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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Kelechi’s State and the Harbinger Outside

Going back to the time before Schild, Carney, and Rezahata left for the capital.

During their stay, which almost lasted two weeks inside Marie’s castle, Kelechi, who was invited inside, got fucked by Schild as well.

Kelechi was a peddler whom they had met by chance on their visit to Marie.

Right now, Schild was having a conversation with her. Of course, while also having sex.

A peddler is basically a merchant that makes a living by selling things from place to place.

When they met, Schild asked Kelechi if she was selling her own body. After all, she was beautiful enough to work in a brothel in the capital, but he was flatly refused.

The honest merchant instead rebuked Schild, saying that a good merchant does not use their body to sell their goods, as they would just be another form of a prostitute.

So instead, they had sex for free.

But as if a fateful meeting was preordained between them, after having sex and when they were about to part ways, they found out that they were heading to the same destination, the Butterfly Quilt Castle.

Now, this was their course of events.

“Uhm, Mr. Schild? Are we really going to do it here?”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

“Outside? Out in the open?”

“It’s a beautiful sunny day. It’s a good day to be naked.”


“Even though there are many people around us?”

“It’s not a problem. After all, these people are also women I’ve had laid with.”

Seeing she no longer have rooms for retreat, Kelechi gave up and heeded Schild’s approach. Then she took off her thick coat and peddler uniform and stripped naked outside.

“Kelechi really has a mole on her ass.”

“Nooo! Don’t look at me at that part!”

Now with her slender but healthy nude feminine body exposed in the midday sunlight, Schild used this chance to tease Kelechi. Then, after having his fill, he lifted one of her legs and inserted his penis into her open crotch.


The female merchant’s familiar lovely moan was heard once again.

“Once again, I’m fucking you for free, okay?”

At the middle, Schild also did not forget to emphasize to Kelechi. This “free pussy” topic has already become his usual stance each time he thrusts into this young woman’s vagina with his cock, which had already banged hundreds of women.

“As expected, Kelechi’s pussy feels really nice. Even better when it is 100 percent off.”

“Why are you so mean to me, Mr. Schild! Can’t we at least have sex in a lovely atmosphere for once?”

Kelechi rebuked as the watching female spectators at the castle multiplied.

But Schild only responded by bringing their lips together, while also showing off their genitals to the watching mob.

Then, without any warnings, he released his semen in several pulses.

“Ahieeee♡♡♡♡ Ahiieeeee……♡♡♡♡”

Kelechi still had a lot to say, but was cut off midway as she felt the sensations in her pussy, making her scream in delight. It really showed how she has progressed as a meat toilet for Schild. If you a re abl e to r ea d this mess age, y ou are rea di ng from an unau tho rized aggr egat e sit e. Read at my W ordP ress at sta bbi ng with a syr inge. ho me. bl og to sup port me and my tr ansla tions.

“You know, I was thinking of inviting you to go with me as I return to the royal capital.”

Schild started to speak without removing his penis from Kelechi’s vagina.

“The royal capital is the country’s center, where money, people, and goods gather. Merchants will have many opportunities if they go there.”

“Mr. Schild, are you saying you have connections that will get me to the royal capital? But you already had done much to me. I don’t even have anything in me to repay you. Why still help me-”

“Because you are already my woman, Kelechi. And it is natural that I support my woman and want good things to happen to them.”

After saying that, Schild licked Kelechi’s lips and played with her breasts, still not pulling his manhood out of her orifice.

They were like two lovers snuggling.

“I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t think I can repay you anymore, even if I work for you for life. Connecting me to Count Mariastel, getting inside the Butterfly Quilt Castle, and receiving good treatment from the Servants, the butler corps of the Count, you have already done me so much.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. I mean it. In fact, his may be presumptuous of me, but the members of the butler corps were already treating me as one of their own. They even offered me assistance that would ensure my safety and increase my credibility once I made a tour of the villages in their territory. And I owe it all to you, Mr. Schild. So I think I’m already contented with this.”

“Well, you being treated the same as them is because you have already become one of them, “mistresses” embraced by me,” but Schild did not say this out loud.

