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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Women of the Past: The Tachi User

Sae is not from the kingdom where Schild and the others were born and raised.

She was born in a different country, far, far to the east.

Because it was in the east, the country was commonly known as the “East Country” to the residents of the west.

That country had a different system of monarchy than the kingdom of Schild and his companions, and the person who was the king was called a “Shogun”.

Below the shogun were several social classes called “Buke”, equivalent to knight families and armed nobility. Sae was born into one of their lower ranks, but they are generally known as samurais.

Aside from having a manly demeanor and being skilled with the sword, Sae had lived an ordinary life, no different from other girls of her clan.

The turning point in her life was the death of her parents.

Everything about her was changed by that.

Sae’s parents were slaughtered by someone while Sae was away as an apprentice.

The corpse of her mother, who was reputed to be beautiful in the neighborhood, was even said to have been raped several times.

After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the perpetrator was a samurai colleague of her father.

The man had been having an illicit relationship with Sae’s mother, and when their relationship was exposed, and he was blamed for it, he became angry and killed the couple in his wrath.

With the death of her parents, the surviving Sae was supposed to take over the reins to keep their military house running.


However, the clan ordered her not to do so, saying, “A shameless family that gets by on the scrapes of the law is not worthy of continuing.”

To this, her family’s stipend was taken away, and the surviving Sae was deprived of her samurai rank.

There was only one way to overturn the decision, and that was to avenge her parents’ death with her own hands and clear her name.

However, the culprit and his lackeys had already evaded their pursuers and fled the country before any action was taken against them.

Because of this, Sae, too, had to leave the country to pursue her parent’s muderers to fulfill her wish of revenge and clean her family name.

Leaving the country of her birth where she is accustomed to living, she vowed to never return home until she achieved her mission.

At the end of her journey, however, Sae found the man who slew her parents – but she was already too late.

At that time, Schild was currently on one of his journeys to the royal capital, where he arrived at a village that had just been pillaged by bandits.

Schild makes a living mainly by killing monsters, but as long as he feels he could manage it with his skills, he would also kill people as long as they cause harm to others and turn them in for rewards. If y ou ar e abl e to re ad th is m essa ge, you a re rea di ng from an unau thoriz ed aggr egat e site. Re ad at my W ordPr ess at stabb ing with a syrin ge. hom e. b log to su pport me a nd my tran slat ions.

This time, he encountered a unique bandit troupe.

They are quite brutal among the bandits he encountered, as they had even taken away the meager savings of the poor village, so when Schild happened to drop by, there were already casualties and several traces of skirmishes in the vicinity.

He became particularly angry when he heard that a village girl had been taken away during a fight and had been gang-raped, and her body was thrown back lifelessly on the road.

To this, Schild immediately broke into the mountain where he thought their stronghold was located. All by himself, he captured all of the dozen or so bandits alive, brought them back to the village, and tortured them to death in front of the villagers as compensation.

He cut off each person’s fingers one by one, pulled out their teeth one by one, shaved off their nose and lips, burned their peeholes and anuses close to prevent them from peeing or defecating, broke their legs to prevent them from escaping, and then hung their bodies to dry.

Eventually, one by one, they died in agony from fecal blockage and urine poisoning, and just as the last one was dying, a strange, exotic-looking woman came to the village.

The maiden’s name was Sae.

She said she was traveling to avenge the murder of her parents.

She found out that her hated enemy had left the country to become a bandit, so she was now raiding the area, hunting for the man.

But by that time, Schild had already crushed the bandits, and the last one was about to die.

This last one was the bandits’ leader, and he was the one whom Sae had to avenge.

Sae gave Schild a three-fingered plea, begging him to let her avenge her parents’ death with her own two hands.

“This one knows this is unsightly, as it would look like this one is taking credit for your work, but please, give this one a chance to redeem herself!”

Sae rubbed her forehead on the ground and asked, but Schild was unwilling.

Schild didn’t really care about giving up his credit or not. But he didn’t like the idea of allowing a woman to dye her hands with the blood of a man, even if it was for a good reason.

As he pondered this, the last bandit chief gave his last breath, spitting blood from his mouth.

Sae had missed her chance.

Schild had no choice but to pick out some things from the dead man’s belongings that could be used as evidence, then give them to Sae, saying, “These will serve as proof of your revenge. Take this and go back to your hometown.”

