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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The White Lily’s Persistence

“White Lily” Rezahata is one of the most trusted subordinates of Count Mariastel, the Lord of West Adele.

“White Lily” it is not a title and bears no significance to nobility whatsoever. It was just a “Flower” name given by the womanizer Count as a hobby to her subjects in the castle, which she refers to as her “Garden.”

But even if it was only made for fun purposes, the Count is thorough in her naming process.

In fact, she was so thorough with it that there are two classifications of flower names she gives to her subordinates.

One is the “Informal Flower Name,” which she immediately presents to the woman she fancies with, just like how she named Carney as “Dianthus” on the time they first met.

Informal names are as its namesake, informal. Meaning they are made just for the hobby of the Count and are seldom used. But the other one, the “Formal Flower Name”, is not.

“Formal Flower Names” are the reverse of the “Informal” ones. Again, they are not titles so it doesn’t represent nobility whatsoever, but awarding or bestowing these names would usually be accompanied with a grand announcement to the entire territory.

It is because those awarded with these names are usually the ones who has given a tremendous contribution to the Count of West Adele. And as of late, slaying bounty monsters is the easiest and most direct way of getting this type of name.

Of course, all that was rewarded of these “Flower” names were beautiful women. Or should I say it must be a beautiful woman.

Currently, only three people got bestowed these Formal Flower Names, and they are the aforementioned Rezahata the “White Lily”, Lagothe the “Lotus” and Sae the “Camelia” respectively, with each woman successfully slaying a bounty monster on their own.

They later became known as the “Three Flowers” group that represented the strongest individual forces of Count Mariastel’s Territory.

Her Flower Name aside, Rezahata also possessed a noble, distinct bloodline that was famous in the royal capital.

It was the blood of the Leschbeins, the third of the great noble houses in the kingdom’s central.

With the other being the Oscars and the Ryngbergs, the Leschbeins were also one of the three unique houses that had given the special rights to the throne.

And that is to provide a woman to marry to the king and bear his seed.

In other words, these three houses were tasked to raise and breed what could be said to be the future queens.

“As expected of Carney’s sister. she had also inherited a huge pair of huge tits.”

Currently, Rezahata’s armor was taken off. Her two soft protrusions that look like huge balls were presented in full to Schild, complete with the bright flesh-colored cherries standing on the tip of these peaks.

“And this whiteness of your skin, it is truly phenomenal. Marie really did a good job of naming you that flower.”


Of course, this move showed more of Rezahata’s skin, which was almost as white expensive white porcelains. So Schild could only give praise.

However, there was just one problem. And that is, Rezahata right now was not stripping on her own.

She was forcibly being stripped, like a fresh young peddler targeted by bandits on the roadside.

The difference is that the perpetrator is not a bandit but Schild.

And right now, he was playing with Rezahata’s panties that he had taken off last.

“To think even your panties are of pure white. You really like the color white, don’t you?”

Then he threw the panties to the other side of the bed.

The scenery hasn’t moved. The two were still inside Marie’s bedroom with the rest of the crew.

Meaning it would provide no inconvenience to Schild if he would fuck this woman then and there, where all he had to do to start it was lay over the naked Rezahata and plug his erect penis into her hole.

As for the other naked beauties, Lagothe, Sae, and Marie, they were also helping Schild. They held Rezahata’s limbs on each side to prevent her from struggling.

……Though the main reason they were doing this is only because they were literally cockblocked by this woman a while ago, and now they’re letting out their frustration to the poor woman for revenge.

“Wait! Please wait, Your Highness Schild!”

Rezahata, despite her bindings, started with a shout, shaking her grand-sized breasts in return.

But the more she struggled, the more her big tits shook and the more sensational she became to the man.

“Those are some very gorgeous big tits. As expected of Carney’s big sister.”

Schild spoke this next. Then he flicked the erect nipple pointing at the ceiling with his finger,

“Nhiiiii♡♡♡♡” to which a scream was released from Rezahata’s mouth as a response.

“Now that I’m about to have sex with you, is there anything you want to tell me before I go in?”


Although she had expected this development, Rezahata still gulped when it was clearly declared on her that she was really about to be violated by Schild. If yo u are ab le to read t his messa ge, yo u ar e read ing from an unau thoriz ed aggre gat e si te. R ead at my Wo rdP res s at s tab bi ng with a syr inge. ho me. bl og to s uppo rt me and my tra nsla ti ons.

Seeing his partner hasn’t responded, Schild continued.

“I prefer to have sex with any woman I find attractive, and I hate it when someone interferes with that. I’m just trying to make you understand what I’m going through. But from the looks of it, you’re not totally against it either.”

Currently, Rezahata’s state was not that pleasant.

Her right leg was being held by Lagothe, her left leg was being held by Sae, while both her hands were being held upwards by Marie over her head.

However, even though she was being outnumbered three-to-one, it wasn’t as if she couldn’t escape from this binding.

