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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – All that Happened as of Late

Let us recap all that has happened until now.

In order to rescue the king from the confinement of the Prime Minister, and seeing no other ways they could handle the situation with the exception of resorting to revolution, both the Ryngbergs and the Oscars, two Houses that are battling for the throne, finally decided to invoke the Magna Carta, the Great Charter, to legitimately pull the king down from his seat.

But to invoke this set of rules that even a King cannot disobey, one must obtain first the approval of the 90% of the Lords of the Country.

With the joint cooperation of the last of the Noble Houses, the Leschbeins, they can ensure up to 80% of the country to agree with them.

But as for the remaining 20%, they were skeptical, as in the first place, more than half of them consisted of a group of independent lords who want to stay away from the ruckus of the capital.

Because of this, they would rather disagree with the cause, much more now that they knew they would hold the key to the success of this operation.

Thankfully, most of these independent lords have already gathered under the backing of one ruler – Count Mariastel.

Count Mariastel is the ruler of the West Adele Territory, the largest territory outside the capital and the most prosperous one at that.

She is a genius lord. With her talent alone, she was able to make her territory grow more than twice its original worth even before inheriting the title.

This accomplishment made her father decide to formally pass the title to her to put her talent to good use. For them, it would be wiser than marrying her to some unidentified nobleman and making them inherit the title on her behalf.

After all, nobles of the outside territories would rather opt to rely on their own rather than seek help from the capital or other people.

But from this began her eccentricities.


Maybe because of their overreliance on themselves, or maybe because her father did not choose to have a man marry to her daughter to pass on his title, Mariastel developed a notion that women can always better men in any way.

This notion was a dangerous one considering the kingdom followed a patriarchal society. Her subjects also made her warnings for this, but this was easily overruled by Mariastel’s talents and made them easily shut up in the end.

The final blow was when they discovered that the King had no male heirs and was considering the option to make one of the princesses inherit the throne in his stead.

From there, Mariastel started to develop an abhorrence to men, calling them ugly and filthy and women cute and beautiful.

As she was talented in both the sword and the pen, no one was able to prove her wrong nor defeat her and release her from this notion.

Her quirk has gotten even worse after these consecutive successes, where she would get irritated just by the sight of the opposite sex.

This has led to her building the Butterfly Quilt Castle, a countryside mansion that looked like a castle in the middle of the wilderness, so that she could stay away from the presence of any stinking and ugly men.

But that’s not all. Mariastel also gathered all the beautiful women in her territory to train and work under her command, leading to the formation of the “Servants”, the butler corps specialized in gathering information, and the Vigilante Corps, which comprised of strong warriors and are in charge of defending the territory, whether it is from bandits or monsters. If yo u ar e ab le to re a d this me ssa ge, you are rea d ing from an un auth orized agg regat e sit e. Rea d at my Wor dPr ess at stab bi ng wi th a syr inge. ho me. bl og to sup port me and my tra nsl ations.

Of course, all the groups are comprised entirely of beautiful women, whom she had trained physically and emotionally, as she also abhorred incompetence as being ugly.

But when she thought that she already had all, one “man” came into her territory and turned her beliefs upside down.

Naturally, that man is Schild.

Their first meeting was not in a pleasant way. At least it was not for Mariastel.

She was hiding in the bushes at that time, waiting for the right moment to “save” her subordinates from a bounty monster that had been found in their territory.

But before she could make a gallant entry and swoon her subjects with her “heroic beauty”, Schild entered the fray and slain the monster on his own, making her subordinates’ affection redirected to him instead.

Finding that she had been stolen of her spotlight, she confronted Schild, issued him a variety of challenges, and even invited him to her castle, which was already known to be a no-man’s land in the literal meaning.

However, this only made her image worse as she has always lost most of the time, with her only saving grace in competitions of knowledge, being more literate than the man.

But when it comes to monster-slaying, which is important to her as it was the primary basis of her strength and her method of making her subordinates swoon for her, she always lost in this regard. This eventually made her give up, leading to her writing a letter of introduction to Schild to enter the royal capital just to get rid of the man in her premises.

……Not knowing that Schild has already conquered almost all of the women in her castle with his cock at that time.

Now, Schild has returned to her land with a new objective in his mind.

It was for Mariastel and her group of Lords to agree with the Magna Carta, which was spearheaded by Cymbium and is supported by the Oscars and the Leschbeins.

To obtain the approval of 90% of the lords necessary to invoke Article 64 of the Magna Carta, the cooperation of Count Mariastel, the most powerful of the independent lords, was an absolute presence.

For this reason, being an acquaintance, Schild was sent off to her territory again, where he met Lagothe and Sae, his previous acquaintances in his journey, and was again challenged by Mariastel, who had regained her confidence in the months of their parting in a subjugation battle when two bounty monsters were discovered in her territory.

However, she was defeated again, and it was before the competition even started when she discovered that her most loyal subordinate, “Servant” Chief Nancy, had betrayed her for the cock of a “man”, along with the majority of the women working for her cause, whom she already called as “Flowers”.