“For that, thank you very much.”

“Then, can I have one more creampie?”

“As much as you want♡♡ My pussy is completely free only for you, Mr. Schild♡♡♡♡”

After that, Schild ejaculated into Kelechi’s vagina three more times before parting with her, where she promised that she’d become a fully-fledged merchant and that they would have sex again the next time they meet.

Before they left, Schild also went to Lagothe and Sae and had sex with them and told them that they would be taking Rezahata with them.

The two, of course, insisted on coming with him, but Schild refused and instead entrusted them a duty to protect Marie in case something happens.

This only left him one last troublesome matter on the way.

And that is monster subjugation.

Before leaving, they were asked to exterminate a monster that had once again appeared in the territory governed by Marie, and they were asked to do it on their way out.

Schild agreed as he was also aware that he had become dull due to all the sex he had been having lately.

And so, he decided to challenge the monster in this subjugation mission to regain his instincts as a subjugator.

He stopped by the designated area and confronted the monster, but to his surprise, there was another monster that appeared.


It was a bounty monster. A giant snail-shaped monster named “Purple Cochlea”.

It held its entire body in a conch-like shell on its back and attacked by spinning like a giant spinning top, throwing off everything around its path.

It did this by tilting its body until the shell’s sharp tip makes contact with the ground. Then, by using a counterbalancing force that was still unknown how it did it, it would make itself spin so fast that it was almost impossible to do if it was any other animal.

The shell itself was also extremely hard. Even more once it turns into this phase and reaches a certain rotational speed, that a blow from a human’s bow and arrow, spear, or hammer would be repelled, making it untouchable by anyone who wants to defeat it up close or in range.

Even with the best efforts of the local Subjugators’ Guild, they still haven’t found out how they would deal with the monster in this state, so they always waited until it tires out from spinning.

However, it doesn’t easily tire out, and because of this, more and more damage to the surroundings were committed by this monster whenever they try to subjugate it.

Nevertheless, Schild defeated the monster.

Schild immediately entered the fray and helped the struggling guild subjugators by charging ahead upon arriving at the site.

Even the spiral shell, which seemed formidable to these people, was unable to bring any resistance before Schild’s prowess and the quality of the Hihi’irokane sword.

The giant snail was cut in half, shell and all, and died on the spot.

Immediately, the battlefield erupted with cheers, seeing the monster was vanquished.

“Thank you so much! You really saved us all!”

Soon as he heard the news that the bounty monster was subjugated, the head of the local guild branch came to the scene and thanked Schild personally.

He was a well-built middle-aged man in his forties. He had known Schild for a short time, mainly because Schild was recruited by Mariastel soon after exterminating the monster that should be the prey of their Count for her heroic act.

“We are really lucky that you’re back in town. If it weren’t for an excellent subjugator like you, who knows how many people would have been killed by those freaks by now!”

In front of the carcass of the now-silent Purple Cochlea, Schild and the head of the West Adele branch of the guild chatted to renew their old friendships.

As to where Schild’s companions were, they were nearby, busy helping with the clean-up of the battlefield.

“I’m glad I could help. ……I don’t know if it’s the right words for this, but isn’t our economy awfully booming lately? There are so many bounty monsters popping around that it’s disturbing.”

“Well, that’s the question for those mutated monsters, not us. Still, I can’t deny that this is just too many. Besides the Blue Fish Trap and the Red Ice, this is already the third one this month alone, far too many compared to the usual encounter of only one or two a year.”

Two bounty monsters appearing at the same time. Then not long after, another one sprouted before they left.

Since the current King Preslate I had already vanquished the Demon race, the named bounty monsters had become one of the biggest threats in their stead.

Nevertheless, it was still unbearable for any territory if such threat broke out on a weekly basis.

“As for me, I’m already grateful for the huge rewards that came with the big names, but I’m worried about the guild’s pockets if this keeps happening. Are you okay? Do you have enough money?”

“We’re okay for now. But there’s something else I’m worried about.” The head of the local guild branch stroked his stubbled chin as he continued. “Do you still have time to listen?”

“Go on.”

