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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Rezahata the “White Lily”

“Reza!? Big sis Reza!?”

“Lady Carney!?”

The two beautiful women, who were supposed to be meeting for the first time, called each other by their names even though they hadn’t yet introduced themselves.

-Female knight Carney, who is famous for her bravery in the royal capital.

-Rezahata, the “White Lily,” who is one of the elite “Three Flowers” and directly reports to Count Mariastel, the Lord of West Adele.


These two people were supposed to be complete strangers to each other.

But no one had expected that they knew each other, at least it was for Schild, who only came for the purpose of visiting Marie, the Count of this territory.

It was like a stage play where suddenly, the one who was only playing a minor role and the one who isn’t even part of the cast was put into the middle of the show.

And now, these two people who are supposed to be newcomers immediately started a commotion to attract the attention of the audience, but in a way where it also created a vortex that was about to engulf the entire stage with it.

“Uhm……Carney, do you know her?”

The first thing Schild did was to ask this question to his companion.

Right now, all of them except for Rezahata are without any strip of clothing and are covered in the semen of Schild, but all of them are watching the situation with curiosity.

As for the man, he had his erect penis bared for all to see and was holding Sae’s tits in his right hand and Lagothe’s ass in his left.

“Do you know her, Rezahata?”

Marie, the female lord, also asked her subordinate.

She was also completely naked, with semen dripping from her crotch, which had been poured by Schild just now.

“Big sis. No, Rezahata, you see, is my sister. She’s the eldest daughter of the Leschbein House of the latest generation.”

“Ca-Lady Carney here is my little sister.”


In other words, they were a pair of knightly sisters who had both lived in the city center yet were unexpectedly reunited in this place, far away from the royal capital.

But despite this being a family reunion, a tremendous sense of discomfort was surrounding the two.

“……putting that aside. Lady Carney!”

Unable to stand the silence, Rezahata was the one who restarted the conversation.

She claimed to be Carney’s sister, yet she was the only one still clothed at the scene of this frenzied orgy.

Though it was armor rather than clothing.

And an eye-blinding pure white armor at that. If yo u ar e a ble to re ad t his me ssag e, you ar e re di ng fr om an unaut ho rized a ggr ega te sit e. Re ad at my Wor dP re ss at st abb ing wi th a syr in ge. hom e. bl og to supp o rt me and my tran slat ions.

“What the hell are you doing? Wait. You’re not wearing any underwear, you’ve got your ass all bare, and you’re reeking semen all over your body. Don’t tell me……you have been letting yourself be embraced by a man all this time!?”


Carney unconsciously drew back at Rezahata’s consecutive fierce pursuits, shaking her grand breasts as a result but with a few seconds’ delay.

What Rezahata said was on point, that she had been participating in the baby-making together with Schild and the others. In fact, she has been doing this far, far earlier than this, way back when she and Schild had their first joint subjugation mission in the royal capital.

After that, it could be said that she spent the majority of her nightlife in Schild’s bedroom, the term “bedroom” meaning any object and any place, as long as she slept with the said man.

“Speak to me! You were embraced, weren’t you? By that man over there!?”

But Carney still didn’t reply.

“You! You said you are Schild, right? Did you……did you have sex with my sister!?”


“Yes! I’ve been making love to Lord Schild all along!”

But before Schild could even have a chance to speak, Carney already confessed, as if she was pushed away by Rezahata’s trembling aura.

Reza had completely changed her demeanor from earlier when she was still introducing herself as “White Lily” of the “Three Flowers” of West Adele.

But that demeanor didn’t last long.

“N-no way……”


Upon hearing Carney’s confession, Rezahata wobbled as if she was suddenly struck by dizziness.

But she managed to pull herself together by leaning against a wall to prevent her fall.

You……did it……you did the last thing you shouldn’t do……”

And then she started to shake, while also muttering phrases which others couldn’t tell what she was talking about.

“……Lady Carney. Do you have any idea what you have done!? Don’t you understand the preciousness of the blood that flows in you!? You carry the purest bloodline of the Leschbein family! That means that only one man under heaven can embrace you!”

