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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Conversation with Marie

Two named monsters have recently been spotted in the West Adele Territory.

Due to their unique traits, the guild has given them the names “Blue Fish Trap” and “Red Ice”, respectively.

Named monsters are extremely vicious, but usually, they are a rare occurrence.

And it is even rarer for more than one named monster to appear in the same place and at the same time, as they usually don’t like competition in their food and territory.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that the level of danger posed by them would rise up dramatically when they are together.

This time, two kinds of these monsters were spotted simultaneously, and finding it too much for them to handle alone, the Subjugators Guild in the West Adele Territory sought the help of the lord of their land to support them.

For this, the Vigilante Corps of Count Mariastel were mobilized.

And as a result of the collaboration of the subjugators and these Vigilante Corps, they were able to lure the monsters all the way to the territory of the Butterfly Quilt Castle, the countryside to which no village would be run over in case they run wild.


All that remained is to have someone strong enough to come and deal with the finishing blow.

“Incoming report. The Lotus squad searching in the northwest direction has discovered the “Blue Fish Trap”. They are now engaging in luring and keeping the monster in check until reinforcements arrive.”

“Also, in the northeast, the White Lily squadron has discovered the “Red Ice”. They are also responding in the same manner.”

“We have already contacted Camelia Team, which has also been searching the area. Right now they are heading towards the site where the Lotus Squad is for support.”

“Also, to think that Servant Chief has gone ahead to having sex with Master Schild. She deserves to die.”

At the Vigilance Corps post in the corner of Butterfly Quilt Castle, the “Servants”, Count Mariastel’s butler corps specialized in gathering information, are currently busy handling the reports that came in the castle one after another.

Next to them was Nancy, their head butler and the Servant Chief, who was supposed to be in charge of this operation.

But instead of leading them, she is now sitting upright in the corner of the room, completely naked and with white fluids oozing out between her legs. If yo u a e abl e to re ad t his mes sag e, you are re ding from an unau tho rized ag reg ate site. R ead at my Wor dP ress at st abbi ng with a syr inge. ho me. b log to sup port me and m y trans lation s.

“Uhm, sorry, guys. C-can I join you in your work? I don’t like being left out, you see.”

“ “ “ “Nope. And please reflect on what you’ve done.” ” ” ”

Said the female butlers, who seemed to be Nancy’s subordinates, as they looked at their boss with disdain.

“Geh. You’re even in sync. Uu……then, how about I ask Master Schild to prioritize embracing you later?”

Of course, these unpleasant stares weren’t because of the thought of their boss betraying their Master; it was something else.

“Miranda, Rachael, Shannon, Elsie.”

Calling out the names of the subordinate stewards was Schild, who was now well-dressed and had just gotten into the camp.

“Please give Nancy this time. If you do that, I’ll fuck your pussies hard as soon as this showdown is over.”

“ “ “ “Yes, Master Schild♡♡♡♡” ” ” ”

They all replied in unison, and just like that, their boss was forgiven, and the problem was solved.

As their attitude suggests, the four had already been turned into Schild’s carnal servants, just like Nancy.

As such, they weren’t really angry, but more of envious of the fact that their leader had gotten ahead of them in being nailed by Schild’s penis.

“But I still need a more detailed explanation. Lotus and Camelia are Lagothe and Sae, correct?”

“Yes. Both of them are new to the Vigilante Corps, but they are now capable of becoming the supporting pillars of their own units. We even think that these two would be enough to handle even the most dangerous monsters on their own. As long as you keep them up on their feet, they will do their jobs perfectly.”

“But I have never heard of this “White Lily” who discovered the other monster. Is she good?”


“In a sexual sense?”

“I understand what you mean since it was coming at me, but now is not the time for jokes, doesn’t it?”

But even though he was saying this, there were exactly times that Schild asked in this manner, so it was only natural for them misinterpret what he meant.

It was a matter that was rightfully deserved from his actions, especially considering what happened as of late.

“I apologize, Master Schild. Still, you don’t need to worry about her. After all, she’s also one of the “Three Flowers”, together with Master Lagothe and Master Sae. Even if she’s alone, she possessed the strongest defense among the three, so she wouldn’t crumble that easily.”

“Is that so. Well, fine it is then.”

For some reason, the meeting was centered with Schild giving orders to the Vigilante Corps.

This was because even though he has left them for months, the influence he had brought when he spent time with them was still fresh in their minds and bodies. As such, it has become natural for the girls to make him take control even though he has just arrived.