“You see, Named Monsters, or “bounty monsters” as they are usually called these because they have high bounties on their head, are monsters that have been given a name and special treatment because they were the stronger version of the monsters of their type. Not a different species, as there is always a common species based on it.”

For example, the bounty monster “Amber Eyes” that Schild had defeated in the royal capital was one of these special monsters. However, it was still based on the crocodile-type monster called the Dinogator, only bigger in size and their eyes more amber.

However, the “Red Ice” that they fought in Marie’s territory was way too different from its origin species of “Poison Frog”, as well as the “Blue Fish Trap” which had a completely different body structure compared to its origin species, the “Anaconda Tail”. Thi s cha pter transla tion is ma de poss ible by sta bb ing with a syr inge trans lat ions. ch eck onl y up-to-da te transla ti ons on my Word pr ess si te.

“A named monster is a mutated version of a monster species. Their strength far surpasses the average of individuals of the same species, and they differ in some appearances, but not that far from the original. This is why the process of putting names on them for easier recognition is a very important matter, or else we wouldn’t be able to distinguish them quickly.”

“I already know that at the back of my hand. After all, I’m already making a living by killing these monsters for a long time.”

“Hehehe, right, right. As expected of the top subjugator. Anyways, no matter how mutated they are, like I said earlier they won’t differ all that much from their origin species, aside from the minimum requirement of being much, much stronger than your average monsters. What I mean is that the rest of their appearance should not evolve too far from their originals.”

At best, they should be bigger than the average of their original species, or some part of their body is enlarged with muscles. Or, if they are sub-human monsters, they might have acquired some sort of an unusual weapon.

“But these days, these mutations are becoming……too far-fetched.”

“What do you mean? Can you elaborate that?”

“The Blue Fish Trap that you just subjugated. It has two heads on both ends, making it a double-headed snake, a completely different structure from the Anaconda Tail, its origin species. What’s more, it wasn’t treating it as a tail as with the other Anaconda Tails. It was able to fight utilizing those two heads to its full potential as if this abnormality is normal.”

“You mean it wasn’t just a mutation?…… That they became too far from their origin species that they had evolved into a new one?”

“Schild…… If a human being had two heads that worked properly without any defects whatsoever and had even shown performance much greater than that of a normal human, would you still consider them as of the same species of human?”


When the head spoke these lines, Schild became aware of the abnormality on a level that he could not ignore.

“The “Blue Fish Trap” was recognized as a formidable enemy not only because it had two heads, one in front and one behind, but it was also because it fought in a way that attacking one head would cause the other head to strike the attacker’s blind spot.”


However, in terms of common sense, how can the two heads function properly when there was originally only one in their body structure?

“It’s the same with this Purple Cochlea.”

The two looked at the carcass of the giant snail in front of them.

“Did you know? The origin species of this freak here is the Death Slug.”

“Wait. Did you say Death Slug?”

Schild immediately noticed the discrepancy as soon as he heard the monster’s base origin.

“Isn’t a Death Slug, like, a slug-shaped monster? Not a snail?”

“That’s right.”

“Then why does it have a shell when it’s a slug?”

The Purple Cochlea’s spiral shell was undoubtedly the biggest weapon of the named monster. Its spinning attack while hidden inside the shell had made it its signature of being extremely difficult to subjugate.

However, no matter what fate a slug is born under, there is no way it could be born with a snail shell.

“I’ll have to wait for the research team to find out more. But all I can say is, as with the “Red Ice” and the “Blue Fish Trap”, the mutation of these named monsters these days from their original species is becoming too far from normal.”

Powerful monsters were equipped with things and features that shouldn’t be there, and they were springing up all over the place. It was as if they were challenging the laws of life.

“Thanks to you, it didn’t turn out so bad this time. I’m just vaguely worried. Is this is a harbinger of something worse, something more serious? I just hope I’m mistaken.”

These were the words of an old branch manager who was involved in monster subjugation for more than twenty years.

In other words, Schild couldn’t just let it slide.

While the insides of the royal capital are shaken by the political war called Magna Carta,

Something was about to start outside the kingdom as well, and this time, without anyone of them knowing.

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