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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Training Rezahata Until She Falls

“Rezahata, let me have sex with you.”


Today, just like yesterday, Rezahata stubbornly refused to have sex with Schild.

Rezahata is the “White Lily” and the last of the “Three Flowers” of Count Mariastel. Unfortunately, she couldn’t participate in the previous orgy because of her injury from holding out against the “Red Ice” alone.

It was later discovered that she was of the House Leschbein. This was upon meeting Carney in a not-so-good manner after she collapsed from being fucked senseless by Schild and the others.

At first, Rezahata bore full hostility to Schild for tainting a pure-blooded Leschbein – her sister, whom she was also hoping that she would return their house into its former glory.

But upon finding out that Schild was of royal blood, albeit an illegitimate child of the king, her attitude to Schild and towards the other women changed greatly.

She started off by blocking all the other women, including herself, from being fucked by Schild. She even reprimanded Schild that he should not distribute the seeds of the royal family so carelessly while also recommending to impregnate only her sister to continue the tradition of their ancestors.

Naturally, this angered Schild and the others, and to their frustration, they altogether bound Rezahata and made her experience the taste of their man.

Surprisingly, Rezahata consented easily, saying it was the duty of the aristocracy to serve the royalty, albeit worried that she would bear the king’s child, which would cause turmoil if not abated.


And now, as a result of Schild’s “training,” Rezahata, who was all refusal just yesterday, or rather even today, would immediately pull down the pants she was wearing, take off her panties next and stick out her perky round ass to Schild at his command.

Even though her mouth was saying no.

Her bouncy buttocks, which were as beautiful as her sister Carney’s, jiggled firmly, showing its perfect muscle tone to Schild.

Schild immediately inserted his erect penis into that opening.


Rezahata emitted a strange but feminine voice as the foreign object invaded her insides, which was already moist and dripping with love.

It was the lewd voice of anticipation of a woman who has fully become a prisoner of a man’s cock.

“I’ll ask you again, will you let me fuck you?”

“Ne-ver! In-your-dreams!”

Shplock shplock shplock shplock.

Rezahata’s buttocks made a distinctive fleshy sound as Schild’s hips slammed each time.

Love juices dripped from the depths of her vagina, and they trickled down Schild’s meat stick and his balls down below. If y ou ar e abl e to r ead this me ssag e, y ou are re adi ng from an una uth orized ag gre gate si te. Rea d at my Wo rdPre ss at sta bbi ng w ith a syr inge. h ome. bl og to sup p ort me and my tr ansl ati ons.

“Let me change my approach. What is this thing in your pussy right now?”

“It’s a cock♡♡ It’s Master Schild’s muscular cock♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“And what do people call this act of putting your cock in your pussy?”

“It’s sex♡♡ Rezahata is having sex with Master Schild♡♡♡♡”

“I thought you said you didn’t want to have sex?”

“I don’t have a choice♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Pak pak pak.

The sounds of the woman’s buttocks being clapped once again resounded, and this time it was becoming more prominent than before. Thus, it wasn’t later when fresh semen was again poured into the depths of Rezahata’s vagina.

Schild has already lost count on how many times he did this to Rezahata.

But he didn’t care. Instead, without pulling out, he moved his hips back and forth again, as if he wanted to play more of his new lover’s vagina with his penis.

“Nhiiii♡♡ Nhiiiiii♡♡♡♡”

“Why is it that you don’t have a choice? Tell me.”

“Nhiee♡♡ It’s because Master Schild has already made my pussy a fallen pussy♡♡ My mind keeps telling me this is bad, but my pussy tells me that it is good, and that it can’t live without Master Schild’s cock anymore♡♡♡♡”

Although she has claimed that she ran away and had even worked for another Lord, Rezahata, for whatever reason, still possessed a loyal attitude to her family, the Leschbeins, more than anyone else. She even refused to have sex with Schild after finding out that he was of royal blood.