In fact, if she were to use her full power, she would be able to budge in and escape herself from the three (mainly from Sae and Marie’s grasps as they are the agile type of fighters).

But she chose not to do it.

Of course, Schild also knew this all along. That’s why on the next phase, he dared to trace his cock up and down the groove.

This smeared on the crevice some of the precum fluid from his tip, also making Rezahata’s crack wet a bit.

At that moment, Rezahata knew that as soon that member would push in, there would be no turning back. Schild would pay a grand visit to this new vaginal flesh and rock her insides back and forth relentlessly.

And if that happens, he would pour his semen into her womb next – the forbidden act that she had dreaded the most.

Despite this, she still showed no signs of struggle nor escape.

“Come on, Rezahata. Don’t you have something to say?”

“……is a great honor.”


“It is a great honor to be desired by the one who will be our king. If you like to use my body, then please feel free to use it, and I will do my best to be your source of comfort in return.”

Surprisingly, Rezahata was not totally against being violated of her chastity.

Rather, her attitude was almost like swearing loyalty to a king.

“But why?”

“It is because it is only natural that we obey the king’s orders if you are born into nobility. For us, the king’s words are the law, and his orders are all absolute. If ordered to give up your daughter, you will give up your daughter. If ordered to give up your wife, you will give up your wife. Naturally, I will give up my body as well if it is what Your Highness desires.”

Such is the way of life for a nobleman.

A nobleman who swore loyalty to their king.

Still, Schild couldn’t help but flinch a little. After all, he had just experienced absolute loyalty for the first time.

If he ordered Rezahata to die here, Rezahata would surely kill herself without regrets. Such dangerous thoughts filled up his mind that he couldn’t help but feel fear – an emotion he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“But, as I said before, the seed of the king must be distributed systematically. As such, to prevent accidental pregnancy, I would prefer if you use my mouth or my anus instead. If Your Highness could do that……”


“……then you can feel free to use and toy with my body to your heart’s content.”

“That’s the response I am waiting for.”

Schild thrust his hips out without hesitation and entered Rezahata immediately upon receiving his desired response.


But not in her anus, which the woman expected, but the hole above that.


A sensation of a membrane tearing was felt next.

Rezahata also screamed as this silken fabric was torn, and she writhed in response as she received the pain of her rupture.

“You’re a virgin? That’s kind of surprising.”

“Y-your Highness……why……even though I said not to put it in my pussy!”

Rezahata’s pleaded, but Schild ignored it and instead moved his hips back and forth, enjoying the fresh friction being transmitted by his tip.

And for some reason, the sensation felt vaguely similar to Carney’s.

“You’re only allowed to put it in my mouth or in my ass……please, Your Highness……please pull it out……pull it out before you release your cum!”

Rezahata pleaded again.

However, she was too late.

It’s because Schild had already commenced the process of ejaculating inside her vagina.

“Ahh, ejaculating inside the vagina of a stubborn person is the best!” Schild expressed, enjoying the moment of exhilaration as his sperm spewed out another batch and flowed it into Rezahata’s insides without mercy.

“Noooo……♡♡ It can’t beeee……♡♡ His Highness’s semen, His Highness’s semen which should not be poured in me is coming inside mee……♡♡” Rezahata also shouted back.

She was showing an obvious rejection together with her seductive scream, but Schild just restarted his extraction movements and began to enjoy another vaginal sex without paying attention to it.

For Schild, Rezahata is a young and beautiful woman that is good enough to have fun sex with.

So even after getting to know that she was also Carney’s sister, it only boosted his excitement more.

“Nhiiieee♡♡ No♡♡ Please, Your Highness……please stop……any more than this is♡♡♡♡”

Rezahata pleaded again, but Schild just ignored it and repeatedly collided his tip inside Rezahata’s cervix, rubbing against her vaginal walls again and again.

“You seem to be feeling pretty good for someone who wants me to stop, though?”

What he said is true. Though the person’s mouth was fully against it, Rezahata’s naked body showed no signs of stopping Schild. Or rather, it has even adapted to Schild’s sex object, which should not be normal as Schild has several times larger than a normal man’s.

The other noticeable changes on her is that her skin is tinged with vermilion and sweat was pouring out of her porcelain-white body like melted wax, an indication of a female feeling good in sex.

Moreover, the walls of her vagina aren’t letting go of Schild’s cock. It was as if telling Schild that she wants more of his manly fluids to be injected inside.

“This reminds me of Carney and our first time. Back then, she too was able to adapt so to our sex so quick that even I, a veteran to it, was surprised. Though I think that the influence of the mutated octolov’s fumes that time also helped somewhat.”

“E-even if you tell me that……♡♡♡♡”

“Are you sisters all sluts? Or is being a whore a genetic condition in the Leschbein family?”

“Don’t be silly♡♡ The Leschbeins are one of the oldest and the most famous Houses in the country♡♡ We are not in any way a family of sluts♡♡♡♡”

“Even though your House’s mission has always been to get your daughters to be fucked by the king and squeeze his cum out of him?”

