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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – The Competition’s Conclusion

After leaving the Butterfly Quilt Castle, Schild ran through the trees like a gale.

The “Red Ice” was cornered in a deep mountainous forest, so Schild immediately headed for his respective battlefield, relying on the smoke signal signifying its location as it rose from behind the trees.

Since Schild is alone, he had the advantage of running at his top speed without waiting for anyone.


“Huh? Marie!?”

As such, it was only to his surprise to see Marie, the supposedly dejected lord, immediately following right behind.

What is more surprising is that even though he was not running at full speed to save his stamina, he was still going very fast, and yet the other party was able to catch up to him without breaking any sweat.

In short, she had indeed improved a lot compared to the last time they competed.

“Why are you following me? Wait, don’t tell me you’re going to fight the “Red Ice” as well!? You’re in shock just earlier, you know?”

“I don’t need you to worry about me! If I stay there, I’ll be nothing but a loser! That’s why I’ll definitely beat you here and prove it to them that I’m better than you!”

Marie shouted to Schild, indicating she was still obsessed with defeating him in a match.


“Since you have left the “Blue Fish Trap” to my women, that leaves the “Red Ice” to us! Let’s see who can get there first and kill the monster! No, it is me who will kill it, for I will get there faster than you! Uwoooooooooo!”

Marie passed by Schild at a tremendous speed and went ahead, but it was clear to him that she was running at full speed without planning to conserve her stamina.

The smoke signal that was indicating their destination was still far away. And since he knew that she would be unable to keep down her speed for long, Schild maintained his speed.

And just as he expected, Marie slowed down, eventually making him catch up with her.

She was already out of breath, and if they proceeded more at this pace, she would be exhausted before she could face the monster.

“I guess I don’t have a choice.”


What happened was Schild suddenly picked up Marie without warnings and carried her on his shoulders as he ran.

“You stupid, ugly man, don’t you dare touch me! You’re disgusting! I’m sick of men’s bodies!”

“You’re naturally talented, but whenever I get involved, you turn into a piece of junk. Are you the kind of person who is not good at competitions because the sight of your opponent’s pace would throw you off course?”

Schild patted her ass, feeling fortunate that he was able to carry Marie in this manner, only to find it strange that the other party was giving no noticeable reaction. If y ou are a ble to re ad this mes age, you ar e re ad ing from an unaut hor ized agg rega te sit e. Rea d at my Wo rdPr ess at sta bbi ng with a syrin ge. ho me. b log to s up port me and my tra nsla tio ns.

It was as if she had something in her mind but was refusing to let it out.

“You……why are you so good in everything?”

After a while, Marie spoke up.

“I don’t think so, and I never thought I was, ever.”

And Schild replied in a nonchalant manner.

“But you are. You certainly are. When I took you in, I was already going all out, yet I always ended up beaten in every competition we had. Even in the times that I won, I never felt that I actually won. In fact, it felt more like you are just giving me the leeway to win.”

“Nope, totally wrong. You might not know this because it only happens when you’re in a competition, but Marie……you have quite the talent. It’s just you have a short temper, well, at least whenever you’re competing with me.”

Schild has understood it all along.

Marie is an excellent woman. In fact, she had the natural-born talent for everything, a personification of someone who has the ability to do something without putting much effort into it.

But this was also why whenever she hits a wall that she cannot overcome with this talent alone, she would feel an overwhelming sense of frustration as if she has been denied of everything.

“S-still, I can’t believe that Nancy is having an affair with you! The very daughter of my father’s steward and has served our family for two generations! When I asked her to offer her body, she was more than happy to give it to me. Was she lying every time she said it felt good at the times she spent with me?”

“Well, about Nancy, how should I explain this……believe it or not, what she was doing was a pretend-play with the setting that she was cheating on you……no, that also sounds so wrong. Anyways, she’s just having a little fling, so you should forgive her for once.”

“Can you forgive your own woman if she cheats on you even once?”

“You don’t have to put it that way.”

Nevertheless, it was, of course, a bad thing for Schild, even though he had already eaten a lot of women.

“Actually, I have already known for a long time that you have been devouring the flowers in my castle. Though I never expected that you would successfully put your crummy hands on Nancy as well.”

“Really? When did you notice?”

“On one night just after you have left. The maid in charge of the night with me let out a whimper when we were done. “Master Schild’s cock is way better”, she whispered after our deed.”

“That was too careless of you, maid”, Schild couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

“I was really shocked at that time. Not because you cuckolded me with my Flowers, but from the fact that you had beaten me even in sex. Or is it that in the end, a woman can’t resist the pleasure of a penis, no matter how hard they try? At first, I couldn’t believe it, but now, I’m leaning on the possibility that it is. After all, Nancy would rather have you as a partner than me, a woman.”

“About Nancy, that’s not true.”

“You don’t have to act compassionately with me, Schild. I know that-”

“Nope, you don’t know. In fact, you don’t know anything.”