Rezahata was furious.

She was furious towards Carney.

And the most surprising part is that Carney, who had never faltered when facing a strong monster, was utterly horrified by this rage.

“N-no, even if we speak of bloodline, then Big sis Reza is also no different-“

“What do you mean that there’s no difference!? Lady Carney! The blood that flows in me is nothing compared to yours! Nor anyone in our family! It could even be said that you are the one and only person who would carry the future of the Leschbeins with that blood alone!! The most vital person to our prosperity! And yet you, you……”

Apparently, Rezahata is furious that Carney had sex with Schild.

In the light of the world in general, it would be certainly unbecoming if a daughter of a noble were to embrace another man who is not her husband. Th is cha p ter tr ansl ation is ma de pos si ble by st abb ing wit h a syr in ge tra nslati ons. ch ck onl y up-t o-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdp res s si te.

“But then again……”

Schild, who was watching the argument from the side, suddenly spoke his impression.

“Are these girls really sisters? They don’t seem like they are from the way they are acting to me.”

It wasn’t as if they were not alike. In fact, they are very much so, like beans in a pod.

But what Schild meant was how they interacted with each other that did not fit the bill of being “sisters” in any way.

Rezahata is the eldest sister.

Carney is the younger sister.

But why is Rezahata using honorifics to Carney, calling her “Lady Carney” if she is supposed to be the eldest?

This part was the most discomforting to Schild.

“You might find it strange for you commoners, but this is a normal case for nobles like us.”

Marie spoke this, who had detected Schild’s puzzlement as if she had read his mind.

“Aristocracy is very complicated,” she started her lecture like a proper tutor, not minding that her state was far too inappropriate to act like one. “The cause of this is that we have distorted many of the rules just to maintain the privileges that we have inherited from our ancestors for hundreds of years. This includes decency and ethics, which should not be distorted in any way.”


“And this is one of the results of distorting these rules?”

Schild faced the bickering sisters once again.

“Yes. In addition to sisters born of the same parents, there are many other forms of “sisters” among the nobility. Many are half-siblings, some are just “in-name,” meaning they are adopted to the house. And in the case of Rezahata……I would deduce that she is a bastard child born from a nobleman’s concubine?”

“Bastard child, huh.”

“If that is the case, then even if she is the eldest daughter, being born from a concubine, her status would be lower than the children of the main wife, even if they are born later. Still, Rezahata aside, to think that Carney is also a member of the Leschbeins, moreover the main bloodline. Color me surprised.”


Schild gave a nervous laugh to cover it up. But considering the situation was just too big to ignore, it hasn’t any effect.

“Nevertheless, you are indeed worthy of being my rival, possessing such bravery to even touch a respectable lady of the Leschbeins. But then again, after having a taste of Lady Carney’s forbidden fruit, this had made me curious about the taste of the princesses of the two other noble houses as well.”

Because Marie is currently being violated by Schild together with Carney, Marie and Carney were able to share asses, tits, and lips many times over, making them no longer a stranger to the other’s flavor.

As for Schild,

“Pure bloodline or not, Carney is a superb woman by herself. I love her because of that, and that won’t change. Even if her family abandons her and she loses all her power in the process and becomes no different from a commoner, I will still treasure her, because she’s still Carney. Then again, are these bloodlines really worth the fuss?”

“Of course, they are. Especially if you’re a part of the three major noble houses. In fact, it was a wide-known general rule in this kingdom’s aristocracy that pure women of the three great noble families, including the Leschbeins, can only be committed by a single man.”

“A single man? You mean……”

Schild asked back, but he already had an idea of who this person was.

“Yes. The reason why Rezahata is so furious is mostly because of that.”

She spoke last, then turned her attention back to the arguing sisters……

“Do you understand, Lady Carney!? The only man who can embrace you is the ruler of this country, the very king himself!”

……from which Rezahata revealed the answer to Schild’s question in a yell.

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