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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Along the Way: Continuation in the Inn

“You’re Mr. Schild, aren’t you?”

The receptionist-attendant girl said this when she woke up from the fainting spell that was cast on her, i.e., the sex she had with Schild.

She was still naked as ever, and had slept on the same bed with Schild and Carney.

In the meantime, Schild and Carney were still enjoying a cozy and relaxed sex, connecting their genitals with each other as they rested on the bed.

“What do you mean? Wait, you know me?”

“Yes. Actually, I was warned in a morning meeting conducted a few months ago that a subjugator named Schild, who is very strong but also very fond of women, would be stopping by in this town. And that we should be careful if he were to choose to stay at our place.”

Schild felt ironic that the girl was saying this now. After all, she had already been stripped naked and violated by the very same man that she needed to be wary of.

“Mou~! Why did you come so late! If you had come a bit earlier, then I wouldn’t have forgotten the warning! I’m not even aware of you anymore!”

“Hey, why are you blaming me?”

Schild groaned at the unfairness of the receptionist, yet also not stopping his relaxed movements inside Carney’s pussy.

But he couldn’t help but wonder, what the hell was with that warning that was issued a few months ago?

“Wait, don’t tell me……It was a warning when I was still on my way to the capital? Come to think of it, if it’s already a few months, then it was around the time I just left West Adele Territory, isn’t it?”

Schild received a letter of introduction from Count Mariastel, the Lord of West Adele Territory, and used that as his ticket to enter the royal capital.

And reached the capital he did, where he had met several women, including the two princesses and Carney, whom he had settled their disputes but also gained another problem, which made him travel to Count Mariastel’s Territory back again.

In other words, Schild was going backward this time on the road he had already taken.

“As far as I remember, I completely bypassed this town on the way when I was still traveling from West Adele Territory. As such, I wasn’t able to enter an inn.”

“No way……then, all that vigilance was for nothing!?”

Finding out all her efforts had been wasted, the receptionist girl slumped. Schild, in turn, cheered her up by patting her.

Not on her head but her buttocks.

“But aren’t they too much, making that warning of me. It was as if I was a wanted rapist. I didn’t even realize that all the places I’ve been to were being warned of my existence everywhere I went!”

Schild looked shocked, but that didn’t stop him from stroking the girl’s ass with his right hand and Carney’s with his left.

“Oh, no, that’s not what I meant!”

But as if to follow-up for her wrongs, the receptionist loudly corrected, all while also pressing her tits, which were much cuter compared to Carney, against Schild’s side.

“Actually, Mr. Schild, you are quite famous in town. After all, you’re the only male subjugator that was hired directly by Count Mariastel!”


“The fact that you were hired directly instead of being hired through a government decree meant that the Count personally favored you. But the Count is known to be a man-hater, so you must be a man of incredible caliber! Or at least, that’s what we thought. Also, there were rumors about you, Mr. Schild, that you are “The Ultimate Womanizer” and that you left the Count, who was also a womanizer, awestruck with your prowess in womanizing! A womanizing genius! And also……”

“Putting that aside……”

To avoid any more unnecessary information dump on him, Schild interrupted the receptionist midway.

“……Shouldn’t you head back soon? If you leave the counter open for too long, they’ll know you’ve been having sex with a customer, making all your efforts useless.”

“Ah, no way, I can’t allow that!”

Soon as Schild pointed it out, the receptionist girl hurriedly put on her underwear and uniform, and instantly, she returned to her usual look of a respectable inn employee.

“Your collar is a mess.”

“Ah, sorry.”

The person herself was unaware of this, but when Schild personally fixed her collar, Marne’s mood turned for the better.

“Oh, um, please don’t tell anyone about this.”

“About what?”

“That I had sex with you.”

“Can you say that again? This time, in a more erotic way.”

