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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Start of the Journey Outside the Capital

“Before I leave, I’d like to share with you one of Shan’s rare talents.”

“Oh, what is it? It sounds very interesting.”

And the talent he showed right away.

From there, Schild went behind Shan, and in one swift motion, he slipped his hand inside Shan’s trousers.

From behind, meaning he was aiming at Shan’s butt.


And then, it happened.

Shan’s face, which until then was as expressionless and emotionless as steel, and with a calmness that seemed to be able to handle any sudden situation, suddenly collapsed into pleasure.

“Eh, eeehh!? What is this? Isn’t this too wonderful?”

Cymbium also couldn’t hide her surprise.

“Isn’t it? You see, Shan is gifted with the ability to experience immense pleasure when a finger is suddenly inserted in her asshole!”

“I see, I see! This indeed is a rare talent that one can be proud of!”

Schild and Cymbium may have been possibly unrelated siblings, but with the royal bloodline in their veins, they could be similar in the most problematic ways.

“Little brother, let me in it too! It’s not fair if only you could hog the fun! I want to put my finger in Shan’s asshole too!”

“I’m not really hogging her for myself, but have you trimmed your nails? They might hurt her if they’re too long.”

“Yep, I already trimmed them, so no problems! In fact, I have been trimming my nails since you started fucking me!”

Then, just like Schild, Cymbium also slipped her hand inside Shan’s trousers.

Schild, in turn, pulled his finger out to replace it with her own, but Shan’s euphoric face still remained even with his finger released.

This time, it was Cymbium’s fingers that were inserted inside Shan’s anus.

“Kyaaahhhh♡♡ Please, have mercy, Mistress Cymbium♡♡♡♡ I cannot do my job to guard you if you keep this up♡♡♡♡ Nhaaaaheeee♡♡♡♡”

“It’s okay. Actually, it’s also part of your job to have lesbian sex with me. So it’s nice that I get to know your weakness right away♡♡”


While saying this, Cymbium put her own lips on Shan’s, and from there, saliva spilled from the pleasure of their kisses.

The two tongues, as red as leeches, intertwined.

“Chuupuuu…♡♡ mmlemm♡♡ jupuchupu♡♡♡♡”

“What is this, Cymbium? You’re a lesbian now?”

Seeing her big sister now in such a state where she’s deliriously kissing someone of the same sex, Schild asked as if troubled.

And feeling her man in such a state, Cymbium hurriedly replied to clear the misunderstanding. If yo u a re ab le to re ad thi s mess a ge, you a re re ad ing from an un aut hor ized ag gre gate si te. R ead at my Wo rdPr ess at s tabb ing wit h a s yr inge. ho me. b log to supp ort me and m y tran latio ns.

“Nope, this is all an act, my little brother! A compensation as your dick will be gone for a while! Please don’t misunderstand.”

“So, a trade-off some sort?”

“A trade-off is an overstatement. After all, no one could replace you in our hearts and pussies now. Like I said before, I have already turned into a woman who cannot live without you and your cock. In fact, you’re the one being heartless here, leaving me behind even though you already knew this fact.”

“But I am doing this for our own good, though?”

“That’s why I can’t complain, and can only just see you off. So, at least until you return, we will try to comfort each other with the other women you left alone and in the same situation as us. At least, this would be a bit better than masturbating by yourself, don’t you think?”

With that, Cymbium took off her dress and stripped completely naked.

She was not wearing any kind of underwear.

“Today is my last chance to be held by you, Schild. Tomorrow, no matter how lonely we are, we will have to comfort ourselves with the others in the same situation. That’s why, just for today……”

Cymbium slapped Shan’s ass twice, making a nice reverberating sound.

And from there, as if they responded to the sound, the door opened, and several beautiful women who all looked familiar to Schild entered the room one by one.

The second princess, Serenea.

The maids, Nena and Nina.

And being pulled by the arms of the three aforementioned, Sister Greidia.

However, what’s strange about them is that they were already completely naked.

It was as if they had already decided what they would do for Schild.

“I didn’t know all of Team Cymbium is still here. It’s all the members of your camp that I embraced.”

“Ah, you too, Shan. You get undressed too.”

Soon, there were six naked beauties lined up side by side, each offering their asses to Schild.

“Now, little brother, please ravish all our cunts to your heart’s content and leave any regrets behind♡♡”

“And please come back as soon as possible and have sex with us again, big brother♡♡”

“This servant and her pussy wish you good luck, Master♡♡”


“They say that sex can share a woman’s good fortune with her lord, so for today, please fuck us a lot while I say a lot of prayers in my maid pussy♡♡”

“In that case, my pussy is literally blessed by the Goddess, so it’s surely full of blessings♡♡ Please fuck me hard to bring lots of good luck to Master Schild’s cock♡♡♡♡”

“Master……♡♡ Just fuck my ass hard♡♡”

Thus, in what was literally a man’s dream, Schild devoured the six beautiful women of the royal palace simultaneously.

