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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Nancy, the “Servant” Chief

“Ohee♡♡ Oh heehee♡♡♡♡ Master Schild♡♡ Please feast your cock on this Servant Nancy’s butler pussy as many times as you want♡♡♡♡”

Naturally, when they reached the private room that Schild had used before, Nancy, who was already bare on her lower half, went and took off her remaining upper half, becoming completely naked in front of Schild.

From that point, Nancy, the “Servant” Chief, has become Nancy, the Sow.

Her hair was still tied up in a knot, but that was it. She no longer had any traces of being a butler, just a dirty woman with a perverted goal.

This sow immediately straddled Schild, who had already laid himself on the bed. Then, she sank her hips down on his penis in a cowgirl position at once.

Chup, churu, chuuu, sounded the wet flesh inside her vagina as they got scraped by Schild’s huge meat.

“Still, Pussy Butler, huh. What kind of butler is that? Aren’t you just a horny sow who’s going crazy over a man’s cock despite being a butler?”

“I’m sorry♡♡♡♡ Yes, I’m nothing but a horny sow♡♡♡♡ A helpless, dirty and erotic sow in front of her master’s cock♡♡♡♡”

Nancy screamed as she moved her hips up and down on the cannon.

As for that cannon, which was buried inside the vagina right now, it would emerge to the outside until it was more than halfway up. Then, it would get buried back inside the incredibly wet flesh in one swift motion.

Seeing her actions, which were almost that of a thirsty woman who has finally found an oasis in the desert, Schild couldn’t help but feel sorry that he had kept them lonely for so long.


It was more so when he noticed the sensuality and greed that made Nancy insane were almost similar to that of Lagothe and Sae, whom she had just embraced.

“Now that you mentioned it, what have you been doing when I was away? Were you having lesbian sex with the Count, too?”

“Of course♡♡ I am Master’s right hand, so it’s natural that I am her most frequent companion at night. In fact, last night, Master has licked this pussy a lot♡♡♡♡”

Nancy then showed her pussy hole coated with the loving saliva of her lesbian master, now getting filled with the penis of a man.

“What a bad servant. Aren’t you ashamed of betraying your lesbian master and drowning in a cock of a man?”

“Please don’t say that, Master Schild♡♡ The immorality is going to make me feel even better, and if that happens, my pussy is not going to take it♡♡♡♡”

And yet, Nancy still moved her hips up and down hard. She even accepted the ejaculation that followed inside her vagina.

“Ufufufu……♡♡ Speaking of which, Master Carney, would you like to hear some erotic stories?”

“Of course. I’d love to hear them.”

“You see, during Master Schild’s previous stay, I had served as a night nurse for him, where it naturally led to him ejaculating inside me multiple times. As it was my first time, I tried my best to squeeze out all the cum out of my pussy, but the smell won’t come off no matter how hard I tried. My cunt smelled so badly of semen that it even made my nose twitch. So guess what I did next?” the butler then gave an impish smile to Schild. If yo u are a ble to re ad this m essa ge, you a e read in g from an unaut ho rized ag greg ate site. Re ad at my Word Pr ess at stabbi ng with a sy ringe. ho me. blo g to suppo rt me a nd m y tran slat ions.

“What did you do?” he asked in return, but his expression spoke as if he already knew what was coming.

“I asked Master to lick it off me instead♡♡”

“I suddenly feel sorry for Marie.”

At that time, seeing that it was futile to get rid of the smell, Nancy made up an excuse that night, telling Marie that she had applied a special perfume on her pussy to make her even more aroused.

“Did she seriously believe that?”

“She didn’t even doubt me at all♡♡”

――It’s strong, but it has an addictive scent. It’s like smelling a fine slice of cheese.

――This is superb, Nancy. It makes me want to devour this beautiful flesh even more and never get tired of it!