“Mou, Mister Schild is a meanie♡♡ Then, Mister Schild♡♡ Please don’t tell anyone that this Marne, the receptionist-cum-attendant, had allowed mister’s cock to rampage inside her pussy and had made herself go crazy this night alone♡♡♡♡”

“All right, it’s a secret between the two of us. No, maybe three?”

On the bed, the last person involved, Carney, was still naked, but strangely, she was looking at the receptionist girl as if she was seeing off a new friend.

After leaving this room, he would resume having sex with Carney until the both of them fall asleep.

“‘Um……I was just wondering……Mrs. Carney?”

“What is it?”

“Are you really Mr. Schild’s wife?”

The receptionist asked softly.

However, her question was in full contrast to the softness and was really sharp and perceptive.

This made Schild think again that this receptionist wasn’t easy despite her appearance.

(Well, she wouldn’t be a receptionist of a high-end establishment if she isn’t sensitive to this.)

“Pardon me if this will offend you, but as I said before, Mr. Schild is a womanizer, and rumors are that he changes women from time to time. As such, I can’t believe that he would just marry one woman. Therefore, you must be one of his many mistresses, no?”

Since the question was directed at Carney herself, she heard it loud and clear, but before she could express herself to clear up the misunderstanding, Schild intervened.

“Yes. She is my wife.”

This time, Schild said with all seriousness. To which Carney subtly smiled.

“Also, there is nothing more deserving for me than to have an amazing slut like her to be my wife, isn’t there?”

When she heard this, the receptionist gave him a subtle smile that he couldn’t tell if she was joking or serious and then left the room.

After that, Schild and Carney continued to have sex.

……until it was late in the evening, around by which the innkeeper’s businesses were over, where something interrupted them out of the blue.

“My name is Olive, and I am the owner of the Rabbit’s Spring Garden.”

It was late in the evening when a beautiful woman who looked to be in her forties came to the room where Schild and Carney were staying.

Next to her stood Marne, the young girl in charge of the reception earlier.

But this time, her lively demeanor was gone, and her face was now covered in sweat.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Schild, who is also renowned for his acts of bravery in Count Mariastel’s Territory. I received news that such personage came to our inn, so I came to greet you personally.”

Olive, the owner of this inn, was a beautiful woman who gave off a young woman’s charm, despite her age.

Schild would have appreciated this beauty more if not for Marne who is about to burst into tears while dripping sweat beside her.

“I was told that you had an affair with one of our chambermaids. Is that true?”

“Chambermaids? Oh, you mean her? But how did you find out?’

“Anyone would be suspicious after being away from the front desk for so long.”

(So it was revealed right from the start.)

“I was the one who coerced her to have sex with me, so don’t blame her. So, what do we do now? Should I just leave the inn right now? Or do I have to pay you a fine for this nuisance I caused?”

“Mr. Schild~~!!”

At this point, Marne couldn’t hold it in anymore and started to cry in silence.

Still, her boss, Olive, was unperturbed.

“I don’t demand such a thing. We just want you to do us a small favor.”


“Since that bastard husband of mine left me, I’ve been running this inn by myself. All the staff I employed being women are also a part of this. And tonight, we have gathered all of our staff here.”

As if on cue, an avalanche of girls and young women came through the door of Schild’s room.

There were more than twenty of them.

But what surprised Schild the most was that – they all entered the room completely naked.

“Count Mariastel is known to us as a bona fide a man-hater, but if such personage highly approves of a gentleman like you even with all your womanizing antics, then please excuse us for giving you a try. Also, if perhaps, our receptionist here has left you unsatisfied, then we would love to fill up that unsatisfaction with our bodies, all twenty-four of them, including me.”

After that, Olive also took off her work uniform, exposing her still taut yet already mature naked body.

“Now then, will you grace us with your cock tonight, Master Schild?”

After that, what happened was Schild lived up to the expectations of the women, ejaculating into the vaginas of all twenty-five of them plus Carney, then left the town the next morning without even showing signs of getting tired in the slightest.

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