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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 11 (Volume 2 Extra Story 3 Part 3)

Volume 2 Extra Story 3 – Shakira × Carney (3)

The results of the dance battle came up pretty quickly. And in a manner that neither Schild nor Shakira had expected in any way.

“Lord Schild, look at this!”

Surprisingly, it was Carney’s victory as she successfully mastered every professional butt-shaking move shown by Shakira.

Back and forth, left and right, up and down, diagonal, circular, and even octagonal movements.

The subjugator-cum-knight who was just a dying sea cucumber early on was now swinging her butt in a beautiful rhythm and almost precisely as Shakira had performed.

“I lost……”

Shakira’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

“You’ve mastered all the techniques in a single day……and was even able to perform some of the moves better than I did! My pride and sweat…to think it had been overcome this easily……”

“Nope. That’s not true, Miss Shakira.”

However, when she heard her opponent’s words, Carney denied and instead took the hands of the downed dancer and lifted her up.

It was contrary to her hostile attitude earlier, or more like, she was back to her original humble self.


“The only reason I was able to copy the dance techniques was that you allowed me to attach my butt perfectly to yours. If you hadn’t agreed to this request of mine, I wouldn’t have won and would have needed more days to master it, or even a month.”

“I-is that true?”

“It is. If you can’t believe me, just look at what my ass had become.”

Carney turns around and points to her butt.

“……? -!! It has become red all over!?”

“You see, I couldn’t keep up with the movement of your hips right away. This is the result of that, my ass turning red from the friction. This also showed how intense your hips are moving earlier, or else how could my ass become like this?”

“Still, it doesn’t mean anything as you eventually caught up with me.”

Shakira is correct. Carney’s ass eventually kept up with Shakira’s halfway through, and the friction in their rubbing greatly lessened. If yo u ar e ab le to r ead t his m es sa ge, y ou are re adi ng fr o m an una ut h orized agg re ga te si te. Rea d at my W ord Pr es s at sta b b ing wi th a syri ng e. ho me. bl og to s u pp ort me an d my transl at ions.

After all, hips moving in perfect unison don’t rub together.

“Indeed, If I had been a little slower, my buttocks would have bled, and I would not be able to master a single one of the dance techniques you showed. Because of this, I also owed Lord Schild a bit.”

“Master Schild? Why?”

“Can’t you see? The cum that Lord Schild had spilled on us acted as a lubricant, minimizing the friction between my buttocks and yours. If it hadn’t been for that, I would have lost for sure. No, it’s actually my loss because I cheated.”

“If that’s the case, then shouldn’t Shakira’s buttocks be burned by the friction as well?” Schild also commented, but his existence was too thin to be heard by the two.

“Therefore, it is my loss, Ms. Shakira. Your dancing skills are indeed first-rate. It should be respected. I take back my words and apologize for disgracing it.”

Carney bowed her head.

“……As a child of a prestigious noble family, I was forced to live a strict way of life, you see. Basically, my life and my future were already determined by someone else, and my will was completely ignored as if it wasn’t needed in the first place.

To this, all sorts and forms of “art” was ingrained to me back then, whether paintings, dances or operas, all for the sake of developing me on what they want me to be.”


“When you mentioned how proud you were in dancing, bad memories of those times of childhood resurfaced in my head along with the frustration and the hate I once felt. Indeed, I should not have done such things to you as my past and your ambitions are completely unrelated matters, but I couldn’t help it. In the end, I still burst out everything to you, an innocent and unrelated person. And for that, I am so sorry.”

Carney was born a daughter of one of the three great noble families, the Leschbeins.

But now, she is working for the Subjugators’ Guild even though she’s a knight. This is by no means of her going with the will of her family nor using their connections. On the contrary, it was purely her persistent will and defiance to the restrictive life she had in the past that she had become to what she is today.

All because she wanted to be free.

“Nevertheless, it was thanks to the first-rate skills Ms. Shakira had shown me that my prejudices have been washed away. And for that, I honorably admit my defeat.”

“Thank you, but I was in the wrong as well. My head has grown too big about my success that I didn’t think that there also existed people that could be more skilled than me, even though they’re of a different profession. In addition, I was able to understand it now, of why you’re so confident back there.”

Shakira also squeezes Carney’s hand back.

“The reason for your confidence and how you were able to master dance techniques so easily is because you were exposed to so many top-notch arts as a child. It wasn’t because it’s easy, but because you also tried your best to learn it in the past. And you even applied your own style, which surpassed mine in some ways. All in all, it was me who misunderstood.”


