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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 18 (Volume 4 Extra Story 3 Part 2)

Volume 4 Extra Story 3 – The Hired Madame’s Revenge (Part 2)

Schild, whose senses had been sharpened by his countless battles with monsters, had already developed a way of detecting presences in his vicinity.

“Apparently, we got peeping toms here. They probably want to hear you moan as their boss humiliates you and jack off to it.”

“Those lecherous thugs! But we can’t make a sound because of this…”

“On the contrary, it would look more suspicious if we remain quiet here. After all, the thugs outside the door believe that sex is going on inside.”

“If it comes to this, then……!”

Minya speaks to Schild while completely naked.

Of course, in a whisper so that no one outside could hear.

“I need you to do something for me again.”

Then the naked Minya laid herself down on the floor and opened her crotch wide. Naturally, the woman’s private parts were exposed right after, as she was not wearing underwear.

“Fuck me. Now.”

“Are you sure? We can still pretend, you know?”

“The problem is I’m bad at pretending, so it would only do us worse. Also, it will make it more legit this way.”


To sum up, the Madame Minya decided to let the goons outside hear her moaning for real, so they wouldn’t get suspicious.

“I know it will only buy us sometime, but this is the only thing I can think of doing right now. You killed that idiot, so I’m not going to let you die so easily.”

“I’ll take your word for it, then.”

Schild also took off his clothes and inserted his erect penis between hired Madame’s legs.


A very loud gasp came out of her lips as a result, with enough loudness to go through the door and reach the thug’s ears on the other side.

The disguise was working.

“Haaa……good, let’s keep this up. Make me cum as hard as you can to satisfy the morons outside the door and let their guards down.”

This Madame……she must have piled up a huge amount of courage, accepting another man’s penis at the drop of a hat at this situation…… Schild couldn’t help but admire.

Although her body is a bit emaciated here and there, perhaps due to the difficulties she has been through, her skin still has a tautness to it, maybe thanks to her unbending will.

Her nipples and labia were brightly colored, and overall, she was a beautiful woman who was very desirable to hold in one’s arms.

Schild began to swing his hips back and forth while his penis was inserted into her vagina.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh! Boss, that’s good! Your cock fits my pussy perfectly.”

The lewd voice, somewhat deliberate but certainly colored with sexual arousal, echoed throughout the room.

In addition, the sound of the male and female genitals, hips, and waist colliding with each other also echoed in the saloon with extra loudness.

“It feels so good, so good! Boss’s cock! It’s much bigger than my dead husband! It feels much better than when I had sex with my husband!”

The madame gasps senselessly.

But the penis inserted into her vagina is none other than Schild’s penis.

“Even if it is an act, do you have to go that far?”

“I heard that the idiot liked to make his shackled wives say things like this……I’m still a tavern owner, you know? And this place is the center of gossip among other places.”

But as if it reminded her of something aggravating, while having sex with Schild, she stomped on the corpse of the boss who was no longer breathing.

With her foot, directly on the face.

With all her might. Over and over again.

“Aaaaahhhn! Boss, I’m now your pussy slave! I’ve already forgotten about my husband! I’m crazy about your cock now!”

While saying this, she stomps on the face of the dead boss again.


She was stomping so hard and so many times that the front teeth of the boss had already broken to pieces and was wounding the soles of her white feet.

As if the madame wanted to exhaust herself of all the pain that she had been building up.

“Your cock is so good! Boss’s rape-tempered cock feels so good! I’m going stupid from my pussy! I’m gonna be a woman who’s stupid for boss’s cock!”

In reality, she was being made stupid by Schild’s penis.

But it wasn’t long before the faked performance gradually began to be mixed with the real thing.

Sexual arousal from frictional stimulation.

The pleasure of having avenged her late husband’s death.

The feeling of superiority of humiliating the corpse of the person she hates the most.

And the thrill of death if the cronies outside find out what was going on.

These elements became jumbled together and ate away the poor madam’s reason.

That at some point, the madam’s fake panting voice began to take on a real gloss.

“My pussyy♡♡♡♡ My pussy feels so good♡♡ It feels so good to give in to my boss’s humiliating cock♡♡♡♡ It’s so arousing♡♡ I’m climaxing from being fucked by the guy who killed my husband♡♡♡♡”

Again, her husband’s killer is already dead in this life, and his corpse lies beneath her feet.

His face has no longer retained its original form from being continuously trampled on by her feet.

But this time, the role of trampling had been replaced by Schild.

The replacement was made because the Madame’s feet are getting wounded.

This was also Schild’s own way of trying to console the owner, who was now entertaining him in full by keeping his penis in her vagina.

“Boss♡♡ Booosss♡♡ Fuck me some more♡♡♡♡ Fuck the wife of the man you killed more♡♡♡♡ Rape and destroy my mind and body that it could no longer be used anymoooooree♡♡♡♡”

The pleasure of being fucked to save the person who saved her……

The sadism of stomping the corpse of his husband’s murderer for vengeance……

……combined with the masochism of imagining herself being violated by the same dead man……

They mingled and swirled, and these turbulent emotions consumed her from the inside.