“I’ve known Nancy more than you! I’ve been with her since she was a child! What do you mean I don’t still know-“

“Then let me tell you something”, Schild said as he ran. “the first time Nancy and I embraced each other, she said-“


“No! I don’t want to hear it! No matter how interested I am, I don’t want to hear it! Especially from you!”

Mariastel’s mood was in conflict with each other.



“It is the reason she took it upon herself to see if it was safe for her precious Master to be in contact with me. But that poisoning got her addicted, and she became a woman who cums on me in every chance she gets.”

What the Master will taste sooner or later, the vassals will need to taste-test first.

“D-do you really think I would fall for that absurd reasoning!?”

“The streaks of the smoke signal are becoming clearer. The battlefield is near.”

“Eh? That’s Rezahata!”

In an open area in the mountains, a beautiful girl was fighting a giant red frog.

At first glance, she looked like Carney, with her whole body wrapped in white armor.

However, that beauty was slowly being cornered by the onslaught of the giant toad monster.

“That frog is “Red Ice”? It seems to be a variant of “Poison Frog” that I know!”

Poison frogs are frog-shaped monsters with human-like hands and feet. Their saliva and body fluids are laced with weak poison, but although they are weak, they are considered dangerous for humans to touch directly.

Fighting it in close quarters is absolutely prohibited. Instead, it is recommended to use a bow and arrow or at least a spear to kill it from a distance.

However, the poison frog Schild encountered this time was clearly different from the normal species, as it was twice as big as the normal species and looked like a small mountain crawling around.

In addition, its body surface was crimson, which is not present in the original species. Perhaps that was the origin of its name, “Red Ice”, but its skin was also hardened and resembled a piece of ice.

In contrast, the beautiful white knight had her men fall back and was facing the giant toad alone. She must have decided that an ordinary soldier would not stand up to the frog and would just be killed.

However, she must have reached her physical limit as well, as she could not react to the powerful leap of the frog’s hind legs in time and she was hit in her entire body.


The beautiful white knight was blown away.


“Marie, take care of her!”

Schild let go of Marie, whom he was carrying on his shoulder as if he was throwing her away. Then, he ran straight to the face of danger.

It seems that “Red Ice” is not just what he had expected it to be, as contrary to the “Ice” in its name, its hardened skin is in no way brittle, thus making it impervious to swords, spears, and arrows, basically any bladed weapons. This was also why it has given the last of the “Three Flowers” so much trouble to subjugate. Th is chapt er transl ati on is made po ssi ble by stab bing wi th a syr i nge tran slati ons. che ck on ly up-t o-d at e tran slatio ns on my Wor dpr ess si te.


As soon as Schild swung his sword down, it easily tore the prided skin of the blood-colored frog, cutting deep all the way through its internal organs, which were very soft, contrary to its hard crystal-like skin.

“There’s no way you’re gonna be hard up to the core if you are a living creature. Also, your poison is only in your sweat and saliva, so no way in hell you would have them inside your body.”

Therefore, by plunging the blade through the frog’s body and making a tear just before he touches its skin, then slicing the internal organs that are now open from the cut, Schild was able to kill it in close quarters without the sacrifice of coming in contact with the poison.

Of course, Schild’s method was pretty much impossible for other people to do, no matter how skilled they were. As it was like telling you to descale a dragon first so that you can pierce through the soft skin inside.

It was only possible for Schild to do this because of the weapon given to him by his mother. That was given to her by his father.

It was just one sword.

Yet it all made the difference.

After confirming that the “Red Ice” has been completely subjugated, Schild ordered a situation report.

“Sir! “White Lily” Rezahata is in bad condition, sir! It seems that the last attack had made a huge part of her body to be in contact with the “Red Ice”, causing her to be bathed in its poison, sir!”

They had poured all the water they had on her to wash away the majority of the poison, but it seemed that she would still need a full-scale treatment in addition to the first aid.

Schild told the women to bring “White Lily” back to the castle, having no other choice.

All that was left was to take care of the corpse of “Red Ice”.

The corpse was no longer moving, so he found no rush to dispose of it.

“Either way, I can now finish the other things I have left hanging,” Schild had thought.

“Sigh. Again, you’ve won. I couldn’t even participate in the battle”, Mariastel opened the conversation from the side.

It was an honest admittance of defeat, though there was already an atmosphere of total surrender around her before the battle began.


“Shall I take our prizes then?”

“Fine, tell the guy in the capital that I’ll endorse the Magna Carta or whatever.”

“No, not that. I want to take something else.”

Schild suddenly embraced Marie and took her lips in his.

“What are yo-mmyu!? Chuup, chuurup, chupuh……puha!?”

“I have finally decided. I want to have sex with you, Marie. Take off your clothes here and show me your cunt.”

Schild’s penis was already erected and hard in his clothes.

“Having sex with me is the penalty for your defeat, the reward for my victory over you. You will become my precious meat toilet today, just like Nancy.”

It was the only solution that Schild could think of where Nancy would not have a problem with fornicating with Schild, which is by making both the mistress and the butler belong to the same man.

“Come, Marie. Give me that pussy that has only tasted a woman, for I will make it know true pleasures that can only be obtained from a man. And I promise you that you’ll enjoy it.”

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