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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Idle Talk 2 (Volume 2 Extra Story 1 Part 2)

Volume 2 Extra Story 1 – Tanifa’s Campus Life (2)

“I’m not sure what you mean by that. Where do you obtain such wild assumptions?”

Tanifa said in a raised tone.

And when the “representative of the common people” suddenly raised her voice, the ladies who grew up in the greenhouse visibly panicked.

“I’m sorry. ……? If you’re offended, please-”

“Why do we need to apologize when we’re just telling the truth?”

Nevertheless, for every group, there’s always one strong-willed type among them.

And one of those young ladies went face-to-face to Tanifa.

“We can’t help but feel that way because you keep turning down our advances. It’s the truth, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean by the truth?”

“The truth is that you’re a new girl who studies all the time and has never held even a man’s hand before.”


Tanifa could not help but flinch when it was pointed out so clearly.

“You’ve never had a boyfriend in your life, right? You’ve never talked to a man outside of your family, have you? If that’s the case, just say so honestly. I’m too scared of men to go to a social gathering~. There! You don’t have to pretend to us that you’re always busy or something!”

“Now you’re just making that up!”

Without anyone to hold them back, the exchange of words for words continued, and because both of the camps’ composure had run out, their tone of voice became less and less reserved.

“While you don’t know anything about me, that doesn’t give you the right to decide if I had a boyfriend or not! This is why I refuse to join the likes of your people! You’ve been pampered so much that you never asked about the true feelings of others, just creating delusions above your head instead!”


“Is that so? Then it exists, isn’t it?”

“What are you-“

“Your boyfriend.”


As soon as the other party said it, the words next to flow out of Tanifa’s mouth were quickly dammed up.

“Cat got on your tongue, Ms. Tanifa? You told me that we shouldn’t easily assume that you don’t have a boyfriend or something, so isn’t that just telling us that you actually have one?”

“But in reality, you don’t have one”, the young lady’s confident expression afterward told her this.

It was true that Tanifa was painted gray from all the studying she did until she entered college.

She wanted to alleviate her mother’s hardships as soon as possible, so she had given no time in getting along with men. If yo u a re ab le to re ad this mes sa ge, y ou are re din g from an una ut hor ized agg rega te sit e. R ead at my Word Pr ess at st abbi g wit h a sy rin ge. h ome. b log to supp ort me and m y transl at ions.


“What’s wrong, Ms. Tanifa? Hello? Are you still there? Come on, tell us! It won’t pose much harm if you just tell us a few words.”

“………………………………I have one.”

When she said that line, it became the point where the women could no longer back down.

“Eeeeh!? Really!?”

“I totally didn’t expect that! The commoner people are so advanced!”

“What’s he like? How long have you been dating him? Have you kissed him yet? Or have you ever held hands yet?”

Suddenly, even the other ladies nearby were also interested n their conversation.


After all, women are quick to catch up whenever it’s a story about love and romance.


Tanifa also knew that she had come to the point where she could no longer turn herself back.

That anything she says from here on, no matter how little, will be and can be used against her.

And worse, she no longer has the right to remain silent.

And so, having no other choice,

“H-he’s not much of a big deal in your eyes,” she began her confession. “As he’s also a commoner like I am.”

“As if we care about such things! I’m more curious to see what kind of person you like, Ms. Tanifa. So tell us, what is he!?”

The one who said this was the same young lady who had claimed Tanifa was “pretending”, and she was still acting in a tone as if she had seen right through her whole shtick.

But Tanifa no longer cared about the girl, for the face of a man who always cared for her had already occupied her cornered thoughts.

“He’s……a Subjugator, a monster slayer.”

A few days later, standing in front of the main gate of Salena University was a man, looking around as if he was in distress.

“That Tanifa, why did she ask me to pick her up at school out of the blue?”

Of course, it was none other than Schild.

