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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Committing my Wife’s Beloved Sister While at It

“Well, it doesn’t seem like ordinary steel if you ask me.”

“There is a hint of spiritual power in it, this one can feel. Of course, this one has already sensed that it’s a true work of art since we were fighting together, but this one never imagined that it would bear that much significance.”

Lagothe and Sae are currently staring at the much-talked-about Hihi’irokane sword of Schild with amusement and awe.

As for the location, it was still in the bedroom of Marie, inside the Butterfly Quilt Castle.

On one corner, Schild was embracing Carney with all his might.

But it was not a loving embrace.

Instead, it was the kind of embrace that would surely break one’s bones if the one being hugged is a normal woman.

After all, it had a strength that is almost comparable to the tightening of a serpent.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……!! I’m sorry for unintentionally revealing your identity……!!”

Carney screamed aloud, almost out of breath.

Carney was dubbed as the “strongest subjugator in the capital” before and now was put in second place after the arrival of Schild.


However, that “second strongest subjugator” right now was fully weakened to the point of misery.

Of course, the cause of all of this was no other than the man himself.

Schild has never given Carney the chance to catch her breath, only pumping and pumping in full power without holding himself back.

Thus, it was obviously not long for Carney to run out of air herself.

“Ohhook, oohoohhhkk♡♡”

“I really did count on you, you know!? That is very confidential info, you know?”

Her partner was in a miserable state, yet Schild remained unforgiving. He continued nailing Carney as rough as possible despite the other party’s moans turning more hoarse.

Schild had to make sure that Carney was punished for leaking his secret.

After all, what she has done is the kind of thing that could lead to a civil war if handled badly.

“The glory of the House Leschbein~……!!”

Beside them, Rezahata was still crying.

And then there came Marie, the female lord of the castle they were in.

“…… it is true! The king has made a sojourn in a rural village during the Great War twenty years ago, and based on the records, it matches the location of Schild’s hometown!”

She had several books brought in from the archives of her castle and was in the process of corroborating the testimony that was presented to her earlier. If you ar e a ble to re ad th is mes sag e, you ar e rea di ng from an una uthor ized agg regat e site. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess at sta b bing with a syr ing e. h ome. bl og to su ppo rt me and my tran latio ns.

“The date fits with Schild’s age, and based on the fact that you also came from the same village before you got here, it only proves that the king is your father! Though the deciding factor is still that sword of yours. Come to think of it, you said back then that your goal is to look for him in the capital, right? Which was told to you by your mother before you set off? Perhaps she was given a royal edict not to reveal his identity to anyone because he was expecting this turmoil in the first place?”

“So, my mother being so persistent in hiding his identity because of him, huh…”

Ever since he was born, both Schild and his mother became the center of ridicule of their village because her mother won’t say who his father was no matter what they did.

This ended up with them being named like a no-good bastard born from an irresponsible father and his mother a sow for sleeping with such a man.

This is ironic because they are also proud of their village becoming a temporary sojourn of this “irresponsible father” in the past when he fought the Demon Lord’s forces in their last battle and had no idea who they were shaming was his son.

“Men are natural seed spreaders. There is nothing unusual with a seed sprouting in an unknown place, even from the king of the country himself. But a male player entering a game of thrones full of women? No matter how many angles you look at it, it is enough to shake the capital to its core. I only find it amusing, though.”

“A-amusing, you say……”

“Yes. I usually find the commotion in the royal capital boring and fruitless. But with the implementation of the Magna Carta, along with the presence of a rightful male heir, even I who is bored as hell would start to take an interest in it.”

Marie licked her lips as she said this as if she was imagining some anticipating development.

She’s a lesbian, but she was already a cunning and crooked politician before this.

Then again, Marie wouldn’t have become the sole ruler of the greatest domain outside the capital if it wasn’t for this trait. It was so important that it could be said that without this, West Adele would still become a barren countryside territory instead of the superpower that they are today.

“By the way, Schild. Will you fuck me again?”

“Sure, but what is with you all of a sudden?”

Schild spoke as he released his member upon dumping another load on Carney. The latter slumped on the spot afterward like a breathless corpse, fully exhausted by his punishment.

“I was just thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience sex with a future king and be laid to waste by him at least once? After all, sex with the same person could taste different depending on how you are aware of the other’s identity.”


No matter what they were, women always craved romanticism, especially in sex.

