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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 3 (Volume 2 Extra Story 1 Part 3)

Volume 2 Extra Story 1 – Tanifa’s Campus Sex Life (3)

Out of the blue, Schild was instructed by Tanifa to play the role of her boyfriend upon meeting up at the university she’s attending, much to his surprise.

Then again, although they hadn’t officially declared their relationship yet except for being a landlord’s daughter and their tenant, these two are fully aware that they had already surpassed most of the people in what they did in authentic boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, at least in terms of combining their bodies into one.

They had sex so many times that they had already arrived at the point where they could clearly picture each other’s genitals. This is also why Tanifa immediately thought of Schild and only Schild when her classmates mentioned the word “boyfriend” on her.

So, how did Schild and Tanifa come to this sort of sexual relationship?

This started when Schild was referred to Lady Nazah’s place when he was looking for a permanent residence in the capital.

At that time, Lady Nazah, Tanifa’s mother, was desperate to make Schild rent out the lodging as they needed the money for Tanifa’s enormous tuition fees. They were so pushed to the brink that she even offered her aged (self-proclaimed, but to Schild, it was still full of youth) body when Schild asked her to and even told him he could have sex with her anytime he wanted just for him to take the room.

Tanifa, overhearing her mother’s intentions to take all the burdens to her own, volunteered to help by offering her body as well to convince Schild to rent the space.

Seeing the generous offer, Schild no longer refused and even paid handsomely and generously in the name of renting his lodging for a few years to quickly alleviate the financial problems of the mother and daughter.

Thus, from there onwards, Schild was able to violate the mother and the daughter as much as he wanted, and the lodging he was staying at became a dream house-cum-sex den where he could enjoy mother and daughter dishes as he pleases.

One could also interpret it in a harsh way that the mother and daughter sold their bodies cheaply to Schild and with the lodging as a bonus out of desperation.


After this, Schild trained Tanifa in every way he could think of, including fucking her in the morning, fucking her at night before going to bed, and enjoying a harem play of fucking everyone whenever he invites his other women inside the house.

But despite the treatment, which is almost akin to treating her as a toy for pleasure, Tanifa didn’t find it rejecting. Instead, she even anticipated him to treat her like this more and more.

Therefore, when Schild implied that they should have sex right there and right now while still inside the campus, Tanifa didn’t even bat an eye and immediately agreed.

Of course, even though he said it “right here and right now”, Schild didn’t mean they would strip themselves right in the middle of the gates and start fucking there. They need to look for a secluded place first.

But unknown to Schild, Tanifa was already fine either way. It is to this extent that she wanted to be “loved” by Schild.

The two are now in the secluded greenery of the Salena University grounds.

As for why they are there, it all started with Schild’s comment, “Since we’re here, let’s take a look at the university you’re attending to,” but Tanifa, being a smart girl from the start, already detected Schild’s hidden intentions from these words.

Therefore, instead of going straight to the school’s scenic spots open to the public for viewing, they went straight to a secluded place instead.

They didn’t take long to search for the spot, actually, as Tanifa had already known this beforehand. After all, even in a university whose emphasis is gathering knowledge, there were still those who strive to unleash their feelings as they were still humans in the end.

Thus, spots like this for committing adulterous acts were already a kind of open secret on the campus, but of course, it was only to those who are in the know of such acts. If ou ar a le to re ad t his me s sage, you are r ea ding fr om an una uth oriz ed ag grega te si te. Re a d at my Wo rdPre ss at st ab bing with a syr in ge. ho me. blo g to sup po rt me and m y tran sla ti ons.

And as Tanifa is also among them, she immediately caught up with such rumors. She even verified some of the spots herself, anticipating that she will also use them one day when she invites Schild to her premises.

Yes, like the situation they are having now.

“Okay, Tanifa. Say it like Carney taught you.”

“Yes! Your meat toilet Tanifa is already horny and thirsty from her pussy! So please, put your huge, throbbing and fat cock inside this Tanifa, so that she would be relieved of this thirst right away♡♡”

“And then? Just that?”

“No♡♡ This meat toilet pussy, Please fuck it hard with your dick after putting it in♡♡ You can ejaculate inside of it too♡♡♡♡ , And you can do it again and again, without even pulling out♡♡♡♡♡”

The transformed Tanifa spoke out loud without any shame.

Due to the influence and the persistent teachings and guidance of Carney, who is also Schild’s horniest partner up to date despite being also in a profession that shouldn’t conduct such things, the innocent Tanifa has already mastered the language of the bed and in almost no time at all.

This was why even though they were outdoors, she didn’t give even a hint of shyness as she stripped herself until she was bare of any clothing.

Now fully naked and without any piece of covering, Tanifa posed in the usual standard position in having sex outside – the standing doggy style.

Soon after, she felt the tip of her partner’s male organ nudging, and not even a second late, it slipped through her crack.

Just like that, Schild’s male organ became one with Tanifa’s female organ.

“Ahhhhhh♡♡♡♡ It’s finally innn♡♡♡♡ The dick that I love is finally inside my pussyy♡♡♡♡♡♡”

“Great. You’re doing great, Tanifa. You’ve become pretty used to being treated as my sex slave.”

Of course, Schild didn’t forget to praise his woman for her marvelous transformation as his semen toilet and the way she took the initiative to swallow his manhood on her own. After that, Tanifa’s insides quivered and undulated, indicating that she was also very happy with the praise.

His praise was not without basis, though. After all, as the same person who personally took the woman’s virginity, Schild knew very well the improvement of her woman, so it also made him proud of her somewhat.

