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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Being Summoned Back to the Capital

After having his fill of Rezahata’s vagina, Schild laid his hands on Carney, Lagothe, and Sae, who had been making small chats again.

It had been twelve days since he had stayed at the Butterfly Quilt Castle, and during that time, Schild had fully enjoyed the beauty of this place where only young women were allowed to stay.

In the first day or two, he has already fucked every single woman in the castle, including the servants.

After that, he became obsessed with the tally marks system taught by Sae in the competition, and applied it to all the females in the castle to find out the number of times he had fucked each woman. That way, he’ll be able to keep the count even.

To give you the gist, Schild ejaculated into the vagina and mouth of Marie, the owner of the castle, fifty-six times, the most in total.

On the other hand, Carney was also ejaculated 56 times, the same number, followed by Rezahata with 54 times, Lagothe 51 times, and Sae 47 times.

Schild himself has already lost count of the hundreds of times he had sex since he came to the castle.

In fact, when he thought back, it was only then when he realized that he hadn’t worn any clothes in the twelve days he had been in it.

“Isn’t it that bad for me as a human being?” Just as he was beginning to think of this, he suddenly received some news that would change the status quo.

“We’ve received word back from the royal capital.”

Servant Chief Nancy (who had thirty-four sexual intercourse sessions in twelve days) brought them a piece of paper.

“Would you mind having sex with me while I read it, Master Schild? After all, I had a lot of work piled up in the butler business, causing us not to have a lot of time together. Because of that, I have to do it less often than the others!”

“Sorry, but not this time.”

The letter from the capital was, to his surprise, in the handwriting of the first princess, Cymbium.


And since it was a very important letter, Schild couldn’t read it while having sex.


“How are things going in the capital?”

“From the looks of your face, it doesn’t seem like things are going well.”

With the assurance of Marie’s cooperation, Schild had finally begun laying the groundwork for the Magna Carta initiative – a special law that allows the king to be forcibly deposed with the approval of 90% of all the lords of the country.

He thought that by bringing in Marie, the most powerful member of the independent minority, they would be in good shape.

But now……

“Apparently, both Cymbium and the old man at Oscar’s place are having a hard time convincing their own forces.”

“Oh, dear.”

This was to be expected, as even though they are united as one faction, their individual interests differ in detail. If yo u a re a ble to re ad this m ssa ge, you are rea ding from an unaut hor ized agg regat e site. Rea d at my Word Pr ess at sta bb ing with a syr inge. ho me. b log to su ppo rt me and my tran slat ions.

It’s a big decision to pull down the king from his throne.

It is no wonder that many people are afraid of it.

“If the three major nobles who control the internal affairs don’t completely align themselves, it will be difficult to invoke Article 64 of the Magna Carta. And if that happens, all Master Schild’s efforts and entanglement with our master will turn out to be a waste of time.”

“It is as Nancy said.”

What’s more disturbing is that the letter also mentioned Cymbium not making any progress in persuading the Leschbeins and unifying their own forces.

“Just what are they doing over there…….”

Schild clicked his tongue, unable to hold back his frustration.

“Even though they are the last of the three great noble houses, if they can’t secure the votes of House Leschbein, they are certain to fail. Then again, Cymbium, isn’t this too disingenuous of you to bring this up yourself?”

“The three noble houses have been vying for power at the center since ancient times, like some kind of counterbalance. That’s why it will be hard for Princess Cymbium, who has the Ryngbergs behind her, to persuade the other noble houses.”

“Even if she’s the princess?”

“Even more that she is the princess. Unless you have a plan…… doing it in brute force will be impossible. Also, she’s only a princess, you know? She is not a king.”

(It seems that the princess’s authority is not as all-powerful as I thought.)

As far as Schild could remember, Cymbium also said, “I’ll try to persuade them by mentioning Carney’s name” when she was parting with Schild. But feeling something in the interaction of the two sisters here, he couldn’t help but think that it might have backfired somewhat.

“But if we don’t move the Leschbeins, we’ll really be turning to waste all of Carney’s hard work to drink that pee, won’t we?”


“I don’t know if Master Carney’s hard work have anything to do with this. Though I think now would be a perfect time to make your move, Master Schild.”


“After all, Master Schild now holds not only Master Carney but also another effective card against the Leschbeins.”


The eldest daughter of the Leschbein House, who was said to have run away from home.

