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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Carney’s Reunion

Marie, Nancy, Lagothe, and Sae.

With the exception of Carney as she is from the capital, each woman here is a female who could give birth to strong children, which Schild could not help but find the most appealing.

It was a different kind of heaven from the women of the capital, where everyone had asses that exuded the purest lady-like charms.

As they are also a heaven of taut buttocks that can handle any kind of peril on their own.

As such, Schild is confident that he will be able to enjoy it to the fullest even if he takes it to the limit, as the other party is tough and strong.

And so, he enjoyed a loop of vaginal ejaculation to each of these top-of-the-line combat beauties.

But that was until……

“Mistress, I have something to report.”

Suddenly, a woman in some kind of nurse-like clothing came into the room and spoke to Mariastel.


He had a hard time at first as the other party now had clothes on, but Schild eventually remembered that he had also embraced this woman yesterday, completely naked and all.

“Master Rezahata has regained consciousness. The poisonous liquid has been completely removed from her body, and she is now in full recovery.”

“Ooh! What good news! My “White Lily has recovered, meaning my “Three Flowers” are now back in full force! It couldn’t have been better!”

The “White Lily” Rezahata is one of Marie’s most trusted confidantes who is given the right to report to her directly, along with Lagothe the “Lotus” and Sae the “Camelia.”

Schild has caught a glimpse of her on the battlefield the other day and remembered her as a strikingly beautiful woman in pure white armor.

The fact that she was not seen at the orgy last night meant that the woman had probably slept through the night due to injuries sustained in battle.

“The doctors are now giving her a final checkup to ensure she has no abnormalities. Once that is done, she expressed that she would like to pay respects to the Count personally.”

“I see. She did a great job of stalling a bounty monster all by herself, so it is natural that I have to thank her. How about you? Why don’t you come and stay with us for a moment and let our Schild play with your pussy?” If yo u a re able to re a d this m ess age, yo u are rea din g from an unaut hori zed aggr eg ate sit e. Re ad at my Wo rd Pr ess at sta bb ing wi th a syri n ge. ho e. bl og to supp ort me and my tra nslat io ns.

“Forgive me, but this humble servant of yours does not possess the courage to have my lowly pussy be blended with the territory’s executives. So again, please forgive me.”

The nurse then ran off.

However, this only made Schild think that he should go to the doctor’s office later and fuck the female doctor together with her.

“So Schild, I was thinking……how about we reward my adorable Rezahata with your splendid cock? Of course, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t really mind, but why don’t we let her decide on her own? I mean, some women don’t like dicks, you know? What if she is also similar to you?” Schild retorted in return, as he has still no idea who this beautiful female knight Rezahata is.

“I think it’s okay. After all, she already had lesbian sex with me a couple of times. Unlike some other two out there……!!”

Marie redirected her gaze towards Lagothe and Sae, who are completely also naked and hugging Schild.

“What? Just because we are under you doesn’t mean we will allow ourselves to have lesbian sex with you. We just don’t want our bodies to be embraced by anyone but Schild, even if the other party is a woman.”

“But because the Count has also been embraced with Master Schild yesterday and is now one of her women, this one judges that it should be fine from here on.”

Apparently, Lagothe and Sae had always been faithful to Schild so they refused Marie’s advances even though they are employed under her banner.

But this beautiful woman called Rezahata is not. In fact, she was the only one that has complied with Marie’s advances among the “Three Flowers”.

“She’s sexually uninhibited in her own way, so I’m sure she’ll accept Schild’s cock in her pussy right away. That’s why, Schild, I have high hopes that you will make our sex lives more lively from here on!”

“Yes, yes.”

Regardless of the circumstances, Schild loves the fresh sensation of penetrating an unknown vagina. Therefore, he, too, wants to fulfill Marie’s wishes as soon as possible.

Remembering the pure white beauty he had glimpsed on the last battle, Schild’s penis gained its hardness once again.


While he was thinking this, an unexpected knock came on the other side of the door.

“Lord Count. This Rezahata has come to report and is now coming in.”

