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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Marie’s First Heterosexual Sex

Instead of making her agree to the Magna Carta, Schild has chosen to have sex with Marie, Count Mariastel, the female lord, as an exchange.

Surprisingly, this is the first time he will be having intercourse with her, as he had never actually had the opportunity to do so when he had previously taken refuge under her as a guest.

Since it had become the standard for him to have himself and his partner completely naked during sex, Schild took off his clothes first.


Schild’s erect phallus was immediately exposed, to which gave Marie a great fright.

This was only natural. Schild’s penis at this point had literally become the embodiment of uncontrolled animal lust that was raging at the thought of being able to fondle a new woman’s private parts.

“What the……what is that thing!? Is that a stick growing out of your crotch? B-but it’s so thick! So scary! It looks like it’s going to attack me at any time!”

Marie usually acts like a womanizing nobleman, but here she was acting like a complete maiden.

“So it is true. You’ve never seen a cock before. But come to think of it, this should be your second time seeing it, no? the first one being when I was fucking Nancy inside my room.”



“The lesbian sex you often have with other women is nothing but fake sex. Inserting this cock into a woman’s pussy is real sex. And that’s what you and I will do from here on.”

Schild wiggled his penis back and forth from side to side to show it off more to Marie.

“I know you put your fingers in your partner’s pussy during lesbian sex, but a pussy is meant to welcome a man’s cock. Or better yet, it is designed to have this thing put inside it. So, Marie, be glad, for your pussy will finally experience its intended function.”

“Well, I……no! To begin with, there’s no way I can just accept all that!”

However, Schild still approached Marie despite the latter acting like a bewildered virgin.

Then, he began to undress her rather roughly.

Grabbing her by the hem of the masculine vest she was wearing, Schild first pulled it apart with such force that some of the buttons popped out, and a part of its fabric was torn to shreds.


“You lost the bet, Marie. As such, it is only natural that you obey the winner’s wishes. Or is it that Count Mariastel, the outstanding ruler of West Adele and one of the most prestigious nobles in the country, has changed into the type of woman that doesn’t adhere to her word when she loses a bet?”

“But the bet we made was that I agree to the Magna Car-“

“Therefore, you’re now my woman, Marie, from this day forward. You look beautiful, Marie.”

“As I said, don’t call me that!……kyaaa!”

Schild stripped Marie of her remaining upper body clothes as soon as he said this. Her pants and underwear on the bottom were pulled down as well. If yo u ar e ab le to re ad th is me ssa ge, you are re adi ng from an una uth ori zed agg regat e sit e. Read at my W rdP re ss at st abb ing wit h a sy ri nge. ho me. bl og to su pport me and my tran slat ions.

As soon as she was completely naked, Schild had observed that Marie’s proud and triumphant behavior was gone as if it was never there. It was as if it had left her together with her clothes, leaving only what he could call the grace and sex appeal of “a pure and innocent Marie” under his eyes.

“No way…… to think I will have my first time in this place. Moreover, this is the outside!!”

The place where Schild and Marie will have sex is in the middle of the forest, not a step away from where they fought the monster.

Any woman who would be forced to go along in this scenario would definitely be embarrassed, aside from being wary and troubled.

Unless the person was Carney.

“Are you really sure you want to have sex in this place?”

“What now, Lewd Count? Don’t you have experience having sex under the blue sky? And here I thought you already done it with one of your servants with your rich lesbian sex experience.”

“How can I do such a thing! In the first place, sex is supposed to happen in bed, right? Besides, people will see us……!!”

“That’s surprisingly conservative of you, even though you totally ignored the norms of gender in sex.”

However, it is also typical for aristocrats to be trapped in preconceived notions. As such, Schild wasn’t that surprised with it.

Even so, Mary was right. People could see them. Or, to be more exact, they were already watching them while they were busy cleaning up the dead monster’s carcass and the aftermath.

They were all members of Vigilante Corps, which Marie had trained personally. Being trained in detection and situation awareness, they have already noticed that something strange was happening in between their Lord and Schild.

Some were even fidgeting in their crotches as if they knew what was about to happen and were already looking restless.

“Besides, you’re already aware of it, right? almost all the women working for you, I have already fucked them senseless during my previous stay.”

“No, that’s true! I still won’t believe it!”

“Still in denial, aren’t we? Everyone!”

Schild suddenly called out loud.

Specifically to the Vigilante Corps working nearby.

“I’m going to have sex with Marie now! Yes, your Lord, in the flesh! And you guys will be my witness today as I make her savor the taste of a man’s cock for the first time!”

