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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Feast of Debauchery Outside the Countryside Castle

Carney, Lagothe, Sae, and Nancy also returned safely after the subjugation of the bounty monster on their side, though they arrived much later than Schild and Marie’s “return sex” trip.

When they arrived, however, they were stunned to witness Schild & Marie having sex above the corpse of “Red Ice”.


“Schild, even the Count……”

“Or shouldn’t we say as expected?”

They were shocked by the strange scene, but they were not surprised.

Except for one person.

“Mistress! At long last!”

It was the “Servant” Chief Marie, who suddenly burst into tears as she witnessed the scene.

“You finally got Master Schild’s cock in your pussy! I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this day! With this, you and I are now sisters, bona fide pole sisters who have been fucked by the same man!”

Nancy was so overcome with emotion that she climbed over the corpse of “Red Ice” and came to the front of Marie, who was in the midst of being nailed by Schild, where she did not even hesitate to lay her lips on her.




The two lesbians licked each other’s tongues.

“With this, how much sex the three of us have individually, whether it’s Master Schild with milady or Schild with me, it would no longer be a crime! Both Lord Marie and I are now equally Master Schild’s meat toilets! And because there’s no longer any need to hide it, Master Schild can now fuck either of us if you feel like it, whenever, wherever! It won’t be a problem even if you eat both of us meat urinals together!”

“I see now. So this is your plan, Lord Schild.”

Suddenly, Carney, who was at their side, blurted out. She has also climbed up and came by their side before they know it.

“Anyways! With you finally conquering our Master, this calls for a celebration♡♡♡♡ First, let’s have a commemorative threesome with this pole sister Nancy……eh?“

But before she could strip off her butler uniform, Schild held her with both hands, stopping Nancy from doing her intentions mid-process.

Then, he turned his head towards the direction of Carney, still without pulling his rod out of Mariastel’s orifice. If y ou a re ab le to re ad this me ssa ge, you are re adi ng from an un aut hori zed agg rega te site. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess at sta bb ing wit h a syr inge. h ome. bl og to suppo rt m e and m y trans lat ions.

“While that is good, let’s start with the sitrep first. Carney, how is the situation at your side?”

“We defeated the monster, of course. That “Blue Fish Trap”. Although it was a really tough fight.”

According to Carney’s report, the “Blue Fish Trap” was a powerful mutation of a serpentine monster called the Anaconda.

But what was surprising about this monster was that it had another head at the end of its tail, making it a two-headed snake or a fish trap with openings at both ends. And despite it being a mutation, it moved like it had grown the other head naturally, making it a difficult foe.

While one is busy engaging one head, the other head would silently approach and attack them on their blind spot. It was a cunning and troublesome strategy if one were to fight them alone. Hence it was dubbed a “Fish Trap”. Though it can also be attributed to its huge elongated shape similar to the object it was named of.

A fish trap. Imagine a very long version of this.

So, to subjugate the monster, Carney and Nancy had to join forces with Lagothe and Sae, who were already facing it at the scene. Then they planned to split the monster in two to make them easier to handle each head individually.

A divide and conquer strategy in the literal meaning.

Using Lagothe’s greatsword, they successfully cleaved the opponent in the middle while Carney and Sae distracted the heads at each end.

But the two heads still moved skillfully on their own after that, despite being cut apart. Perhaps it was because their survival instincts were kicking in.

“We still had a hard time after that, but it became more manageable for us as we are more used to dealing with snakes with one head. In the end, we managed to successfully subjugate both monsters.”

“I never doubted that any of you will lose.”

“Of course, you didn’t. Otherwise, you won’t be having sex with Lord Marie here with that relief on your face.”

Carney then glanced at a certain spot below. Schild followed suit. From there, he saw the figures of Lagothe and Sae, all safe and sound as they chatted with their subordinates and the “White Lily” Squadron.

“So, how long did it take on your side?”

“Master Schild killed it instantly in one hit, then…….”

They conversed while also watching Schild having sex with their boss Mariastel.

At that point, Schild finally let out a breath of relief.

He may have never doubted that they would win, but that does not mean he was not worried about them.

“Please have trust in us, Lord Schild. If we were to leave everything to you, not just me, but everyone’s usefulness would be questioned. In short, your move of leaving that side to us was already a good choice.”

“I knew you would say that. Anyways, with this, all the dangers are now cleared. This expedition is over. All that is left is……”

Schild then pulled his penis out of Marie’s exhausted corpse-like body and showed off his erection, which was now covered in love juice and semen, to his women.

“To have the commemorative reward sex for all your hard work.”


Carney immediately took off her armor and stripped completely naked in response to this declaration.

“Ah, it’s not fair that only Carney gets to take it! Everyone!”

“The monster was defeated by everyone, including this one. As such, this one believes all of us should split the price evenly!”

Lagothe and Sae followed suit, seeing that Carney had stripped off her armor from above. They took off their clothes and started stripping right away.


They were exhausted as they had just been on a fierce battle, but their bare buttocks still bounced in liveliness even with that.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones.

