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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Conclusion of the Debaucherous Feast

“Nancy. I want your pee to be the first I’ll drink.”


The Count openly declared, but the nominated Nancy was confused and did not move from her place.

“I-I can’t do it. No matter how crazy the situation is, I can’t let milady, whom I’ve sworn loyalty to, to drink my dirty pee……”

“That’s why I need you to be my first even more.”

Maria approached the still insisting Nancy, then the two of them clasped hands like lovers.

“If you, my best friend and my most loyal ally, were to initiate to have your pee be drunk by me, others would be able to follow suit and pee on me without hesitation. Besides, I want to drink your pee first.”


“I believe that the pee of my most capable subordinate, my guardian I spent the most time with, and my dearest sister whom I love the most, will have the best pee. A pee that is most delicious that it would not compare to any other drink on I had on this world♡♡”

“Oh Marie, my beloved Marie……very well, if that’s what you wish, I will gladly make you drink my pee. Ahh, forgive me, our dearest ancestors, for I will be committing these immoral acts that should not ever be done♡♡♡♡”

While Nancy was chanting this, Marie had already placed her mouth on the opening of Nancy’s crotch.

As it was, Marie’s urine flowed out of the crack, along with her reason as if it was breaking down.

“Ahiiiieee♡♡♡♡ What is this♡♡♡♡ It’s so immoral, yet it’s so good♡♡♡♡ It was as if my heart is also melting and turning into pee♡♡♡♡ What’s more, my precious, precious, precious Marie whom should I serve is drinking it in relish♡♡♡♡”

She was only urinating, but maybe because it involved the act of tainting her beloved master, Nancy also reached climax along the way.

On the other hand, Marie, who was on the drinking side, had sparkles in her eyes throughout the scene. In her mind, she wasn’t only receiving pee, but also a pure symbol of love of her long-lost elder sister-cum-lover, dissolved in urine form.



While drinking Nancy’s urine, Marie also urinated on the spot.

She couldn’t hold anything back.

The situation seemed as if the urine released from Nancy had gone through Marie’s body and ended up falling to the ground.

Eventually, both sides urinated with each other up to their last drop.

“Phew. It was delicious! As expected of my sworn sister. Even her pee could rival the most wonderful wine in the world♡♡♡♡”

“Ahh, Marie, your mouth has also turned so dirty. It’s wonderful mmmphh♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Seeing the great change in her master, Nancy couldn’t resist any longer. She stooped down and licked off Marie’s mouth with her own tongue, removing the urine and saliva that spilled out of it.

Of course, they also intertwined their tongues after this.

“Lady Marie, one point!”

Behind them, Sae brushed a stroke on Marie’s ass. If you are ab le to re ad this me ss age, you ar e rea d ing from an unau tho rized agg regat e site. Rea d at my Wor dPre ss at sta bb ing wi th a syri nge. ho me. bl og to su ppo rt me and my tr ansl ations.

“You now have earned the right to be held by Schild. You can tell him to make your pussy a mess after this. It’s a thank you present for your hard work.”

“Really? Thank you, Marie! I love you so much♡♡♡♡”

Urged by her master, Nancy ran straight to Schild like a kid who just got a toy present from her parents. Only the difference is that this “toy present” was already unwrapped and will be the one toying with her body instead.

“Nhoooooo♡♡ Being penetrated by this huge cock is the best♡♡ Thank you very much for the present, Marieee♡♡♡♡”

With this, their warm-up is over.

“Everyone! From here onwards is the real deal! So those who want to participate, get your peepees ready for our contestants to drink your piss!”

After that, the whole place went into a frenzy.

Naked beauties swarmed around Carney and Marie like vultures that had seen dead flesh.

They straddled the competitor’s face, whether they were the mansion’s esteemed guest or their master, pressed their crotch against their mouths, and urinated inside them without hesitation.


“If you spill it too much, it won’t be counted as points, so please be careful.”

Before they realized it, Sae was already in the position of a referee.

As minutes passed, more and more “正” characters appeared on Carney’s and Marie’s buttocks.



The “正” marks on their asses multiplied at an unbelievable speed.

Some of them urinated so fast only to jump naked at Schild’s broad chest as soon as possible, while some took their time as if they were enjoying the pleasure of the beautiful women drinking their urine.

Some of them weren’t able to hold it and tried to lick Carney’s and Marie’s crotches in the midst of them drinking the other’s urine, creating more chaos.

All the participating beauties, even the contestants and the referee, had already been vaginally ejaculated by Schild at least once. This meant that putting their mouths between their legs would inevitably mean that they would be taking in not only urine but also Schild’s semen that had been injected inside their vaginas.

“Delicious♡♡♡♡ Everybody’s pee is so delicious♡♡♡♡ it is even reverberating inside my tummy!”

