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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Women of the Past: Lagothe’s Experience

“When I say rape, I mean beating a woman’s face in while sticking your dick in her pussy….”

“What did you say!?”

“And maybe also choking my neck to make my pussy tighter? But you aren’t doing that at all. If you’re going to rape me, you need to do it in the most serious way. ……”

“As if I could!”

Schild shouted in a piercing tone, which startled Largo and made her tighten her vagina in reflex.

“You……I don’t know what you had been through for you to say that, but is that what you think about women? That they are only subjected to be raped and impregnated upon?”

“I-I don’t know-“

“Then allow me to lecture you a bit. If a man doesn’t treat women with proper love and care, then the woman won’t feel good in the true meaning.”


“A woman only truly feels good “when she’s having sex”, not “when she’s being raped”. Although both are acts of putting a man’s dick in a woman’s pussy, there is a very big difference between the two. Seeking enjoyment through forcing someone on her and hurting her is a hobby of low lives. Who taught that to you? I’m going to kill him later.”

“Uhm, you see……”

Perhaps because Schild’s menacing look was too frightening for Lagothe, or at least as it was as Schild interpreted it, Lagothe at this point began to burst into tears.


It was as if the dam keeping her emotions finally broke inside her body.

Seeing her in such a miserable state, Schild hurriedly hugged her huge body gently.

“Sorry, but what you said just now was too enraging. I cannot adhere to your request because I cannot feel good with that kind of sex.”

“Then, what’s your idea of good sex?”


To this, Schild went beside Lagothe. Then he whispered something in her ear.

“……try saying those words. You’ll feel even better, I promise.”


After that, Lagothe pulled Schild’s penis out of her self, which left a gaping hole that had been “raped” all over.

Then, without wasting any time,

“This Lagothe wants a lovey-dovey sex♡♡ I want to experience a sex full of feelings in my pussy♡♡♡♡ Please, put it in♡♡ Make this pussy who has known nothing but rape feel happiness and loving♡♡♡♡” Lagothe spread her already gaping vagina along with this speech.

“Well said, Lagothe.”

After that, Schild plunged his own cock into Lagothe’s rear while also gently taking Lagothe’s lips with his own. If yo u a re a ble to rea d this me ssage, y ou are rea ding from an unaut h orized aggr egate s ite. Rea d at my W ordP ress at stab bing with a syr inge. hom e. blo g to s upp ort me and my tra nsl ations.

“Mmmpphh♡♡♡♡ Chuupu, mph, slurp♡♡♡♡ Ahh, so this is what a loving kiss feels like♡♡♡♡ pleashe, kissh  me moree♡♡♡♡ Mmmhh♡♡♡♡”

Their tongues intertwined with each other with a tremendous swirl, and the bed creaked and cracked in their loving. It was as if it was about to break at any moment, being subjected to the clashing of the muscular bodies of the two top-notch subjugators.

Lagothe’s arms, as thick as logs, then embraced and squeezed Schild in full force.

It would likely break his spine if a normal man were to receive that embrace, but as Schild was a monster slayer of bigger and stronger build than Lagothe, he was undeterred.

In the first place, no one but Schild possessed the ability to have lovemaking sex with a monster woman such as Lagothe and treat her as if she was a normal woman, not to mention fuck her senseless and make her blush considering how wild she was on other men previously.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Lagothe. A cute one at that. You’re so cute that I want to fuck you again and again and fill you with my seed again and again as well.”


“Yes, fuck me, fuck me and fill me with lots of your loving♡♡♡♡ Show it to my body that this love sex better than being raped♡♡♡♡ Rape me with lots and lots of love, affection, and bliss until I reach my peak as well♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The sound of their lower bodies colliding with each other soon surpassed the point of just banging, to almost that of boom-ing.

Finally, the bed they’re in broke and shattered into pieces.

They tumbled to the floor, but that didn’t stop them from connecting and shaking their hips.

The next thing he knew, Schild’s face was smothered in saliva from Lagothe’s kiss. The same way Lagothe’s crotch was covered in Schild’s semen and her love fluids.

“Ahh, I’m so happy♡♡♡♡ My pussy is being filled with so much love and bliss♡♡♡♡ Please, Schild, make me your meat toilet in its true meaning♡♡♡♡ I don’t care if I spend the rest of my life with just this♡♡♡♡”

The huge horse’s buttocks sprang up and down, slamming hard into Schild’s penis as she climbed on top.

The whole act seemed as if she was a cavalier. However, this cavalier was intending to smash Schild’s pelvis with her butt.

That said, this also brought Schild another unique pleasure to the man, which one could only experience with a huge and powerful butt.

“Ahh, I think I’m going to cum again. I want to cum inside you, Lagothe. Can I come inside you without notifying you from now on?”

“Of course♡♡♡♡ In fact, you don’t have to warn me at all♡♡♡♡ Just fill me up whenever you like it♡♡♡♡♡♡ I’m now your semen toilet after all♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Lagothe, who had only experienced being raped before his encounter with Schild, finally recognize the pleasure of sex in its true meaning.

Of course, Schild was happy with this, so he showered Lagothe with more love and affection.

Soon, Schild gave another squirt, this time with no warning just as he said. It went inside Lagothe’s vagina, which made the woman feel loved once again.

But as another high-caliber Subjugator, Lagothe still wasn’t contented. So using her stamina to the fullest, together with her fire that showed no signs of being extinguished, she continued to bang Schild until ran out of energy.

It became a love-filled night full of moaning, howling, and lots of furniture breaking around the place they were in.

After embracing Schild a couple times, Lagothe had become a more mature and exemplary subjugator.

She followed the rules of the guild, cooperated with others, and by the time Schild left the branch, she was even taking care of the newcomers herself.

As a result of this, Lagothe’s feminine charms, originally hidden by her huge body and bad personality, blossomed, and she began to attract her peers in the guild.

This was no wonder, as she had already possessed a beautiful face. And with her stern, madwoman appearance now gone and replaced with a cheerful beauty, she immediately became popular. This ch apter trans lation is ma de poss ible by st abbin g with a s yringe tran slations. chec k only up-t o-d ate transl ation s on my W ordpr ess si te.

What’s more incredible is that her huge physique doesn’t scare others anymore. Instead, it gave off a maternal charm that was always oozing and overflowing.

As for Schild, his deeds of embracing Lagothe on a daily basis made him the center of awe and respect.

By the time he left the guild, no one had called him a “ghetto woman lover” anymore.

On the contrary, his original fame of “Master of Womanizing” has jumped sky-high. After all, he was able to transform Lagothe, who was nothing but a rabid animal previously, into an attractive big-sister in such a short period.

Of course, Schild didn’t forget his main job as a monster slayer.

Together with Lagothe, they subjugated more than a hundred of the monsters roaming nearby Shacolero together.

Of these hundred monsters, ten were bounty monsters.

Since Schild had spent almost a year this guild branch, the number of monsters he subjugated reached the point of astounding, and that includes the special requests he had received from neighboring guild branches that had no subjugators as good as him.

When Schild left for a new journey to continue his search for his father, Lagothe had sex with him for three days and three nights without taking a break and even forced him to fuck her in the ass.


Exactly one year after Schild’s departure, however, Lagothe also decided to become a traveling Subjugator, setting off after getting permission from the guild master.

As for the reason for her leaving, she said it was to broaden her horizons and grow further. So although the guild leader greatly regretted that they were losing another pillar of the guild, he sent her on her way to help her grow.

She gained new experiences in various places and made new friends.

It wasn’t a while when she learned from a source that a fearsome and powerful subjugator suddenly popped up and has started operating in the West Adele territory.

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