When Schild screamed of this, the corps reactions became varied. Some women turned red and moved away, while others looked directly at Schild and the others without reservation. Some of them said, “Congratulations, Lord Count!” and “Master Schild’s cock is an absolute addiction, so be careful!” but they all had something in common.

It was the fact that no one expressed any signs of rejection or any signs of stopping their Lord from being done by Schild.

“Now then, let’s have sex, Marie.”

“Eh? Eeeeeeeeeeehh!?”

Schild began by lifting the bewildered Marie’s legs and spreading them wide. Then, he screwed his penis in without delay into her now-unguarded vulva.

What came next was a superb feeling of scraping the walls of a woman being transmitted from the tip of the symbol of a man.



This was the first time that Marie had a penis in her pussy, even though she had repeatedly had sex with other women like a sexual tyrant before this.

As such, she received a bit of pain like a normal woman should, as she was forced to pry open a part of her body that had never been opened before.

“But surprisingly, or not, there’s no blood from the rupture. It is as I expected, though. it must have torn long ago during one of your lesbian sexes.”

“Agahhh……!! So deep!! I can feel it scraping all the way to the back! So this is what a man’s penis feels like!!”

“Say “cock” or “dick” instead of “penis”. That way, you’ll sound more vulgar and seductive.”

“Cock? Dick?”

“Yes, that’s it. So, how is it, Marie? Does your pussy say that my cock tastes good?”

“I-I don’t know! Also, how dare you let such an ugly thing invade my beautiful……nhaaaa!!”

“Oops, a bit of your that old you have almost escaped. Sorry about that. Now then, is my dick still ugly?”

“It’s ugly! It’s red, it’s dark, and it’s veiny! Such a nasty cock like that, entering my pussy is……Nhhiii!!”

“Looks like I still have to work more on that part of yours. But, you may never believe this, but there’s also the aspect of sex that feels good because it’s nasty and dirty, you know?”

As he was saying that, Schild grabbed Marie by both legs, still with his male member stuck inside, then lifted her up together with her whole body. They now became in a so-called reverse stand and carry sex position.


As expected, this was a very embarrassing position for Marie. After all, her naked body would be in full view along with their joined genitals to her Corps. Thi s c hapt er tra ns la tion is ma de p oss ible by sta bb ing wit h a sy ri nge t rans latio ns. ch eck o nly up-t o- da te trans lation s on my Wo rdp re ss sit e.


However, as if this was what Schild was intending to do or he’s just wasn’t content with this level of shame, he started walking while calling off to the female warriors of the Vigilante Corps one by one. It was like this was a very special occasion and that his penetration of their Lord Count was like an event that they should witness without missing a beat.

“Take a good look, everyone! Mariastel, your Lord, is being fucked by me. She is now being fucked by a man that she abhorred previously so much!”

“Stooooopp iiiiiittttt!”

Marie flailed in desperation, but she couldn’t escape as she was held by Schild’s monstrous strength. What was even more surprising is that it was his penis that was doing all the work as if it was binding her firmly with its boner alone.

“Watch closely, everyone. For this day will be the day when your beloved Count will be violated by a man. Your very Lord Marie, who is even proud to proclaim that she hated men, will now be swallowing a cock in her pussy in delight starting now!”

“Ahh, ahhh……! It’s poking me, it’s poking me deep to the back of my cunt!”

With each step, vibrations from their walking were transmitted from Schild’s penis to the back of Marie’s vagina.

Because of this, Marie also began to sound debauched.

Seeing this, the female warriors who should be loyal to her were……

“Wow, the Count is finally being eaten by Master Schild’s cock!”

“Congratulations! With this, our Count is finally one of Master Schild’s meat toilets!”

“I want to get fucked by Master Schild as well!”

They were all in full blessings mode as if Schild and Marie had just gotten married.

“Now, now, ladies, please calm your tits. I will give you a good fucking after this. But today, I want to request you something. Will you hear me out?”

“““As long as it’s you, Master Schild, we will obey it!”””

“Thank you, everyone. Well then, my request is simple. I want all of you to praise your Master Marie as she was haplessly being violated by me. I want all of you to admire the beauty of Marie having sex and as she fully transforms into a woman from being a lesbian. And, just my preference, call her “Marie”, instead of “Lord Count” nor “Master”.

After that, in response to Schild’s request,


“Your pussy is so beautiful, Lady Marie!”

“Especially when it’s sucking Master Schild’s cock in, Lady Marie is so lewd!”

“Marie’s tits are so big and bouncy too! It’s so nasty!”

“Her face getting twisted in humiliation and pleasure simultaneously is so cute! I want to kiss her! Can I kiss her?”

All the women generally did one thing: praise their lord and master with their perverseness.

“You’re lucky to have such good women, Marie.”

“I’ll fire you all later!”

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