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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – The “Servant” and the Count

The Butterfly Quilt Castle.

It is a magnificent building that rivaled many of the famous castles and mansions in the royal capital, having been built by the Count who loved beautiful things.

“I’ve been looking at this castle for a while now, but the more I stared at it, the more it leaves a bad taste in my tongue.”

“Is that so? It’s got a pretty good sense of architecture to me, though?”

“Man-made things are only beautiful when they are in harmony with the place where people live. If such an object were to be built deep in the mountains, surrounded by nature, it would make the object’s sense of incongruity with the surroundings more pronounced and jarring instead.”


When they reached the front door of the castle, someone was already standing before it.

The apparent look on the person’s face was obvious that they had been waiting for Schild and the others’ arrival for some time.

At first glance, the person looked like a butler, dressed in a black suit.

The stoicism of the figure made one think it was a man, but the closer they got, the more distinct the body’s irregularities became, and the more they realized it was a woman.

“Servant Nancy.”

“It’s been a long time, Master Schild. It’s good to see you back.”

The young woman initiated with a greeting.

Nancy, who wore the butler’s outfit, has a long chestnut hair and looked more of a man at first glance, but her voice and gestures are clearly those of a woman.

“I’m sure that our master will be very happy upon receiving the news of your return.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”


Schild then turned and looked around at his companions. Then, to Nancy.

“But let’s start first with the introductions. She is Nancy, the head of the “Servants”, the private steward unit I told you a while ago, and also Mariastel’s most important right-hand in terms of desk works.”

“It’s called “administrative affairs”, Master Schild, and not “desk works”. Also, please don’t put me so high on the list. For I am just one of the bricks that make up master’s all-powerful machine.”

Schild, however, ignored this and began to introduce his companions to Nancy one by one.

“Anyway, these beautiful women are my companions. This is my colleague from the Royal Capital Subjugators’ Guild, Carney-”

“So, you have arrived at the capital safely. Congratulations.”

“It was all because you convinced Mariastel to write the letter for me.”

The two of them exchanged a conversation that only they could understand.

“Anyways, this is Kelechi. She’s a peddler, whom I met all the way here. I heard from her that she wanted to peddle some goods in this house, so I wondered if you could help her.”

“As you wish, Master Schild.”

Servant Nancy clapped her hands, and several women in the same butler’s uniform appeared out of nowhere.

“Put her to the storekeeping department. If there are any shortages, then they should be purchased from her.”

“But, Chief Steward, we have orders not to do business with anyone but reputable vendors……” If you a re ab le to re ad this me ssa ge, you a e read in g from an unaut ho rized aggre gate si te. Re ad at my Wor dP ress at stab bing wi th a sy ringe. ho me. blo g to s upp ort me and my tra ns lations.

“Then I’ll leave the quality check to you. I’m sure you’ve learned to be a good inspector of quality by now.”

“Yes, Ma’am!”

This is where Kelechi was taken to another room by the female stewards.

“Also, these girls are Lago and Sae. They’re the girls I used to interact with in the past-“

‘Master Schild, they are already currently part of our vigilante corps.”

“Oh, my bad. You see, once I had, no, never mind.”

Schild has, in fact, truly forgotten about this.

Due to his bad upbringing, once he had sex with someone, he would already feel like they’re a family to him, but he chose to stop himself from explaining this to Nancy, seeing it is currently irrelevant to their mission.

“You two being acquainted with Master Schild is already no news to us, but what are you doing here, guiding him instead of doing your actual mission? Just to inform you, Rezahata has already departed.”

“Crap, I forgot about that. She’s always been a nag when it comes to things like this.”

“It can’t be helped. Let us just think of this as the last hurrah before our retirement. Well then, Master Schild. This one will bid you farewell for now.”

After saying those lines, Sae and Lagothe also went their own ways.

In the end, only the initial members of the team, Schild and Carney, remained at the scene.

“We’ll take care of the horses here. Please come inside. My Master has been waiting for you.”

“So, we really need to meet that guy personally, in the end.”


“What’s up, Carney?”

“What should I do, Lord Schild? Should I leave the room while you and the Count are meeting?”

“What are you talking about at this late hour?” Schild asked in bewilderment. “Isn’t it natural that you come along?”

Carney, however, wasn’t thinking this way.