After that, he went to several other homes of all the women he knew and had intercourse with them.

After ensuring they were safe and secure in his absence, Schild finally decided to leave the royal capital.

Strangely, after even all that, he didn’t find Carney.

On the day of his departure, a magnificent horse was placed in front of Schild.

It was a famous breed of horse that runs fast and for long periods. And based on what he had heard, they said that it was Cymbium who delivered it to him.

“I guess she really meant that I should hurry up and come back soon.”

Although Schild knew how to ride a horse, horses were originally the property of the rich and noble, so he usually moved around on foot.

A commoner like Schild riding around on a horse was bound to make him look bad, but he couldn’t let Cymbium’s goodwill go to waste.

“Also, a bit of shame in exchange for shorter travel time isn’t much of a big deal.”

And so, while thinking this, he put his legs in the stirrups and straddled over.

In the meantime, the horse did not wince, nor did it make any kind of reaction that indicated fear of humans. On the contrary, it showed that it was well trained.

“So, you’re the one sending me off, huh?”

The mounted Schild then looked down from his high vantage point, where he easily spotted a familiar black hair hidden through the shadows. Thi s cha pter tran slat ion is m ade pos si ble by stab b ing wi th a syr in ge transl atio ns. chec k o ly up-to- da te tran slatio ns on my W ord press s ite.

Female Knight Carney.

In the end, she never showed her face as Schild re-embraced every woman he had embraced before when he stayed in the royal capital.

Seeing she was compromised, Carney gave up and came out of the shadows.

And for some reason, she wasn’t dressed as a knight but in easy-to-move traveling clothing.

“I’m coming with you.”

“Come again?”

“I… for some reason, I suddenly felt uncomfortable, leaving you and letting you go on a journey on your own. I don’t know how to explain this, but please, Schild! I know you’ll reject me, but just this once, allow me to come with you!”

“Is that why you’ve been hiding from me lately?”

As for the real reason, Carney had been thinking that if Schild had embraced her during the preparations for his absence in the capital, she was sure that she would be pushed to stay if Schild requested her.

“I-is that a, no?”


“I am not the brightest tool in the shed, so the preparations for the Magna Carta will only make it difficult for me to stay in the capital. In addition, I really don’t want to be separated from you for a very long time. So, uhmm……”



“Leave that stuff behind.”


Suddenly, Schild pointed to the large luggage that Carney was carrying on her back.

“We’re not going into the mountains or forests to subjugate monsters, so it’s unnecessary to pack that many. Also, we will stop by several towns along the way, so we can buy food and clothes there, and also sleep in their inns, which I’m sure is always available. Not to mention, don’t you feel sorry for this guy, making him carry all that?” Schild added as he patted the horse’s neck.


“After you leave that luggage, get on the horse. I will wait for you here-whoa!”

Before he could even finish, Carney had already thrown away her backpack and immediately mounted on his horse.

“Oh, no, not behind me.”


“Get in front, not behind, also facing back, not in front. That way, you’ll be facing me.”

A strange order came up, and Carney re-mounted the horse in a position that faced Schild.

“Then, if I just undo my pants here a bit….”


“And there we go. Combine!”


Sprouting his phallus from his crotch, Schild opened the front of Carney’s trousers. Then, he slid himself exquisitely into the gap of her underwear, which he shifted aside to expose her private parts.

Their male and female genitalia joined while riding a horse.

“Lord Schild ♡♡♡♡ This is ♡♡♡♡”

“You know that unique vibration you feel when you ride a horse? Those up and down movements with every trot? I just thought, why don’t we use the vibrations for sex as well?”

To sum up, Schild intends to travel on a horse while connected to Carney.

“A-are you serious, Lord Schild? We will travel throughout the journey like this?”

“Why not? Also, I haven’t been able to have sex with you for the past few days. This is just to make up for that.”

“But, but, this is the outside! And like you said, we’re going to visit towns and villages! People will definitely see us!”

“Don’t worry, I heard he runs really fast, so passersby won’t even have time to notice what we’re doing. Also, we will switch back after we’re done or when we’re approaching a village. After all, I still don’t want to get arrested for indecency.”

And so, later on…

“Haiyaaa! Go faster, horsie!”

“Kyaaaaa!? Aaahh♡♡♡♡ Lord Schild, you’re shaking too much♡♡♡♡ My womb, Schild’s cock is going deep into my womb♡♡♡♡♡♡ Aahhn♡♡♡♡ Aaahhhhnnn♡♡♡♡”

With the clopping of hooves and the rhythmic beat of Carney’s wheezing, Schild’s and Carney’s unusual journey outside of the capital had begun.

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