“Now, Schild. I want you to exercise your right as a king who owns everything in the country and try to collect my chastity. While at it, Lagothe, Sae, why don’t you join me as well? Let us experience this different kind of sex where a future king dominates us all together.”

“Isn’t that the same? Schild is still Schild, no matter who he is. Or are we supposed to act differently to that, like some kind of play?”

By this time, Lagothe and Sae had finished admiring the sword and had put it back in its sheath.

“This one is also of the same view. Regardless of his birth, Master Schild is still Master Schild, and this one’s belief in him will never change. As long as our beloved Master Schild would want it, whatever he may become, we will gladly open our legs upon command and try our best to please him with all that we can.”

As expected of the women who had nothing to do with the world of politics – Lagothe and Sae were frank and unchanging in their approach to Schild.

“Hm, so that’s how it is……. There you have it, prince~. Looks like I’m the only one who wants to have sex with you this time. Let’s get wild to our heart’s content, just you and I.”

“Hold up! I didn’t say anything about not wanting to have sex myself!”

“Indeed, it was dirty of you, milord, to try to get rid of your competitors with a mere slip of the tongue! Of course, this one still desired to be at Master’s Schild’s mercy!”

Maybe because they got bored with the break caused by the revelations, Marie, Lagothe, and Sae came one after the other at Schild, shaking their raw buttocks at the man in turn.

This continued their never-ending sex fest. And seeing he had the chance to ejaculate into each of the three asses once more, Schild held even more anticipation on the three.

‘No! Stopppp!!”

But before he could do anything, someone intruded in between, blocking his path of penetration.

It was Rezahata, who had stopped her sobbing of tears of joy before they knew it and had cut their path midway.

She was also snarling at the naked women with her gums bared as if ready to kill anyone who would come near Schild. Th is cha pt er tra nsla tion is ma de poss ib le by stab bi ng w ith a sy ri nge tra nslatio ns. check o ly up-t o-da te trans lati ons on my Wor dpres s sit e.

“Your Highness is the next generation ruler of this nation! For this reason, his seed must not be spread on other women so carelessly!”

“You’re now calling me “Your Highness” out of the blue?”

Although the reason for the change was clear, Schild still couldn’t help but stare in amazement at this new version of the white knight.

Then, this “white knight” started speaking with a shout as if reprimanding Schild.

“You cannot just have sex with any woman you had gotten to know, Your Highness! If you do that, they might end up dividing the country in the future just by bearing the fruit of your seed alone! Just like the turmoil in history where too much of the royal bloodlines were spread out, which almost led the country to its downfall!”

In other words, Rezahata here is telling that Marie, Lagothe, and Sae are unqualified to bear Schild’s seed, for their children with Schild could become the seed of turmoil on the future of the royal family.

What she didn’t know is that she was too late on this as Schild has already sowed his seeds inside hundreds of women’s wombs even before entering the royal capital.

“The one and only woman Your Highness can commit is none other than Lady Carney! Therefore, there’s no need for you to embrace any other woman! That’s why please, Your Highness, from now on, you too should reject the advances of the other women around you and just have sex with Lady Carney alone!”


Before they knew it, Rezahata had evolved……from a big crybaby to an annoying woman with a clear intention to cockblock any inappropriate partner of Schild for the future of the king’s children.

Of course, her intentions were also clear.

Seeing that she said, “The one and only woman Your Highness can commit is none other than Lady Carney!” and “There’s no need for you to embrace any other woman!” are enough cues for Schild to understand.


By limiting the number of people who can get in touch with Schild to just Carney alone, the next heir to the throne would be a member of the House Leschbein.

The monopoly of the first seat to the king’s bloodline. It was a surprisingly devious maneuver for someone crying like a baby a while ago.


However, this plan had a major flaw. And that is, it hasn’t even decided yet whether or not Schild would become king.

Not to mention, Schild himself was fully against in becoming king.

He had various reasons, but the best one was that it would hinder his way of life. This was already obvious, but Schild is the type who “will embrace a woman he wanted to embrace, the moment he felt like it,” so he would never be compatible with Rezahata’s policy in any way.

Yes. Schild won’t be able to stand it if Rezahata would interrupt him every time he had sex with another woman other than Carney.

(In that case, let’s solve this problem so that it will never come to that point. But how should I do this?)

Schild thought for a while. But it wasn’t long when he came up with an answer.

“Ah, that’s it! Let’s have sex with Rezahata as well!”

And thus, Schild quickly came up with the idea that was also expected of himself.

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