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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Along the Way: Around the Town

“Something’s gone wrong!”

Schild started to exclaim out of the blue.

“I wonder why, but lately, I’m having too much sex!”

Just when did such strangeness start to take effect?

Either way, that absurd-sounding reason was the root of all Schild’s worries right now.

For Schild, sex itself is not a rare activity.

For a person like himself, who now has the money and power, having sex with beautiful women has become a relatively low hurdle.

Even so, these days, he noticed that the opportunities of him having sex were gradually increasing, and the difficulty of doing it was becoming too easy.

In fact, right at this moment,

“Uughoo♡♡ Oohoo♡♡ Ughhhhoo♡♡ ……my pussy, yesh, that’s itth♡♡♡♡ Fuck my pusshy moree♡♡♡♡♡♡”

An unnamed woman is devouring Schild’s manhood with her vagina and moaning in an extremely vulgar way.

Schild didn’t even know what kind of person she was.

Since enjoying the vaginas of the twenty-five inn employees of the Rabbit’s Spring Garden, including their owner, Schild and Carney has passed through three or four towns on the way to their destination, and in all of them, he was able to have sex with women he never met before and without paying any particular price.


This also included this woman, who was now receiving Schild’s seed for the third time inside her, and whom he just met on the streets of this town just a few minutes ago. Before he knew it, they were already having intercourse in a deserted alleyway.

The woman has huge breasts and a very round ass.

In other words, she has an excellent figure.

“Was it just a coincidence? Or was she a slut who craves for random men?”

Schild was aware that he was a sex maniac, but he still thought he had at least some common sense.

Whenever he met a woman he wanted to have sex with, he would never do it without her consent. Likewise, he would never touch a married woman or a woman who’s currently in relationship with another man to avoid problems later on.

However, this time, he was able to embrace a woman immediately, without even needing himself to confirm such things. If you a re a ble to r ead thi s m essa ge, yo u are rea di ng from an u nauth ori zed agg regat e s ite. Re ad at my WordP r ess at stab b ing w ith a sy ringe. h ome. bl og to supp ort me and my tra nsla tions.

That’s because……

“Lord Schild!”

As soon as they had finished their “session” and the woman had finished straightening her clothes and thanking Schild, they heard a voice behind them.

The owner of the voice was none other than Carney.

“Lord Schild, please “get to know” this girl as well!”

He wondered where she had gone to while he was having sex with a stranger woman, and here she is, bringing another stranger for him to bang.

This time, the woman looked like someone who would likely sell flowers by the roadside.

“She said she didn’t have a boyfriend but was interested in sex. Shall I present you her pussy, Lord Schild?”


And so, the back alley sex began once again. This time, with this new woman.

Even though they were outdoors, Carney made the newcomer take off her clothes without qualms, and after stripping her naked, Schild immediately plunged his penis into her protruding ass.

“Oooohhhh♡♡♡♡ So this is what sex feels like♡♡ Ms. Carney was right. Sex feels so good♡♡♡♡♡♡”

After getting to know each other, Schild discovered that the woman was indeed a florist who owned a flower shop.

And it didn’t take a while for her to be in deep ecstasy, even though she was experiencing a huge penis deep inside her vagina for the first time in her life.

 “It feels so ghoood♡♡ I was expecting it would hurt a lot because this is my first time♡♡♡♡ , And yet, it didn’t hurt at all♡♡♡♡ Instead, I feel wonderful♡♡♡♡ Even though the place is such a turn off♡♡♡♡ This is the best feeling ever♡♡♡♡“

“Say it lewder.”

Carney, who had also gone completely naked before Schild realized, began lecturing the florist.

“You have to say it lewder. Say “pussy”, “cock”, “fuck” a lot.”

“Yesshh♡♡ Pleashe, fuckk me, fuck me mooree♡♡♡♡♡♡ Fuck my pussshyy and bring it to climax with your huge cocckkk♡♡♡♡♡♡”

It was a speech that it was hard to believe that it came from a florist who had just lost her virginity.

Was this also one of Carney’s influence?

Schild couldn’t help but think.

Carney was the woman Schild has humiliated and violated the most, with the number of times he did it to her amounting to hundreds.


Thus, he couldn’t help but think this might result from it – that is, she becoming a bit wrong in the head and becoming a “devotee of erotica” herself.

