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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Along the Way: On the Road

Today, Schild is having sex with another random woman.

She was a female peddler.

However, this time, I was not in a town’s alleyways, but along the road, way different from the last.

Schild is no longer baffled on why women are suddenly flocking over him one after another to have sex with him. Or at least, he stopped caring altogether.

The peddler was a newbie, and she and Schild met on a road that was about to enter the West Adele Territory.

Even though this was the case, they were still far away from any town or village, and there was no one else in sight but them.

Seeing there was no harm aside from the persistence of the peddler, they decided to browse her goods and take a break in the shade of a large tree off the road.

Peddlers travel around the country, visiting villages and other places to sell their wares.

For the villages, it is one of the few ways to purchase essential items such as medicines and clothes, making them in demand in the countryside far from the city center.

Villages in remote areas cannot exist long without them, making peddling a surprisingly important occupation even though it is a low-paying job.


Also, anyone who wanted to become a merchant had to work as a peddler unless they were spoiled little brats.

After completing their apprenticeship at a merchant house of the basics of trade, such as arithmetic, determining the value of goods, and ways to avoid scams, they are sent off as peddlers for training.

If they did well, they would be considered to have completed their apprenticeship and be given a higher post in the merchant house or even open their own store.

The female peddler they met that day, Kelechi, was a young woman with such lively ambitions. She had just recently completed her apprenticeship and received permission to become a peddler. If you a re a ble to re ad this me ssa ge, you are rea din g fr om an unau thori zed agg rega te sit e. Re ad at my Wo rdP ress at st ab bin g wi th a s yr inge. h ome. blo g to su pp ort me a nd my tra nslat ions.

From now on, Kelechi will travel to various places on her own, building up her experience and connections to become a full-fledged merchant.

“It’s a good thing that we met here. If there is anything you are missing, why don’t you come here and replenish it?”

After saying that, they were shown some of her products in a grassy area off the road, but as befits a fledgling peddler, they found that there were not many items for sale.

Also, the wares were more oriented toward the demands of the rural villages. As such, for Schild and Carney, who came from the capital and had already prepared a more diverse selection of what they could need, there was nothing else they could buy.

Still, as the fledgling peddler is still a peddler, Kelechi is persistent, showing no intentions of letting them go unless they buy some of her wares.

“How about some wound medicine? We have plenty of bandages and sutures here!”

“We already prepared enough. And we don’t plan to consume a lot during this trip.”

“Then, do you need any weapons? Make sure you have a backup, just in case! Like this bronze knife I have here as a precaution!”

“It’s not like we’re going to fight monsters right n-“

“Oh, goodness me! I thought you were a monster slayer with those very capable muscles of yours! Ah, right, how about your girlfriend over there? I’ve got plenty of sanitary products. You have to be prepared for what will happen, especially when you’re in the middle of the journey and it suddenly starts!”

“I-I just had it last week.”

At this point, Kelechi was already tearing up, being struck out at every attempt. Her situation was so pitying that Schild couldn’t help but ask instead.

“Then, do you…”

“Yes!? What is it? If there’s something you want, I’ll do my best to get it for you. Just let me know!”


“How much are you?”

The female peddler, Kelechi, was a newcomer to the business and had an unstable charm that could be described as somewhere between a woman and a girl.

[How much are you?}

At first, she was confused, but when she realized what Schild meant, her face turned red, and she shook her head vigorously.

“No, no, no! That’s prostitution, isn’t it? I’m a peddler, and I don’t count myself as a product!”

Kelechi then recalled the teachings of the owner of the merchant house she was taking apprenticeship for, who is also her master.

[It would be easy for a female merchant to use her body to gain an advantage in a business deal, but if she did that, her merchant reputation would be damaged. They wouldn’t see you as a merchant, but a different kind of whore instead.]

Being told him this, Schild also couldn’t help but agree with her master’s teachings.

“I see. So, it’s okay as long as you don’t sell your body.”

If you don’t pay for sex, it’s not prostitution.

Thus, Kelechi, the peddler, would soon be having sex with Schild for free.

When Kelechi came to be, she was completely naked and lying on the field.

“So, let’s hear it again from your mouth, shall we?”

“A-Are you sure you want me to say that?”

She was wearing a heavy coat and sturdy boots, which were simple but tough, but she instantly became an attractive woman when she took them all off.

Her breasts were reasonably full, her hips were tight, her legs were supple and muscular from traveling by foot, and her buttocks were very thick and round.

The thick coat she was wearing was to protect her from the hardships of the journey and obscure her proportions and contain her own feminine charm. Thi s chap ter trans lati on is mad e pos si ble by sta bbi ng wi th a sy rin ge tr ansl atio ns. che ck o nly up -t o-d ate trans lat ions on my Wo rdpres s si te.

She didn’t want to involve her sexuality in her business, as she had said earlier.

“But now that you’ve taken it all off, aren’t you an attractive woman? You could gain lots of money as a prostitute as you are this beautiful.”

“P-Please don’t make fun of me! I may be lacking money but won’t stoop that low to procure it by those means!”

“Right, right. I forgot. Now then, can you recite your pledge once more?”

After repeated requests by Schild, the female peddler, Kelechi, broke down.

Then, enduring a lot of the embarrassment she’s feeling, she began to say it with her mouth.

“I, Kelechi, the female peddler, will have sex with you, Schild. However, I will not make any commercial profit from this. We’ll just have sex with each other as an outlet for our sexual desires.”

“But to think you would give free sex with random customers just to vent your sexual desires, what sort of a horny peddler are you?”


“Isn’t it you who wanted me to say that? In the first place, why would I have to have sex with you in the first place if it isn’t worth anything! This just doesn’t fit!”

“Now, now, let’s continue with your pledge. That’s not all, isn’t it?”

“A-Are you really going to make me say all of it?”

“Peddler Kelechi, how about those lips of yours?’

“I-It’s completely free. No matter how many times you kiss it, stick your cock in it, force it to give you a blowjob, ejaculate in my mouth, and make me gulp it down, it’s all free.”

“Ooh, impressive. Even in a normal brothel, making the whore swallow your semen has an additional fee. Next.”

“T-These tits are also completely free. No matter how much you squeeze them, pinch their nipples, suck on them, or spray them with semen, it’s free, so please do as much as you want.”

“And what about this pussy?”

“As I told you, it’s all free! I don’t care what you do. Whether you stick your cock in me or cum inside me, I won’t take any money from you! We’ll only be enjoying ourselves to the fullest!”

After Kelechi finished saying all of this, without hesitation, Schild pushed his meat rod into her vagina and thrust it all in.

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