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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 9 (Volume 2 Extra Story 3 Part 1)

Volume 2 Extra Story 3 – Shakira vs. Carney (1)

TL Note: This story is after Shakira had recently met Schild and became his mistress.

“I won’t allow you to get by with that! Take back what you said!”

When Schild returned to his lodging, he found Carney and Shakira on neck-and-neck with each other.

The female knight Carney.

The dancer Shakira.

Both of them are Schild’s mistresses whose virginities were broken by his very own penis.

Today, both of them are in Lady Nazah’s mansion, Schild’s place of lodging, which had also become his sex den where he would invite his many mistresses to hang out and have sex with him almost every day.

But just as he thought of throwing these two on the bed and fucking them both together, he stumbled to this current scene.

“I don’t want to because my words are correct. I see no reason to retract it.”

“No, you’re wrong! You’re absolutely wrong! Being a dancer is not a trivial occupation!”

The two’s arguing intensified, which made Schild more confused.

Seeing his reaction, Lady Nazah, the landlady of the lodging who also happened to be watching the scene for a long time now, began telling him the gist of what happened.

“You see, Mr. Schild. While we are waiting for your return, the two of them had a short chat…”



“I don’t know the specifics as I was cleaning that time, but Ms. Carney suddenly burst into a shout and started making fun of dancers. She said something about it being a mock profession where you only flirt in front of men.”


Hearing this, Schild thought that it was only natural for Shakira, who has longed to be a successful dancer, to get angry and retaliate to such a thing.

“Dancing is nonsense, and so are songs and plays because they yield absolutely nothing to the public. And it is because of the popularity of such things that people’s minds nowadays have become corrupted of such weird things!”

“That’s not true! A good dance revue can inspire people’s hearts and create motivation for tomorrow! It is for this reason that we all strive to perfect our dances every day!”

“That’s why I’m telling you it’s all a wasted effort! If you’re going to spend your energy, put it into something more fruitful instead!”

“We are already doing it! It is you who doesn’t recognize our efforts all along!”

How the hell did this get so heated? Schild thought while shuddering.

Even the best subjugator was baffled about what to do.

If it were some other kind of trouble, he would solve it instantly using his own strength, but it was different this time as there were women involved.

After all, there is nothing worse for a man than witnessing a quarrel between two lovers, even if it isn’t his own. If yo u ar e abl e to re ad this me ssa ge, yo u are re adi ng fro m an unaut hor ized agg regat e si te. Re ad at my W ordPr ess at sta bbing wi th a sy rin ge. ho me. b log to su ppo rt me and my tr ansla tions.

“…besides, it does not take much effort to dance in the first place. Compared to the discipline that a knight puts in to win a battle.”

“What did you say!?”

“I mean, between facing a vicious monster or pleasing a lowly man with dirty moves, isn’t it obvious which is more difficult? To take pride in such a level of effort is the height of puerility.”

Carney’s attitude of trying to shade and humiliate Shakira was another source of confusion for Schild.

Until now, he believed that she was an honorable person who would never say or do such a thing that would bring others down.

“I’m sure dancing is so easy that I can master it in less than three days. Why don’t you switch to a more worthwhile profession instead of wasting your time on such trivial skills?”

“You think it’s easy, huh!? Well then!”

Shakira stood up and stomped a series of steps on the spot.

It wasn’t just a simple stomping. The rhythm was light, and the steps, even though they are only created by putting pressure on the heels, made a dry sound that was music to the ears.

“These are very rudimentary steps. If you say it’s easy for you, you can copy it right away just by looking at it. Or can’t you?”


Carney also stood up and tried to imitate Shakira’s steps, but,

(……that was just stomping with your foot.)

“Just what is that!? And you call dancing easy? If you can’t even do this level of steps, you might as well say that knights aren’t better!”

“Don’t judge me just because I failed once! One more time, just one more time and……!”

Carney stomped her heels again and again, trying her best to recall Shakira’s movements.

This time, she got a little better.

She even made the dry tapping sound at the end that was almost identical to Shakira’s.

“What do you think?”

“H-how!? You’ve mastered the steps in just two tries!? Okay, let’s make it a little more challenging!”

Carney and Shakira then exchanged a series of moves.

“Ehem. Girls, while it’s good to nurture competition…”

But before they even get to get in a heated showdown, the owner of the mansion, Lady Nazah, intervened with a smile.


