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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Second Round, Carney’s Peerlessness

The competition this time was between Carney and Marie.

As for the type of competition……

“I propose a cum and pee drinking contest!”

“You……are you right in the head?”

It was immediately followed by Marie’s worry in a heartfelt manner.

The scenery has not changed. It was still the large orgy festival, with the only man being Schild, and all the other women completely naked and oozing white stuff in the middle of their legs.

“On the way here, I drank some of Miss Kelechi’s pee in the heat of the harem sex, which gave me the idea for this contest!”

“Please stop. I don’t want to hear any more commentary.”

“And don’t dig up ideas from ridiculous places.”


The objective is simple.

Carney and Marie will decide their match based on how many pussies they would drain among the women in the castle.

“The providers of the pee and cum are, of course, the beautiful girls here at the Butterfly Quilt Castle!”

“I see. Pee is sure to taste better when it’s from a beautiful woman.”

Schild also gave an unnecessary endorsement.

“Every time you manage to drink enough pee for one person, you get one point. The winner is the one who gets more points in the end. Plain and simple!”

“Before that, can I speak my opinion here?”

Marie, who was on the receiving end of the match, interrupted.

“This is just crazy.”

“It is crazy.”

“However, I, Mariastel, the lord of West Adele and the incarnation of the Lover of Beauties, will not turn my back on a challenge if it’s from a beautiful woman! Therefore, I accept!”

“As expected of the Count!”

Naturally, about three hundred maidens, all naked and with one man’s semen stuffed into their wombs, were asked after this. If y u ar e a ble to r ead this m ess age, you are re ad ing fr om an una utho rized agg regat e s ite. Re ad at my Wo rdPres s at sta bbi ng with a s yringe. ho me. blo g to sup po rt me and my tran slati ons.

And they all agreed to be put in this very odd situation, proving further that every one of them was a madwoman with a loose screw in her head.

“Now then. Allow me to provide you an example first! Miss Lagothe, if you please!”

“Eh? Me!?”

The female subjugator Lagothe was at a loss for words at the sudden call.

“First, let me drink your pee. Your pee is absolutely delicious. After all, you have been laid by our Lord Schild and have survived the same battlefield as him!”

“No, I’m not! Or am I? Wait, seriously? You’re gonna drink my pee and love fluids just like that?”

The other side was still skeptical, but Carney approached her and buried her face into her crotch, with her mouth tightly attached as if she was ready to suck her urethral opening at any time.

“I’m ready! You can let out your pee now, Miss Lagothe!”

“Are you sure about this? I sweat a lot in battle, so I’m sure it’ll come out really dark!”

“That’s what I want!”

“Are you sure?”


“Are you really, really sure?”

After much prodding, Lagothe finally gave up and relaxed the contraction around her peehole.


Lagothe’s face then loosened, a normal characteristic of someone releasing their urine. But it was mixed with the vermillion of shame because she was now making a beautiful woman named Carney drink it.

Carney’s throat gurgled next.


Although it was impossible to see from the outside, Carney successfully gulped down the golden liquid from Lagothe’s crotch as it showed no spills.


Carney raised her fist in the air, and the people around her applauded generously.

The situation itself was deranged, though.

“Now that Miss Carney has provided the example, please allow this one to explain how points are earned.”

For some reason, even Sae joined in the commentary.

“This one will use an old method from my hometown in the east to indicate the number of points. Every time a contestant drinks enough pee for one person, she will get……this.”

She wrote on Carney’s buttocks with a brush who knows when she grabbed beforehand.

“As you can see, we will write this directly on the competitor’s buttocks, followed by this,



and this,

With the final one, “正” indicating a set of five. We refer to them as “tally marks” and are a technique for us not to lose count when dealing with large numbers.”

In short, each stroke of “正” is equivalent to one point, with a whole “正” equal to 5 points.

And to gain a stroke, a contestant must drink a woman’s worth of pee with Schild’s semen mixed in.

“Last but not the least, an important announcement.”

Schild entered the conversation. This time, he made it in the way that he was at the center of it, having been ignored repeatedly lately.

“Some of you may be uncomfortable with the idea of urinating in public. Also, no matter how we name it as “just a competition,” you would still be peeing on Marie, your mistress of the house, in the end. It would be the epitome of transgression and impoliteness if interpreted naturally, making you afraid of the possible consequences. As such,”

Schild momentarily paused, then looked at all the audience once more.

“In order to motivate you further in cooperating, I will give you all an additional reward to those who make them drink your piss. Seeing Lagothe has already made Carney drink hers, come, for I will give you your reward.”

“Okay? So, what is this reward, Schild? Oooaaahhhhh♡♡ aah♡♡ aahh♡♡ ahhh♡♡ aaahhhh♡♡♡♡”

Suddenly, Schild pulled the woman with the muscular build to his embrace, pinned her to the ground, and plunged his penis inside her newly saliva-coated pussy in one go. Then, after a series of firm pumping motions to enjoy the friction between his penis and her vaginal walls, Schild ejaculated inside Lagothe’s vagina. T his chap te r tra nsla tion is ma de pos si ble by st ab bing w th a syr inge tra nslati ons. che ck on ly up-t o-da te tran slat ions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

“Ahiyaaa♡♡ You’re cumming inside my pussy againnn♡♡♡♡”

“This will be your reward once you made either Marie or Carney drink your semen-flavored piss.”

Unlike earlier, in which he was only injecting his seed inside their orifices, this time, Schild made a pumping motion of his penis before ejaculating into the vagina of his partner.

It was sex in the truest form.

“And that’s about it. So basically, if you still want to have sex with me, feel free to make Carney or Marie drink your piss. That’s all from me!”

At this point, the tension in the surroundings changed drastically.

When there is a clear reward, people’s motivation rises dramatically.

――If I can make Carney or Marie drink my pee, I can have real sex with Schild.

This clear order of events spread like an electric shock to the hundreds of beautiful women who worked at the Butterfly Quilt Castle.


“This is getting interesting. It’s worthy of a contest between beauties where she and I do our deadly best,” Marie, the other competitor, spoke as if enjoying the outcome.

“By the way, would you mind if I nominate the first person to whom I get to drink pee?”

“Nope. Go ahead.”

“Thanks. In that case……”

Marie pointed in the direction of her beloved……the most important person in her life.

“Nancy. I need your pee to be the first I’ll drink.”

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