Being in no state to subjugate the monster anymore, Schild took over the command, where they successfully subjugated the monsters independently.


It was Schild’s complete victory and Mariastel’s complete defeat.

However, when she was about to accept the conditions to support Schild in the invocation of the Magna Carta, Schild suddenly changed the rewards midway and instead requested Mariastel to have sex with him, seeing her miserable state that was no different from a miser who has everything taken from her by fate.

But this sacrificed his rights to make her agree to the Magna Carta, so they again conducted another competition, where this time with Carney participating on Schild’s behalf.

It was a competition to which they would have to drink of the most piss of all the women in the castle, and Carney won only by one count when the Count made her drink her piss, breaking the tie they had and setting the score.

In this way, Schild and Carney finally fulfilled their main objective.


“Please make Nancy send a courier to the royal capital, along with the message that you have agreed. And I want it as soon as possible, so that Cymbium and the others can start preparing the invocation of the Magna Carta immediately.”

“The Magna Carta is proposed by Princess Cymbium? That’s a harrowing story. Why does the daughter, who is already the heir, still want to go to the trouble of ousting her own father? Can she just wait?”

Marie, who was not very familiar with the situation in the capital, spoke in a dumbfounded tone, but Schild did not feel like explaining.

He knows that if he gave too many details here, he would have to mention his own secret origins eventually – that he is the illegitimate son of the king.

He thought it would be better if only a few people knew about it.

“Actually, I don’t really care about it much. I’m just an errand boy. Though I’d like to return to the royal capital as soon as I’m finished here.”

“What are you saying of all times, Schild!?”

When he honestly expressed his feelings of wanting to go out, Marie suddenly burst into anger.

It was a thing he didn’t expect, especially as the other person was trying to throw him off her territory a while ago.

“How can you, who already made me taste the wonderfulness of your cock, say that and bid goodbye to us without even breaking us properly? I can no longer be satisfied unless you give me more and more of your delicious dick!”

“Mistress Marie is right. Master Schild, if possible, we would like you to stay forever in our territory and build an ideal world along with us. In fact, we would like you to take our mistress’ hand for marriage, if we need to.”

“M-marriage!? With the Count!? That’s not fair. I haven’t even had enough sex to make up for the years we’ve been apart!”

“Master Schild, please use this one’s cunt again!”

Marie’s complaint is then followed by the offers of “Servant” Chief Nancy, the female warrior Lagothe, and the female samurai Sae, all of whom are already naked and are clinging to Schild’s sides. Th is cha pter transl at ion is ma de pos sib le by stabb in g with a sy r inge tra nslati ons. check on ly up-to- d ate trans latio ns on my Word pre ss si te.

As for the location he is currently in, Schild is presently in the bedroom reserved for the female lord, Marie, on the very large bed that the homosexual lord uses to have lesbian sex with all of her female servants.

The bed is large enough for one man and five women to have a good time together.

“Schild, the match between you and me is still on! But, this time, it’s a contest of how much we can love each other!”

“What are the rules?”

“The winner will be the one who can make the other squirm more by saying “I love you” while staring at each other with their cocks and pussies connected!”

“What’s the penalty for the loser?”

“Penalty for the loser? The loser has to make love a lot more to make the other person swoon!”

(Isn’t that just lovemaking?)

This was how Marie became completely addicted to Schild’s penis and evolved from being just a lesbian to a lesbian who lost to a dick.

She still likes girls, but now, she also loves being prodded by a penis.


(If she overcomes her dislike of men from this, Marie will become an even greater lord.)

“……Though this also means that we won’t be going home for a while yet,” Schild muttered softly as he ran these thoughts in his mind.

For now, he is planning to stay at least a week as gratitude for agreeing to his request. Meaning he will have to have sex and ejaculate inside Marie’s vagina repeatedly for seven whole days before going back.

Of course, he also knew that the number of women he had to embrace will naturally increase if this happens, as he has already involved almost all the women living in the Butterfly Quilt Castle.

“Speaking of which, how’s Carney doing?”

“She’s down there, basking on the aftermath of your last sex.”

Schild turned his head in the direction of the pointer, and sure enough, there is already a naked Carney in the corner of the bed. Moreover, she is in a prone position with her buttocks exposed.

She is fully exhausted. After all, just a few minutes ago, she was made to climax continuously in a game of what would happen if all the other women licked and sucked her clitoris, anus, and both nipples in a concentrated attack as Schild was torturing her vagina.

The “正” marks left by the previous competition are still written on her buttocks. She said that once she returns to the capital, she will show it to Cymbium and Lirica along with the story of what happened here.

But as if the downfall of this “legal wife” was also under their plans,

“Come, Schild. Give this pussy a good fucking♡♡”

“Take this butler pussy with your handsome dick, Master Schild♡♡”

“Stir around this coarse and wild pussy of mine a lot♡♡”

“And fill us up with a lot of semen, especially this samurai pussy that has been craving it ever since♡♡”

Marie, Nancy, Lagothe, and Sae immediately stood side by side, shaking their asses in front of the only man in the room.

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