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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – New Revelations and Developments

“It’s humiliating!”

The First Princess, Cymbium, burst out at the outset.

“I can’t believe I’ve been played for a fool! That I’ve been clowning around in someone else’s scenario! I am humiliated! It’s the opposite of being humiliated by Schild, the worst feeling ever!”

In the meantime, Schild, who was summoned to appear before Cymbium, was just as puzzled by this situation.

As for why, it was because the first princess, whom he always knew as a calm and calculating person, was now letting out an outburst of emotions like mad that almost destroyed her beautiful and caring image.

The first princess in a rare state of distress. This mood was so rare that her sister, the second princess Serenea, and Cymbium’s personal maids, Nena and Nina, didn’t know what to do, so they could only retreat to another room in coincidence with Schild’s visit.

“Can’t you just calm down for now?”

“How can I be calm? I’ve always prided myself on being the best strategist in the kingdom! It’s only with this ability that I thought I could eventually succeed my father and endure the heavy responsibility of being queen! And yet, and yet……!”

Schild was not sure what it was, but something seemed to have happened that made Cymbium very frustrated.

But he also knew that if he kept this on and on, they would never get anywhere.

“Ahh, geez!”

So Schild took action……and went behind Cymbium where he flipped up the hem of the skirt of her very princess-like dress.



From there, he exposed the huge, child-rearing hips of the royal princess, the ass of one of the very princesses who was promised to eventually give birth to a new king, wrapped in very expensive fine-silk panties.

“Uhm……Schild, what are you doing all of a sudden?”

Ignoring Cymbium, whose frustration has all turned into puzzlement without him noticing, Schild pulled down these silk panties next, revealing from there the round, white flesh of her buttocks and the female genitalia behind.

Schild then aimed his cock then screwed himself inside in one go, all the way to the princess womb of Cymbium.


Seeing her body convulsing almost simultaneously, which also indicated that she had been able to reach climax safely, Schild checked up on Cymbium again. If you ar e a ble to re ad t his mes sa ge, you ar e read i ng from an un auth oriz ed aggr eg ate site. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at sta bb ing wi th a syr inge. ho me. bl og to su pport me and my t ranslat ions.

“……Have you calmed down now?”

“Yesh♡♡ I’m sorry you had to see that♡♡♡♡”

(Apparently, women have a post-nut clarity too.)

After being nailed by Schild once, the heat in Cymbium’s head was extinguished, and this was then when they could finally have a proper conversation with each other.

“My goodness♡♡ To treat a noble princess of a country like a meat toilet, you’re the only one, Schild♡♡ But this is also why I love you so much♡♡”

Still, Cymbium couldn’t help but rebuke the man.

The king, Preslate I, has been bedridden of the palace for a long time, unable to see anyone because of his illness.

Schild’s version of events, or at least what he found out in Cymbium’s camp, was that the Oscar family used this illness of his to surround the king and control the government in his stead.

However, all of these were lies. It wasn’t the Oscar family that kept our father around and monopolized him; it was the doing of someone else. Thus, Schild could only sign in exaspiration when Cymbium told her this.

That even after all those accomplishments, it didn’t contribute one bit to having the rights of an audience with the king.

Still, thanks to Schild bridging the gap between both camps, a truce has been made between the two parties, between the first princess and the Oscars, where then a face-to-face meeting of Cymbium with the former head, Elovairo, was finally held.

However, upon having the meeting, this only revealed the discrepancy between the perceptions of both camps, which created a lot of confusion to both parties and revealed to them the existence of another possible enemy in the shadows.

Then again, this revelation wasn’t possible without Schild’s interventions, so he was, to sum up, the direct contributor of the matter. A butterfly effect of his actions, if it wasn’t it.

It further added to the fact that if he hadn’t accomplished this, the former head of the Oscar family, also known as the Lord Patriarch, wouldn’t have been able to see Schild on his own accord.

“……Young man, what is our purpose in joining this fight? What do you want, that you chose to become Cymbium’s helper?”

“I’ll let you know when we get to know each other better.”

Yes, this Schild’s conversation with Elovairo encouraged the latter to meet with Cymbium. That both camps should have a truce first before telling the old man of his true intentions.

However, what they discovered from the meeting was something else.

“In the meeting, the former patriarch said to me that it wasn’t them who was blocking me, it was me who was blocking them on their way to the king, under the orders of the First Queen. Meaning they were also being denied audience ever since this unrest started. No, it might have even been the root cause of this bad blood all along.”

