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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 13 (Volume 4 Extra Story 1 Part 1)

Volume 4 Extra Story 1 – The Mistress of the Forgotten House (Part 1)

This was one of the stories of Schild’s journey before he reached the Royal Capital.

In the middle of a certain subjugation quest, Schild was put in a tight spot.

“This is not good.”

He let out a complaint in his mouth as he wandered, which was unusual for him.

This was because Schild, right now, is completely lost in a remote forest.

The reason he was in such a state was because of his usual job as a monster subjugator.

Naturally, the subjugation process went smoothly.

The target monster was slain with a single stroke of his sword. Leaving the corpse disposal to the guild officials, Schild then went to the town where the guild is located.

Or at least, he tried to.

But on the way, he suddenly got lost.


There should have been only one road from the town to the battlefield, but he still got lost.

He was also supposed to have been with his fellow subjugators with whom he had jointly defeated the beast, but before he knew it, he had been separated from them as well.

Now, he was wandering alone in the forest.

Before, he knew which way to go to find the town. But now, he couldn’t even accurately grasp the north, west, south, east, and west.

He had no idea that after defeating the monster, he would find himself in a tight spot due to the natural threat of nature.

Was it because I had my guard down too much?

“…The sun will be setting soon.”

Schild was so upset that he could only repeat “That’s not good” several times more.

If he had been so hungry, the worst he could have done would have been to peel the bark off a tree and eat it, but Schild is in a more serious situation right now.

What was more serious than his appetite, you may ask? Of course, that is his sexual desire. If y ou a re a ble to r ead this me ss age, yo u ar e re ad ing fr om an un au thori zed agg re gate sit e. Rea d at my Wor dPr ess at st abb ing wi th a sy ri nge. ho me. bl og t o sup po rt me an d my tran sla tions.

Whenever he defeats monsters tremendously, it would make his blood boil, and to cool it down, he would search all over the place for women to cuddle them and unleash his violent urges.

That’s why he was rushing to the town in a rather “vulnerable” state of mind. If he didn’t rush to the whorehouse and shove his manhood into a woman’s vagina as soon as possible, he is going to have an outburst sooner or later.

Thankfully, before he reached that point, Schild arrived at a place where he could stay.

It was a grand mansion in the middle of the forest, towering over a place that should still be a long way from the city.

But as for why is it existing in a place so far away from human civilization, Schild couldn’t care about that now.

Because all that was in his mind was to take care of his raging lust immediately.

“Welcome, my dear sir. I am sure you must be very tired after wandering through the forest.”

The owner of the mansion was a young and enviable young woman.

Just seeing her demeanor, one would be able to distinguish that she is a noblewoman of a prestigious family, as her manners were refined and her clothes were of the first class.

However, as for the looks herself…

She looks like a teenage girl, but at the same time, she seems like a mature madam in her forties. Her skin is also lifelessly white. Where does the inorganic white skin originate from, which reminded me of lime rather than white porcelain? If Schild was in a normal state, he would have questioned this in his mind.

Nevertheless, the mansion, which he arrived at after a long and tedious wander through the forest, was a god of salvation for the lost Schild.

When he immediately knocked on the door to announce his visit, hoping to at least give him directions to the town, the hostess who opened the door, who was also talking to him right now, was more accommodating than Schild had expected.


She even invited him into the back of the mansion and treated him to a good meal.

Since he hadn’t eaten anything since the subjugation, he was grateful for the offer.

Schild gobbled up the food and emptied all the plates on the table in no time.

“I’m so full that I can’t eat anymore…!”

“I hope it was to your liking. Even though this is just your run-of-the-mill country cooking…”

“Oh, no, no, no……! It was very tasty and helped my empty stomach, actually……!”

There are times when even the normally magnanimous Schild changes his attitude toward certain people.

This was exactly one of the few times. And this lady which emitted a mysterious grace made him do so.

“This may be unneeded to say, but… I’m not very good at the hustle and bustle of people. That’s why I prefer to stay in a quiet place like this. Even so, there are times when I miss the warmth of human skin, so it is nice to have a visitor from time to time.”

“Human skin……?”

The owner may have meant it in reference to human communication, or something more gruesome if one is paranoid, but Schild, who had just returned from a subjugation expedition and had a heightened animalistic lust right now, could only see it in another light. Th is cha pt er trans lat ion is ma de po ss ible by sta bbi ng wit h a syr in ge tra nslati ons. ch eck o nly up-t o-d at e tra nsla tions on m y Wo rdpr ess sit e.

“It is already getting late. You should stay at my mansion tonight and return to the town when the sun rises.”


“In the meantime, we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary hospitality. In addition to meals, please let me know if there is anything else you would like. I will do our best to accommodate you.”


Schild could no longer contain his overflowing desire.

“I need a pussy to fuck my cock with……”

Most women would be baffled, their eyes flashing black and white if they were told such a thing.

However, the hostess of the mansion was calm and did not seem in the slightest bit flustered with Schild’s rude request. In fact, for a brief moment, a lick of the tongue even occurred at the corner of her mouth.


“That’s……a bit of a problem, isn’t it?”

The tone was theatrical.

“I am no fool, and I understand your impulses, but this is a remote place deep in the woods. There are no brothels here.”

“Don’t you have a maid to take care of you?”

“I am the only one who lives in this mansion, which is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, if there is a pussy that can satisfy your cock here and now, it is……”

The mistress slowly crawled up to Schild.

Like a snake sneaking towards its prey.

“……only my pussy and my pussy alone♡♡”

“Ooh, will you let me use your pussy then?”

“But mine is pretty shameful, you know♡♡ It hasn’t been with a man’s cock for hundreds of years♡♡ In short, I’m a woman who has a rusty old unmaintained pussy♡♡ Do you still want to continue with that♡♡”

“Whether your pussy is rusty or not will depend on my judgment. That is if you let me check it out for you. Though I am pretty sure it isn’t.”

“I can’t say no if you’re that eager♡♡ Now then, allow me to take advantage of being born a woman for the first time in a long time♡♡”

After his meal and the invitation, the two went into a certain room inside the mansion with a big sofa, where the mistress straddled on him right away as he sat.

There, they went in a position where they were facing each other, with the mistress’s long, ladylike skirt covering the entire lower half of Schild’s body as she sat on his lap.

“Then please enjoy to the fullest♡♡ This Tiltrose’s pussy♡♡♡♡”

At that moment, and for the first time, Schild thought he heard the name of the mistress of the mansion.

But he soon had no time to think about that, as he was overcome by a tremendous sensation of heat and pleasure between his legs.

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