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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Unaffiliated Faction

“This is why we should take preemptive action before the situation reaches a critical point. That’s also the real purpose of the Magna Carta. Therefore, I suggest we take the gamble and see if we can get the remaining ten percent of the votes to reveal their plans once and for all.”

Cymbium’s profile was so full of determination right now that Schild couldn’t help but feel uncanny.

Is it really right to take on such a big gamble?


Also, the other 10% that was referred to as the deciding factor hung heavy in Schild’s mind.

“Regarding that subject…….”

Just then, another voice that wasn’t heard before jumped into the discussion.

They all looked towards the source of voice from the entrance, and from there, they saw a bespectacled woman in a civil official’s uniform.

“Miss Lirica!”

The head of the Royal Capital Branch of the Subjugators Guild, Lirica, had appeared.

“Sorry I came late, but you seem to be having a very interesting conversation that I couldn’t find the chance to interrupt. In case you still don’t know, my family is one of the ten percent of the lords unaffiliated with any factions, so I can contact them directly to get them to cooperate with you.”

“Really!? Thank you so much, Lirica! As expected of my sister!”

“S-sister? Ah, you mean that kind of sister……♡♡”

Cymbium then approached Lirica and greeted the newcomer with a hug.

“Is it me, or do I feel like my cock is being used as a political tool as well? What’s more, by my very own women,” Schild also thought but didn’t speak out upon witnessing the scenery of his women getting unusually close to each other. He felt happy that they were not fighting, but he also felt a little wistful. If yo u ar e able to re ad this me ssag e, you are re a ding from an unau t horiz ed a ggreg ate site. Read at my W ordPr ess at sta bbing with a syr ing e. ho me. b log to su pport me and my tran slati ons.

“In addition, there is something else that I would like to offer to Your Highness Cymbium’s scheme.”

“What is it? It must be a brilliant idea, considering it’s from Miss Lirica herself. Please, feel free to tell us!”

“Wait, aren’t you raising the bar on her way too much?” Schild couldn’t help but speak out, but Lirica wasn’t the least bit intimidated.

“Do you know Count Mariastel? The ruler of West Adele Territory?”


Before Cymbium could mutter anything, the Oscar’s hermit had already raised his long eyebrows in a quirk.

“For you to eye yourself on there, you’ve done your homework well, I see.”

“Thank you very much. To be praised by one of the elders of the current noble society is quite an honor. As I’ve said, the West Adele Territory is one of the largest territories in the country in terms of both area and tax revenue. But what’s unique about them is even after all these years, it still didn’t belong to any of the three greatest noble factions in the capital.”

In other words, it was the biggest of the unaffiliated groups that are now an obstacle to their plans.

“I’ve heard that the Count Mariastel, who rules over West Adele, is often relied upon by the independent lords to keep their distance from the influence of the three noble families.”


“So, you’re saying that if we can get the Count to guarantee their cooperation, the rest of the unaffiliated will naturally be inclined to agree? Well, I guess it’s better than campaigning blindly.”

It was effective enough that even the patriarch agreed.

“However, there is still another problem. Who will talk to Count Mariastel, and in what manner should we convince them? Lord Elovairo, do you have any close friends in that faction?”

“Sadly, I don’t, or else they would be affiliated in my faction already. Still, there’s worth in trying out. Also, we have to do this in secret so that Dernonos doesn’t find out.”

While the two of the biggest bigwigs of the kingdom are discussing things,

“Actually, we already have the right person for that.”

Lirica spoke again. This time she was making a face as if she was about to flaunt something.


“Schild, when you came to the royal capital, you didn’t show the soldiers guarding the gates a passbook, did you?”

“Passbook? I don’t have any of that. Wait.”

At first, Schild answered in bewilderment, but he immediately caught up to what Lirica was referring to.

“There is a rule that you cannot enter the capital without a passbook issued by the chief of a village or town, but what you showed the gatekeeper was not that kind of pass. Instead, it was a letter of introduction which was of much higher status than the village chief’s passbook. Compared to the former that guaranteed that the person has no bad record and will not endanger the capital’s peace and order, the latter was more of a memorandum to the guards that the person in the letter must be treated with respect and care and should be guaranteed his personal safety while inside the kingdom.”

And the one who wrote Schild that letter was none other than the very Count Mariastel.

“I remembered this because that time was also the first time we met each other, also because the soldier who led you through the gates was very excited for some reason in assisting you, which is very unusual if the person is a commoner.”

In other words, Schild is acquainted with the person who would likely be the key person in their plans. This chap ter tran slat ion is mad e po ssi ble by stabb ing wit h a syr inge tran slat ion s. check on ly up-to -d ate transl ations on my W ordpr ess si te.

“I just stayed with them for a few months as a wandering monster subjugator. I also hunted a few strong monsters, but that’s all. The Count said that the reward wasn’t enough, so they wrote me a letter of introduction when I requested it in our idle chats to search for my father in the capital.”

“It’s still a great thing. The Count, who is famous for their womanizing antics, has been so kind to you, a man. It shows that they like you very much.”

“You’re right. But why is it that that sound so wrong at the same time?”

Schild let out a bewildered smile at the last line.

“So, Schild, can you do it, please?”

“……Okay, okay. I’ll do it. It’s not like I have a choice,” Schild also said as if he had given up.

“Since I’m already on this boat, I’ll see what I can do. I’ll just talk to the Count and make them agree to this Magna Carta thing, right?”

“As expected of Schild! I knew I could count on you!”

“That’s the man who will be my husband! I love you!”

The women also started to get more excited than necessary.

In the meantime, Schild enumerated what they would do from now on.

Invoke special legislation to force the king to abdicate.


Before that, secure more than 90% vote approval from the lords.

And to ensure that all plans are carried out, they must speak directly to those who hold the key points.

And Schild was the chosen messenger for this mission.

 He has to go and visit Count Mariastel in person, the one who holds the majority of the parties unaffiliated with the three major factions.

In other words, Schild would be away from the capital for a while.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen them in person. I wonder how are they doing now? Ugh, for some reason, I’m feeling heavy.”

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