The First Princess faction and the Second Princess faction are currently engaged in a succession battle.

Both sides saw the other side as a scoundrel trying to take advantage of the ill king for themselves.

“Wait. So, you’re saying that, from the Oscars’ point of view, we’re the ones keeping the king under our wraps?”


“That’s right. It was even worse because both sides thought the other was the bad guy. The more each camp thought they were on the right, the more they couldn’t back down.”

“I see.  

“In addition, the circumstances that led to such a situation were also unusual.”

“Unusual? On what part?”

“That the Oscars, or technically, the Second Queen, had also known of your existence from the very beginning.”

“You mean……so that’s how it is.”

“Yes. You see, the Second Queen, Serenea’s mother, went to visit my father the King one day, probably around the time before he got his sickness, just like me. That was when she told them of your existence.”

――I have a son.

I’ve been keeping it a secret to avoid further turmoil since I impregnated a lowly girl, but the child’s existence is becoming more and more critical at this point.

“And also, “

The first princess, Cymbium, is the most promising candidate to become the next queen, but her nature tends to be sultry and reliant on intrigue.

If she were to become queen, it would not be in the best interest of the country.

Once she grows more powerful, cooperate with the hidden prince and make sure to bring her down from power.

“Hey, isn’t that……!”

That was exactly what Cymbium was told by the king on his sickbed.

The only difference is that the persons and perspectives have been switched. Also, what he said to Cymbium that “she and Serenea were not the true daughters of the king” was strangely omitted.

“Cymbium, you were told to cooperate with me to defeat the growing Oscars, am I right?”

“Yes. Come to think of it. Indeed, I was. But I forgot to tell them this as what I heard from the Oscars’ former patriarch was already too shocking.”

Either way, with this, it became more of a mystery which one was the true aggressor.

But what was the king’s purpose of only telling Cymbium that she and Serenea were not his “true children”?

“Immediately after that point, the Oscar family members were also denied any audience with father. The reason for this is that he is sick, and the First Queen instructed that he should be allowed no visitors until he recovers.”

After this, the second queen was so enraged that she went to her father, the former Patriarch, and ranted and raved on him.

That the Ryngberg faction cannot be trusted, must be hated, must be expelled, in short, this was also the beginning of the Oscar family’s hatred of Cymbium and the propagation of the need to eliminate her from the throne. Thi s chap ter tran slat ion is ma de po ssi ble by stab bi ng with a syri nge tra nslati ons. check only u p-to -d ate transl at ions on my Wor dpre ss s ite.

“Incidentally, the second queen cleverly cut off and hid your existence at that point, not even telling the retired patriarch about it despite her ranting. It was only when he met you in person and asked her again that she finally confessed about you.”

“Which is probably a good move from the Second Queen. After all, if my existence were to come to light, it would only be a source of anxiety for Serenea as they are planning her to become queen and monopolize her power all to themselves.”

To sum it up, both camps have been waging a barren political war, thinking that justice is on their side .

But in the end, both were only being deceived, and both were in the wrong.

“Now that I heard it all, it was rightfully so that you were angry. But then again, what the hell is going on? I don’t understand the situation at all!”

Based on the testimonies of both of them, one could deduce that the king told the two sides something completely different so that their forces would fight each other.

“Does he want to start a war?”

“That can’t be! Father would never do such a thing!”

Cymbium immediately shouted her rejection to Schild’s unconscious blurting.

Even though they were “born of the same man”, Schild had never known his father, compared to Cymbium, who had spent most of her life with him despite having been told that they were not blood-related.

“In the first place, I can’t imagine father, who had always advocated peace, to suddenly act brazenly like this that would put his kingdom in turmoil. I suspect that there is a real mastermind behind father’s manipulation, and they must have used some kind of trick to make father say these things, all to make me and the Second Queen believe that the words came from father’s mouth.”


“What do you mean? Also, doesn’t that sound like you’re too in denial?”

“The king doesn’t have the power to force his subjects by his will, as that would not be a king, but a tyrant. Also, it isn’t news that a king can also be “ordered,” by his subjects to do something.”

“If we’re going to proceed in that direction, do you have any idea who’s behind this?”

If one assumes the existence of a mastermind, then the goal would naturally be for everyone to work together to defeat this hidden enemy.

“There is one person who seems to be.”


“The Prime Minister, Dernonos.”

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