“Ahiiii♡♡ I’m cumming♡♡ My pussy is cummmiiiiingg♡♡♡♡ I’m sorry, my dear♡♡♡♡ The man who killed you……”

[……making me cum with his diiicckkk♡♡♡♡]

But that line was not said next. Instead,

“……he’s finally dead noooww♡♡ Horrayyy♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The moment she screamed, a tide erupted from the Madame’s pubic region.

It was as if all the depression she had accumulated up to that point had been discharged and mixed with the pleasure she was experiencing.

“Hold up. Did she just say……”

The thugs listening through the door paused for a bit when they heard Madam Minya’s last line, but they were too late to react as they got blown away by the door being opened brutally on them the next moment.

“I knew it. They’re jacking off behind the door. And you even stained the floor of this tavern with your shit!”

It was Schild who opened the door and came out.

Naturally, the rest of the goons got taken aback. After all, a naked stranger came out of the room where their boss was supposed to be having sex with a woman.

“Who the hell are you? Where’s the boss?”

“I killed him.”

And not long after, the goons followed the boss. After knocking them down, Schild stomped on their windpipes one by one. This chap ter tra nsla tion is ma de pos sibl e by stab bi ng wit h a sy r inge tra nsla tions. ch eck on ly u p-to-d ate trans lat ions on my Wor dpr ess s ite.

“Our sex has gotten stale because of you. I knew it. Genuine sex without any pretending is far better.”


Minya who was slumped naked on the floor could not understand what Schild was trying to say.

“Wait there,” Schild spoke. “I’m going to go kill all the bums that get in the way of our real sex.”

“What? Huh? eh?”

“As for my sword……bah, I’ll leave it here. It will be a nuisance if blood and guts contaminate the store.”

After saying that, Schild went to the front of the tavern and carefully snapped the necks of dozens of the gang’s prefects stationed there, killing all of them.


He shoved their eyeballs in and smooshed their brains, punched and broke their spines, etc.

Every one of them was given a death befitting a criminal ravaging the town and lining his own pockets.

The average monster hunter would not have known these vital points on the human body.

Monster slayers are supposed to kill monsters, not people.

However, Schild was clearly not an ordinary man, as he knew exactly what these weak points were.

“Now that I’ve killed them all. Let’s get back to having sex.”

After successfully destroying the rest of the gang nestled in the town, Schild spoke to Minya again.

Since most of the goons were brought in by the boss when he went to the tavern that day, the gang was pretty much exterminated when Schild faced them, and if any were left, they would be eliminated by natural selection.

“My goodness, I can’t believe you’re so strong! Wait. What was all that desperate acting I have done you for!? That time, I really thought we were finished when they found us!”

Minya was taken aback by Schild’s extraordinary prowess, even though she was the one who personally asked him to be his hitman.

But Schild was unperturbed.

“Isn’t it fine? You got your revenge, and on top of that, the town has been cleansed from this trash. Now we can have sex without any worries!”

“Why are we having sex again!? I only did it with you to deceive those goons! And if you thought about it, our sex is totally unnecessary! And it is even more now because they are all dead or in hiding now!”

“Why, it is to celebrate, of course! Isn’t this a joyous occasion to you?”


The Madame just sighed and rubbed her temples at Schild’s frank remarks.

“……okay, I’ll do it,” she finally said, as if giving up. “I’ll let you have sex with me.”

Then she opens her legs.

“I guess I shouldn’t think much about this. I’m sure my husband is happy in heaven now that his death is avenged. Also, I can’t say that I’m not happy with the current situation, so I guess……we can have sex properly today. But just this once, okay?”


“It’s an unspoken rule that a madame should not sleep with her customers, but today is a special day.”

After establishing that excuse, Schild again inserted his penis inside Minya’s vagina.

“Ahhh, it’s coming inside me again♡♡ this cock is awesome♡♡♡♡ It’s expanding inside my pussy♡♡ And it’s spreading it like never before♡♡♡♡”

Shplock, shplock shplock shplock shplock……

The feeling of friction between the vaginal walls and the meat pole was quickly accompanied by more and more moistness.

“Harder♡♡ Yes♡♡ Do it mooree♡♡♡♡ It’s so big, and so good♡♡♡♡ Suck it, you perverted thugs♡♡ The pussy you always wanted to put your cock in is now stuck and being rammed by the cock of the cool guy who killed you♡♡♡♡”

Soon, Schild’s penis came.

But he continued to move back and forth even after ejaculating inside the tavern owner.

“Yes♡♡ So good♡♡ My pussy feels so good to be fucked♡♡♡♡ I did it, honey♡♡ I avenged you and finally saved our tavern♡♡♡♡ And my pussy now is feeling good again♡♡♡♡ It’s feeling so good from our savior’s cock, dear♡♡♡♡”

In the near future, the nearby lords learned of the news of what happened that day.

Because the very crime lord had been slain, the gang’s influence weakened, so using this chance, they immediately dispatched their guards and soldiers and took over the town before any other gang could rise and rule them. They also took care of the previous ones involved or had connections with the said gang and the remnants missed by Schild.

The town was in peace soon after.

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