At least, it is what she looked like she was doing with this florist woman, whom she was almost treating as some kind of “sacrificial lamb” for Schild, together with those who proceeded before her.

Like a good wife who cooks a quick snack for her husband.

Or a lunatic devotee of a dubious cult offering a virgin female to please her God.

“While Lord Schild is fucking you, keep me company, too. Stick out your tongue and lick my pussy as well♡♡”

“Yesh, Missh Carneyy♡♡♡♡”

Soon, the florist girl, whose lower mouth was being penetrated by Schild’s huge cock, was reaching her upper mouth and licking Carney’s love-juice-filled pussy with her tongue. It also wasn’t later that she cried tears from her eyes and leaked urine vigorously from her pee hole.

Still, for her not to be flustered even though we’re literally fucking outdoors, this girl has some lewd talent, Schild couldn’t help but think.


“What’s the matter, Lord Schild? Did you get awestruck by my sexiness as this girl licked my pussy?”

“I love you, Carney.”

“Whawawa, what’s with you, Lord Schild? To say such sweet nothings to me at t-this timing? Also, shouldn’t it be directed to her and not me? I mean, she’s the one you’re fucking now, aren’t you?” Is what he received as a response.

After this, Schild began to praise the florist in her ear as directed by Carney, calling her “cute” and “pretty”, and each time, the florist girl’s pussy walls tighten, making the both of them achieve more sensual pleasure till the end.

Unknown to Schild, the reason why he was able to pick up women easier this time around was because of the unique bloodline that runs through his body becoming more active.

One of the rumored qualities that rarely appears to those who possessed the royal bloodline, “The Majesty of the Lion”, as told to him by Princess Cymbium, was said to have a power that could arouse any woman in contact with its host and make her feel like giving her body and soul to the man. This ch apt er tr ansla tion is mad e poss ib le by st abbi ng wit h a sy ri nge trans lat ions. c heck o nly up-to -da te tra nsla tions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

In short, by exuding this power alone, Schild could make any woman feel as if she has to be “embraced” by this person.

But to activate this bloodline, its possessor must fight numerous deadly battles first to be able to ‘don’ its ‘Majesty’. But as a reward, any woman of quality and beauty would desire to take off their panties and open their legs to him at any cost.

Lately, another power seemed to be amplifying Schild’s “Majesty of the Lion” many times over. And unconsciously at that.

The “Majesty of the Lion” is a power that comes from the male bloodline of the royal family.

But the royal family was not alone. Three venerable bloodlines had also been following this royal family since long ago.

The three venerable bloodlines soon became the three great noble families, which are now known as the Leschbeins, the Ryngbergs, and lastly, the Oscars.

These families carved out a history together with the royal family and repeatedly married their daughters to the king to ensure their own security.

In fact, this tradition was still present today, as the current King Preslate I’s first queen was a woman of the House Ryngberg, and the second queen was a woman of the House Oscar.

As for the last one, the House Leschbein, the daughter who inherited their blood, Carney, was currently with Schild, the hidden and only prince of the royal family, who also possessed the royal bloodline and has awakened the “Majesty of the Lion”, despite the man’s constant denials of his royal blood.


To put it bluntly, these three major aristocracies were families that had been offering their daughters to the king to be his own meat toilets for generations.

But what if, through the accumulation of their history, the women of these three great noble families had somehow inherited the exclusive powers of the royal bloodline and mutated it to increase the king’s power many times over?

As fate would have it, Carney met Schild, a non-royal man but possessed the royal blood, and was quickly taken in by the man and was violated by him many times over.

What if the accumulation of these factors awakened this dormant blood of the Leschbein family in Carney, making her blossom into a lioness worthy of accompanying the male lion?

What if it was also the reason why Schild felt so extraordinarily good when embracing Carney and all of the women she brings to him?

A male lion very seldom hunts his prey.

It is the female ones who often do the hunting.

Schild was reminded of this trait of the lions, which are eerily similar to what Carney is doing today if we consider the florist girl as the prey and Schild doing the majority of the “devouring” as “the lion’s share”.

He has been having sex with Carney every day for a while now.

But even when he was having sex with other women, she still stayed the same.

“Maybe, I……”

“……have truly fallen in love with Carney?”

Schild thought for the first time in all seriousness as he shot his semen into the florist girl’s vagina.

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