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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Seizure of the Thone

Royal Palace, audience chamber.

Right now, the most famous nobles in the country were gathered there.

But they were all gathered forcibly.

The soldiers of the kingdom surrounded the amassed nobles and pointed their spears inward……towards the nobles they had just captured.

“We’ve been had……I didn’t think they’d make the first move……!”

The one who exclaimed this is the First Princess Cymbium.

She is also among the captive group in the audience.


She is fuming in anger, but that anger immediately turned into surprise when she faced the front.

This is because there is a figure seated on a throne set up at the highest point in the audience chamber.

“Prime Minister Dernonos!”

Cried Cymbium angrily.

“Get off the throne! That is a place where only one chosen person is allowed to sit!”

“Brave of you to say that, traitor!”

Spoke the prime minister in return.

Prime Minister Dernonos is a middle-aged man of over fifty years old, with sagging skin and sooty complexion to commensurate with his age.

Yet, he now wears beautiful and luxurious clothes, making his ugliness stand out even more. If yo u are a ble to re ad thi s mes sa ge, yo u are re adi ng from an una utho r ized agg rega te si te. Re ad at my Wor dPres s at sta bbin g wi th a sy r inge. hom e. bl og to su ppo rt me and my tr ansl at ions.

“Your treasonous plans have already been exposed. So I have had you arrested and detained. It is a despicable thing for a princess to attempt to start a rebellion herself.”

“You mean the Magna Carta?”

Cymbium stared at the prime minister with the majesty of royalty.

Freshly replenished with Schild’s semen, the Cymbium now has a heart stronger than a tiger’s.

“Then you are way out of line. The recommendation to abdicate under Article 64 of the Magna Carta is a right guaranteed by the Charter. It is not treason!”

“You are the Prime Minister, yet you are not familiar with the law. What a shame. But that proves you are only worth that much.”

This time, the one who said this is the retired Oscar’s patriarch, though he was also in the same captured state.

At his back is the second princess Serenea, who is watching vigilantly by his side.

“……Serenea. Do not leave my side.”

After whispering in a low tone, the former patriarch launched a full-fledged tongue lashing at Dernonos.

“It seems that the little prick who became prime minister with the backing of our Oscar family has misjudged his own capacity. There is nothing more unseemly than a mole who has mistaken himself for a bear.”

“Shut up, old man. Your days are long gone. Now is the time for a completely new era of new people. In other words, my time!”

“New? You? Don’t spew such childish words to me, you haggard man in his fifties.”


The prime minister on the throne got intimidated by the fiery gaze of an old and powerful man who had fought through many battles. But he cleverly hid it with an arrogant front.

The old patriarch continued.

“If there was a time for you, it has long since passed. Looking back, I recall that you, who was supposed to be the strongest of your generation, refused to go to the war twenty years ago during the battle to exterminate the Demon Army because you were driven by your cowardice. This old man has never forgotten about it.”

Although it was the duty of nobles to wield swords and fight in national crises, many fled out of fear during that battle.

Prime Minister Dernonos, standing before him, was one of them.

“The time of those who did not fight when they should have fought will never come. Glory is always won by fighting bravely. A coward like you can at best collect the scraps of the victor as they reap the big rewards.”


“The number of nobles here …… is quite small.”

Without a pause, Cymbium also began to add.

“Which means there are many more lords still roaming out there. You must have have been very hasty in your pursuit that you had let most of them escape. That’s a very careless job, just like you.”

The truth is, the soldiers used as limbs by the Prime Minister were all new recruits with low skills due to the destruction of the Knight Order in the previous battle to exterminate the monster swarm.

With most of them not yet prepared to be soldiers, they could only follow the Prime Minister’s lead in a bewildered manner.

“Any soldier and lord with a brain will follow me, a royal, rather than you, who will return to being a mere commoner at the end of your term of office. Because of this, they will come to attack you along with the lords who have escaped as soon as they have gathered enough forces.”

“You have dug your own grave, Dernonos. You are now a traitor to the royal family. On the other hand, you’ve saved us the trouble of having to expel you according to the law.”

Even though Cymbium and the old man were bound and held captive, they acted as if they had just successfully hunted down their enemies.

Their analysis is highly plausible, as it will only be a matter of time before the Prime Minister’s coup is crushed.



Prime Minister Dernonos just sneered.

“You fools. Do you really think you have defeated me, the great one?”

“Great One? What greatness is in you? Is it the shameless or in misreading your own worth?”

“Then let me tell you. An old story that happened to me that time……”

The Prime Minister abruptly begins to have a speech himself.

“That was ……, how many years ago was that? I was in my room, having my usual midnight drink. All I remember is that everything was unpleasant at that time. I am the prime minister, but I am not at liberty to make any decisions myself.” Thi s cha pter trans lat ion is ma de poss ibl e by stab bin g wi th a syr i nge tran slatio ns. che ck on ly up- to -d ate tran sla tions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

Not a single bill can be submitted without asking the Oscar House, the main family that was his backing back then.

“What am I? Have I not reached the level of a top-ranking vassal? I was chagrined at that moment. I was helpless and felt like a puppet. That was until he showed up……!!”


“He was thin as a stick, and at first, I thought I was seeing things as I had a lot of alcohol in me.”


At the following words, the old patriarch’s eyes widen.

After all, he already had a very clear idea of the features of that “existence” even though it had only been verbally described to him.

“But upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a being of some sort. Yet it was thin, like a stick in a cloak. No, was it more like a cane? Then, he said to me. Are you satisfied with what you are? Are you satisfied with your position as prime minister in name only?”

“And you……!?”

“Of course, I said no! I am not satisfied! Not one bit! I am a man of ability and talent, yet these classist idiots are restricting my freedom! If only we didn’t have idiots like them, I would have become a greater prime minister! No, I would become even more than that!”


[Poor Dernonos. Then I will give you power. If you have it, you will become even greater.]

The figure that had a silhouette of a wooden cane said to him. Then, he also added.

[You will become a king, or even a God if you will too. As long as you accept this power……]

After that,

“Look at this, you fools! This is the special power he gave me!”

At that moment, Dernonos’s body split in two from the center.

Or rather, it was the “skin” covering the surface of Dernonos that was split in two.

Just like an insect shedding its skin.

What emerged from beneath the skin of the human Dernonos was an insect-like creature with hideous jointed legs.

Then, it expanded.

At first, it looked like a human-sized insect, but then it grew and grew, far beyond the size of a human being.

It only had six legs, but these legs had more than twice the number of joints, all extending from its body.

A highly acidic liquid was dripping like saliva from what appeared to be its head.

“Dernonos ……! You ……!”

The old man of the Oscars looked up at the new insect monster – the former Prime Minister – with a shudder.

“The Prime Minister is from the Demon Race!?”

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