It would indeed be effective if she and Carney were used together for persuasion.

Now that she had become one of Schild’s mistresses, she would agree to any order other than “open your legs” (she would disagree but still does it anyway) without any resistance.

She is still very loyal to her birth family even after her departure, so by making her come along, Schild believes that they would be able to achieve favorable terms to the Leschbeins at the very least.

“But for all that to happen, you will need to return to the royal capital, together with Miss Rezahata.”

“Will Marie allow it?”

Schild immediately voiced out his deepest concern.

Rezahata has received the name “White Lily” and is now one of the pillars of the Vigilante Corps led by Marie as its lord.

Bringing her back would be akin to poaching her best employees, and Marie would not want to miss it.

“Not to mention, our current Master is now completely addicted to Master Schild’s cock. So approving letting go of Master Schild would be…….”

“Wait, Isn’t she already satisfied with your company? After all, she’s a les-”

“This is different from the last time when she still doesn’t have physical relations with Master Schild. You know my master is a woman who does not know patience. And because she has been introduced to this new feeling, even I’m not sure if she will bear to spend even one night without being embraced by Master Schild.”

Aren’t you exaggerating…… Schild thought that at first, but considering that these were the words of Servant Chief Nancy, who knew her Lord Marie down to the wrinkles on her anus, he couldn’t just ignore them.

“So you’re saying we need to do something with her first.”

He had a feeling that he would be ruined if he stayed in this castle full of women any longer, so Schild did not want to go against the trend of saying it was time to leave.

(But I also have to take care of the after-effects so that the woman I embraced will not be sad when I am away.) Th is cha pter tra nsla tion is ma de po ssib l e by st ab bi ng with a sy ri nge t ran slati ons. che ck only u p-to- da te transl ation s on my W ordp ress si te.

Yes. Schild also wanted Marie to send him off with a smile deep inside.

“Marie is indeed a woman who does not know patience, but……”

It was then that Schild had a flash of inspiration.

“She’s also a woman who can persevere for the greater good.”

“Hey, Marie. Would you like to have lesbian sex with Cymbium?”


As soon as he entered Marie’s study, he said this at the beginning of his speech to grasp the momentum of the conversation.

Otherwise, Marie would quickly avalanche it into sex and waste a lot of his time.

“Schild……what did you just say? Cymbium? Do you mean Her Highness the First Princess Cymbium?!”

Marie discovered the taste of heterosexual sex in the arms of Schild, but that didn’t mean she has lost her innate lesbian nature.

“The First Princess Cymbium is the daughter of the king, ostensibly the first in line to the throne……! In the eyes of the public, she is wise, well-educated, and beautiful in a way that would make a flower shy away from her title. She’s a glorious orchid that blooms in the sanctuary!”

This was also Schild’s plan. To have Marie retain her cutting edge as a lesbian.

He thought that if he presented Cymbium, the best woman in the country, as bait, her eyes would change colors.


“When I went to the capital, stuff happened, and I made Cymbium my mistress. So I’m sure she’ll have lesbian sex with you if I tell her to.”

Both of them were women who had received Schild’s semen. It was now acceptable for them as mistresses to comfort each other.

“Really? Thank you so much, Schild! This is a wonderful gift!”

Let the prey bite more of the bait first.

Then, after their attention is completely focused on the bait, sweep while their guard is down.

“We’ll have to make arrangements for that. But, first and foremost, we need to talk to the woman herself.”

“I see. So that’s how it is. So you’re going back to the capital, huh.”

But as expected of an astute lord. With only that, Marie had already guessed Schild’s intentions to some extent.

“Yeah. I’m curious about the progress of their plans, and if I have to, I might go wild inside the capital once again.”

“Very well. I’ll allow it. Then again, I’ll have to go to the capital to appear in the Parliament anyway when the Magna Carta is proposed. So either way, it’s a perfect opportunity for me to have a sweet night with Her Highness! A sweet night with Her Highness the Princess that I have dreamed all along!”

It was a surprisingly easy agreement.

With this, Marie should be able to endure the night without Schild’s penis, dreaming of the princess lesbian sex that will come in the near future.

And if she couldn’t stand it, she could always have lesbian sex with Nancy, who is always nearby.

Thus, with this, Schild is now ready to return to the royal capital without worries. All that he needs to do is pack things up.

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