In short, Schild had already become a commander to them, both in battle and in bed.

“Carney, tell me your thoughts.”

“I don’t have a complete grasp of the forces here, so I can’t go into detail. But in the meantime, why don’t you send me and the others to the northwest side, where the forces are already concentrated?”

Carney, who had already finished putting on her armor, suggested this as she stood beside Schild. Then, she continued.

“And have Lord Schild take charge of the other side. This meant that we’ll need this “White Lily” to hold the monster off until Lord Schild arrives.”

In other words, what Carney has recommended was a distribution ratio of Schild on one side and everyone else on the other.

“It’s the perfect solution.”

Despite the unfair distribution, the the strategy was adopted without the slightest objection.

“I’ll go to the northeast side, to the “Red Ice”. The rest of you concentrate your attacks on the “Blue Fish Trap” on the northwest side. Also, take Carney with you. She is the number one subjugator in the guild’s royal capital branch. I’m sure she would come in handy.”

“The number one with the exception of Lord Schild, that is.”

And so, the butler squad, together with Carney, started running to execute these commands without being baffled by the extreme instructions.

In the meantime, Servant Chief Nancy, who had finished dressing, snuggled up to Schild.

“Splendid performance, Master Schild. Just like the old times when you overseeded the legion over the years.”

“I think you mean “overseer”. By the way, how is the original commander doing?”

“She’s……over there.”

Their stares then went to the corner of the room. From there, they saw the true leader of the Vigilante Corps, Lord Mariastel, but now, she is giving off a miserable mood as she sat on the floor with her face buried in her knees. This chap ter tran slatio n is ma de poss ible by stab bing w ith a syr inge tra nslati ons. check only u p-to- dat e transl ati ons on my Wo rdpre ss si te.

“As you can see, she’s completely devastated.”

The scene where she found Schild and Nancy having sex under her nose was a shock to her. But what dealt the final blow was when she had learned that most of the stewards and her corps had already been embraced by the said man as well.

“In the first place, why did you have to confess all together! She wouldn’t end up in that state if you kept it a secret!”

The women selected for the “Servants” and the Vigilante Corps were the elite of the elites, as all of them had experienced harsh training and a good loving in many ways from their Lord Marie.

Thus, it was only natural that she would feel devastated upon finding out that her flowers, whom she had worked hard, loved, and shed blood, sweat, tears, and love fluids for, had betrayed her in exchange for the dick of a common man.

“I’ll give her attention once she recovers later, but for now, the situation is urgent, so let us focus on that first.”

“You have already done much, Master Schild, being the acting commander on her behalf. But, then again, the root cause of Master’s breakdown is you as well, so please serve her well later.”

“Wait, you’re putting all the blame on me!?”

“Of course. We getting caught was one part, but it is you in the end who had turned us into sluts craving for your cock. If you kept that thing on your pants and didn’t choose to fuck almost the entirety of the castle the last time, this wouldn’t happen in the first place.”

“Ugh, if you put it that way, then I think you’re right.”


There was also the fact that Marie could not just overthrow Schild or act recklessly, being the lord of the West Adele and the one responsible for the safety of the people living in it.

She knew that her territory was in peril right now, and that she needed someone to substitute her for commanding the troops because she was now in a bad state of mind.

Which is ironic because the one who has replaced her is also the one who had caused her to be in such a state and is now commanding the troops he “stole” on her behalf.

“Anyway, Lagothe, Sae, and the other captains are in charge of the northwest sector, but I know very well that neither of them is suited for general command, which they needed the most right now.”

The most reliable candidate in terms of commanding would be Carney, but Schild didn’t have the confidence that she could do this alone as she was still green on how the Vigilante Corps work.

“Either way, I got no choice but to risk it. Nancy, I need your help.”

“Are you sure? I’m not of any use in combat, you know?”

“But you are the most familiar in terms of how the corps work, even better than me. That is plenty enough. You will provide assistance to Carney, who is completely a stranger to the corps. Since she has already licked pussies with Lagothe and Sae, she should already know how to get them on the same page. Either way, Nancy, you will be their insurance in case something else happens.”

“I’m not really sure how licking one’s pussies would immediately make someone know how to get the other on the same page, but…… I hear and obey.”

With this, Schild has properly ordered the troops of what to do.

All that’s left is to head for his own battlefield and believe that his women, whom he had their vaginas smothered by his penis, will get the job done.

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