The corpse itself would only rot if left alone, so he quickly burned it and threw the bones away.

Thanks to Schild’s harsh retaliation, the villagers’ remorse was lifted, settling the matter altogether.



“I can’t go home like this!”

Sae was still insistent.

“You have taken over the vengeance that should have been carried out with this one’s own hands, and this one should be grateful for your kindness and concern, but if this one doesn’t even put a wound on the culprit that is the target for this one’s vengeance, this one’s pride as a samurai will be permanently tarnished!”

“Even if you say such things, he’s already-“

“In that case, will you not give this one the opportunity to repay you in any way? This one will be more than willing to carry out whatever task you may ask so that this one could return to her hometown with a clear conscience! This one begs of you!”

In the end, Schild had no choice but to give in to Sae’s earnest appeal.

“Then I have a favor to ask you.”

“Anything you want!”

“Will you let me have sex with you?”

Though Schild is fond of embracing women left and right, he was yet to embrace a woman who came from a foreign land.

Especially since the eastern part of the country itself had basically refused to interact with the rest of the world, people going to or coming from the eastern regions had become a rare sight.

As such, that night, Schild couldn’t help but feel excited in anticipation of one-of-a-kind exotic sex with Sae, a resident of these foreign lands.

Schild decided to embrace Sae in a house that was offered to him by the villagers as a thank you for taking revenge against the bandits. This chap ter tr ansl ation is ma de possib le by sta bbing wit h a syring e trans latio ns. che ck onl y up-t o-da te trans lati ons on my W ordpr ess s ite.

“This one’s body may not be the best, but this one will do her best to be a good hostess to you.”

When it was time to begin, Sae, who said she had purified herself, stood in front of Schild.

It seemed that she was wearing a yukata, a costume that was typical to the eastern countries.

It was all white from collar to hem, accentuating the luster of the black hair that flowed down from the top of Sae’s head.

Black hair is not that uncommon in the birthplace of Schild, but he observed that the hair on those living in the east was far more lustrous and vibrant.

Undoing her obi and shedding her front, Sae easily became completely naked.

Not only her clothes, but her skin was also white, and her shiny black hair looked perfect on her naked body despite its contrast.

It looked as if her body was made of the finest white paper, and then someone drew the contours of her body from there.

Schild could only imagine that this whiteness would, later on, be dyed vermilion by the excitement of their intercourse.

“Uuu……this is so embarrassing……”

“Embarrass yourself to your heart’s content. That will make it more fun for me.”

As for Schild, he was already naked, showing his erect penis to Sae without restraint.

Sae turned her gaze away in horror at the sheer majesty of this erection.

“Is this the first time you’ve seen a cock?”

‘Y-yes. This one is ashamed to say that this one is still an innocent virgin.”

That’s unusual, thought Schild.

As for why he finds it this way, it is because wandering alone in an unfamiliar foreign country, moreover, chasing a target for vengeance while she doesn’t know where they exactly are, is very difficult, much more for a young woman like her.


It is not an easy task to keep your virginity intact during such a journey.

The easiest way for a girl of her age to get something is to sell her body, and even if she doesn’t do that, there are still dangers lying around everywhere that she can be forcibly deprived of it.

“Certainly, there were more than enough times that I thought about selling my body as I looked at my traveling expenses diminishing quickly. However, on this journey to regain the reputation of my family, I thought it would be wrong to lose my virginity to others, so I persevered, ate grass, and went on.”

“I don’t think selling your body is a wrongful act, though? Especially considering it’s for your own survival.”

“Besides, by that logic, would it not be a good idea to offer your virginity to me just like this after having gone to such lengths to protect it all this time?” Schild had also said.

“It won’t be a problem at all.”

Sae replied proudly.

“Falling into a prostitute to escape hunger is an act of selfishness. But giving up one’s body in response to a great benefactor’s wish, that it is a proper act of chivalry engraved in our flesh.”

“Is that so?”

Either way, as long as the matter was settled in her own mind, Schild won’t have a problem with it.

But as he found their conversation getting tedious now, Schild quickly pulled Sae into his arms.


“Then let me embrace you. Let me have a grasp of what a foreign woman’s pussy tastes like.”

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