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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Tanifa’s Schoolmate

There are two other residents in the mansion where Schild is lodging.

First, the owner of the house, Lady Nazah.

And second, Lady Nazah’s only daughter, Tanifa.

These mother and daughter pairing are the only ones left in their family.

Their husband and father passed away suddenly a few years ago. And ever since they lost their breadwinner of the family, their life hadn’t been easy.

While they barely struggled to make ends meet with the inheritance the father left, Tanifa got admitted into a famous university, causing their financial problems to spring up left and right.

To fix that, the mother and daughter needed a new source of income, to which they decided to rent their home to strangers.


This is where Schild comes to play and saves them from their financial predicament. By renting the place for years, he singlehandedly solved their troubles with money. Not only that, he also made the two happy by filling up more than the role that the husband can provide.

Of course, it was through sex with both of them.

Since then, the mother, Nazah, and her daughter, Tanifa, would open her virgin and long used thighs to seduce the man.

And since then, Schild would be enjoying the free mother-daughter dishes whenever he stays at this lodging up to this day.

After reading the letter, Schild went upstairs and knocked on the door.

This was the door to the room of the landlord’s daughter, Tanifa.

“Yes, please come in.”

After receiving permission, Schild opened the door.

And as he had expected, Tanifa is in the room.

Tanifa was the same as usual, with her flaxen hair she inherited from her mother waving left and right. And for some reason, she was becoming more youthful than before.

“Welcome back, Schild! We’ve been waiting for your return!”

Tanifa had been attending a famous school in the capital since the year started.

In short, she is a very talented girl.

Then again, it was obvious that she has also put a lot of effort into her learning, considering her family’s lack of financial means.

ーmaking her a “Woman of Fine Quality” for Schild.

This wasn’t just a woman with a good face or big boobs, but a woman who is educated, smart, and independent. If yo u a re a b le to re ad th is m ess age, you are rea din g from an un author ize d ag grega te si e. Rea d at my Wor dPr ess at sta bbi ng wi h a syri nge. hom e. blo g to suppo rt me and my trans l ations.

And the more outstanding they get, the more pleasing it will be for Schild to see them fall for his cock.

This was why Schild had always loved banging the lights out of Tanifa ever since he rented the lodging and she entered the university.

The act of staining the perfect beauty of looks and wit with the depravity of sex just makes him feel a unique sense of delight.

After returning from a long trip, Schild immediately violated the mother, Nazah.

It was already common sense that the daughter, Tanifa, would be next.

“Oh? This is new.”

However, that wasn’t going to happen today.

This was because there was another person in the room besides Tanifa.

“Uhm, N-nice to meet you, Mister?”

A young woman who seemed to be the same age as Tanifa greeted Schild.

The clothes and accessories she was wearing were of high quality, and based on that he could tell that she was a young lady from a good upbringing.

“If I’m correct, you are……”

But despite meeting for the first time, Schild remembered with a glance. She was one of Tanifa’s classmates at the university she attended.

And Schild had also remembered seeing her at the gates back then when he visited the university on Tanifa’s errand.

“This is Selinus. She’s a friend of mine who’s taking the same course at the university.”

“Oh. So you’re a friend of Tanifa?” Schild gave a suspicious stare at the newcomer, which troubled Tanifa for a bit.


“Why are you looking at her like that? You’re the one who told me to make friends in the university, remember?”

ThIs was only then that he remembered that he had indeed given Tanifa a homework assignment along with Nazah before he left for West Adele.

“And that is to “Make friends at school”.

As the most prestigious school in the kingdom, Salena University is frequented by outstanding children of all sorts.

But most of them were well-educated aristocrats with good upbringing since most of them had the money to spend on studies at an early age.

Because of this, Nazah became worried about her daughter becoming isolated, affecting her academic performance in the long term. After all, she was only from a middle-class background, a stranger from the rest.

“Wouldn’t being isolated in the university affect your schoolwork in the long term?”

Afraid of her daughter having a hard time in the future, Nazah and Schild gave Tanifa another assignment.

And that is to make friends at school. Th is chap ter trans lation is ma de po sib le by sta bbing wi th a syr in ge trans latio ns. check on ly up-to-d ate tran slatio ns on my Wor dpr ess s ite.

Oddly, if Nazah alone advised this, Tanifa would just disregard her advice, telling her that “she can make it on her own.”

Nazah already predicted this, so she asked Schild to relay her advice on her stead so she couldn’t just disregard it anymore.

This was because Schild and Tanifa now have a stronger relationship than that of a tenant and landlord’s daughter. After having repeated sex with him, Tanifa has developed a “slave mentality” with Schild as her only master, someone she must obey.

For her, Schild’s requests are “orders”. And being “ordered to make friends,” she would naturally follow it like an obedient slave.

Of course, it was all in the girl’s head, but following him while thinking this way had already become a source of pleasure for the fallen Tanifa.

Little did Schild know that this method would backfire on him today.

“So, you made it through with flying colors. Great job.”

Schild patted Tanifa’s head as if praising a dog.

“Selinus is a daughter of a high-ranking nobleman, but she is friendly and open-minded. And as you see, she has totally become my friend.”

“Well, even though we’re nobles, we’re the last house in the line of seniority. An upstart, to sum it up. As for why I became friends with Tanifa, things have become so turbulent in the factions lately. And since you’ll never know who might turn against you, to be in the company of someone her, who doesn’t have any allegiances, is very comforting.”

Upon hearing her reason, Schild could only say “Sorry” in his mind.


After all, the center of why the court was in great turmoil right now is none other than him.

“Anyway, I’m glad that you are this close now that you can visit each other’s homes. I guess I’ll head back to my room now. Enjoy your stay-“

Schild headed back. After all, with an outsider in the same room, much more that it is Tanifa’s first friend, he couldn’t just push her down and have sex with her and make her first friend watch them.

Deciding to postpone the sex with Tanifa for the night in his mind, Schild was about to leave the room,

“Wait a minute, Schild.”

when Tanifa called him to a stop on his back.

“You see, I have a favor to ask of you.”

As soon as she said that, a rustling of clothes being taken off came to his ears, followed by sounds of fabric falling to the floor.

It was the sound of Tanifa taking off the clothes she was wearing.

Not satisfied with just her clothes, she took off her brassiere and panties as well, and in a lively manner, she came to Schild with only her fully naked body.

And it all happened in front of her new aristocrat friend.

“Master. Please stick your cock in my pussy. I want to do it as my new friend, Selinus, watches me.”

Schild then turned her head to Selinus, to which the latter giggled gracefully. Then she also spoke to him.

“I would also like ask you the same. I want to watch as my precious friend, Tanifa, gets violated by such a gentleman.”

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