“That’s what she said, and I’ve even gotten more licks that night♡♡♡♡”

As for the reason why this is possible, it is because Marie, the man-hating homosexual, has probably never even smelled semen.

She may not even know it exists.

However, she instinctively knew that the smell was obscene, thus it made her even more excited regardless, which also led to enhancing more her homosexuality.

“My Master, who hated men, was gotten excited by the smell of semen♡♡ It was unbelievable♡♡ She was licking my pussy with so much relish♡♡♡♡ In fact, Master was so excited at that time that she even requested me to squirt it all over her face♡♡♡♡”

“And now, you’re reminiscing those memories in the past with the source of that “special perfume” ramming your cunt.”

“Yesh♡♡ I can no longer stop the rush of excitement that is welling up in me anymore♡♡♡♡”

Nancy swung her hips harder, almost like that of a cavalier, then sprayed the squirts from her private parts all over Schild’s belly.

“So good♡♡ Actual sex feels so good♡♡ I’ve already become a wench that loves having sex while enjoying the feeling of the act of betraying her master♡♡♡♡ A no good butler who has been driven crazy by this immoral act, and it’s all because of this cock♡♡♡♡”

“Miss Nancy♡♡”


Suddenly, two dainty-looking hands stretched out from behind Nancy while she was riding Schild.

These hands then cupped Nancy’s breasts in an eagle grip.

“From behind? Who? Ah, it’s Master Carney♡♡”

“Yes, the similar fellow who was penetrated by the same man’s cock as you, your Master Carney.”

Before they knew it, Carney had also stripped herself naked and is now pressing her tits against Nancy’s back.

With the women’s limbs now overlapping in a vertical alignment, Carney then used this chance to rub Nancy’s tits and fondle her hips below.

“Miss Nancy, your tits and ass are so soft and big♡♡ It’s almost like Her Highness Cymbium♡♡ And to think you squeezed such a tight feminine body inside a man’s clothes, it was truly a waste♡♡”

“What an unrestrained way of fondling♡♡ You are a veteran lesbian, Master Carney♡♡ It’s almost like you had fondled many women before you were fucked and awakened by Master Schild♡♡♡♡”

“Sorry, I only lick the pussies of women who have been held by my Lord Schild♡♡ I have never been a true lesbian from the start♡♡♡♡”

“If that’s the case, you must have pleased a lot of women together with Master Schild♡♡ How envious♡♡ Please pleasure me a lot as well♡♡♡♡”

“But before that, can I ask you a question first?”


“What could it be, Master Carney?”

“Who do you like better, Lord Schild or the Count?”

At the question, the movement of Nancy’s man-cum-eating hips came to a halt.

But Carney’s movements did not stop, still squeezing her ass and tits of Nancy with her hands.

“You ask pretty sharp questions, don’t you, Master Carney? So sharp that it made my pussy tighten up.”

“Yeah. That stimulus even made me ejaculate a bit.” Schild also said something, but his words were ignored.

“Of course, I like them both, but I like Count Mariastel more. Isn’t that obvious?”

Nancy regained her composure and began to move her ass up and down once again, starting to stimulate the penis over.

“We’ve known each other for a long time, to the extent that we now have a physical relationship even though we are the same sex, and I’m proud to say that we love each other more than master and servant. We are like sisters and lovers at the same time. Therefore, if a situation arises where my life can save hers, I will gladly die for her with no qualms.”

“Even though you’re now betraying her and having a man embrace you without her knowledge?’

Carney pinched and tugged on Nancy’s bean-like nipples as she spoke this.

“But one cannot resist Master Schild’s passions, right? Besides, there’s also the pleasure in the feeling of you cheating on someone who was thinking you would never betray them.”

“But isn’t that a bit…….”

“It seems you are misunderstanding again, Master Carney. I am not betraying my Lord in any decisive way. My loyalty is still hers, and that would not change. But I am still a person, a woman with desires. And it’s just that it makes me feel more aroused when I’m being done in this way.”

