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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – The Second-most Important Thing After Sex: Organizing Information

Right now, there are four semen-covered buttocks in front of Schild’s eyes.

They are from the female warrior Lagothe, the female samurai Sae, the female peddler Kelechi, and the female knight Carney, respectively.

All of them are asses that Schild had fucked repeatedly.

And the semen that adorned their asses is, without exception, spewed from Schild’s urethral opening.


Carney, still staggering at her feet, pushed and rubbed her own buttocks against Lagothe’s, who was now lying on her belly.

“Hyuu♡♡ W-what is it♡♡♡♡”

“Ahh, don’t mind me♡♡ it’s just that it feels nice when women rub each other’s butts♡♡ Even more now that we’re covered in cum, it’s so smooth and slick♡♡♡♡”

“This woman! Just what kind of a pervert are you♡♡ Aren’t you just making fun of the fact that my ass is so big♡♡”

“That’s not true, Miss Lagothe♡♡ In fact, I find your big ass cute as well, just like you♡♡”

“You’re not even using the word “cute” properly anymore♡♡ You’re just saying it so that you can tease me♡♡ Not that I mind♡♡”


Despite the former’s words, Lagothe was not truly affected. In fact, she even raised her bare buttocks in a more comfortable position to her.

And by “comfortable”, it meant in a way where she could also rub her ass effectively against Carney.

After that, she shook her hips up and down, then left and right, fully engaged in the butt-rubbing showdown with the female knight.

“This time, let’s rub our butts together, Miss Sae♡♡”

“Anytime you want, Miss Carney♡♡”

And just like that, Sae’s hips, which were still wobbly from the intercourse she hadn’t had in a while, were next to become at mercy of Carney’s shenanigans.

“After this, I’m going to rub my ass with Mister Kelechi next♡♡ Lord Schild, I’m running low on slime, so cum on my ass again, please♡♡♡♡”

“Yes, yes.”

Seeing his woman acting like this, Schild wondered if the ass-whipping contest with the dancer Shakira that time they had conflict with each other had awakened something in Carney. She was truly entranced to the pleasure of women rubbing their asses together. If you ar e ab le to r ead this me ssage, you are re ad ing from an unaut hori zed agg reg ate site. Read at m y Word Pre ss at stabb ing with a syr inge. h ome. bl og to su pport me and my tran slati ons.

It was a time where when Schild was planning to have a threesome with the two, but suddenly, Carney suddenly dissed Shakira’s dancer job being unnecessary and irrelevant to the masses, a low-effort job that provides no actual commodities like food for example, leading to a dance competition that for some reason, ended up in a butt-shaking contest to appease Schild.

While reminiscing about it, he plunged at Carney’s vagina once more, treated it as some sort of masturbator, then after ejaculating, he smeared his spurts of semen on Carney’s ass to lubricate it.

“Ahh, thank you, Lord Schild♡♡ Now then, Miss Kelechi, let’s rub our butts together next♡♡♡♡”

“This……sex demon……♡♡♡♡ Noo, Mr. Schild, I’m going to get devoured♡♡♡♡”

Kelechi “pleaded” to Schild. However, Schild ignored her pleas, deciding that she would be a good scapegoat of the sex demon for a while.

Then, he went to Sae and Lagothe, the women he hadn’t seen for a long time.

“He he he he……Sae~”


“Wh-what is it, Miss Lagothe? And pardon for this one’s words, but what’s with the disgusting laugh?”

When he arrived, the two of them have started a conversation with each other.

“Well, you see, that time when we were exchanging tales with Schild back then, ”Master Schild and I are in a pure relationship” didn’t you mention that to me before? Then what do you call this now?”

“F-fornication does not make a relationship impure. Also, this one has never stated that this one does not have these kinds of feelings for Lord Schild. Rather, the purity of a relationship comes down to the heart and soul, and in that aspect, Master Schild and this one is more than qualified to be called that.”

“So, do you love him?”

“Uuu, yes♡♡ Also, you should have already known this, considering this one was made to say a lot of these things in front of Mister Schild just now……♡♡ Ahh, just by remembering it, this one’s face is burning♡♡♡♡”

“Don’t worry, as I’m the same♡♡ I also love Schild as well♡♡”

“Oh, of course, this one adores you as well, Miss Lagothe.”

“Thanks. I like you too, Sae.”

Still, even though they’re expressing their closeness in such a way, they are not that carried away by each other’s personalities that they could suddenly drop a lesbian kiss on each other like Carney.

“You guys are really close.”

Suddenly, Schild joined in.

While mixing in their conversation, he put his penis into Lagothe’s vagina as they basked in the afterglow of sex.

“Ahhnn♡♡ Isn’t that obvious? In a sense, we’re already war buddies under the Count, known as the “Three Flowers” or something like that. It’s not really surprising that we’re already this close♡♡”

“Not to mention Miss Lagothe has also taught this one many things about this unfamiliar place, so this one has already become indebted to her. She’s already a bosom friend to this humble one……though it is only today that we’ve shown each other our cunts and licked each other’s pussies.”

So that’s why you’re acting like that, thought Schild.

“By the way, why are you two in the Count’s place?”

Schild himself had been a guest of Count Mariastel until a few months before moving to the capital, but he found no traces of Lagothe and Sae anywhere during that time.

In other words, just like they have stated, the two of them must have visited the territory of Count Mariastel after Schild left.

As the lord of West Adele, Mariastel is always in need of security forces, so it’s understandable that she would want to keep skilled people like them at hand, Schild also thought. This cha pter tr nsl ation is mad e possi b le by stab b ing with a sy r inge trans lati ons. che ck on ly up-to-d ate tran slati ons on my Wo rdpre ss s ite.

“We also want to ask you the same! Why aren’t you in the Count’s place, Schild? We heard a rumor that you were here, but when we came to visit you, we couldn’t find you anywhere!”

“Ah. Wait, you guys were really looking for me?”

“You’re only getting it now? I-is that surprising that I wanted to see you so that I can have another lovey-dovey rape-play with you again?”

“And your wish had just come true today. Aren’t you glad?”

“Just one day is not enough! I’ll have you ejaculate in my vagina a hundred times for all the time we’ve been apart!”



“Tell me you love me.”

“Again? ……I, I love you, Schild. Is that fine?”

“I love you too.”


Lagothe’s face turned bright red as she was told straight back.

Perhaps Schild’s response was too good for her, Lagothe’s vagina went tight again, and what was supposed to be a gentle lingering sex session has turned into another session of ejaculating into the female warrior’s vagina.


“You’ve changed since the last time I saw you, Schild. You’ve gotten bigger.”

“In my dick?”

“No, I mean your personality, your mood. You’re almost like a king now.”


“Eh? Why did you wilt?”

Schild pulled out his penis, which has now gotten completely limp upon the mention of the word he didn’t like.

And just as always, he avoided the subject regarding kings.

“By the way, why did Sae come back? Didn’t you go back to your home country?”

Schild refocused his mind as he tried to have his erection back, and this time, he inserted it inside Sae.

Just like Lagothe’s, he did it at a slow pace, just focusing on the lingering sensation of their rubbing.

“You’re from a different country, so you have no reason to stay here as you’ve accomplished your mission. I thought you would have gone back to your homeland and lived there in peace…….”

“Where should this one begin……you see, master, a lot has happened since then.”

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