“These liquids, they are the true elixir! and as I keep on drinking these, I feel more and more youthful again♡♡♡♡ Let me drink more of my beautiful Flowers’ pee♡♡♡♡♡♡”

As for the two women, they began to become sexier and sexier as the blend of beautiful urine and powerful semen was poured into their stomachs in each turn. But it wasn’t only that.


The place, too, was becoming more and more chaotic as time passed by, and it wasn’t later that both Carney and Marie’s bodies were being licked and sucked by the beautiful women all over, from their nipples to their genitals and anuses. It was so much that there was never a moment when a single spot on their body was left empty.

Schild also gave up following the rules obediently and just fucked every vagina that approached his sight.

“Aaah♡♡ I can’t take it anymore♡♡♡♡”

In the midst of all this, female warrior Lagothe, who was the first to be cummed by Schild, screamed out.

“I, too, want to participate in the competition♡♡ So let me drink beautiful women’s pee as well♡♡♡♡ Pile up my body and lick me up with all your beautiful tongues, and tally my butt with “正” like them♡♡♡♡”

“Acknowledged~! Ah, now that this one has taken a closer look on it, Miss Lagothe’s butt is so huge~! It makes this one want to draw a painting on it♡♡♡♡”

Already lost a bit of their senses to the debauched atmosphere around them, Lagothe joined the fray, where Sae immediately acknowledged as if she had already forgotten the main objective of the competition.

And then came “Servant” Chief Nancy.

“Me too♡♡ Let me participate in the competition as well♡♡ As her most loyal servant, I, too, want to be treated the same way as my beloved Marie♡♡♡♡ As well as drink everyone’s beautiful pee so that she won’t shoulder this burden on her own♡♡♡♡”

At the end of the event, more and more women joined in without permission, drinking each other’s urine and tallying their butts on their own, and the chaos that has ensued had turned into even more chaos.

“……Oh, by the way.”

“What is it, Master Schild? Is there a problem?”

Looking at the chaos that had erupted within the chaos, Schild and Sae began a conversation while having sex, even though the other party is a referee and should not take part in any “reward”.

“I forgot to declare something very important beforehand.”

“And what could that be?”

“I didn’t mention any time limit at this match.”


Because Schild didn’t decide how long they would have to keep this drinking contest running, this meant that the match would never come to an end. T his cha p ter tra ns latio n is ma de pos si ble by sta bbi ng with a sy in ge tran slati ons. c heck on ly up-to- da te trans lation s on my Wo rdpr ess sit e.

But that doesn’t matter anymore, as the event was no longer a drinking contest but another festival of pure enjoyment.

“I guess we’ll solve that for later. For now, let’s reward Sae for being a referee by ejaculating into your vagina nine times without pulling out, and then I’ll think about it.”

“Is that true? Ahh, this one is so happy♡♡ after that, please allow this one to participate in the competition and drink pee from everyone as well♡♡♡♡”

And so, the party of madness continued……

At the end of the night, everyone fell asleep exhausted. But when the dawn came, their madness was fully erased, as if it didn’t happen in the first place.

After the calmness returned to their heads and everyone agonized over their overzealous behavior of yesterday, the verdict of victory or defeat was given.


“99……Same here! It’s a tie!”

The number of the “正” characters written on the butts of Carney and Marie is the same.

The tally marks are no longer accurate as Sae had abandoned her role as a referee halfway through the game, from where she also drank the beautiful women’s urine and made them drink hers until she dropped. However, they decided to stick to this method until the end because they had nothing else to rely on.


Still, for them, a tie is not good.

“I mean, can’t we just call it a draw? My body is so tired……even Lord Schild’s cock has gone limp……”

As Carney had mentioned, Schild’s manhood had indeed been overworked to the point of atrophy.

“I am too, but if we don’t do this, forget the Magna Carta, Marie will be……”

“As I said, I already agreed, you persistent jerk!”

All of a sudden, Marie stood up. Then, after speaking those lines, the Count, who has been naked since yesterday, pushed Carney, who was also naked, down.

“L-Lady Marie!? Mmmmhhh♡♡♡♡”

“Here! You win! I hope you’re happy now! Nnnnhhh♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Marie straddled Carney’s face as she rolled on her back. Then, she sank her hips down and pressed her own crotch into the other’s mouth.

Carney’s mouth.

In between Marie’s crotch.

“Here. Taste it, Carney. The taste of your victory.”

After saying those lines above, Marie began to urinate into Carney’s throat.

As for Carney, she quickly drank the urine that was sprayed on her mouth without hesitation and carried it to her stomach, showing how she was already used to this.

“How was it? Is this good now?”

“Yes, very!”

“Then Sae, what are you waiting for? Write another stroke at Carney’s beautiful ass. 99 vs. 100. Carney has won.”

At the same time as Marie announced this, the entire place erupted in cheers of celebration for Carney’s victory. They all sounded a little tired, though.

Either way, with this, the frenzied banquet finally came to an end……with Carney as the winner by a paper-thin margin.

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