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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – The Loyalty of the Lower Half of the Body

“My Master won’t come out easily once she’s locked herself in the library, so I suggest you take a rest for the time being. As for your rooms, it will be the same room where Master Schild has used to stay before, which has already been prepared since your arrival.”

Spoke “Servant” Chief Nancy, who handles the guests on behalf of her Lord.

“Would you like us to prepare a separate room for you, Master Carney?”

“No need. I will stay in the same room as Lord Schild’s.”

“As you wish.”

And just like that, the three of them left the reception room and proceeded down a corridor. As the inside of the castle is as large as the outside, it gave the impression as if they’re traveling in a maze.


“You don’t have to guide me all the way to my room, Nancy. I’m sure you’re busy-”

“Apologies, Master, but just this time, please forgive my insistence.”

And so they continued to walk down the corridor with Nancy towing them.

“The more I look at it, the more nostalgic I get. Have things changed a bit since then?”

“There are several girls who had left the castle after Master Schild left. It seems that they couldn’t forget the night that Master Schild embraced them.”

“Eh?” Carney couldn’t help but react.

“Once you’ve been in Master Schild’s arms, you’ll know how hard it is to forget his taste. After all, Master Schild is the epitome of manliness, at least for us.”

“If you put it that way, then I cannot disagree.”

“Also, Master Schild is never the type that would behave appropriately even in a single day if he was thrown in a garden like this. Thus, it amuses me that Master Carney is still surprised with this fact.”

Nancy added as if she was stating the obvious.

“Well……haha……” to which Schild could only give a dry laugh.

At that time, a maid walked in the direction of the three.

She was a young servant who seemed to be a housemaid.

The maid’s and Schild’s gazes met as they passed each other, but all of a sudden, the maid stopped. Then, without saying a word, she reached up into her skirt and pulled her panties down to her ankles in one go. If yo u are abl e to r ad this mes sa ge, you are re adi ng from an una uth or ized agg rega te site. Re ad at my Wor dPre ss at st abb ing with a syr inge. ho me. bl og to s uppor t me and my tr anslati ons.

Finally, she put her hands on the corridor’s walls and thrust her buttocks out.

As if in automatic response, Schild lifted up her skirt and bared her white ass.

Then, he thrust his already erect penis into the maid’s vagina as if it was only natural.

“Nhyaa♡♡ Nyaaaa♡♡ Master’s Schild’s cock, it has been a while♡♡ My pussy has long missed this♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The maid’s cheeks immediately flushed red as she screamed cat-like noises, and after Schild ejaculated inside her vagina, she put back her undone panties and left after giving a bow.

“That girl was one of those I fucked lots the last time I was here, wasn’t she?”

“You’re truly unprincipled when it comes to sex, aren’t you, Lord Schild.”

Carney couldn’t help but comment in a harsh tune. As for why, the smoothness of the maid’s actions was good enough evidence that she was trained in this, at least in her eyes.

“Really? I’m still holding back, you know? After all, this is still the Count’s house, so I always try my best not to get caught even now.”

“I appreciate your consideration, Master Schild, but even though we are grateful for you trying your best to hide this to our Master, it doesn’t count as “holding back” anymore if you already had involved almost all the women in this castle.” Nancy pointed out in a stinging manner as well.


“Almost all?” But Carney became even more flabbergasted.

In the Butterfly Quilt Castle, Count Mariastel selects only the most beautiful women to be her servants for her own lesbian paradise.

But to think that the Count’s prized flowers were also being devoured by an aphid called Schild under her nose, even Carney couldn’t believe it.

“It’s not my fault.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Women meet me. Then, we sex. That’s it. That’s why, not my fault.”

“Why are you speaking in baby talk now?”

Then it occurred to Carney a frightening possibility.

The calm and collected “Servant” Chief who is now leading them to their room.

Servant Nancy is dressed in a pitch-black butler’s uniform, has a face of an androgynous man, and even behaved like a dignified man, but she is definitely a woman.

“Uhm……I know it’s wrong for me to assume this, but……”

“What is it, Master Carney?”

“When you said “almost all the women in the castle,” I just wondered……perhaps, is Nancy also included in the list?”

“Surely, you jest. I am the head steward of the Butterfly Quilt Castle and Count Mariastel’s right-hand. In other words, I possessed the utmost loyalty to the Master.”

“Yes! I’m sorry for asking!”

“As long as the Master prefers the company of women, she will never approve the fornication with Master Schild, who is a man. Therefore, if I want to have a relationship with Master Schild, it is only a basic that I must keep it a secret from her.” Thi s cha p ter trans lati on is ma de poss ib le by stab bing with a sy ringe trans latio ns. check only up -t o-d ate tra nslat ions on my Wor dpr ess si te.

In other words, fornication with a male is considered a betrayal to their master. But only if you get caught.

“Yes, of course! Again, I’m sorry I asked you such a trivial question!”

Carney shrank back.

But to Carney’s fluster, Nancy suddenly took off her butler’s uniform and panties in front of her and Schild.

In the exact same gesture as the maid from earlier.

“That’s why……”


Although it was completely wrapped in a butler’s uniform intended for a man, what lay beneath was a pair of round and seductive buttocks of that of a woman.

And those buttocks mentioned above were then thrust toward Schild, with the flesh of her ass spread out to expose her vulva and anus.

“……in order to hide this from Master, this Nancy has transformed herself to become a traitorous, evil pussy butler who wants to be fucked by Master Schild in secret, whenever her master wants♡♡♡♡”

Nancy exclaimed, then shook her ass teasingly as if begging to be given a “punishment” for being a bad butler to Schild.

As Carney had suspected, Nancy had already had sex with Schild.

This was already the case even during his previous stay, together with most of the female servants in the castle.

“This meant that Servant Chief Nancy has already been carved as a lustful woman by the extreme pleasure brought by Schild’s “chisel”.

And now, she is laying her body against this tool, trying to re-carve that pleasure to her skin of what she had felt that time.

To please her new master that they hadn’t seen in months, and also to succumb herself to the excitement that had already reached the limit just by walking beside such a man.

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