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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Women of the Past: The Greatsword User

Lagothe the subjugator is feared by her peers for her unbelievable strength and violent behavior despite being a woman.

Her main area of activity was centered around Shacolero, a town southwest of the kingdom.

At the time, Lagothe was the most powerful member of the Shacolero branch of the Subjugators’ Guild. But at the same time, her violent and rough personality made her an untouchable problem child who was treated like a tumor.

She was born in a desolate rural village, but because she was a daughter who belonged to a big but poor family, she was sold to a trafficker who intended to turn her into a prostitute in the city, but she escaped by running wild from her first customer with her unusual body strength.

She learned how to fight and became a monster slayer while living tough in the slums.

Because of this upbringing, she has always believed that strength is the only law – making her most often than not, disobey the rules of the guild.

Of course, the guild was also troubled by this, and tried to reprimand her many times. But because she always brought back a dead monster no matter how powerful it was, they couldn’t make a move on her, nor even cancel her registration due to lack of capable hands.

One time, the guild received a new subjugator.

His name was Schild.

He was a vagabond who hunted monsters from place to place. But when they discovered that this vagabond was strong and could be an immediate asset, the guild took the liberty of teaming him up with Lagothe.

Up until then, Lagothe would never form a party with someone she didn’t like, and if they tried to force her to join them, she would beat them to a pulp and even cripple them before they could fight the monster.

And even if they were fortunate enough to be favored by Lagothe, in the end, it was only because they were favored as her baggage carriers, and being immersed in such slave-like treatment, everyone would give up within three days at the very most.

When they proposed she team up with Schild, naturally, he became an enemy for Lagothe to eliminate or a slave to be tormented.

In order to decide between the two, there was a ritual that Lagothe always performed.


Before anything else, Lagothe forces her opponents to compete with her in a one-on-one match.

If they performed to an acceptable degree based on Lagothe’s judgments, they would be allowed to come along, even sometimes fight together with her.

It didn’t matter if you lose.


You’d be accepted as her pawn if you give a decent performance. But if you did not give one, you would be rejected from participating in any battle, making almost all of the looting rights hers in return because you did not contribute anything.

As for what would happen if you win, well, Lagothe herself hasn’t thought of anything.

After all, she has never lost a match, not even once.

“Fight as hard as you can. You can’t be my slave if you are too weak, no matter how obedient you are.”

Lagothe said this to Schild at the place designated for their duel.

To which, Schild replied.

“Then what will you do if I win? It’s not fair that you’re only testing me. What if you’re the one who is not able to defeat me?”

“-!! Y-you-“

“I don’t want you to be my slave because your beauty is too wasteful to be a baggage carrier. How about this? Become my meat toilet instead.”

Schild won.

And it was a one-sided beatdown.

This was as expected, as at that time, Schild’s strength had already entered the realm of the unorthodox, so even though she was the strongest in Shacolero’s Subjugators’ Guild, Lagothe was no longer a match to the man.

Not wasting time, Schild went to the downed Lagothe and ripped off her clothes.

Then, he fucked her on the spot as soon as she was defeated, under the watchful eye of witnesses and spectators.

Because Schild was young at that time, his truant nature from the maltreatment at his home village hasn’t been cured yet, so he has yet to learn the word called “decency” that prevented him from doing such things. If y ou ar e ab le to re ad th is mess age, you ar e read ing fro m an unauth oriz ed ag greg ate s ite. Re ad at my W or dPress at stab bin g with a syr inge. h ome. b log to sup p ort me and my tran sla tio ns.

He effortlessly fucked the guild’s strongest madwoman and even showed the bystanders how he ejaculated inside her vagina, making him the new strongest of the guild.

As for Lagothe,

“Damn you! Die, Die! Ahhh♡♡ I’m going to kill you someday! Aahhh♡♡ so deep♡♡ Not good, I’m gonna, from this man! Ahh, die. Ahh fuck, so good, no! Fucking die. Next time it will be your last! Aahhhhh♡♡♡♡”

Although Schild had been ravaging her body in front of the masses, Lagothe did not shout any refusal nor resistance and just accepted Schild’s member until he ejaculated inside her pussy once, twice, up to five times.

This is because Lagothe was also true to her word about becoming his meat toilet once she lost. Still, she didn’t stop her demoralizing swearing that was enough to wilt a hard-on of a normal man (which she was really intending to do to Schild at that time), also proving that she was still the Shacolero’s madwoman even after her defeat.

Also, despite the scenery almost akin to an act of rape and public humiliation, Lagothe didn’t struggle and even clung to Schild harder until the end.

This in turn made him receive great awe on the other members and even some of the staff of the guild, even the females that should be abhorred by the act.

Because putting aside their public act of obscenity, the majority of them were amazed at how he could dump so much of his load on the madwoman without showing signs of wilting, even more while he was being subjected to Lagothe’s badmouthing so up close.

That, and the satisfaction that “that Lagothe” was finally being taught a lesson.

