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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Implementing Countermeasures before Departure

“West Adele Territory is far from here. As such, I will be out of the capital for quite a while.”

Before starting his journey back to the West Adele Territory, this is what Schild said to the women that he had embraced, fucked, and squirted semen into during his stay in the capital. Of course, he didn’t forget to violate them again.

He committed the Nazah-Tanifa mother and daughter in his lodging, which is already a part of his daily routine.

He ejaculated vaginally on all the familiar prostitutes at Brothel Rafflesia.

At the Subjugators’ Guild, he violated Lirica in her office while she was at work.

That also went for Princess Cymbium and Serenea, where he went up to the royal palace personally and rammed their asses together with the maids Nina and Nena. Of course, he did not forget Sister Greidia who was tutoring Serenea as well.

And it was around the time he went to them that something, no, someone, caught Schild’s interest.

“Shan? Why are you here?”

Schild asked as he found another familiar face in the palace.

Shan was a stoic beauty who worked as a secret agent for the Oscar family but got fired at her failed assassination attempt.

But what surprised Schild is that she is now working under Cymbium’s banner.

“She was here on the goodwill of Lord Patriarch. In short, she was given to me.”

It was Cymbium who said this.

“Given? You make it sound like you’re giving away a pet.”


The difference in values between royalty and nobility made Schild shudder once again.

“It’s not in the slightest, Master Schild. To be honest, I was even saved,” Shan interjected in her flat, emotionless tone, as usual.

“After my repeated failures last time as well as my blunder that caused master to…you know, almost lost your life, Lord Patriarch has already lost hope in me. If Master Cymbium hadn’t picked me up, I would have been left begging on the streets, or worse.”

“You became a massive failure in both ends, is that it?”

Schild harshly spoke, which is ironic because he was also the final nail in the coffin of her transfer to Cymbium. If yo u ar ab le to re ad this m es sage, yo u are re adin g f rom an u nauthor ized agg reg ate site. Rea d at my Wor d Press at sta bbing wi th a syr inge. ho me. bl og to sup port me and m y tran slat ions.

“But, Cymbium, why would you recruit a secret agent today, of all times? And from the Oscars, no less? I’m sorry to say this, but Shan’s not qualified even though she is trained in that direction. I almost lost my life, you know? Not by her skills but her clumsiness!”

Or else, why would the Oscar’s retired patriarch give up on her?

Shan herself is not an incompetent person, but she is not the kind of person who is suitable for a secret agent.

A perfect example of the right person for the wrong job.

“You’re mistaken, Schild. I didn’t hire Shan as a secret agent.”

“Then what did you hire her for?”

“As a bodyguard.”

The moment she said this, the scales fell from Schild’s eyes.

“I see. She does have potential in that.”

Shan was too serious and inflexible to be a secret agent, and she was too clumsy to be an assassin.

Her character is not suited to lying or deceit, much less killing, but she is very good at staying focused on a single goal.

With her steadiness, it would be safe to trust her to stick to the target, in this case, her escort, at all times and identify the danger that they may encounter from there.

Shan, moreover, had received all the training necessary to become a secret agent and assassin in the Oscar family.


This means that she can anticipate the methods of the assassins who will be targeting Cymbium.

Not to mention, she is of the same gender and close to the same age as Cymbium she was protecting. This was always an advantage when working as a bodyguard.

The only thing to worry about is her carelessness, which cannot be fixed no matter how one tries to deal with it.

“Honestly, that’s a good idea. I guess that’s how good the First Princess is at using people.”

“Oh, you’re praising me? I’m flattered.”

This is not just a response. Cymbium is, by all means, genuinely flattered by Schild’s words.

“But you know, even if I have the talent to use people, it doesn’t mean that I can distinguish them on what they are good at or what they can do.”


“What do you like? What do you value the most? I determine who the person is by these criteria. I was also taught that this is what truly makes a person capable of in using others. In that sense, I am still half a genius who can only examine a person as a vessel.”

“But isn’t that enough? With that, you can already envision the ruler you can become. All you need to do is just take a step towards it, compared to others cluelessly wandering around other paths.”

The ability to use people is a talent that a king whose job is to unite his people and his country absolutely must possess.

“That may be so. But now, there’s someone out there who’s even better at it than I am.”


“More importantly, Shan. You must also greet your Master Schild properly.”

Prompted by her new master, Shan then bowed to Schild.

“I was able to find a new way of life thanks to Master Schild using my pussy that time. Master Schild, thank you so much.”

“I don’t think I have anything to do with it, though?”

It’s true that Schild had physical relations with Shan and completely conquered her by stripping her naked, looking at her anus, and fucking both of her up and down holes. However, that was it, or at least that was what he thinks he did. Th is chapt er transl ation i s mad e poss ib le by st abb ing wi th a s yri nge tr anslat ions. che ck o nly u p-to -d ate tran sla tions on my Word pre ss si te.

“Oh, no, not at all. If you haven’t noticed, all the women whom you have embraced have gained a reputation for turning their troubled lives around.”


“In fact, if you consult with various women and ask them about your reputation, you would likely hear….”

I overcame my slump upon having sex with Master Schild (Occupation: Dancer)

I was freed from the problem of my school fees after having sex with Schild (Occupation: Student).

Since we started having threesomes with Mr. Schild, me and my daughter’s relationships became better than ever (Occupation: Housewife).

By engaging in forbidden sexual intercourse with Lord Schild, I became able to hear the voice of the Goddess (Occupation: Nun).

“You have been well received by each of us. Especially Sister Greidia.”

“I……I don’t know about that. Moreover, I even think that Sister Greidia needs to take a more sober look at herself in the mirror.”

“I don’t think that would be effective. Plus, it is a perk of religious people to be immersed in such self-euphoria without getting distracted by external factors, so why not leave her as she is?”


“That self-euphoria is the one I’m most worried about,” Schild spoke in his mind, but he did not let through his mouth.

“Anyway, it’s comforting to know that you guys added more protection measures, especially now that I’ll be gone for a while. Take care of them on my behalf, Shan.”

“Please leave it to me. I will protect Lady Cymbium and Lady Serenea even at the cost of my life.”

With this, Schild’s worries while he was away from home will now be reduced by one.

“Oh, right. I forgot.”

“What is it, Schild?”

However, from here, a mischievous thought came to his mind before his departure.

“Before I leave, I’d like to share with you one of Shan’s rare talents.”

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