As for why she was feeling this now, it is because, in the first place, it is her own selfish decision to join Schild in his journey – to be an extra piece of baggage. She doesn’t have an essential or specific role in the mission to get Count Mariastel to agree to the Magna Carta.

The fact that she is the daughter of the Leschbein family may give her enough weight as one of the persuaders, but as she was a dignified knight, Carney herself is very reluctant to do this.


“Either way, you should come with me. Just sit quietly next to me.”

“I’d be happy to sit with you. Though I’d be happier if I sit on you.”


This was then when Nancy spoke, bursting the pink bubble world about to form around the two.

“You might have already heard this upon coming to this territory, but my master likes beautiful things. For that, I am sure the Count would be delighted upon taking a glance at you, Miss Carney. So please, follow me.”


For some reason, even the “Servant” Chief Nancy had also become very approving of Carney’s presence, much to the latter’s bewilderment.

It was then when it happened.

A sound of the earth rumbling approached from the other side of the front door separating the inside and outside of the castle.

But it wasn’t earth. It was a heavy set of footsteps.

Then, what came next was the door where they were near from being kicked from the inside.

“Nancy! You’re late!”

A dazzlingly striking beauty in male attire came out of the castle where the door had been.

Her red hair waved like a raging fire, like a blazing torch.

Her huge breasts showed fierce assertion even though they were wrapped in a nobleman’s vest, making her radiate the perfect combination of male heroism and female splendor. This chap ter tran slat ion is ma de pos sib le by sta bbi ng wi th a syr inge tra nsla tions. check o nly up -t o-d ate tran slati ons on my Word pre ss sit e.

“Master, I thought I asked you to wait in the reception room.”

“I can’t wait for that! You know I’m short-tempered! I can’t wait any longer! Where’s Schild?”

The red-haired lady was out of control, spreading her fiery spirit all around.

“Hello, Count.”

“Oh! There you are! Back at last! Let’s fight!”

After saying this, the noblewoman suddenly pulled out the slender sword she wore on her waist and thrust it out at Schild.

However, Schild was not at all unperturbed. He didn’t even draw his sword.

“Don’t do that. You’re gonna hurt someone.”

Instead, what Schild did was pinch the tip of the sword with his bare hand, and together with a strange movement, he easily pulled the hilt out of the lady’s hand.

“Ah!? You’ve belittled me once again! This is why I hate you! Just when I’ve finally gotten rid of you from my world, you waltz back into……hmmm?”

It was then that Carney was caught in the red-haired lady’s eye.

“So beautiful……!”


“What a beautiful woman. Her beauty combines nobility and warmth, just like a Dianthus flower. For that, I will bestow you the name of “Dianthus”.”

She said as she took Carney’s hand and kissed it.


The gesture was completely that of a womanizer, a frivolous pick-up artist.

“Don’t do that. Carney is mine.”

“What the hell? You wicked man! Once again, you’re hogging all the valuable beauties! I’ll never forgive you! All the beauty in the world is mine!”

“You can’t just monopolize them for yourself!”

What came next was a series of chaotic exchanges.

But soon, Schild let out a tired sigh from the heart and finally turned his gaze onto Carney.

“Anyway, let’s try to clear up some of the confusion first. For starters, Carney, allow me to introduce her to you.”


“This is Count Mariastel.”

He pointed to the red-haired lady.


“Seriously. This is my ever-unpopular master to the flesh, Count Mariastel.”

“Servant” Chief Nancy also supplemented, seeing Carney held doubts.

“Hey, you two. Can you please stop being so formal? Mariastel this, Mariastel that, I’d rather have the beautiful flowers that I’m supposed to love to call me “Marie” more frankly.”


From Maria-stel.

“Greetings, Lord Count. Please address me as Carney.”

“No, I said stop being formal and call me Marie instea-“

“Now that it’s settled, let us go back to the reception room, milady. It’s the height of rudeness to have a guest standing on your doorstep talking to you.”

“You too, Nancy. I’ve been telling you this, but call me Marie as well. You can drop the master-squire thing, especially if it’s just you and me.”

“Please hurry up, master.”

But Nancy was not affected, showing she was a skilled butler who was already used to her master’s antics.

Seeing she got no allies left, Count Mariastel’s shoulders slumped.

“Cheer up, Marie.”

“I did not permit you to call me that!! Ever!!”

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