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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – The New and True Heir to the Throne

Everyone’s eyes were filled with bewilderment, unable to comprehend the situation.

Some were soldiers, others nobles.

All of them were people of provenance who played a central role in the nation’s government.

“What……or rather, who was that……!?”

“That brave young man just……!”

“Shouldn’t we say that we’re thankful that he saved us all? But just now……”

Everyone had their doubts.


After all, the insect prime minister ranted loudly about dealing with the “Hex of the Warrior,” so it was well known that he supposed to be defeated only by royalty.

And yet, this young rugged man who just came, defeated the Prime Minister magnificently.

“Then that young man is …….”

“……But it can’t be.”

Just like that, affirmation and denial circled in everyone’s brain.

“Wait, isn’t that……!?”

In the midst of all this, one of the old aristocrats in captivity notices something and focuses his attention on it.

He was about the same age as Oscar’s retired patriarch. So, naturally, he must have been in the army before the final battle with the Demon Lord’s Army.

“The sword that the young man is holding. No way… it is the same one that His Majesty the King used to wield in his youth! I cannot be mistaken, that’s for sure!”

“Nonsense! Why would a commoner possess that?”

“Wait, I also know that man!”

“Isn’t he the “Slayer of Forty-Eight!? The subjugator who made a name for himself in the recent war?”

“But why!? How!?”

Those who noticed more details and spoke up only contributed more to the confusion.

And since no definitive answers could be obtained, there was nothing they could do. If yo u a re a ble to re ad thi s mes sag e, yo u are rea d ing fr om an unau tho riz ed agg re gate si te. Re ad at my W ordPre ss at stab bing wi th a syr inge. ho me. bl og to sup po rt me and my t ransla tions.

“Allow me to answer your questions.”

It was then when the First Princess, Cymbium, leaped into the fray.

“Ah, crap, this woman is gonna say it, does she?” from which this realization occurred to Schild.

But he was too late. He could not do anything to the princess now that they were in such a public place.

“You have been wondering why Mr. Schild here was able to defeat Dernonos, even though he is a commoner? That is because he is not a commoner at all but a royalty!”

“So it is true!”

“I can’t believe it!”

“The Slayer of Forty-Eight is a royal blood!?”

“Mr. Schild here is the only male descendant of the royal family that my father, King Preslate, had secretly sired twenty years ago! That makes him my younger brother, and the first in line to the throne!”

At this declaration, the place was abuzz with excitement.

“I am sure each of you has already found evidence of this – that he is truly of noble blood. He is the sole male descendant of the royal family. Which means he is much more qualified than I, the princess, to be the ruler of this kingdom!”

As for the witnesses here, they no longer need to ask, or else they would deserve to be questioned their own vision.

“I am sure you were all perplexed by our recent discussion of the Magna Carta proposal. I would have been able to convince you of the danger if I had been able to provide evidence of the conspiracy of Prime Minister Dernonos, but I was not able to do so, which led to the disaster we are seeing today.”

“And for that, I am truly sorry,” said Cymbium, bowing her head.

“In addition to that, how should we tell everyone that Mr. Schild exists? Unfortunately, we were not blessed with a good idea, so we also kept it a secret from you.”

“And for that, I again apologize,” she bowed her head again.

“But now that everything has come to light, I ask you all to open your hearts and minds. The crisis is not over yet! Today, it is clear that behind the Prime Minister Dernonos’ back, there is still the movement of the Demon Race that we still don’t know about!”

Strong leadership is essential to overcome a crisis.


“As a woman with no fighting background, I cannot lead soldiers into battle……But Mr. Schild……no, Prince Schild, can. He possesses the royal blood in his veins, and his military prowess is second to none of the great kings of the past.”


Meanwhile, Schild was in silent contemplation.

“I, Cymbium, hereby renounce my claim to the throne once again. On that basis, under the new leadership of Prince Schild, I would like to ask all of you to join forces under his banner and defeat this new enemy!”

Cymbium nailed her speech in high spirits.

But while she was doing that, Schild, who was silent throughout, went up to her and……

……grabbed her on the buttocks.


Naturally, Cymbium jumped up in surprise.

“Schild! What are you doing in this serious situation! Also, haven’t I told you not to do it in a way that I’ll be surprised!?”

“Well, you suddenly blurted out and introduced my existence without my consent or anything, so I got tempted to punish you a little.”

“Even so, you should be aware of the public’s perception of us! In their eyes, we are still a brother and a sister!”

“I know that. That’s why I’m only giving you a butt rub this time.”

Yes. For Schild, this improper action was already on the level of holding back.

If this was not the case, Cymbium wouldn’t just end up with a simple butt-groping without permission.

He would roll up her skirt and fuck her there, with no regard to the people watching.

Even if the other party is the princess. Th is cha pt er transl atio n is m ade pos sib le by stab bin g wi th a syr ing e tra nslat ions. ch eck only up- to -da te transl at ions on m y Wor dpr ess si te.

Even if the audience is the nobles.

Nevertheless, he rubbed her buttocks with considerable force.

As for the people’s reaction to this new heir to the throne who has suddenly come to light……

“He looks just like him……!”

“What?” Schild twists his head in the direction of the voice.

“That rowdy behavior, he looks exactly like the young King Preslate!”

“He may have improved his manners since he acceded to the throne, but that unselfconscious and amorous behavior is truly the trait of His Majesty!”

“Huh!?” Schild couldn’t help but retort at the reactions, which also made him loosen his guard.

“No, that’s not it. He is just like the previous king Protesto who totally doesn’t care if the woman is his sibling or not!”

“I remember that he also used to rub the elder and younger sister princesses’ tits during his reign, even while he’s subjected to the public’s gaze!!”


“What’s more, he is also as brave as the great Waldborn! A promising champion!”

“He combines the bravery and lust that all previous kings have possessed!”

“Our country has a new War King! Hail to Prince Schild……no, hail to His Majesty Schild!”

“Long Live!”

“Long live the Forty-Eight Slayer King!”

“Long Live!”

“Long live Prince Schild, who rubs even his sister’s ass in public!”

“Long Live!”

All the nobles and soldiers gathered in the audience chamber sang three cheers in praise of Schild.

To the prince, who was only recognized by rubbing his sister’s buttocks.

“I’m starting to worry if this country is still okay……”

And the subject could only mutter helplessly in reply.

With the execution of Dernonos, the turmoil that had been stirring in the country was temporarily vanquished.

The next was the release of the ailing King Preslate, who had been kept under confinement in the depths of the Royal Castle for so many years.

However, things took a more serious turn from there.

When the king’s sickbed was stormed under the leadership of Princess Cymbium, a surprising fact was revealed before their faces.

There was no King Preslate in the castle.

In fact, there were no signs of his room being in use for several years.

From there, they discovered the harsh truth.

That the king, who was supposed to rule the nation, had already vanished before they even started suspecting.

Who had taken him away, and where?

Only the culprit can answer.

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