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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Difference in the Leschbein Bloodline



Schild grabbed Carney’s ass with his right hand and Rezahata’s ass with his left.

Both of them have thick buttocks with plenty of muscle and luxurious flesh on top of their large pelvises.

Unless the hips were rigorously trained, they would not have this elasticity.

“Such a thick ass. They can’t both be just appetizers.”

Schild’s grip was strong enough to crush a monster’s eyeball if he wanted to.

As such, the buttocks that were grabbed by him looked as if they were bitten by a beast.

“You two are alike in so many ways. I mean, you have the same thick asses, the same wet pussies, and the more we fuck, the more I realize that you two really are sisters, if not twins.”

Schild began to compare as both Carney and Rezahata’s faces contorted with the pleasure that accompanied the pain of his grip.


But as expected of the two women of warrior backgrounds, they immediately replied in enthusiasm when they got praised, as if the pain didn’t exist in the first place.

But instead of answering Carney’s question, Schild covered Carney’s puzzled lips and licked the tongue inside.


He also didn’t forget to do the same Rezahata, who was staring at the other side.

“Even the thickness of your lips and the taste of your saliva are very much alike. Also……”

Schild’s hands moved from the bottom to the top, finally landing on their breasts.

His right hand squeezed Carney’s big tits, and his left hand squeezed Rezahata’s big tits.

Not only their sizes, but even the color and texture of their nipples were similar.

As expected of sisters.

“These big tits. I thought I would never meet another with such ridiculously big tits as Carney’s, but here you are, Rezahata. You two really are one hell of a pair of slutty big tittied sisters.”

“Yes♡♡♡♡ This Carney and Reza are sisters who are proud of their big boobs♡♡♡♡ And we’re very happy to have you taste these all of our big boobs at once, Master Schild♡♡♡♡”

“And as Lord Schild pointed out, my sister Reza and I are both sluts♡♡ That’s why big sis. Please stop denying it anymore. We have been similar all along♡♡♡♡”

Naturally, Rezahata was bewildered when she was suddenly requested something that was difficult for her to accept. If y ou a re a ble to rea d this me ssa ge, y ou are re ad ing from an un auth orized aggre gate s ite. R ead at my Wo rdPr ess at st abbing with a syri nge. h ome. bl og to su pport me and my tran slat ions.

But before she was able to snap out of her confusion, Schild had already done his next step.

“There is still the most important part..”

“ “Kyaaa!” ”

Schild pushed the two beautiful women down onto the grass.

Then he overlapped them both.

“The most important thing is the taste of the cunt. Let’s see if these two are similar to each other over here. To do that, let’s both take turns fucking each other again.”

“Un♡♡ Let’s compare the taste♡♡♡♡ This Carney pussy and big sis Reza’s pussy, please discover how different they taste this time, Lord Schild♡♡♡♡”

At Schild’s request, Carney opens her legs and spreads open her vulva, already covered in semen.

Rezahata was still confused and unmoving, so Schild was the one who took care of her legs instead, spreading them wide open and penetrating her hole from below.


Naturally, by the same penis that had been fucking her sister’s hole until now.

“Oh, I feel nostalgic, like my penis is back at home.”

“Isn’t it?”

For some reason, Carney also agreed.

“Sister Reza’s pussy is of the same lineage as mine, so I’m sure we would be similar in one way or another. See that, big sis Reza? We truly are sisters♡♡ Even Lord Schild is telling that our pussies are alike♡♡”

Then she covered her sister’s naked body and licked her nipples and lips at random.

But since it was a taste comparison between sisters, Schild couldn’t just keep eating only one side.


Schild pulled his penis out of Rezahata’s vagina and screwed it inside Carney’s private parts once more.


Strangely enough, he didn’t feel like he had “switched rooms” even though he had already done the act.

“Shoo good♡♡ Lord Schild’s cock feelsh sho good♡♡♡♡ And just the thought that this has been in my sister Reza’s pussy is making it even better♡♡♡♡”

To be able to humiliate such superb sisters is just bliss for any man.

All the more if it was a threesome with them. That’s why Schild repeated these blissful threesomes day after day.

Schild has no regrets, even if his penis melted and sublimated in the process.

