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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Sharing Memories with the New Pole Sisters

“Rezahata. Let’s have sex.”

“Yes, Master Schild♡♡ Please enjoy my pussy to your heart’s content♡♡♡♡”

At Schild’s command, Rezahata took off her clothes, stripping herself until she’s completely naked. Then, she opened her legs wide, where she guided the penis into her vagina which was already prepared to be ejaculated inside.

After a thorough training over the past few days, Rezahata has become an obedient servant willing to carry out any lewd orders from Schild.

“…… It’s like looking at your past self.”

Carney started to express her honest impressions when she saw her sister’s changed appearance for the first time.

“I was a pure and honest knight back then. But after I met Lord Schild, I started to turn into a cock-crazed slut. To be honest, for a woman, meeting Lord Schild is the ultimate downfall to perversion.”


“That was a joke, right?”


But midway, for some reason, it was treated as a joke by Lagothe who spoke next, who was also a fellow meat toilet and female warrior like them.

“I can guarantee you that no matter how much Schild fucked me, it won’t be enough to make me as perverted as you, Carney. If that were the case, Sae and I would have already become perverts who would drink other people’s piss without question.”

“But Miss Lagothe, you might be saying that, but didn’t you also participate midway in the competition? In fact, I saw you gulping Miss Sae’s pee with relish together with your female subordinates that time.”

“That’s because I was drunk by the perverted air you created! I would never do that when I’m sobber!!”

In fact, it wasn’t only Lagothe who was thinking this. They might not know this yet, but the happenings in the “Butterfly Quilt Castle Pee Drinking Festival” have already become a black history for most of the women in the castle.

“We don’t know about that statement yet, Miss Lagothe.”

This time, the one who spoke was Sae, the female swordswoman from a foreign country.

Together with the two, she was also one of the women who got embraced by Schild in the past and has also exchanged pee with Carney in the notorious pee-drinking contest. If yo u ar e a ble to r ead this me ss age, y ou are rea di ng from an unau thori zed ag gre gate s ite. Re ad at my Wo rdPr e ss at sta bbi ng wi th a syr in ge. ho me. bl og to su pp ort me and my t rans lati ons.

“Before this one met Master Schild, this one was a pure and honest samurai. But now, this one had become in such a depraved state.”

“Even so, your perversion is still not at Carney’s level. Or are you telling me that you are already and that you are just hiding it from us?”

“This one most certainly is not, Miss Lagothe! F-for now, let us say that Miss Carney is glorifying the past. Indeed, this one doesn’t know who Miss Carney was before we met here, but being of honorable origins, this one believes and could easily imagine her as a pure and honest woman. Still, you have a point. This one couldn’t help but be curious of what she had gone through to become……that.”

Sae slammed a certainty that surpasses all assumptions.

“Uhm, I can’t really say if you’re praising me or dissing me.”

Carney commented in return. However, she also could not help but think that Sae had a point.

“But please, believe me. I was a naive girl back then who didn’t even know the word “pussy” before Lord Schild forced himself on me. No, seriously!”

“ “……uh-huh” ”

The other two agreed, but they were full of doubts.

By the way, it wasn’t Schild who was forcing himself on Carney that time, but the other way around due to the Octolov’s fumes.

“I just happened to be on a monster killing mission with Lord Schild, and we had sex on the spur of the moment. Since then, we’ve been having sex every day! But before that, I was a virgin! I’d never even seen a penis before!”

“ “……” ”

“So, right after we had our first sex, I was subjected to an intense training session that lasted three days and three nights. I was trained to give blowjobs and titjobs, and at the end, I was even asked to pee in front of Lord Schild!”


The memories of Carney’s training were recalled one by one.

On how the history of the Carney the Great Slut came to be.

“……and when I came back from that outdoor training, I was immediately fucked along with another woman, making it my first threesome. See? It’s not my fault, is it? The only reason I’m like this now is all because of Lord Schild!”

