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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – The Four Devas

[My apologies…]

The eyeball “spoke” as it drooped down, and it was followed by the ant-being slurping a frustrated “Keh” behind them.

[I’ll be on the lookout once again. But yes, they are only humans, after all. They are slow and stupid. In all the years we have worked in the shadows, when have they ever strayed away from our palms?]

The eyeball “muttered” as if trying to convince itself. Or rather, it was trying to appease the angered Zaria.

Nevertheless, there was still some truth in its words.


The masterminds behind the recent war to exterminate the monster swarm, the Oscar House, had their own agenda, but the Cane man and his comrades also had their own.

In the past, the humans defeated the Demon Army, which later became known as the Battle for the Annihilation of the Demon Army. Then came the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle that took place twenty years later, which wiped out a considerable force of the country’s knights in return.

But even with the grave casualties, the humans still don’t know who – or what – was behind that attack, nor their purpose of doing so.

As for the Demons, who were behind the attack, the real purpose of that battle was to test how the human forces had changed with time since the last war.

For this reason, the forces selected were only limited to stray monsters that had returned to the wild and not the actual Demons themselves.

And the results of the test was successful. Too successful, in fact.

The stray monsters eliminated the knights of the country, with barely anyone left to return. If yo u ar e ab le to re ad this m ess age, yo u are r ead ing fr om an un utho rized aggre at e s ite. R ead at my Wo rdPr ess at stab bin g wi th a syr inge. ho me. b log to sup po rt me and m y trans lat ions.

If not for the Cane man commanding the monsters to suicide, they would have decimated the royal capital then and there.

The New Demon Lord’s Army is composed of high-ranking monsters that have been adjusted and produced especially. In other words, the outdated “stray monsters” from the previous generation cannot be compared to them in terms of strength.

Overall, the New Demon Lord’s Army had already succeeded in analyzing the enemy’s strength without compromising their own.

And the analysis had convinced them one thing.

That is, the enemy is no longer needed to be feared.

There was not a single knight squadron, or what was left of them, that had the power to deal with the Demon troops of the present.

Which meant that now was their chance to turn things around.

“The victory of our New Demon Lord’s Army is no longer in doubt. Even if a single warrior like Schild is a bit of a dandy, he is still just a single warrior. Even if he turns out to be a menace, we can just counter him with our strongest “singular” strength.”

The Cane man ended the conversation with that.

After the three of the “Four Devas”, the Cane man, the Ant-being, and the Eyeball met, they went on top of a small hill of the Demonic Lands next – the place where all the members decided to meet beforehand.

At the top of the small hill, one would be able to see the lower plains if they stoop down.

However, the scenery on top was not as they were expecting.

Instead of the one mentioned above, the scenery at the other end of the hill was littered by heaps of corpses.

They were hundreds of corpses of monstrosities, which all looked strong.

”Hey, isn’t that……!!”

Having just realized what was happening, the ant-being turned their attention to the plain.

There, killing monsters one by one, was a lone warrior.


“He” was wearing armor that completely covered him from head to toe, and “he” carried no weapon.

“He” used only his fists and kicks.

Yet, countless nameless monsters were being slaughtered at a tremendous rate by this single armored warrior one after the other.

Then, after finishing the last victim, a terrifying roar echoed inside the full-face helmet “he” wore.

This made everyone, even the three of the “Four Devas” who were watching, question the latter’s sanity.

[Isn’t that Berzeld? And he’s killing……wait. Isn’t that the army of ants I just sent over in this area?]

“Berzeld, the Mad Demon Warrior, is one of the most difficult of the Four Devas to deal with. But if we don’t let him vent once in a while like this, the New Demon Lord’s Army itself will be killed off by him before we even make it to the human capital.”

“Have you gone daft!? That is already what he is doing now! That army of ants is the force I have painstakingly prepared! A single unit of those ants is equivalent to a thousand of the old monsters! It’s not something that can be used to relieve the frustration of a crazy person like that!”

The ant-being’s indignation was heartfelt.

[I agree with Ante. As expected, if he repeats such a thing, it may affect the level of strength of the New Demon Lord Army.]

“If we go by your terms, Argome, isn’t Berzeld even more worth it than Ante’s Ant Army? Considering he is slaughtering an army of an equivalent of a thousand old monsters in each kill. If I were you, I would be doubting the efficiency of your own army instead?”


Neither the ant-being nor the eyeball could argue further.

“And I wouldn’t worry about the mooks who can be restocked at any time,” the cane man continued. “Because we, the New Demon Lord’s Army, are already perfect with us Four Devas alone.” Thi s chapt er trans latio n is ma de pos sib le by stab bi ng wi th a syr inge tr ansla tions. che ck o nly up-to -d ate trans lat ions on my Wo rdpre ss s ite.

The “Ant Sovereign” Ante, who could create the strongest army inexhaustibly.

The “Hundred-Eyed” Argome, who sees everything with their clairvoyant eyes.

The “Mad Demon Warrior” Berzeld, who is the most powerful unit of the Demon Race.

“Finally, there is me, Zaria, the “Evil Virgin”, who is the first of the Four Devas…”

At that moment, the cane man suddenly began to change.

His silhouette, as thin as a cane……

It expanded like a piece of paper rolled into a cylinder then spread out.

The cloak that had simplified its body into a stick-like shape was not really a cloak but wings.

They were wing membranes similar to those of a huge bat, wrapping the real body.

What emerged from the wings was a thick, undulating female body that you would never believe had completely transformed from that of the cane man.


Her waist was slender, and her breasts and buttocks were voluptuous.

She was a strange woman with a captivating allure that would make any man get an erection from just staring on her alone.

This was the bewitching identity that the cane man was hiding beneath his deformed silhouette.

“This time, this Zaria, the “Evil Virgin” will ensure that the new Demon Lord’s Army led by me will not be defeated!”

Zaria said in a voice like the sound of a well-traveled church bell.

The strange accent she had when she was a cane man was there no more, which perhaps was just an act to hide her true identity.

“Our twenty years of suffering has come to an end, and from this day onwards, we, the Demons, will begin an era of glory! The glorious era of our race! For that to happen, we must live up to the expectations of our father the Demon Lord, who entrusted us with the full authority of this invasion!”

The preparations were now complete.

They had infiltrated human cities in secret, collected valuable intel, and even sowed the seeds of discord among them.

Above all, they now have the human king, the most cherished of their human enemies, in their hands.

“Our victory is assured. With the eye of Argome, we shall see everything, with the power of Berzeld, we shall crush our foes, with the armies of Ante, we shall lay waste to their people……and lastly.”

Zaria patted her toned abdomen lovingly.

“…with the best of the demons that will eventually emerge from my belly, I, Zaria, will ensure that we will dominate this world as a new species. Humans, your time of banishment has come.”

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