The door was opened next. From there, a beautiful war maiden entered, wearing the same pure white armor that Schild had witnessed the other day.

She was younger than Lagothe and Sae, and seemed to be about the same age as Carney.

Rather, he could even say that she had exactly the same impression as Carney’s, only that this woman is older.

This was the identity of the girl who is going to have sex with Schild from here on.

“Lord Count, I apologize for my blunder this time. I was caught off-guard by the monster due to my carelessness, leading to this as a result.”

“What are you saying? You stalled the “Red Ice” until the main force arrived. You’ve done your duty well.”

“No. No, I’m not. I’ve been given the title of “Three Flowers”. It’s only natural that I should be able to do better than normal. I also want to apologize to Miss Lagothe and Miss Sae, also of the Three Flowers, for exposing you to such an abomination on my behalf……!”

But though she was saying this with all seriousness, the newcomer beautiful girl couldn’t ignore the fact that Lagothe and Sae were now naked and serving a man along with the Count, who is also naked just like them.

“The situation has become quite a predicament, hasn’t it? To the extent that it had turned even Miss Lagothe and Miss Sae, who are previously persistent in refusing your advances, to accept the Count’s courting and even company her throughout the night. And I see you have resorted to tasting the fruit of a man as well. But, then again, who is this man, anyway?”

“I’m sure Rezahata has heard the rumors, but this is Schild. He came back from the royal capital just yesterday.”

“The royal capital……”

“Due to the turn of events, I’ve finally been turned into a woman by his cock. Rezahata, how about you? If your injuries aren’t too severe, why don’t you join us in this harem orgy?”

“If that is the Count’s wish, I see no reason to refuse.”

She didn’t even bat an eye……Schild couldn’t help but shudder at the peculiarity of this beautiful woman. This ch ap ter trans lation is m ade poss ible by sta bb ing wi th a sy rin ge tra nslati ons. ch e ck only up-to-date tran slat ions on my Wor dpre ss s ite.

“You mentioned him as Schild……is that right? I’ve been hearing your heroic deeds from numerous people I encountered. Can I ask you one question?”

“What is it?”

“I heard you came from the capital, but for what reason did you come back here? And what is the situation in the capital now?”

“Don’t ask me. and why are you asking about the situation in the capital anyways?”

“Pardon me, I should have told you first. You see, I was born in the royal capital. So I couldn’t help but be curious about what was happening in my hometown, having gone away for so long.”

Her words sparked interest from the people around her.

“Oh, so Rezahata was from the royal capital?”

“A city girl in the flesh. This one is curious.”

“But isn’t it unusual for a person who was born and raised in the capital to move to the countryside? Unless it’s a wanted person.”

Each of them said what they thought.

“That’s……I’m no wanted person! You all know that, didn’t you! It’s just that I have some acquaintances who had remained in the capital. You must have heard of it, Lord Schild. One of the three major noble families. The Leschbeins.”


And that’s when it happened.


In between the naked bodies of Schild and the others, the naked Carney, the one that had lost consciousness from the relentless pleasures that were committed on her earlier, rose up, blocking the way of Rezahata and Schild.

“I thought I was going to die! Marie, you’re sucking my clit way too hard! Nancy, too. Your tongue is way too strong that I feel like it’s almost gouging my asshole. I was feeling it too much!!”


At that moment, Carney and Rezahata’s eyes met, where at the same time, their expressions and the look in their eyes changed.


“Lady Carney!?”

They suddenly called each other’s names without even introducing each other.

“Reza? Big sister Reza? Why are you here? Am I dreaming? Have I been fucked so hard I’ve lost my mind?”

“I could say the same question to you, Lady Carney! Why are you in an appearance that is the epitome of shamelessness? Have you gone crazy!? How could the daughter of the Leschbein family allow herself to be touched by a non-royal man from the streets?”

Although she was all nude and covered with semen all over her face and body, not to mention her disheveled state, Rezahata immediately distinguished that this woman was indeed, the Carney that she had known.

Carney and Rezahata.

A new phase of the story will now begin to unfold from the reunion of these two beautiful women.

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