“T-that’s…….why are you saying it in a vulgar way……ahieeeeennnnn♡♡♡♡”

Rezahata’s big tits bounced like balls through the waves, and she was sweating so much that her own naked body seemed to be melting away.

Her body temperature has risen considerably, and steam could even be seen rising from the surface of her body.

Of course, the steam was an exaggeration.

“Ahiiiiiinn♡♡♡♡ It’s rubbing♡♡ it’s scraping me♡♡ It should be forbidden, yet it feels so good♡♡ Even my fluids are being stirred up inside♡♡♡♡”

“Ah, it has finally come out, the closet pervert trait. As expected of a family member of Carney.”

“No, I’m not a pervert♡♡ Our family is not a bunch of closet perverts♡♡ Our family is honorable♡♡♡♡”

Rezahata still insisted.

However, the more they interacted, the more puzzling Schild had become to Rezahata’s feelings towards her birth family. Thi s ch a pter tra nsla tion is ma de pos sib le by st abb ing wi th a sy ri nge tra nsla tion s. che ck only up-to- da te trans lati ons on my Wo rd pr ss site.

She was born into one of the three largest noble families, the Leschbeins, and was blessed with a good environment. Still, she chose to wander around the countryside instead of just respecting their desires of her becoming the representative.

According to what she had said, Rezahata ran away from home to make her family focus on Carney instead of her.

What she did was almost equivalent to honorable disobedience, proving she is still very loyal to her family and willing to sacrifice herself for them.

However, the situation where Schild is now penetrating her orifice spoke in complete contrast of this.

Even though she’s saying no, Rezahata was clinging hard to Schild. She has rejected the representative seat for Carney, yet she is sticking so hard and letting herself be fucked by someone who was supposed to be her sister’s man and the future king.

Lagothe and Sae were still holding her legs down to avoid them from closing, but she already had her arms all free. Marie had already released them without her knowing.

Nobody would be able to stop Rezahata if she suddenly decided to punch Schild in the face right now.

But she didn’t do that. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his back and held him tight.

To sum up, her actions were pure contradictory. It was as if she had also desired to be cummed inside by the royalty all along.

“Well, whatever. What’s important is that she feels good.”

From here, Schild’s hips moved faster.

His penis swelled and heated up as if it was preparing more semen to dump into Rezahata’s already-filled womb.

Another ejaculation was approaching.

“Aaah♡♡ Aaaaahh♡♡♡♡ No, nooo♡♡♡♡ Please, stop♡♡♡♡ You can’t release your semen inside my pussy♡♡♡♡ No more, please♡♡♡♡ If you do it, I will sure to get pregnant♡♡♡♡”

Rezahata pleaded for the umpteenth time, but as Schild has seen through all her intentions, he again played truant to her wishes. He also released an even more unrelenting batch than usual before he pulled his penis out of Rezahata.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhh……”

Schild breathed out another exhale of satisfaction afterwards. Then, his semen came out of Rezahata’s orifice at a tremendous rate.

It resembled a water bag that was filled to the brim before it was punctured by a knife.

“Oooooh, that’s some fine rape play.”

“Congratulations, Master Schild. With this, you have finally conquered all of the “Three Flowers” of West Adele! This one is truly delighted!”

Lagothe and Sae suddenly spoke in awe. They had also released their grip on Rezsahata’s legs before they knew it and were watching the entire development of their comrade at each sides.

“Uuu……this can’t be……If I ever get pregnant, my plan to make Lady Carney the Queen and re-establish the House of Leschbein would all go down the drain…….”

“It doesn’t matter if you get pregnant, does it? In the first place, you’re a Leschbein too.” Schild said what came to his mind.


But Rezahata’s reaction to it was again unexpected.

“It does matter! And it matters a lot! Because I have no qualifications to be a Queen in the first place!”


“The one who should carry the name of Leschbeins and marry the king is Lady Carney alone! Only Lady Carney is qualified to do so! So please, don’t waste your sperm on this lowly me and just fuck Lady Carney so that she can get pregnant as soon as possible!”

She still hasn’t changed her intentions, even after the fact that their genitals had joined each other and even had Schild ejaculate inside her a couple of times.

“This woman……she’s beginning to become quite the challenge!”

Schild spoke, this time starting to feel annoyed in his core.

“Oh, right. By the way, Reza, didn’t you say earlier that I could use your mouth and asshole as much as I wanted?”


“I love it when my partner gives me a clean-up blowjob after sex. Will you do that for me?”

“No! I won’t do it!”

As expected, Rezahata was in a bad mood because of what he has done. But it was far too mild of a reaction for someone who was literally violated just a while ago.

Which means she desired it all along.

“I’ll do it then.”

All of a sudden, another voice came to the side.

It was Carney, and just like that, she entered their sex battle in a very natural way.

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