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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Secrets Revealed in the Faraway Territory

To maintain their power of being second only to the king, the three most powerful noble families in the country decided to chose the most feasible method possible for an aristocrat, and that is to engage their daughters to the king.

But because they were unable to follow this tradition due to the circumstances where they couldn’t provide a daughter to marry off to the royal bloodline, the Leschbeins was marked as a failure in this king’s generation, causing them to fall behind the other two houses in terms of greatness and power.

“But even if you say such a thing, the current king is sick, and his only children are all princesses. So there’s no chance of me becoming queen either way!”

Carney let out a defensive excuse against Rezahata’s approach.

“Even with that, it is your duty to keep yourself pure in case a miracle happens! And yet, to give your innocence to a man whom you don’t even know who he is or where he came from……Ahh, how deplorable!”

Of course, the man Rezahata referring to as “deplorable” is none other than the sole man in the room – Schild.

From Rezahata’s point of view, who was meeting him for the first time today, Schild was just a monster slayer with a reputation for being strong.


It was natural that he would end up too shabby if compared to the king of a country.

“You’re saying that, but Lord Schild is actually……”

Carney tried to rebuke, but it was around this time that Schild grabbed Carney’s shoulder as she was about to let out her next words.

Carney turned around in surprise.

Schild was certain she would say something she didn’t need to say. Hence he stopped her.

(That matter is a secret.)

That is what his eyes said to her.

Schild and Carney had already connected themselves physically and emotionally for a hundred times without saying a word.

Because of this, they were already at the level that just by exchanging glances, they were able to convey their intentions to each other without raising their voice.

Schild is an illegitimate child secretly sired by the current king.

Carney just now was obviously going to reveal this to his reunited sister.

Carney was upset that her sister is thinking that “she had been embraced by a plebeian outside of the royal family,” so she thought that if she told her the secret of Schild’s birth, she would have no choice but to shut up and take back her words to Schild.

However, Schild deemed this as unnecessary, as in the first place, Rezahata wasn’t even involved in the related parties.

What Schild didn’t know is that this was a bad move.

For there would be a much more troublesome situation waiting for him later on in making this decision rather than just letting his woman confess his real identity.

Of course, the only thing he knew right now was keeping Carney’s mouth shut ahead of time should be a pretty good idea. If y ou a re ab le to r ead th is mes s age, y ou are rea din g fr om an u nau thori zed aggr e gate s ite. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at st abbin g w ith a sy ri nge. hom e. blo g to sup po rt me and my tran slat ions.

“What is it, my good sir? Do you have something you want to tell me, other than the fact that you banged my sister?”

Rezahata switched her target to Schild, seeing that he put his hand on her sister on the literal meaning this time.

But Carney didn’t let her through.

“B-big sis. Even though we’re finally reunited, for you to be so angry at me on our first meeting……did you know how father and mother were so worried about you when you decided to run away?”

“The reason for that “runaway” is that I wanted them to focus on you to serve as the representative of the Leschbeins, and not me, who is only born from a lower rank! Because I view you as the most rightful person for that! And yet, this happened!”

Carney blatantly tried to divert the topic, but it was cleverly deflected by the angered Rezahata and was even cleverly switched back.

As for the world outside of the two’s conversation, they were clearly left behind as if they didn’t exist.

“You are one of the luckiest women who have been given the right to marry a king. The same woman who has the honor to give the ruler its future descendants. You had qualifications that thousands and thousands of women wanted but could not have, and you threw them all in the ditch.”

By being embraced by a commoner named Schild.

By losing her virginity to that man.

“Even if we try hard with your natural qualifications, a womb stained with the semen of an ordinary fool wouldn’t even be worthy to carry a prince! You have been defiled! You have been defiled by this coarse, ordinary man!”

Rezahata’s finger was then pointed at Schild.

But to this action, a clink sounded from the temples of many of the women present. And, of course, from Carney’s temples as well.

“What do you like about this man? He may be strong and brave, but he’s nothing compared to the nobility of a king. He’s no similar to a speck of dust in the gutter. What is it that made you want to be embraced by him in exchange for relinquishing the right to be a queen in the first place?”

Rezahata continued to criticize the existence of the man, not knowing she was also angering the other women in her actions.

Because of this, it wasn’t later when hands were placed on her right and left shoulders at the same time with a plop.

Then, before her eyes, came the figures of the co-workers she was familiar with.

Lagothe and Sae.

Both were naked. And both were smiling with their lips, but their eyes were not.

“Miss Lagothe and Miss Sae? What is it? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of an important conversation with my family right now? Huh?”

It was something that was easily recognizable when you looked at it.

A smile that doesn’t reach the eyes.