Shakira is, once again, correct. Carney’s developed senses in dancing allowed her to intuitively understand Shakira’s dance techniques and apply them in her own movements.

“To be honest, I envy you a bit. I was born as a poor village girl, so I never had the opportunity to experience expensive art. Even so, I longed to be a dancer, for I was inspired by the traveling entertainers who came to visit our village once a year. That was also the main reason I decided to pursue this occupation.”

As such, to Shakira, the free training system of Brothel Rafflesia is a godsend opportunity despite its caveats, as the establishment provided her with everything as long as she has the will.

It was to the point that she even found the risk of being turned into a prostitute a righteous one as it is to prevent the establishment from incurring losses for training them from scratch.

“Uuu…… to think I had said a bunch of heartless words to someone who had worked so hard and has taken their professions to heart……really, what a shameful thing I have done!”

“It’s okay, Ms. Carney. I think your anger is justified. Besides, there’s no harm done. So……friends?”


And just like that, the dispute between bombshell beauties of opposite professions ended in shaking hands.


“……chuppah, chuppah, mmmgghh.”

Or so Schild had thought, but suddenly, the faces of the two women got closer and closer to each other, and when their lips were close enough, the two both shared a deep, lesbian kiss.


“Hmmn♡ As expected, your tits are way too big!”

They even started rubbing each other’s enormous tits.

Again, all of them were naked outdoors since they started the dance battle.

“……Aahh, yes♡♡ my pussy, rub my pussy more♡♡”

“To think rubbing cunts with another woman in broad daylight would feel this good♡♡ Ahhh, ahhhh♡♡”

Of course, they didn’t forget to rub their pussies as well.

As for why Shakira and Carney went and did this, it was to express an “exchange of friendship” between each other. T his ch a pter tra nsla ti on is m ade po ssib le by sta bbi ng wi th a sy rin ge tr anslati ons. che ck only u p-to -dat e t rans latio ns on my Word pre ss si te.

As for who told them that these “exchanges of friendship” must be performed when getting along, only one person is the culprit.

“Ms. Shakiraaa♡♡ Nhaaaa♡♡ We’re good friends now, aren’t we♡♡♡♡”

“Ahhaan♡♡ Yes♡♡ We’re good friends now♡♡ As such, it’s normal for us to have lesbian sex now♡♡♡♡”

Yes, it was the same man whom they had lost their virginity from, the same person who carved these immoral acts of bonding into their souls.

The man who made it possible for these two people who, even though they were born and raised differently, and even though their professions are far from each other, were able to seek and enjoy the other’s fully naked and incredible bodies without being told,

It was none other than Schild.

“Ms. Shakira♡♡”

“Yes, Ms. Carney♡♡”

“What would you say if I told you that there is another reason why I thought your dancing was so wonderful♡♡”

“What’s that♡♡♡ I’d love to hear it♡♡♡♡”

“It’s because of… that♡♡♡♡”

Carney then pointed to the sky-piercing hardness of a certain man standing erect in the corner of the garden ever since the two started their showdown.


“Lord Schild’s cock♡♡♡♡ It’s erected the whole time we started our dance♡♡♡♡♡♡ Ahh, its size is still amazing as ever, I must say♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“I know what you mean♡♡♡ Actually, when I saw him get erect when we started to dance, I’ve been trying to hold myself back♡♡♡♡ I was so tempted to jump on his dick and become his free whore again♡♡♡♡”

After that, the two naked beauties did a catwalk towards the pointed direction before turning their rears towards the said man.

Two pairs of steaming, freshly baked huge buns, both overflowing with lewdness in them, were then presented on each side of Schild.

“Lord Schild, you don’t have to watch us anymore♡♡”

The show is over, so♡♡♡♡ No more penalties for touching the cast♡♡ Touch me anywhere♡♡ My tits, my ass, my pussy, wherever you like♡♡♡♡♡♡”

The two female genitals were even spread open.

“Come, Lord Schild♡♡ As always, please discharge all of your white stuff inside of this sloppy cunt of your knight, this cunt that is specialized for Lord Schild’s use only♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Dig in, master♡♡♡♡ to this Schild’s forever-free pussy of Shakira, the number one dancer of Brothel Rafflesia♡♡ And while at it, use me as a masturbation tool for your cock for the rest of the day♡♡♡♡♡♡”

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