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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 5 (Volume 2 Extra Story 2 Part 1)

Volume 2 Extra Story 2 – Lirica Under Scrutiny (1)

Lirica is the current manager of the Royal Capital Branch of the Subjugators’ Guild.

But even though she personally serves as the branch chief in a place which is also considered the “main branch”, it doesn’t mean that she’s the most important person in the guild.

This position is reserved for the Guild Master, who is in charge of all the guild branches across the country.

And today, Lirica is being summoned by such a man.


“Branch manager Lirica. According to the intel we received, you are reported to be having an affair with one of the guild’s subjugators. Is that true?”

“Yes, it is true.”

The guild master sighed deeply as the woman in front of him answered without hesitation.

The guild master is a man in his sixties, but despite his age, he is still full of liveliness if you just ignore the bald head that glistened with wax every time he moved.

His question, if worded more crudely, was whether or not Lirica was having sex with any of the guild’s subjugators.

As for Lirica, she was the first victim of Schild, the main protagonist and a sex fiend who preys on beautiful women.

And since then, she has been allowing the man to pump immeasurable amounts of semen in her vagina, making her become the oldest and most dedicated Schild-only meat urinal ever since the man stepped into the royal capital.


The guild master breathed out a sigh once more.

“Lirica. Do you know how your predecessor……the previous royal capital branch chief, stepped down?’

“Of course. I heard that he had an inappropriate relationship with a young female subjugator who also belonged to the guild.”

Going by the talks presented, Lirica is caught having an affair with Schild, and with this as a reason, she will be dismissed from her position as branch manager.

Today’s summons is a hearing to ascertain these facts and give the appropriate action to her, who committed such act. If you a re a ble to r ead th is mes sa ge, y ou are re adi ng from an un author ized agg rega te si te. Rea d at my Word Pre ss at sta bbing w ith a syr inge. ho me. bl og to sup port me and my tra nsla tions.

“I didn’t know the previous branch manager directly, but I was told that he was quite the sex maniac. He had an affair with one of the female subjugators from the royal capital branch and gave her various rewards in exchange for her lewd acts.”

The previous branch head before Lirica gave as much preferential treatment as he could to his mistress.

It has led to the point that he even unfairly shared the rewards for defeating monsters she had taken no part in, destroying the fairness within the branch altogether.

The situation came to light when the angry branch members withdrew en masse due to the unfair treatment, causing real damage to the branch’s operations.

Of course, the female subjugator involved was also dismissed and penalized.

“The reason why we chose a young woman like you to replace him was because of the scandals committed by your predecessor. And yet you, the incumbent, continued to make the same mistakes-“

“With all due respect, sir.”

Lirica interrupted midway.

“Guild master. The relationship between the subjugator in question and me and the scandal of my predecessor. You seem to be regarding the two as the same, but I must say that what you’re doing is a grave misunderstanding.”

“What do you mean?”

“In the first place, the problem with my predecessor’s scandal was that he gave undue preferential treatment to his mistress, the female subjugator, and broke the impartiality of the branch, which then instilled distrust to the reward system of our branch altogether. This is, of course, a serious crime worthy of extreme punishment.”

“Uh-huh, and?”

As for why the guild master was not surprised, it was he himself who examined the charges and handed down the extreme sentence appropriate to the previous branch manager.


“Again, the reward for defeating bounty monsters was unfairly given to her, even though she was only a beginner at defeating monsters, even though she was not involved in any of the monster subjugations. I also heard that she had taken a room in the guild’s branch as her personal property and bought several trinkets with the branch’s funds, am I correct?”

“Yeah, I got a headache when I heard about that firsthand, too, because it was just too insolent. But to think that you, who was selected with the hope of regaining the integrity of our operations, are repeating the same mistake again-“

“What I did was not a mistake. It wasn’t even a mistake in the first place.”

Lirica repeated, and this time, with even more emphasis.

“Do you want to know why? It is because I didn’t give him any of this so-called preferential treatment even after having this affair of ours.”

Lirica and Schild had embraced their bodies so many times and had sex too many times to count.

Even with that, she had never given any advantages to Schild regarding the operation of the guild. She had always treated him as an equal to the other subjugators even though she had already become one of his mistresses.

This had always been the case and had never changed since.

“The core of the problem that led to the previous branch manager’s dismissal was that he unfairly favored the female subjugator who became his mistress, which disrupted the order of the branch. This led to actual damage to our human resources, which includes the massive transfer of our veteran subjugators to other branches, and has ended with the previous branch head being dismissed and punished.”

Having sex with the subjugator itself is not a problem nor a sin.

In other words, what Lirica is arguing about is that her physical relationship with Schild isn’t a problem in itself.

“Besides, Guild Master, if the act of having licentious sex is the actual problem, even you, the head of this guild, won’t be left unscathed.”


It was a natural act for a man of a certain caliber to have two or three mistresses in this country. This cha pter transl ati on is mad e po ssi ble by sta bbi ng wit h a syr inge tra nslat ions. c heck on ly up-to- da te tran slatio ns on my Word pr ess si te.

As such, even for the serious-looking guild master in front of Lirica, he also has a mistress and two favorite prostitutes in the Delpoix brothel district in addition to his own wife, whom he had taken from a good family.

“I heard that the previous head of the branch also had a wife and children. I, on the other hand, am unmarried. The same goes for the subjugator who is having this relationship with me. All the more reason why sex itself can’t be a problem, can it?”

“Yes……indeed it is.”

The Guild master faltered at Lirica’s brilliant logic. However, he still continued.

“Even if the physical relationship itself is not the problem, there is still the possibility of it becoming the root for any injustice or inequality within the branch.”

“Certainly, it may be possible.”

“You naturally said that this is not the case, but as I have said before, the royal capital branch had already experienced the scandal of the previous branch chief, and it is still a fresh memory for us.”

What the guild master was saying is that, “how will you prove to us that it won’t become a problem for us later on and that you won’t take the same path as his?”.

“The male subjugator in a relationship with you……his name was Schild, am I correct?”

The guild master still continued, wanting to prove that his point still stood.

“I’ve heard that he recently came to the royal capital, but he’s been remarkably active since he moved here. “Slayer of Forty-Eight”, what a fancy nickname he got there.”

“If you think he got his current prestige because I conducted manipulations, then you’re guessing wrong. A branch manager’s authority isn’t that all-powerful.”

“I know that. And I also know that the least the guild side can do is to give preferential rights to those people who dare to challenge such dangerous monsters.”

After all, even if the subjugator possessed the bravery to charge head-first against such monsters, there were still plenty of risks.

And more often than not, the outcome of such missions is that many of them will end up being slain by such monsters or eaten alive, even if they already have the ability to subjugate them.

It is always a few who lived to tell the tale.


As such, not one of them in the room held doubt that the name of “Slayer of Forty-Eight” that Schild had earned was the result of his own abilities.

“In the first place, the Monster Swarm Extermination Battle that earned him his nickname wasn’t just a simple monster subjugation mission. It was a collaboration involving many people that could also serve as his witnesses. There is no way that anyone outside the battlefield can fake the information in who defeats whom and by how much, especially when there’s the royalty involved.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“I’m just curious……what was your reason for having an affair with him?”

It was a question that has already crossed the boundaries of privacy and should not come out of the mouth of anyone, even if he is a guild master.

Still, no one in the room found fault at it, considering the trauma brought by the scandals of the previous branch manager to them.

“……First of all, because of his overwhelming ability, I suppose.”

Lirica began her reply, choosing her words carefully.

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