“Rezahata, can we go to the roof for a minute? It’s been a while since I’ve lost my temper like this……!”

“No matter what your circumstances are, it was thoughtless of you to curse our Master Schild!”


Both Lagothe and Sae are women who have been loved to the bone by Schild.

Thus, insulting Schild in front of these women was like insulting their parents and hometown.

And for them, there was no other way to settle the matter except by drawing the blood of the other party directly.

But when Rezahata was about to be dragged along by the two who had already held her by both arms across the room,


All of a sudden, Carney stopped them.

She jumped off the bed, still completely naked, but instead of running towards her sister, she ran towards one of the room’s corner to grab something that was propped on the wall.

“Carney! That’s……!!”

Seeing her intentions, Schild tried to stop her in a hurry, but Carney has already run up to her long-estranged sister and confronted her with her acquired object.

“Big sis Reza! Take a look at this!”

“Lady Carney?”

“Look at this sword. It’s Lord Schild’s sword!”

She pulled the sword she just grabbed out of its sheath with a swish, exposing to Rezahata with a thin, jade-colored blade hidden within.

“And what is with this sword? It is indeed a magnificent piece of work, but……?”

“Don’t you recognize the brilliance of this sword, sis? In our house, we also keep this type of sword made of Hihi’irokane, which was given to us by the king several generations ago! Of course, ours was only a decoration, so the blade wasn’t sharpened, but it’s still the same shine of Hihi’irokane that only royals are allowed to possess!”

And then she thrust the blade of Schild’s Hihi’irokane sword so close to Rezahata’s face that it touched the tip of her nose. Th is ch ap ter trans lat ion is made po ssib le by stab bing wi th a syr ing e tra nslati ons. ch eck only u p-t o-da te tra nsl ations on my Wor dpr ess s ite.

“When we were children, the two of us have snuck into the family’s collection room and looked at that sword! Please remember, sister!”

“C-certainly, the blade looked a bit similar,” Rezahata finally spoke something positive, her eyes filled with confusion as she stared at the sword.

……Though it was mostly because the sword was dangerously pointed at her face at first so she couldn’t really say something bad at it yet.

But little by little, she recognized the identity of the sword.

“Yes. This glimmer. This is surely a sword with a Hihi’irokane blade that only kings are allowed to have! But why is it here and in possession of that common man? C-could it be?”

“That’s because Lord Schild here is the “rightful owner” of this sword!”

She said it out loud.

Meanwhile, Schild was “ah crap, She’s done it now.” and was covering his face with the palm of his hand.

But everything is too late now.

“Lord Schild here is the illegitimate son that His Majesty the current King had secretly sired during the last battle to destroy the Demon Army. Therefore, he is undoubtedly a man of the royal family! For this reason, I won’t allow anyone to speak ill of Lord Schild, even if it’s you, sis! Also, aren’t the Leschbeins are supposed to be the loyal servants of the royal family? Of all people, it is we who should have no right to insult the royal family the most!”

Carney spoke decisively.

Then, all eyes that were focused on Rezahata slowly retracted and switched to Schild.

“That man is ……the king’s illegitimate son……a prince?”

Rezahata said in a raspy voice.

“The king’s only children are Princess Cymbium and Princess Serenea. Two female princesses. Female. And now, there is suddenly a male heir. This means……he’s the most promising candidate to inherit the throne!?”

“No. You got it wrong there. I’m not intending to-“

Schild immediately tried to correct Rezahata. However, his words didn’t even reach her ears.


“Lady Carney was quick to find the future king and has even formed a relationship with him in advance…… this means that the future queen’s position is now assured? Which means the return of the Leschbein House to its former glory is……!!”

Rezahata was mumbling something. Then, as if something had struck her mind, her knees collapsed on the spot.

Then she began to spill water droplets from both of her eyes.


““““She’s crying!?””””

All the other women reacted in surprise.

Yes. The same Rezahata who was bravely stalling a bounty monster on her own just yesterday is now crying like a child who had a candy taken away from her.

But she wasn’t crying in sadness. Instead, she was crying in relief and gratitude, as if she had survived a horrible storm.

It totally didn’t look like it in her appearance, though.

“Please, forgive my own stupidity, Lady Carney!! I didn’t think you had such a far-fetched plan to give up your virginity! As expected, you are the one who truly deserves to be our successor, just like our grandmother!”

“No, that……I mean, I was merely asking you to change your view of Lord Schild……”

“Secured! The future of our House Leschbein is now secured! Ahh, I’m so happy!”

But no matter what Carney told her, the beautiful knight in shining white armor would only cry out even more, unable to be dealt with in any kind of way whatever method they tried to calm her down.

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