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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Grandmother Ledotte


In a meeting that was taking place inside the Leschbeins’ residence.

Carney, the daughter of the Leschbeins, enters the reception room.

Or rather.

It was not Carney.

This was because Schild was sitting next to the real Carney, whom he was familiar with from the many times they had made skin-to-skin contact in the past.

“Two Carneys?”


Not to mention, this newly arrived Carney was dressed in a luxurious dress as if she were an aristocrat, and her makeup was gaudy.

As a typical knight in shining armor, Carney prefers to wear clothes that are easy to move, so Schild has never seen her willingly wear anything like this.

So who is this Carney look-alike?



This time, it was the eyes of the Leschbein relatives who got drawn to the woman who was Carney’s doppelganger.

“I came here to find out who’s crowing aloud in this house, but to think it’s just my daughter-in-law spewing uncouth crap again. So, what is the fuss all about this time?”


The woman who looked exactly like Carney immediately threw harsh words at the wife of the head of the family, Mrs. Leschbein.

And her tone was relentless.

“How many times would I have to mention that be careful on what you say, you ungrateful wench? Carney is above you in the pecking order in this house. In fact, you should be proud instead in bearing the honor of being this child’s mother.”


Sparks flew between the two women of the house.

“Carney……who is ……that woman?”

Schild was about to say, “Who is that woman who extremely looks like you,” but he held back to not trigger any future landmines. If yo u ar e ab le to r ead this mes sa ge, you ar e r eadi ng fr om an un authoriz ed a ggreg ate si te. Re ad at my W ordP ress at sta bbing w ith a syr inge. hom e. b log to su ppo rt me an d m y trans lati ons.

Taking this into consideration, Carney answered spontaneously.

“Allow me to introduce to you……. the eldest member of our family, the previous head of the Leschbeins and the wife of the previous head. This is Grandmother Ledotte.”

“Then it’s……!”

Your grandmother……Schild hasn’t misheard the term.

“Yes, she is the mother of my father. And the grandmother to me and my sister Reza. No one would believe her with this look, but believe me, it’s the truth!”

Carney spoke again, this time with emphasis. After all, this beautiful woman, who was introduced as their grandmother, looked apparently the same age as Carney and Rezahata.

She was so young and beautiful that she could pretend to be their sister, and she would get away with it without them knowing.

In fact, if they are all put in the same room with Mrs. Leschbein, just like they are now, everyone would judge Mrs. Leschbein to be the oldest.

“It’s just a unique stage of youthfulness. I’m still an old woman, with my real age is just shy of eighty.”

The youthful “girl” spoke in return.

“Is there some secret to your youthfulness?”

“No. People often ask me that, but I’m not particularly conscious of it. Maybe it’s a curse from a lineage brought by being obsessed with the three great noble families?”

The elder of the Leschbeins then turned to her son and daughter-in-law after Schild’s light words.

“That said……How will you explain this, my stupid son and his stupid wife? How dare you exclude me from such an important meeting of the family!”


“You haven’t meddled in politics for decades!”

The wife spoke up more boldly than the head of the family.

“Whenever my husband asked for advice, you always say, “I don’t care,” and won’t take any responsibility, even though you’re the previous head of the family! Therefore, we thought we should not be obligated to report it to you this time either!”

“To think you guys are helpless in measuring the gravity of this matter to this extent……”

The disappointed gaze of Ledotte came to rest on the wife.

“The reason I refused to give advice to my foolish son is because I wanted him to learn to deal with such a small matter on his own. If I try to help him with everything right away, I will just hinder his growth, won’t I?”


“But today’s matter is different. It’s so important that it will determine the fate of the Leschbein House as well as the fate of the country itself. But to think you can’t even feel that much firsthand……This is why the current heads of Oscar and Ryngberg are always one step ahead of you, even though they have all turned idiots now!”


And now, that burning gaze of a veteran, though too young to be an old woman, turns to Schild and the others.

“I’m not sure if it’s still possible for you ordinary folks to be aware of this, but I had hoped you who are members of the Leschbeins can sense it a little…… this boilingly hot “Majesty of the Lion” in front of us.”


She was referring to the proof of a strong king leaking out of Schild.

“And Carney. It seems that you have finally awakened the Dignity of the Lioness” in you. As expected of my masterpiece. To overcome even the odds and bring about your true destiny is nothing but magnificent!”

Schild and the others felt as if they were being preached an oracle by a priestess.

“Uhm……what is that “Dignity of the Lioness” you are talking about?”

Now that it has been said, Schild couldn’t help but be curious about it. To which Ledotte immediately explained.

“You must be aware of it by now, don’t you? Whenever you embrace Carney, a great unspeakable power emanates from inside of you…….” T his chap ter trans lat ion is made po ssib le by st abb ing wi th a sy ri nge transl atio ns. ch eck o nly up -to -d ate tran slati ons on my Word pre ss si te.


But that was not the cause for his surprise. Or rather, Schild was surprised more that his intimate carnal relationship with Carney was easily seen through.


Naturally, the first person who was upset by this was the head of the Leschbeins.

It was a natural reaction when one’s own daughter was being manhandled by an unknown man, but it was immediately stopped by the fingertips of Ledotte.

“Don’t get all geeked out. A messenger entrusted with full authority by Princess Cymbium is not a simple errand boy. Why don’t you put that on your head first?”


“Also, I could sense his fierce “Majesty of the Lion” even though I was far away in the annex. That’s mainly the reason I barged in here.”

This too-youthful old woman believes too much in the supernatural. This was Schild’s first thought.

“Apologies. I’ve lost my train of thought there. To answer your question, the “Dignity of the Lioness” is a “Queen’s Aura” that corresponds to the “King’s Aura” and can only be possessed by the women of the Leschbein bloodline.”

“The Queen’s……what?”

“It’s not just the Leschbeins. Both the Ryngbergs and the Oscars have their unique “Queen’s Aura” as well, and they had been responsible for increasing the “King’s Aura” many times over by combining it with the power of their bloodline for many generations.”


The Leschbeins’ “Dignity of the Lioness”.

The Ryngbergs’ “Harmony of the Lioness”.

The Oscars’ “Mystique of the Lioness”.

“By mingling with a woman who possesses such “Lioness Auras”, a king who has surmounted such great obstacles and has awakened his “Majesty of the Lion” would be able to increase his prestige many times over. This is why the royal family has always valued the three noble families and given them special treatment, to the point of setting them as “Exclusive Queen Givers” from the other noble families.”

“So that’s the reason behind the prosperity of the three noble families, grandmother?”

Even Carney was drawn into the conversation.

“Yes, my sweet Carney. But not every woman born into the three great noble families possess the “Lioness Aura”, just as not every man of royalty can display the “Majesty of the Lion.”

Bloodline is only the first step of qualification.

“But only the ones who have awakened their “Lioness Aura” from the three great noble houses can ascend to become queen. Because of it, all the three families turned desperate. At any rate, we must have as many daughters as possible and select from those gifted girls the one who has the biggest potential to awaken to be the queen.”

If they fail to produce such a queen, the fall of their generation will be certain.

“……Just like my family now,” ended the previous head of the family sarcastically.

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