“Well, about that……”

“Just listening to this story is making this one’s crotch wet……”

Both the storyteller and the audience have already become victims without distinction, meaning they all had first-hand experience of what the man was capable of.

Which is why when Carney told them the story on how she was trained, they were able to easily imagine it, and it made their pussies wet.

“Schild is not just a normal monster. He is a bonafide sex monster.”

“How about you, Miss Lagothe? Do you have something to share with us as well?”

“It’s not a big deal in my case, actually. Before I met Schild, all I experienced in sex was rape.”

It was a very heavy and totally inappropriate sentence said in a very normal tone.

“Because I value strength over everything and completely disregarded rules as I thought they were only for the weak, I thought rape was a normal thing that time. But after I started being embraced by Lord Schild, my view completely changed, and I was immediately melted by his love!”

“Wow. I haven’t had any experience with anyone other than Lord Schild. Is it really that different?”

“Absolutely different! The men I had before only cared about making themselves feel good. They don’t care if I’m in pain. On the other hand, Schild always made sure that I felt good, which made me want to make Schild feel good in return. In the end, it made the both of us feel many times better.”

“ “I (This one) totally get(s) it” ”

The three looked euphoric as they remembered the sweet and intense times they had with Schild.

“How about you, Sae? Do you have any good stories to tell about Schild?”

“Hmmm, this one’s experience was actually pretty tame compared to you two, as this one was fucked normally. As for my reason for the sexual intercourse, this one’s motive was for repayment of a favor……” Th is ch ap ter tr ans lati on is ma de po ssi ble by st abb ing wi th a sy r inge tr ansla tio ns. c heck onl y u p-to-d a te tran sl atio ns on my W ordp re ss si te.


“Master Schild had my parents avenged on my behalf. The killing of the enemy itself was a coincidence, but the way Master Schild did it was just as vicious.”

Led by Sae, a different face of Schild was told, where he had killed a group of bandits who were said to have raped and murdered an unnamed village girl with maximum pain and suffering over time, not knowing that their bandit leader had also done the same crime to Sae’s mother before he killed her together with her father.

“Master Schild has no mercy for men who treat women roughly. In fact, this one was already able to sense the spirit of ‘I must take the initiative in killing them’ from him the first time we met.”

“I know what you mean. I didn’t hear about it directly, but there was a story about a ruffian who raped me once, ending up dead in a ditch with the killer unknown. I suspect the killer may have been ……!”

“Master Schild really did it!?”

“Well, it was only Schild whom I told the story of how I was raped in the past. But I was too scared to ask him directly, so I am not sure……”

Although Schild was an unparalleled womanizer, he was, in essence, a fighter.

He has also inherited the blood of a champion who slays those who harm his people.

“If it was Schild, he would have really done it” that was the impression of Carney and the others.


Whoever they are, Schild would definitely kill a man if he found out that he abused a woman or make sure that they would not live for long in the cruelest ways possible.

That was his way of justice.

“Aaahh……♡♡♡♡ Aaaaaaahhh……♡♡♡♡ M-Master Schild, my pussy is about to cum♡♡♡♡ But please, fuck me more and pour your thick loving semen into my womb♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Meanwhile, Rezahata was completely melted by Schild’s majesty.

It was to the point that she had already forgotten her moderation as a great aristocrat and was begging for vaginal ejaculation sloppily.

“Hey, Rezahata is Carney’s sister, isn’t she? I don’t know why you were separated, but now that you’re reunited, what will you do now?”

“I think I’ll try to take her back to the royal capital. Our parents are worried about her, and I think the Leschbein family needs big sis Reza more over there……Even more than they need me.”

“Being an aristocrat sounds difficult.”

To the bewilderment of Lagothe, a commoner, Carney replied with a sigh. “Yes, it’s difficult. We get so hung up on things with no substance that we complicate even the simplest things.”

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