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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 17 (Volume 4 Extra Story 3 Part 1)

Volume 4 Extra Story 3 – The Hired Madame’s Revenge (Part 1)

This is another one of the stories of Schild’s journey before he reached the Royal Capital.

[I want you to kill someone.]

From time to time, a rare request like this would pop up if you work as a monster subjugator.

The layman’s argument is, “If you can kill monsters, you can probably kill people too”.

Of course, murder is against the law of the country, so it is against for a monster subjugator to handle such a request.

But in all honesty, some still accept, although it was rare.

In the royal capital or other major cities that are well managed by the kingdom, if it was found out that you are accepting such request, they would capture you in an instant, put you in jail, and have your registration revoked from the Subjugators Guild.

However, in this day and age, the law does not cover every corner of the country, so in some areas, lawlessness is still the commonplace.

The town Schild visited that day was no exception. Perhaps because the town developed from an inn where travelers rested, outlaws became more prevalent than officials.

It was a town ruled by a gang boss who had a large number of underlings.

“I want you to kill their boss.”

When Schild entered the town, he received this request at the first tavern he entered.

The client was the owner of the tavern.


“Why me?”

“We can’t request this to a dweller of this town. Not only they knew the face of each and everyone of us, they also knew our weaknesses as his hundred goons here control everything. But if they are a drifter like you, whether you fail or not, you can leave the town immediately before you get caught and live in some other place. In short, you’ll be safer.”

Because of the content of the conversation, Schild was taken into the back of the store, and the two of them are now winding up in a private room for a closed-door chat.

It was the personal space of the owner, or the Madame of the tavern, and where she does her private needs.

“My husband and I used to run this establishment together. But he……who calls himself “The Boss” suddenly beat my husband up for not paying enough money for the tavern……and you know the rest.”

The madam’s voice became faint.

“That” must be what she had meant.

“After that, the tavern became his, and I was hired as its Madame. I was hired, hired on the establishment my husband and I had owned! He even asked me to be his mistress!”

He threatened that if I didn’t comply, he would increase the amount I should pay by five times. If y ou a re ab le to re ad thi s me ss age, yo u are rea d ing fro m an unaut hor ized ag gregate si te. Re ad at my Wo rdP ress at s tab b ing w ith a syri ng e. ho me. bl og to su pp ort me and m y transl ati ons.

“But he is my husband’s murderer! I’d rather die than be held by that guy!! He’s the one who really deserves to die!”

“And you want me to kill him?”

“Yes,” she continued. “If you can kill a monster, then a human would be an easy work-out for you, no?” uttered the Madame who has the preconceived notion that amateurs often say.

“Please,” then, she started begging.

“I will pay you as much as you want. I’ll even give up this tavern as long as he gets what he deserves. If I could get revenge, I could finally……”

“Even if you say that……”

Even if it has the same profession as taking a life, the way of doing it is naturally different. After all, there is a huge difference between monsters and humans.

However, the populace still couldn’t help but get confused by it. After all, the profession is like what was said earlier – specialized in taking one’s life.

And when people are in doubt or confused, they often generalize things. As a result of this generalization, the subjugators were given a bad light, as the business was no different from hiring assassins and was a “bloody job”.

Because this profession is often confused with such jobs, strict restrictions were imposed on those who kill people through guilds. But it still didn’t erase the prejudice of the populace as unlike knights who can also do the same role as them, subjugators killed for profit.

This caused the subjugators to be received in an even harsher light.

A profession that involves killing for money.

A bloody job that is no different from assassins.

A work with no honor.

That is the Subjugator, in the eyes of many.

Schild tried to persuade the madam to give up by politely explaining this to her.

“Minya! Where are you! Why are you opening the tavern without running it!”

But all of a sudden, someone broke rudely into the room unannounced.

He was a greasy middle-aged man with an extravagant outfit that he showed no sign of putting on properly.


“The Boss……!?”

“I own this place now! I am your boss! and I need you to work hard and earn money, or else you won’t be able to pay us!”

If she is telling the truth, then this middle-aged man is the boss of the gang that took over the tavern.

And the killer of her husband.

“Or are you telling me you have decided to become mine? All I need is a nod of your head, and I’ll give you a far better life than a poor saloon madame, you know?”


“It seems you still don’t understand. All you can say is yes! I rule this town! You cannot disobey me in what I say!”

The boss proudly shows the spring of his life without hiding his vulgar expression.

“But your idiot husband didn’t understand that, so he died a horrible death! “Crawl on the ground and die, and after that, your wife will become my mistress!” I said to that disobedient shit as I made him beg, a fitting end for a fool who disobeyed me! Now, if you get it, you’re going to open your legs right here, or you will be in a worse situation than him……!! OGGH!”


With a hard bone-crunching sound, the neck of the middle-aged man called the boss got bent.

His neck got bent at an impossible angle, much beyond its normal capacity.

His eyes widened and became blood-colored, and red-colored bubbles gushed out of his mouth.

“A……gah…… ee……!”

With a pathetic scream, the gang boss ended the spring of his life.

Perhaps more abruptly than even the Madame could have imagined. It was that abrupt.

“Request Complete.”

Schild said with a flick of his wrist.

The Madame was astonished as if it was her first time seeing violence.

“You wanted me to kill this guy, right? Well, I didn’t expect he was such a prick that it was enough for me to react to him in instinct. Anyway, since he’s this scum of a gangster, this one is on the house. He’s no different from a bandit.”


Somehow, what Schild received was a yell instead.

Even though he should be praised for completing his request.

“I didn’t mean it has to be now! Oh, dear. I don’t think this guy came in alone. There must be dozens of his lackeys posted outside the tavern. If they find out, they’ll beat you to death!”

‘Wow. That’s terrible.”

“What are you so calm about?……geez, all that planning I had in mind has gone to the drain!”

The Madame called Minya walks right around the boss’s corpse.

But then when danger came quickly.

“Boss? What’s wrong? What was that noise?”

A voice approached from the front, sounding like coming from a thug.

It was undoubtedly one of the cronies that “The Boss” had brought along with him.

“I’m sorry that there is no back door to this room……But now that this happened……!”

Suddenly, Minya took an unexpected action.

She took off her clothes.

“What are you doing?”

“You, help me! First, move that idiot’s corpse to a shady spot away from the door. After that, hide!”

Schild immediately carried out Minya’s instructions, but the thugs’ voices came closer and closer, until finally, they were just one door away. Thi s cha pt er tran sl ation is mad e po s sible by sta bbi ng wi th a syr i nge tr ansl ations. chec k only u p -to- da te tra nsl atio ns on my Wor dpr ess sit e.

“Are you all right, boss? I’ll open it, okay?”

“Wait a minute!”

Minya ran out naked and opened the door.

Minimally, so as not to give the thugs a view of the room.


The thugs seemed to be moved by the sight of the naked Madame, even though the door was slightly ajar.

“T-the boss is going to have a lot of fun. No one is to approach for a while.”

“I see. I see. The loud noise you just made was part of the play. But still, Minya. I see that the boss has finally taken you in his clutches. Poor you.”

“Just get out of here. The boss will kill you if you interfere.”

“I know, I know. I also don’t want my ass to get thrown in a gutter.”

The thugs closed the door with a prickly grin.

A moment later, Minya, still naked, let out a deep breath.


“This will keep the underlings away for a while, thinking that the boss and I are having sex. But those guys won’t leave until the boss comes out. Nevertheless, that will buy us more time. Now how do we……”

“Don’t speak.”

Without warning, Schild hugs the naked Minya.

“Kyaa! What are you doing?”

“Don’t speak too loud. That thugs are still at the door.”

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