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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 7 (Volume 2 Extra Story 2 Part 3)

Volume 2 Extra Story 2 – Lirica’s Physical Entertainment (3)

Schild couldn’t help but be surprised at the sight of Lirica in the private room.

For a moment, he even wondered if he mistook her for someone else.

After all, it was the very head of the Subjugators’ Guild of the Royal Capital Branch.

“I know. Surprising, isn’t it? Of course, you’d be confused. But allow me to explain fi-“

“Wait a minute.”


“This is a private room for entertainments of “that kind”, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but-“

“Then let me take off my clothes first. After that, I’ll have you suck my cock. We’ll talk about that later.”

“You……you really are a man of your own pace, aren’t you? To think you’re still unfazed even at these things.”

But as he had declared, Schild took off the battle gear he had been wearing since the monster subjugation, exposed his erect penis, and thrust it into Lirica’s already accustomed mouth as if nothing unusual has happened.


After all, sex after a violent and bloody battle was an experience Schild has become fond of doing, ever since he started the subjugation business.

“Slurrp♡♡ Slurp♡♡ Chhup, Sshslluurp♡♡ Ughhh, shuurrupp♡♡♡♡”

Lirica looked like a real whore as she licked and sucked Schild’s cock without hesitation.

While they were having oral intercourse, the door to the private room was swung open, and from there, several maidens entered the room in rapid succession.

Each held a tray in their hands, filled to the brim with sumptuous snacks and drinks.

“Ah, just put it over there. Thanks.”

“Puhaaa♡♡ Yes, please don’t mind us and get on with your work.”

Again, as if nothing unusual was happening, the women quickly arranged the drinks and food on the side, bowed, then promptly left the room.

Since this secret club is designed for sexual entertainment, this has become a usual scenery for them. But on the inside, these maids still found it odd that the two are starting right away.

Fine wine and fine food are essential entertainment tools.

As such, it was an unspoken rule in this place to wait the food to be laid out first before engaging in such acts. If yo u ar e abl e to rea d this me ssage, yo u are re ad ing from an una uth orized ag greg ate si te. Re ad at my Wor dPres s at sta bbing wit h a syri nge. h ome. bl og to su pport m e and my tran slat ions.

But as Schild and Lirica were beginners in this area, they just went ahead and did it.

“I think I’m good now. So, why are you here, Lirica? And why are you doing this instead of the prostitutes from Rafflesia?”

After pulling his penis out of Lirica’s mouth, Schild began to ask his lover.

Schild is invited to what’s equivalent to a sex party hosted by the guild. However, the person who was waiting for him there was not a prostitute, but the head of the guild of this branch, Lirica.

Lirica usually wore a tight suit and gave the impression of being a strict office lady.

Today, however, she was wearing very sensational underwear, perhaps to match the location.

Rather than calling it underwear, it was more like a string.

And even though she was wearing it properly, as her nipples and crotch were fully visible in that outfit, it made her more obscene than being naked in the usual sense.

A lascivious outfit designed not to hide but to show off the natural beauty of the body.

But the fact that it was worn by a woman like Lirica, who is considered a serious person through and through and is the type that walked around in formal clothes all the time, it gave an astounding impact on her instead.

What on earth could have caused this to happen?

“That is……so many things have happened. By the time I came to my senses, I had already done all this.”

According to Lirica’s explanation, it had started when the upper echelons of the guild found out about the physical relationship between her and Schild.

And because of the scandal of the previous chapter leader, the guild had become particularly sensitive to such matters.

As a result, Lirica was immediately summoned and asked for an explanation.

“If it’s such a big deal, why didn’t you give me the call?”

“That’s because it’s not in the first place. Even if I can ask Princess Cymbium about it to be resolved instantly, I still want to try it out on my own. Or else I wouldn’t prove to them that I am capable enough of my position.”

The Subjugators’ Guild is a public organization belonging to the kingdom, so if the royal family were to intervene, there would be nothing that they can do.


But this time, Lirica thought she must solve this problem independently, without asking for Cymbium’s help.

She had such confidence in her own abilities as a civil servant.

And indeed, it almost worked out.

However, things went awry by the end of the discussion.

“He said that if I’m doing this just to satisfy your sexual desires, it’s probably better if I leave it to the experts or something instead of me. That very guild master said……!!”

“Well, he has a point.”

“Schild, he’s doing that because he wanted me to cut ties with you altogether!”

Lirica resisted in desperation.

As a result, this happened.

Lirica became Schild’s hostess for the night, kneeling and sucking his cock before his eyes.

“So, how did that end up with me meeting you here?”

“I’ll spare you the details, but the “connections” the guild master tried to call… They were Rafflesia’s prostitutes.”


Rafflesia is the name of the brothel that Schild has been patronizing ever since he stepped into the royal capital.

And due to some twists and turns, he became a very important existence in the brothel that its proprietor, Delpoix allowed him to use her pussy for free.

Lirica had also become a friend of Delpoix when each discovered that they were both meat toilets of the same man. This was after the incident where Schild got injected with a strong venom and where all of Schild’s women had to join hands and pussies in order for their man to survive and burn out the venom from his body through sex.

“I talked Ms. Delpoix into letting me sneak in here instead of the Rafflesia whore. I’m not going to let anyone else use their pussy to keep Schild tied to the Guild!”

“Well, I think I got the gist of it now.”

Schild said in the meantime, but for some unexplainable reason, he felt that something was wrong with Lirica’s behavior. This ch ap ter trans lat ion is m ade po ssib le by sta bb ing wit h a syr inge trans lat ions. ch eck on ly up -to -da te trans lat ions on my Wo rdpre ss si te.

It was as if she was misunderstanding something.

“My pride as the head of the guild branch just can’t allow me to back down like this! Schild, watch me!”

“Watch what?”

“I requested to be taught by Ms. Delpoix how to entertain men professionally! That’s why just for today, I’m going to show you the skills I have learned!”

Lirica bravely declared in front of Schild’s face and while wearing erotic underwear which wholly exposed the most vulnerable part of a woman no less.

For Schild, it was, of course, the vulva, the same location where he rammed his penis for dozens of times.


“First, I’ll put a straw in here….”

Lirica inserted a thin, tubular object – a straw – into her own hole.

What is she trying to do?

As Schild watched closely while unsure of what was happening, Lirica strained her lower abdomen and pushed.


At the same time, countless soap bubbles shot out from the end of the straw.


“What do you think? It’s neat, right? It’s a whore entertainment trick I learned from Miss Delpoix, the pussy soap bubble trick.”

As performed by Lirica, the trick was a simple making of soap bubbles by letting air out of the vagina and into the straw attached to the vulva.

Maybe because too much work in the guild has made her innocent about these matters, Lirica found it exciting performing such unique tricks.

However, the trick was more comical and foolish than arousing, at least for Schild.

“That’s not only what I have♡ There’s more♡♡♡♡”

“Wait, you’re telling me there’s more than this?”

“Of course!”

Lirica pulled the used straw out of her own vagina and went on one of the trays containing the fruits and snacks that was brought to them.

Then, as if she found the one thing she was looking for, she stretched out her hand and picked up something from the dishes containing fruits.

It was a banana.

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