“The cock of Lord Schild, ahhh♡♡♡♡ it has become more delicious now that it had been all cooked up inside big sis Reza’s pussy♡♡ I just can’t get enough of it♡♡♡♡”

“It’s so good for me too♡♡ Even though it should only pound Lady Carney’s pussy, Master Schild’s cock just feels sho good to reject♡♡♡♡ Even though I shouldn’t be doing this, my pussy just couldn’t let go♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The phallus alternated in and out of the two vaginas, but the person felt like he was only fucking one vagina incessantly.

The sisters’ vaginas had so much in common. However, there were still two vaginas, so there were two densities, two wetness, two freshness, two body temperatures, and two nasty smells. Two existences instead of one, even though they were the same.

And these two both assaulted Schild’s penis together, almost squishing it in their numbers alone.

“Nhiieeeee♡♡♡♡ Whether its Reza’s pussy♡♡ or Master Schild’s cock that is fucking big sis Reza♡♡ I love them both♡♡♡♡ I love both my sister and Lord Schild♡♡♡♡”

“I-I love you too♡♡♡♡ I’m sorry for all I’ve done before, I love you too♡♡♡♡”

The two sisters’ exchanges went back and forth sweetly as their crotches got nailed violently by their beloved man’s penis.

Unable to withstand the stimulation, the sensation of something crawling up finally exploded out of Schild’s urethra.


Schild no longer knew which vagina he had ejaculated into.

Even when he pulled out his penis and visually checked them, he couldn’t tell anymore as semen flowed equally out of his two women, probably the semen from the previous times he had ejaculated inside them.

“Big sis……I love you♡♡……I love you……♡♡♡♡”

“Lady Carney……♡♡♡♡”

The sisters shared a lesbian kiss. Then, they raised their upper bodies and crawled like caterpillars toward Schild, who was standing on his knees.

When they finally reached the man, they approached a certain protruding area, where the beautiful woman and her sister ran their tongues over that one thing at the same time. Thi s cha pt er transl ati on is made pos si ble by st abb ing w ith a syr in ge tr ans lations. chec k onl y up-to-d ate trans latio ns on my Wo rdp ress sit e.

“Mlem mlem……♡♡♡♡ Chupp♡♡ This dick is just so good♡♡♡♡”

“Not only does it taste like Master Schild, but it also tastes like Lady Carney♡♡ Mine as well♡♡ Ahh, so shameful♡♡♡♡”

A double fellatio had commenced, and soon, a filthy, whore fluid-stained penis appeared.

And Carney and Rezahata’s tongues seemed like leech sisters crawling around the pole in good company.

“Come to think of it, isn’t this the only one thing that sisters shouldn’t share the most?”

“Maybe……but I don’t care anymore.”

“Big sis. Let’s get along as sisters when we return to the royal capital, this time as equals. And since we’re already adults, you don’t need to follow the house rules anymore.”

“……still don’t wanna.”

And with that, another threesome session has ended.

Schild found out through repeated sex that they were exactly sisters, with similar tits, buttocks, and vaginas.

The more they fucked, the more they blended together, and it was as if it was a single woman had split into two entities.

“No, that isn’t it,” but Schild still rejected in his mind.

Even after committing multiple acts and finding numerous similarities between their bodies, he felt Carney was still Carney, and Rezahata was still Rezahata.

Yes. He felt a crucial difference between these sisters.


But which was it?

They were all the same whether the lips, tongue, breasts, nipples, buttocks, anus, vagina, or womb. But for some reason, Schild felt that Rezahata still lacked something unique that Carney was giving off.

Carney had a lasciviousness that could make someone fall deeper and deeper as you lay on her body, a type that held a man captive and won’t let him go, but he had found none of that in Rezahata.

In fact, Schild got so addicted to Carney’s lewdness that he would feel like he wanted to spend every spare moment with his penis in her vagina instead.

What Schild didn’t know is that Carney had inherited the “Dignity of the Lioness”, a unique trait that had only popped out from a few Leschbeins and which has accompanied the possessors of “Majesty of the Lion” of the Royal Family throughout the ages.

This was the reason for his inexplicable feeling.

But it wasn’t that Schild was clueless about this, as he had also suspected that there was something in Carney’s bloodline that was reacting to him for him to feel this way.

This was why Schild kept forgetting that they are sisters. Even though they had repeatedly stated that they are.

(Despite them being same great noble blood, just where does this difference come from?)

While thinking about such “trivial” things, Schild gave another shot of his semen equally into the face of the beautiful sisters who continued to suck his cock.

In this manner, Schild and the others eventually returned to the royal capital.

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