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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Rushing towards the House of Leschbein

Although this may seem like repeating the story, there are three most powerful families among the many noble families in this country.

The Leschbeins.

The Ryngbergs.

And the Oscars.

These three are collectively called the three great noble families.

They have existed since the founding of the country, and while each of them is supporting the royal family on their own, they also have been fighting with each other to settle their own interests.

The relationship of power between these three factions is constantly changing over time, but for the present, the Oscars are the most powerful, followed by the Ryngbergs and finally the Leschbeins.

Various triggers cause their strength to fluctuate, but the most orthodox cause is intermarriage with royalty.


This means no matter how much the lower classes fight, the top remains the same.

To sum it up, the rise and fall of each of these three houses depend on whether or not they can offer the king a woman of their house, make her his wife, and make him like her to the point of putting the house she came from in a higher pedestal.

If a child is born to the king and that wife, and that child becomes the next king, the glory of the house is as good as secure.

As such, the most urgent issue for each house is how close they can get to entice the king, and compared to that, the effort to make their own house prosper is not that significant.

Therefore, if something doesn’t go well and the queen’s reign fails, the downfall of the household is as good as decided.

As a matter of fact, the current King Preslate I’s situation is a good example.

King Preslate I has two legitimate queens.

The first queen was a daughter from the House of Ryngberg.

The second queen was the daughter of the House of Oscar.

Normally, it is customary to have a third queen married from the House of Leschbein, but in the end, the current king has only married two queens, with the daughter of the Leschbeins missing.

That lead to the beginning of the downfall of the Leschbeins.

“Heh, this is……!”

Several days of journey after returning to the royal capital, Schild is standing in front of a large mansion.

It was the residence of the head of the House Leschbein.

As the center of the nation, the royal capital is home to many aristocrats who have built grand and splendid mansions to show off their power.

But the residence of one of the three most powerful families in front of him was the biggest Schild has ever seen yet.

“Even though they are in decline, they are still the great aristocrats that represent the nation. I should have expected this.” If yo u ar e ab le to rea d this me ssage, yo u are rea din g from an u naut hor ized aggr ega te site. Re ad at my Wor dPres s at stab bing wi th a syri ng e. hom e. b log to sup port m e and my tran sla tions.

Schild said honestly.

“It’s all just past glory, though. We have several mansions like this one, but most of them are now closed down or sold off because we no longer have the resources to maintain them.”

“It’s become even more dilapidated since I left the capital……the garden is in disrepair, and you can see at a glance that the mansion has not been repaired for a long time.”

Carney and Rezahata, who were accompanying Schild, looked forlorn, as the house in which they were born and raised looked even more deserted.

Naturally, the reason why the two of them visited their parents’ house with Schild was to gain their cooperation for the Magna Carta.

Although it has fallen, the influence of the Leschbeins, which still counted as one of the three major powers, cannot be overlooked.

To pass the unusually high hurdle of having 90% of all the lords in the country agree with the Magna Carta’s Article 64, they’ll need the Leschbeins collective votes, even if they were fewer than the other two families.

“Honestly, I don’t think my persuasion will work, but I’m sure it will with big sis’s help. So will you do your best to work with me for Lord Schild, Big sis Reza?”

“Absolutely! However, Lady Carney is the star of hope for the Leschbeins! A half-blood such as I cannot compare to you in importance!”

Once again, the sisters exchanged the usual banter of who’s more important than who.

“I’m sure esteemed father and grandmother will be happy to help you if you explain the situation regarding Master Schild. So let’s go back home with confidence, Lady Carney.”


Schild himself wondered why he was also involved in working so hard to gather votes, but he was already on the boat, and all he had to do was keep going.

“Before you two enter the premises of the negotiations ……both of you should have sex with Schild first.”

“Yes?” “Come again?”

It was then that Schild recalled the words spoken by Cymbium before they left.

At that time, the two beautiful sisters in the party could not believe their ears at the sudden declaration of sex. All the more unbelievable that it came from the very words of the first princess even.

“There is a jinx,” she continued. “There is a jinx that says if you ejaculate into Carney’s vagina right before a negotiation, it will go well.”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing, though!?” Schild exclaimed. But Cymbium immediately retorted.

“Think about it. Remember the first time you met me and the time you went to ask Count Mariastel for a favor? Haven’t you had sex with Carney right before that multiple times?”

Schild and Carney have been having sex almost every day since they met, so this was not specific.

“Especially more today that we now have Carney’s sister, Rezahata. If you fill these two cunts to the brim with semen before you initiate the talks, you’ll have double the efficacy and double the success! Fuck them for our sake, little brother!” Thi s cha p ter transla tion is made pos si ble by stab bi ng wit h a syr inge tran slati ons. check on ly up -to -da te tra nslat ions on my Wo rdpre ss si te.

“Wait. You really mean that?”

Telling him that if you have intercourse with a Leschbein before setting off, you will have a great chance to succeed. It was a really absurd idea.

Fortunately, the Leschbein’s yard was deserted and grassy, meaning there were many shady places to hide and have sex.

One of them was the overgrown hedgerow, where they could just plunge in there and have at it right away.

“It can’t be helped. It’s not like we’re losing anything anyway. But Lord Schild, we still have an appointment, so you only have to do it once, okay? Now then, please put your cock in this perverted pussy, this lewd pussy for Lord Schild’s exclusive use♡♡”

“M-me too! This Rezahata’s pussy is also for Master Schild’s exclusive use! You can fuck me as a side dish while you make love to Lady Carney’s main dish pussy……♡♡♡♡”

The two sister knights took off their trousers and panties, revealing two perky, round sister buttocks lined up for Schild to ravish.

And ravish he did, as Schild immediately plunged his member and enjoyed their pussies from behind joyfully.

After pouring the must-have semen into the vaginas of the beautiful sisters, the group finally went and met the person they were looking for.

The head of the Leschbein House.

In other words, the father of Carney and Rezahata.


“Reza! You’re really back! This calls for a celebration!”

The head of the Leschbeins was a middle-aged man in his mid-forties, but he gave the impression of being a good man with no malice whatsoever, which is intriguing as he held a huge title behind that face.

There was also a woman who appeared alongside him, who looked to be the same age as the head. Considering her actions, she was undoubtedly the wife of the head of the Leschbeins.

In other words, Carney and Rezahata’s “mother” in one way or another.

“……err, is that okay?”


Schild is watching from afar, stepping back as the family rejoices in their reunion.

The Leschbein family was filled with joy at the return of their eldest daughter, Rezahata, who had run away from home.

“……it’s fine.”

However, Carney, who should have been a member of the Leschbein family as well, was on the sidelines alongside Schild.

“Both my father and his wife love Reza with all their hearts. It’s really unfortunate that they’ve been torn apart. That’s why I’m so happy that Big sis Reza is back……”

Carney looked happy, but her face looked like she was talking about someone unrelated to her.

She should be inside that circle. So why does she keep her distance like that?

“But……never mind.”

Schild threw a mild fit of anger as she saw the family still hugging each other while ignoring Carney entirely.

But surprisingly, the anger went down almost immediately.

“In any case, I think you’re even. Remembering the fact that I just made Rezahata fill her mouth and face with my semen a while ago, then she shows me such a beautiful family reunion without Carney in it……I think that’s well deserved for them.”

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