“A cheating play?”

“Cheating play, is it? In essence, yes, this is but a pretend affair where my pleasure is enhanced by the thoughts of my false betrayal with my master. A pretend play just to arouse my pussy more♡♡ Ahh, I’m cumming agaiinn♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Once again, Schild’s unrestrained ejaculation violated and defiled the womb of the lesbian butler.

However, to Carney, being a loyal knight, she could not digest the situation easily, especially the word “betrayal” even though it was false. Thi s chap ter tra ns at on is m ade pos sib le by sta bbin g wi th a sy ri nge trans latio ns. check onl y up-t o-da te trans la tions on my Wor dpr ess s ite.

“Please don’t think much about it, Master Carney. Or if this should make you feel better, should I say that I did this while already thinking about the possibility……or rather, it was already fated that my Master Marie would end up in the same way as me in the future? The time she would be fascinated by Master Schild’s great cock, I have to be prepared as her butler and as her right hand♡♡ So this is more of a rehearsal to assist her when that time comes♡♡♡♡ Of course, this goes for Master Schild as well♡♡♡♡”

“Eh? Me too?”

Clop clop clop clop……

It was then that they heard the sound of footsteps approaching from the other side of the door.

“Schild, good news! We have found the monster!”

Then, after the footsteps stopped, the door of Schild’s chambers was immediately opened with a bang, with the owner of the said footsteps barging in.

The one who kicked the door open was none other than Marie, Count Mariastel.

“It’s good timing that the news of their discovery came right after we agreed to have a match! What’s more, it’s two of them at the same time! This must be the Goddess of Beauty and Victory giving me a glimpse of her underwear!”

Marie exclaimed in high spirits. She was breathing hard and looking down when she entered, heaving her huge chests as her hands rested on her knees, indicating she had rushed straight into Schild’s room in a fit of excitement.

“Come, Schild! Let’s see who can hunt the monsters faster! By the way, have you heard of Nancy? She’s in a big event like this, and yet she’s leaving the reporting to someone else……Eh?”

But the moment she caught her breath and looked up, a scenery she didn’t expect was brought before her eyes.

Her steward, who is also her lover of the same sex, and whom she has trusted with all her heart at the same time, was inside the room of the man whom she considered to be her rival.


Moreover, she was all naked and straddling up and down the object that she dreaded the most, with an expression of pleasure she had never done even when they were doing it alone.

“Nancy!? W-wa-wa-what are you doing here!?”

“Ahh, I’ve finally been found out♡♡♡♡”

Nancy didn’t seem particularly offended, but rather, she even lewdly made a peace sign with both hands while showing to her master where her and Schild’s genitals are connected.

“I’ve actually been having sex with Master Schild for quite some time now♡♡♡♡ Wait, Master Schild, if you get up now……Kyaaa!?”

“Eeh? Eehh? Eeeeehhhh!?”

“Sorry about that, Nancy, but since the monster is already spotted, the situation has now become urgent. So, Marie, where is the monster now?”

“Lord Schild, here are your clothes.”


After pulling his penis out of her vagina, to which the latter gave a loud moan, Schild laid the still-throbbing Nancy aside, then picked up the clothes Carney had already prepared for him while also suiting up hers.

“W-w-wait a minute!? Schild, what is the meaning of this! Why are you having sex with Nancy! And why are you ignoring us as if it’s nothing!”

“I know you have many things to say, but this is not the time for that, is it? When a monster comes, peoples’ lives are always on the line. We’ll talk about this later.”

“You better give me a good explanation for this, Schild. After you get dressed, come to the Vigilante Corps post. We’ll have the strategy meeting from there.”

Not minding her steward still throbbing and naked with Schild’s fluids leaking out of her hole, Marie pulled Nancy by the hand and dragged her out of the room while Schild and Carney are busy dressing up.

Their showdown has begun, but it started in a way the two had never expected.

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