After that, Schild began to fuck Lagothe whenever he felt like it.

The duel they had done made it clear who was better. And as a prideful subjugator, Lagothe herself never broke the rule she had set.

As a result, ever since the duel with Schild, Lagothe has been treated like his pet.

One time, he asked her to let him use her pussy to masturbate in the guild office, where many of her peers were present. She didn’t even bat an eye and immediately followed him into the lounge and sat on his lap.

As the former strongest subjugator in the guild, Lagothe had a strong body and was also tall.

She’s so big and muscular that most men have to look up at her, and despite her titillating’s lack of covered parts on her clothing, just one stare from her could make even a tough man’s dick to shrivel up.

The fact that Schild was able to embrace such a being so many times without hesitation drew even greater awe from his peers, and they began calling him as a “ghetto woman lover.”


However, Schild knew.

This violent woman named Lagothe. The more he embraced her, the more a unique kind flavor would seep out of her vaginal flesh.

Lagothe was no longer a virgin when Schild first embraced her.

Because of her violent lifestyle, she had lost fights and been raped and gang-raped several times when she was a young girl whose body was still in the process of growing.

However, because she was a violent person, she had never been raped twice by the same person, but for that same reason, she had never known any sexual experience other than rape and gang rape.

Thus, it was only Schild who had been able to successfully ravage the violent woman Lagothe not just twice but dozens of times, also making Schild the first person to fuck her in every other way, including romantically.

As such, the changes were immediate.

This was the sex scene between Schild and Lagothe for the umpteenth time, a few days after their duel and first sex.

There was already a rule established that their sex would start with a thick deep kiss.

In the beginning, Schild had ordered Lagothe to do this, but around the middle, she would begin to sulk if he forgot to order this at the beginning of their rape-play, or what Lagothe was referring to their act of copulation.

But even though her way of calling it is a bit disturbing, once Schild has given her a proper and loving kiss, she would immediately become an obedient woman. She would become a lot easier to talk to his requests, whether it was blowjobs or erotic poses later on.

“Lagothe, you’ve gotten so cute lately.”


Lagothe immediately blushed upon Schild’s praise.

It wasn’t that Lagothe was an easy woman, but considering she knows that she’s nothing but big build and muscles, not to mention a tough and violent personality, she has developed almost no resistance to such praises at all.

“D-don’t say something so absurd! Calling me sweet words like cute… ♡♡ I know it doesn’t suit me at all♡♡”

But her attitude was very in contrast to what she was exclaiming.

“Nope. It’s true. It’s just that you haven’t noticed it. Those big, cute eyes, these small and cute nipples that are disproportionate to your huge tits, and this hairless, slippery pussy, all of it are cute and wonderful.” Th is chap ter tr ansl ation is made pos sible by sta bbing wi th a syri nge tr ansl ations. chec k on ly up-to-d ate tran slati ons on my Wor dpress s ite.

“M-my eyes, that I can accept, but why are you describing my nipples and my pussy too!? It’s as if you’re saying they’re not normal at all!”

“But it’s cute, you know? Let me repeat it for you if you don’t understand it yet. You’re cute, Lagothe. Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very cute!”

“No, stop♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Being barraged by Schild’s simple words of praise, the violent woman immediately melted.

Once this happens, Lagothe would forgive Schild, whatever erotic play he would do to her after this.

“Here I come, my cute Lagothe.”


Schild’s penis easily snuck in.

Naturally, to the soft vagina of the woman named Lagothe, who was once known as a wild woman.

At first, there was a bit of resistance, but now it welcomed him as if it was its own home.

“D-damn it♡♡ I have allowed myself to be raped again♡♡♡♡”


“You’re raping me, but why does my cunt feel so happy♡♡ Why does it feel so fully satisfied, like it wants you to ravage it again and again♡♡♡♡”

Right now, Lagothe’s vagina was not only squeezing, but also tightening and twisting around Schild’s penis.

Lagothe constantly uses the word “rape” when she is being violated by Schild, but what they were doing was not at all the non-consensual sex kind, but the pure romantic and loving kind.


And with her large and muscular ass like a horse, you would think that her vagina would also be as bottomless and rough as a mare’s, which sounded bad. But once entered, it would give a very good stimulation to the man who penetrates her, not far from any human woman.

But “not far from any human” is an understatement. In fact, the real thing was so stimulating that even Schild, a veteran in sex even at that time, had already poured his semen into it several dozen times just because of this.

“You’re really erotic and cute, Lagothe. It makes me wanna love you more and more.”

“Noo, stop it♡♡ You’re supposed to be raping me, aren’t you♡♡ Then rape me properly♡♡♡♡”

“What is a proper rape, actually?”

With their male and female genitals still connected, the two continued to discuss this horrible topic of non-consensual sex, but with a tone so sweet that they could already be mistaken for lovers.

“When I say rape, I mean beating the woman’s face in while sticking your dick in her pussy….”

“What did you say!?”

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