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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 6 (Volume 2 Extra Story 2 Part 2)

Volume 2 Extra Story 2 – Lirica Under Scrutiny (2)

“……First of all, because of his overwhelming ability, I suppose.”

Lirica began her reply, choosing her words carefully.

“As you know, our royal capital branch had been suffering from a serious shortage of human resources due to the exodus of many veteran subjugators caused by the misconduct of the previous branch manager. In such a situation, his visit had a great impact on us. After all, he brought with him the corpse of a bounty monster as a souvenir of his first visit, the same priority monster that was giving us a hard time.”

This was also why it took so long for Carney, their most competent subjugator at that time, to gather subjugators even though it was the royal capital.

“Either way, his prior subjugation of the bounty monster “Amber Eyes” alone is an incredible feat. As the branch manager, I knew that I had to make the decision to make sure he stayed in the royal capital branch no matter what. Even if it means using this body of mine.”


“So that’s the reason you came to him?”

“If that’s how you want to put it.”

Usually, asking such a question to a young woman would be condemned as inconsiderate and delinquent.

However, what the two of them were discussing concerned the guild’s interests for which they were responsible, and as such, they had to take it seriously, even if it was an indecent conversation.

“I see what you mean. But in that sense, he is also getting special treatment in a way.”

“That’s true, but it’s legitimate special treatment. In a combatant organization like the Subugators’ Guild, strength is something that must take precedence over everything else.”

In the world of warriors, the strong are righteous.

As long as they are strong enough to surpass common sense, they can even make the female branch chief in charge of the organization’s operation and management into a flesh-eating whore. That was the law of strength.

In addition, even if he is the enforcer of this supreme power, Schild still respected the world’s common sense and behaved well even outside the guild. If y ou a re ab le to re ad th is me ssa ge, yo u are rea di ng fr om an un auth orized agg rega te si te. Re ad at my Wor dPr ess at stab bing wi th a syr in ge. h ome. bl og to sup port me and my tr ansla tions.

The guild could not have asked for a better person.

“You are one bold woman, Lirica, offering even your body for the sake of the guild. And I can’t admonish you for it as it has been a practice to keep the good fighters in the guild since ancient times. Still, I don’t think it’s worth-”

“Excuse me, guild master. While I know that I got this position due to the previous branch manager’s failure, I’ll have you know that it is more difficult for me, a woman, to maintain such a position all by myself. In the first place, I lack top-notch companions and various connections, as you know, this profession is dominated by men. As such, I have to use more ways and means to adapt, even if it means using my body as a tool myself.”

Eventually, the conversation completely went from “admonishing the branch manager for her illicit sexual affairs” to the “female branch manager keeping the strongest subjugator in her grasp”.

Or so based on their understanding.

“If that’s the case, I’ll spare no effort to help you as the guild master.”


“I will get you some beautiful women who are “seducers for a living” from these “connections” of mine. After all, it’s better to leave important things to the respective experts in the field. And I am sure that even the strongest subjugator will also be pleased with the wonderful techniques they have been using to make many men fall in their grasps.”

“Uhm, sir?”


“You just made me realize how difficult the situation you’re having, still too young yet already taking the burden of being the branch chief as well as imitating a prostitute at the same time. Just accept this help in the meantime to make things a little bit easier for you. A reward for your valuable efforts.”

Contrary to his interrogating mood earlier, the guild master this time is suggesting with sincere intentions.

He believed that if he could get another person to act as a substitute to keep Schild under their wraps, Lirica would not need to whore herself anymore, and she could finally concentrate on her duties as a branch manager.

Yes, suppose the only purpose of actually having an intercourse with Schild is exactly as she had stated earlier. In that case, this method is the most reasonable way to solve it, as it will also cut the potential problems that may occur later on.

A two-birds-in-one-stone approach.

Knowing these intentions, Lirica couldn’t argue anymore and decided to go with the flow.

And so, just like that, “using her body as a means” was taken out of Lirica’s hands and was left to the professionals who specialized in it.


As for the “subjugator-in-question”, he had just returned to his usual routine after a long time of standing by – going out, fighting, and defeating monsters as he was used to.

“That was a good job out there!”

The monster that Schild defeated this time was a bounty one, also as per usual. A humanoid monster named “Kesaya Suit”.

Despite being a bounty monster, it’s easy to win against it, but as if to counterbalance this, these humanoid monsters possessed a cunning trait that will not hesitate to flee from the scene if they find themselves outmatched, making them tough to subjugate.

Also, this “Kesaya Suit” was a survivor of the earlier monster swarm eradication battle that the subjugators had managed to prevent before. Thi s cha pt er trans lat ion is mad e po ssib le by sta bbin g wit h a syr inge tr ansla tions. che ck on ly up -to-d ate trans lati ons on my Wor dp ress s ite.

As such, in order to vanquish such a monster completely, Schild, the “Slayer of 48”, was sent out by the guild.

“Is it me, or they’re going pretty hard on us lately?”

But despite such treatment, the guild did not forget to compensate them generously for their hard work.

Just like this time when the guild has arranged a “special entertainment” for him, just for today.

I guess there’s no harm in checking it out……thinking this, Schild took his feet and headed for the designated entertainment location after reporting to the guild the subjugation of the said monster.

The guild must have figured out Schild’s tastes by now, considering many naked beauties were already waiting for him when he entered the “entertainment” location.

The reception was none other than Brothel Rafflesia, the store in the capital in which Schild is the most familiar with.


While the loving and romantic sex with Carney, Cymbium, and the others are good, sometimes, it’s also good to experience sex with an emotionally detached woman for a change.

With this in mind, Schild took the carriage that picked him up from the appointed place and was led to a private room in a secretive members-only club.

“Your companion is already waiting for you.”

The shopkeeper explained, and Schild became thrilled.

Finally, he opened the door to the private room.

There, he saw who was waiting for him. When he realized who it was, however, Schild was caught off guard and was immediately bewildered.

“Welcome, sir.”

The woman spoke, folding her legs and prostrating herself in a submissive manner before him who entered.

“I am Lirica, your companion for tonight, and I will do my best to serve you with my pussy, so please take care of me all night long.”

The one who welcomed him as a prostitute is none other than the female branch manager Lirica, also the first woman to receive Schild when he entered the royal capital.

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