“You readily got naked right in the open and without any roof to cover us, even spreading your legs right away all to get fucked by a man. Really, what an easy cunt you have grown.”

“Oooohh♡♡♡♡ A big fat cock is ramming me hard♡♡ And it feels so good♡♡♡♡ Even though fucking in this place is absolutely forbidden……but I had no choice because it was Schild’s orders♡♡♡♡♡♡”
“Oh? so does that mean you’ll do anything I tell you to do, no matter how embarrassing they are? Have you no shame? No pride in your morality? You can’t just have sex outside, you know? Or else you won’t be different from an animal.”

“Yesh♡♡♡♡ Tahifah ish buth a subhuman pussy animal♡♡♡♡ I’d rather give up my human pride to have Schild put his dick in meee♡♡♡♡”

Despite the insults of her shamelessness running from her partner’s mouth, Tanifa didn’t feel ashamed and even shook her ass and pussy more relentlessly than before.


“Did you feel good, Schild♡♡ Pleashe thell me you’re fheeling good right nhowww♡♡”

“Of course, I do, Tanifa. You’re really, really arousing right now.”

Tanifa, a talented young woman well known for her genius and humble background at the Salena University, has brought in a man who has nothing to do with the school and is enjoying outdoor sex with him.

It would be a big scandal if anyone were to know about this, and it will even lead to her expulsion on the worst, but for the woman right now, she had already stopped giving care the moment Schild put his cock inside of her.

Tanifa’s naked body is young, as one would expect from her age, but that also meant her breasts and buttocks were a bit smaller compared to those of Schild’s other mistresses.

However, the erotic vibe it gave was on another league of its own, and even if compared to Shan’s body, who was closest to her figure, their difference was far even when they were placed side by side.

The closest analogy that Schild could think of is that experiencing Tanifa’s body is akin to stepping on freshly fallen snow.

“By the way, are you sure you want to leave your friends at the gate just like that?”

“They’re not my friends. Also, with our show of skinship earlier, I think it should be enough evidence to prove they’re wrong. Any more of that would only make them seem in denial. Yes, as long as I have Schild, I don’t need anything else.”

Tanifa had invited Schild to her school to prove that she is not a beginner in relationships and stop her schoolmates from nagging her about it.

But contrary to what Schild had assumed, Tanifa didn’t even engage in a conversation with them right after introducing him and just dragged Schild to one of the “scenic sports” without looking back.

Then went straight to having outdoor sex with him.

“Though having sex is fine, you must also take care of your work relationships, at least once in a while. Well, this isn’t a workplace, but a school, but…guh!!”

“Please don’t say it any further. If you do, my pussy may lose interest and stop juicing out for you altogether.”

“Woah there! You don’t have to do it that far!”

As if to compensate for what he had done, Schild slammed his hips even harder, giving Tanifa’s vagina a greater amount of carnal pleasure than before. This ch ap ter tr anslat io n is m ade pos sib le by sta bbing wi th a sy ri nge tra nslati ons. check o nl y up-to -dat e tr ans la tions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

“Ahiiiinn♡♡♡♡ Amazing♡♡ My uterus is being smashed♡♡ Schild’s penis is entering even through my womb♡♡♡♡”

Despite being on the youngest category among Schild’s women, Tanifa was exuding a lasciviousness that only women of mature age possess.

Whether it was inherited to her by her mother, Nazah, or she was inspired by the scenery of her mother getting fucked in front of her almost every day, or maybe because she was receiving lessons from the same mother herself, Tanifa has grown to be an excellent slut that if she would be thrown into a brothel right now, and she would guarantee to earn lots.

It was as if she had become not only an honor student in her studies but also in sex.

“Schild♡♡ Let’s kiss♡♡ Let’s face each other while you also kiss my pussy with your cock in front of each other♡♡♡♡ That way, when you cum inside me, it will feel many times better♡♡♡♡”

“I feel like you’re getting a lot more influenced by Carney rather than your own mother.”

And on the wrong side of Carney as well.

Still, as requested by Tanifa, Schild shifted from standing doggy-style to standing missionary, pressing together not only their genitals but also their chests, bellies, and even their lips.


And it was even Tanifa who unhesitatingly attacked Schild’s lips and mouth on her own.

It was totally not the kind of sex one would expect that a twenty-year-old girl would do.

……rustle, rustle….

While Tanifa was violating his mouth with her tongue, Schild felt something moving in the supposed-to-be-unpopulated greenery.

While he had heard that people don’t pass here often from Tanifa herself, they still made sure to check if there’s no one “using this area” first, as it was better to be safe than sorry.

But now, Schild was able to detect some gazes towards them, which meant they’re new arrivals, and they’re coming from the rows of trees nearby.


As he had been sharpening his detection skills as a monster slayer, Schild was able to notice these new presences immediately.

But for Tanifa, she was so engrossed in the pleasures of sex that she didn’t even realize that she was exposing her asshole to someone who might be a schoolmate or some sort.


“What is it♡♡ my dear Schild♡♡♡♡”

Tanifa, debauched in pleasure, answered in a state where her guard was completely down.

If it was Carney who was being held by Schild here, she would be on alert even if she was in the middle of her climax and would immediately work with Schild to deal with the malicious presence.

Despite this, Schild himself was not at all alarmed by the gazes that were reaching them.

This is because he already judged that there wasn’t a need to do so. After all, he had observed that the presence of “these intruders” in the secluded greenery was giving too many openings in many things to be regarded as dangerous.

They gave off “an amateurish atmosphere”, so to speak.

“Your friends from earlier are peeking at us.”


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