“…why don’t you continue the rest of this outside? You’re causing a lot of dust and dirt to fly around the house.”

““We’re sorry!””

It was only a smile of an aged landlady, but its power already made two of the best knights and dancers in the capital to tremble and run away.

This also made Schild engrave in his mind that he should never get himself to anger Lady Nazah in any way.


Shakira met Schild in Rafflesia, one of the establishments in the Delpoix Brothel District.

Shakira is a dancer, and it was her job to relieve the boredom of the brothel customers as they waited for the prostitutes assigned to them.

It was a place of opportunity, but it also came with considerable risk. If she did well, there could be a chance for her to perform on a grander stage. But if she did not, she would have to pay all the expenses she accumulated in her training by working as a prostitute.

But Shakira’s passion for dancing is greater than others.

As such, she accepted the conditions, even though she knew it may come to bite her later.

However, as passion is not the only trait required for a dancer, and after receiving a grade of “D” on the third consecutive month of active service due to her poor performance and inability to get rid of her shyness on stage, she was forced to become a prostitute as per contract.

This was then when she met Schild, but after having sex with him once, as if his sex had brought a miracle, the wall of shyness that was getting in the way of Shakira’s performance was erased. With Schild’s request to give her another chance to Delpoix, the owner of the establishment she is working under, she was reborn as a successful dancer.

As such, Shakira could only react in this way when Carney gave harmful comments that could already be classified as discrimination against her profession. Th is cha pt er tr ansla tion is ma de poss ible by st ab bing wi th a syr inge tr ansla tions. ch eck on ly up-t o-da te transl ati ons on my W ordp ress sit e.

As for Schild, he was perplexed as to why someone as upright as Carney would make such offensive remarks out of the blue.

Because usually, she wouldn’t say something this discriminatory.

Carney was born a daughter of one of the great nobles of the country, the Leschbeins. Still, instead of living a life of a pampered noblewoman, she chose to become a knight instead, then a subjugator, a job on which every noble looks down upon. This is because she believes that nobles and knights should protect the country with swords and shields rather than doing office work in the royal court.

So what the hell happened that made her breach her etiquette? Even up to the point of insulting Shakira’s profession right before her face? Let’s find out soon.


After being kicked out of the room by Lady Nazah, the two women decided to continue their competition in the garden outside the mansion.

In proportion to the enormous size of the mansion, its garden was also of considerable measure.

As such, even if they jumped and bounced all over the place, it would pose no problems to the landlady.

Schild also became worried, so he went out into the garden to watch the confrontation between the two.

“Don’t get carried away just because you’ve cleared the rudimentary steps. How about you try this move next?”

As soon as she said this, Shakira began to move in an extreme way that even Schild, who had extraordinary reflexes brought by his job, didn’t know it was possible for a human being.

Especially her hips.

It was as if they had a mind of her own, as they were moving in separate rhythm from the rest of her body.


Carney could only mutter in awe as her eyes went round, and she even let out a slight groan at the fascinating nature of the movements.

Shakira’s hips first moved from side to side, then back and forth, then up and down. After swinging diagonally in all directions, she also made a circular motion and drew a figure eight with her hips as her final move.


The movements were so smooth that it was as if the buttocks themselves were another living organism.

“Oh, creepy! That move is so creepy! I didn’t know a human could move their butt like that!”

“(This knight, how dare she call this creepy!?) This is no time to be doing such commentaries, for you’re going to have to do the same, oh Master Carney.”

Shakira muttered in a challenging tone.

“If you can’t, please apologize and correct your mistake. But I’m sure that these simple moves wouldn’t break you a sweat, or do they?”

“Grrrrr! Alright, fine! This is nothing compared to learning the sword skills of a knight!”

But before Carney could make the first move,

“Wait a minute.”

Schild, who was also watching them the entire time in the garden, intervened.

“Lord Schild?” “When did you get here!?”

The women were so busy exchanging sparks with each other that they didn’t even notice that the man they loved was nearby.

Although he felt a little saddened by this, Schild didn’t show it in his thoughts and just continued with what he had to say.

“Before you continue, I have a proposal.”

“Yes?” “What is it?”

Seeing both their attention was focused on him now, Schild proudly spoke next.

“Why don’t the two of you get naked as well while at it?”

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