by monsters.

“……I understand.”

The new girl sticks out her buttocks with renewed determination to Schild.

Fortunately, she had already been stripped of her clothes by the man, so her vulva and anus were already bare.

“I’ll do anything to become a professional fighter! Being Mr. Schild’s meat toilet is a cheap price to pay! Please have sex with me!”

“That’s a nice little reply. You have guts, and that’s the most important for the pros here.”

Schild won’t be Schild if he leaves out a vagina that has already consented to be put in.

So he too immediately exposes his erect penis and screws it into the youthful vagina of the new girl.


A bright red liquid flowed down from their joint parts.

As he had expected, she was a virgin.

“If you were a town girl I hooked up with around there, I’d be nice to you. But you’re a monster subjugator now. If a monster bites you, you won’t just be in this measly pain. Getting used to the pain is the first step in becoming a subjugator, and I will teach you that part of it.”

“I understand! I will endure! All to become a proper subjugator!”

Schild, without hesitation, moved his hips back and forth towards the new girl, showing his relentlessness as a teacher.

With a force that seems to be drilling into the hard vagina of the virgin, his steel-like rigidity went wild. This ch pte r tran sl ation is mad e po ssi ble by stab bing wi h a s y rin ge tr ansla tions. che ck on ly up- to- da te tran sla tions on my W ordpr ess s ite.


“Aahiii!? Aghhhhhh!??”

The new girl’s whole body got shaken by the pain of the water breaking, but despite this, she tried to endure it desperately.

Showing the strength of her will isn’t just for show.

For Schild, virginity is like a green fruit, which still has a bitter taste and cannot be considered a first-class product.

Some people appreciate the “first” fruits of any kind, but for Schild, the honey-dripping sweetness of “mature” fruit is a higher quality product than the bitterness of a prematurely ripe one.

However, Schild also thinks that growing these green fruits into fully ripe, high-quality fruits is also one of the best pleasures in the world.

“Ahieee♡♡ Ahiiiieeeee♡♡♡♡ My pussy, my pussy is breaking♡♡♡♡ Ahh♡♡ But what♡♡ What is this feeling♡♡♡♡”


The new girl was already beginning to show signs of maturity.

Not only did she endure the pain, but her voice also began to contain a hint of pleasure, which impressed Schild.

“What’s this……♡♡ It’s in the back of my crotch♡♡ Something’s coming…… ♡♡ Something like a wave is coming♡♡♡♡”

Splurt. Splurt. Splurt. Splurt.

Along with the new girl’s first climax, Schild also spewed his sperm deep into her vagina.

The girl’s entire body wobbled, exposing the evidence of her first climax to the outside world.

“Being able to make my cock cum this early even though it’s your first time, and even through all that pain, it’s pretty impressive, Cirona. It’s hard to believe that yours is a virgin pussy just a while ago.”

Of course, this was a lie made up by Schild.

Because Schild is now a sex god who has already held hundreds of women, he is now in complete control of his own ejaculation.

He had spewed early this time because he wanted the new girl to gain confidence in herself.

“I see that you have a talent as a meat toilet,” he continued, “Not sure about being a monster slayer, though.”

“I-is that okay?”

As their genitals got connected, the expert and rookie subjugators exchanged words.

“For now, you’re all worth taking along as an outlet for my sexual desires during the subjugation process. Shall we start with that? That whenever I command you, you will take off your pants, open your legs, and accept my cock into your pussy?”

If you can do that, I can instruct you.

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