She believed that Schild, who was discovered to be the king’s illegitimate son, should only be married to Carney, the pure-blooded daughter of the Leschbein House. She also said that the family’s prosperity would only be possible if an heir was conceived from them.

That was the whole reason she interfered with the sex with all the women surrounding Schild, with the exception of Carney,

However, for Schild, he didn’t like it. As he had an advocacy “to embrace all the women he wanted to embrace the moment he wants it”, he ignored Rezahata’s story and wholeheartedly had intercourse with her to the point of churning her insides out.

Then, with tremendous pleasure, he made Rezahata fall into depravity, making her a prisoner of his dick that he could fuck any time.

“It was very fun violating you, Rezahata.”

“You said you didn’t like rape, didn’t you? So how is this not different from rape?”

“Why would it be rape? You know yourself that you also wanted this, right? So this is consensual sex.”

Pak pak pak pak pak.

(As expected, a pair of beautiful round buttocks shaking and quivering from the impact of sex is the best.)

There is no such thing as polite sex to Schild when he is the one doing the deed.

Because of this, after their first “rape play”, Rezahata became a woman who could no longer disobey Schild when ordered, even though she knew in her mind that sex with Schild was wrong.

It was as if her mind and body had become separate entities, and she had become a woman who would say “no” with her mouth but would also pull down her panties and offer her ass in contrast to it.

Just like what happened a moment ago.

In short, Rezahata has completely become one of Schild’s collections of meat toilets.

“Ahhaa♡♡ Nhaaa♡♡ Why don’t you have more fun with the other girls instead of just bothering yourself with me? For example, Lady Carney would-“

“Today, your cunt is the twenty-eighth hole I’ve ejaculated into.”

“This sex animal……♡♡♡♡”

Rezahata’s expression was pained, but her vulva was in full contrast to it, full of joy as she secreted juices all over the place.

It was as if her body’s upper and lower halves were beautifully separated in their thinking. This cha pter trans la tion is ma de pos si ble by stab bi ng w ith a sy rin ge tra nslati ons. check on ly u p-t o-dat e tra nslat ions on my Word p ress si te.

As for Schild, he has found a new joy. Rezahata’s contrasting feelings were like going back and forth between a hot sauna and a water bath; in the end, both are wet and enjoyable.

But even with this, Schild didn’t forget his duty. He had already sent a messenger bird to the capital, assuring them of Count Mariastel’s cooperation with the Magna Carta.

But until Cymbium, who is making preparations in the royal capital, formally issues the Magna Carta, they would have to remain on standby in this territory.

This means Schild would stay at the Butterfly Quilt Castle until an order to come back to the capital arrives.

Of course, it is not like it has any setbacks, as he could also enjoy Marie and her subordinates without reservation until that day arrives.

For example, just today, Schild’s day went like this.

As soon as he woke up in the morning, he laid on top of Marie – Count Mariastel, the owner of the castle, and fucked her on her huge bed. He also stripped Nancy, her personal right-hand and the one who accompanied her always, of her butler’s uniform and fucked her the same.

He also banged the female servants of the mansion he would meet in succession along the corridor. Going by the number count, Rezahata was the twenty-eighth hole that he victimized with his fat rod this morning alone.

“Rezahata really does look like Carney. Whether her bouncy ass, big tits, and even the insides of her pussy. As expected of sisters. Or rather, you almost look like twins at this point.”


“Nooo♡♡ Don’t say that♡♡ Even if you tell me how similar I am with Lady Carney, I am not like her♡♡♡♡”

Unknown to Rezahata, the ramblings she lets out while being violated sometimes confuse Schild.

Why does she show immense rejection when people point out that she looks exactly like her sister?

They are sisters.

It’s only natural that they look alike.

If the immediate family members had a feud with each other, it would be a different story, but at the very least, there is no sign of that happening between Rezahata and Carney.

In fact, what Rezahata was feeling was more of an extreme adoration to her sister.


While continuing to have sex with Rezahata, Schild felt a glance toward him.

He looked around, where then he saw a figure hiding behind the furniture, staring at him.

It was Carney.

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