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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – The Old Man’s Regrets

While Schild’s side was busy having sex and hogging all the debaucheries, there was also the other side who are forced to do the boring work elsewhere.

In his case, it was the people of the Oscars, their former political rivals.

After learning that the succession struggle has been orchestrated by someone, and that they are being played by the hand, they immediately joined forces with their political rival, Cymbium, to initiate the Magna Carta.

The Magna Carta requires the approval of more than 90% of the lords in the country, and each of the great noble factions is responsible for ensuring the cooperation of the lords belonging to their own power.

In particular, the support of the Oscar forces, which are currently the largest faction, is the most indispensable of the three.

So, under the leadership of the retired head of the Oscars, massive adjustments are currently being made.


“……Too few.”

The Oscar’s former patriarch, Elovairo, spoke, with his white-dry hair and beard flowing down like a hermit.

He has just read through the secret letters sent to him from various places.

“Of the lords who follow the Oscars, less than half have pledged their support for the Magna Carta. Less than half of them.” I f you a re abl e t rea d th is messa ge, you are re ading from an una uthori zed agg reg ate sit e. Rea d at m y Wor dPre ss at sta bb ing wi th a syr in ge. ho me. b log to sup po rt me and m y trans lati ons.

With his own hands, he threw the letter into a safe, which still had plenty of room inside.

“Most of them are withholding their answers, wanting more time to think. Too slow. Pretty much shows how ungrateful they are for all the favors they received.”

“I know this is worrying, father……but……!”

The only man facing the retired hermit in the closed room began to speak.

He is a mature man of about fifty years old, but he lacked the dignity befitting his age and looked somewhat immature.

He is Elovairo’s eldest son, who became the head of the family after his retirement.

“You see, father, it can’t be helped for it to be this way. The king may have been ill and out of the public eye for years, which is unusual, but the government is still running smoothly. Because of this, they are all wondering if there is even a need to reform it in the first place.”

“The mastermind behind this problem is Dernonos!”

The hermit-looking man shouted the name of the current vizier through his old, withered throat.

It is no longer uncommon for him to act wildly in front of his son, who is now the head of the family.

“Even if he is a vassal of the royal family, he is just a sycophant who has risen to the position of Prime Minister! And yet, that sucker has already pulled strings without us knowing, and so much that he was already able to keep the king under house arrest, out of our reach!”

For the Oscars, it was as if the dog they had raised had stolen their treats and their house, and had bitten them on the hand to add to the insult.

Their reputation is ruined. If they don’t take decisive action now, the Oscars will continue to be lambasted indefinitely.


“At the very least, we still have a reason to free the king and crush Dernonos until he is unable to rise again. Indeed, we are a powerhouse, but leaving a traitor in broad daylight could lead to the collapse of that power at any time! And yet……you……why are you still a stranger to this, you idiot!”

The retired hermit scolded his son so much that he looked as if he had become the head of the family again.

In reality, the current head of the Oscars is far more mediocre than his predecessor, who was feared as the apparition of the battlefield. The nobles knew this, to the point that it is widely rumored that the Oscars will inevitably fall under his leadership.

Even so, the reason why their power has not declined is because his predecessor, the former patriarch, is still exerting his influence and tightening up his own power left and right even though he has long retired.

However, judging from the current situation where the Magna Carta fiasco has not attracted as many supporters, it shows that the price for having an incompetent leader, his son, has finally reached its threshold. Thi s chapt er trans lat ion is ma de poss ib le by sta bb ing wi th a sy ri nge transl ati ons. ch eck onl y up -to -da te trans lati ons on m y Wor dp ress si te.

“We’ve finally been given the opportunity to join forces with the Ryngberg out of mutual interest, and you still had the gall to let the chance pass by! If you continue this performance, Dernonos will find out your stupidity and make the first move!”

“But, father……!”

“But, Father,” has already become the habit of Oscar’s current patriarch these days.

“I know that father is right in everything he says. But the lords are getting anxious. “What will be the outcome of this turmoil?“ is what they want to ask. Also……”

Article 64 of the Magna Carta is a special law that forces the king to abdicate.

The replacement of a king is an inevitable part of the transformation of a nation, no matter how you look at it.

Some people will gain from the political change, while others will suffer losses.

It’s fine if you gain. However, it is human nature to never want to be on the side of those who lose.

“How will this country change after the Magna Carta is invoked and His Majesty the current King Preslate abdicates? Where would the power shift? Dernonos will undoubtedly be forced out of his position as Prime Minister, but what about the other positions? And who will be the sovereign of the new regime?”



“No one can see the end of this path. And because of that, no one is willing to take the first step!”

The current head of Oscars had a point.

Anyone who tries to enter a mountain path under the cover of darkness, without a light or a map, is a fool.

“Rather than take such a risk, I’d rather maintain the status quo, even if I have some misgivings. In fact, Father, the majority of us think this way, . However, if you want everyone’s cooperation, you should make it clear to everyone the future that they should aim for!”

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