Nancy, the Servants, the other warriors of the Vigilante Corps who went into battle, and the female servants who welcomed Schild upon their arrival in the castle. Their crotches were soaked with love juices from being exposed to the sex between him and Marie. Because of this, they couldn’t bear it anymore and also stripped naked on the spot.

Some of them had been fucked by Schild.

Some of them have had lesbian sex with Marie.

The majority of them were both.

But not one of them was embarrassed about being naked or seeing each other naked.

Of course, there were also the newcomers who had never had sex with either Schild or Marie; thus, they were a bit confused. But eventually, the atmosphere got the better of them, so they took off their clothes and stripped completely naked like the rest.

Again, Schild was only able to do this because of the peculiar tastes of the owner of this castle and because all the servants and people living here were all beautiful women.

In addition to that, the Butterfly Quilt Castle, built under the orders of Marie, who hated to be exposed, was deep in the mountains and away from any city. It could even be said that it was cut off from the outside world, so no matter what kind of lasciviousness they perform here, it would not be leaked to the outside.

Even if it was a large-scale debauchery festival that included all the women in the castle being fucked outside in broad daylight, no one would find out if they used all the advantage they had.

“To those women who want this cock to be put inside them, line up in a row with your asses facing me,” Schild instructed out loud, and as he did, countless pairs of buttocks soon lined up in a horizontal line.

This included the female employees who lived in the Butterfly Quilt Castle― literally almost everyone involved, even their Master, Marie, and their guest, Carney. However, the line was so long that Schild had to turn his head right and left to their utmost limits to see both ends.

“The number of servants living in the manor, including the peasants, is about three hundred, Master Schild.”

“O, oh”

Schild groaned at the explanation from Servant Nancy, who had also gone completely naked.

They have now gotten off the corpse, and the rotting monster carcass was already sent away to avoid it from smelling.

“You can begin with any of these three hundred butts, Master, but you have to put it inside all of them. So, can you do it?”

“Oh? Are you challenging me?”

Saying this, Schild first screwed his penis inside Carney’s pussy, which was the closest to him. This cha pt er tran slat ion is mad e possi bl e by sta bbin g with a syr in ge tr anslat ions. check on ly up-t o-dat e trans lati ons on my Wo rdpre ss si te.


No matter how many times she was fucked by Schild, Carney had always made a cute, virgin-like sound when she was penetrated.

“Thanks for working hard in your battle. This is my reward for you.”

A series of pumping came next, followed by a surge of semen.

Instantly, Carney was filled inside her womb.

With his unrivaled experience in sex, Schild now has the ability to freely control how many times he would require to ejaculate after penetration. In fact, he could now command his subconscious to ejaculate without pumping once if he wanted to.

As for why he had mastered himself into doing this, it is because lately, he has been having sex with several tens of women. And since his ejaculation alone can bring even a veteran prostitute into climax, even if it was Delpoix, he chose to master this for time efficiency.


As a result, Carney climaxed as soon as she felt the billions of sperm flooding inside her womb and filling the rest of her vagina.

“There’s so many of you. If we don’t get this done as quickly as possible, it’ll take days at the minimum. That said, I don’t really like this method as it would look like I’m some kind of quick shot, though,” Schild spoke as he inserted his penis into the vagina of Lagothe, another one of his women who is a veteran warrior.

“That said, your ass is as big as ever, Lagothe. Have I told you that this ass looks even prettier when you’re getting my cock in it?”

“No, don’t praise me like that♡♡ If you do that, I’m gonna cum before you’re able to cum inside mee♡♡♡♡”


This time, Schild ejaculated in Lagothe’s vagina without even doing a single rub in her tight walls.

 It was only the heat of semen, but it had already brought someone like her to climax.

“Ehiiieeee♡♡♡♡ I love you, Master Schild♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Next is Sae……” Slap, slap.

Schild slapped the buttocks of the eastern country woman like a small drum as the latter waited for her own penetration.

“Sae. Thank you for your hard work. I’ll reward your pussy now.”

“This one is out most grateful. Please enjoy this Sae’s pussy to the fullest……Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh♡♡♡♡”

And like the others, he immediately released his semen into Sae’s vagina upon cajoling her.

However, there’s no time for him to stop. Even by simple calculation, he would still need to ejaculate in the vagina of two hundred ninety-seven more buttocks. Therefore,



“Servant” Chief Nancy shook her ass in delight, thinking it was her turn to be nailed by Schild, but alas, she was wrong.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll have to get me something to eat. Even on my side, I will definitely lose energy even with just putting it in and out of them repeatedly. I need to refuel on the way, or I won’t be able to sustain myself.”

After all, Schild needs to ejaculate three hundred times.

“I don’t care if it’s not that tasty; just make sure you have all the meat and vegetables to make it nutritious. Also, bring water. After you’re done, I’ll cum inside you a lot.”


After that, Nancy ran inside the castle, still completely naked, along with a group of naked Servants and kitchen personnel that would help her do their Master’s bidding.

“Now then……”

Next in line to be rewarded of his cum would be the female soldiers of the Vigilante Corps who participated in the dangerous battles.

It was easy to distinguish these people by looking alone at their buttocks’ muscle tone.

Without delaying any further, Schild plunged his penis into them.

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