He was currently the sole tenant living in the mansion run by Lady Nazah, the mother of Tanifa, and because of that, he too got well acquainted with the daughter of her landlord.

They were eating breakfast at the table when Tanifa suddenly asked him a favor.

“I want you to pick me up at the university today.”

She said before going out.

As she’s her landlord’s daughter, and he was their tenant, Schild had no choice but to grant her wish.

And since there was no monster-slaying work to be done, and he had no plans to have sex with Cymbium or Carney at the moment, Schild came to the university as requested by the girl.

“But still……that’s one big building they have.”

Schild was born in a remote village in the countryside.

As he was born in a rural area in the middle of nowhere, a school built just for the use of learning things is already out of his world for him, almost sounding like it was the epitome of luxury.

Just as Schild thought that it was almost time for his appointment, a young woman ran towards him from the building.

“Schild! Ah, did you wait that long?”

It was none other than Tanifa, but she suddenly jumped into his chest to his surprise as she ran up to him.

“Thank you for coming to get me! My boyfriend!”

“Hm? Boyfriend? I see, so that’s why….”

Schild didn’t immediately understand why she was calling her as such, but when he looked overhead towards the path she just came from, he immediately understood why.

What he saw were several well-bred young ladies, watching them with their eyes as wide as saucers. This ch ap ter trans lat ion is ma de pos sib le by s abb ing with a sy rin ge tra nslat ions. chec k on ly up -to -da te tran sla tions on my Wo dpr ess sit e.

It was as if they had just witnessed an unbelievable fact.

“……I’m sorry, Schild. But for now, please try to get along and do as I say.”

The two of them hugged each other and whispered a few words while their bodies got very close.

And as both sides were already wise by nature, Schild and Tanifa were able to communicate their intentions right away, even though they had only let out a few words.

Then, Schild deliberately spoke out loud.

“…Oh, it’s obvious, isn’t it? I’d even run to the ends of the world just to reach for my beloved honey!!”

“Wait, too much, that’s too much!”

“Really? But I’ve wanted to play this part for so long!”

Nevertheless, and despite Schild’s terrible way of acting, the young ladies in Tanifa’s class, who just confirmed that her boyfriend is real, still couldn’t contain their surprise.

“I can’t believe it. Tanifa really had a boyfriend!”

“So it wasn’t a ruse at all!?”

“Hey, that guy, Doesn’t he look familiar to you?”

[Slayer of Forty-Eight]

Even though it was too barbaric for their peaceful environment, which could almost be classified as a different world, this name has spread even to the insides of Salena University.

To begin with, the fact that the monsters had gathered and were on the verge of attacking the royal capital was in itself really terrible news and enough to shake the country to its every nook and cranny.

It was then known throughout the capital that it was a group of monster slayers – Subjugators, had saved all the inhabitants of the monster swarm crisis by slaying all the monsters, and that the representative of the group was Schild, who had defeated forty-eight famous monsters by his might alone.

“Well? Is this enough to convince you?”


Tanifa faced back and proudly presented her “boyfriend” to the schoolmates behind her.

“With such a great boyfriend, I don’t need to look anymore for such lads who are still chewing on their parents’ money. Therefore, can you please stop this already? And while at it, please tell your “potential boyfriends” that Ms. Tanifa is already taken and doesn’t want to be bothered by their antics anymore.”

Schild sensed something strange on Tanifa’s request after hearing those words from her earlier in the morning.

And after seeing the situation before him, he finally confirmed that Tanifa must be having trouble getting along with other people within the university.

Schild was not new to such treatment, as similar situations also existed in the society of monster slayers.

But when the school alumna, Lirica, had told him that in this university, at least within the grounds, there are some “special customs” that you needed to adhere to as long as you’re a student here, and considering Tanifa is suddenly seeking help from him despite the type that always does things on her own, Schild didn’t have to think twice.

And so, to help her have a happy and comfortable student life, Schild has decided to help.

However, seeing that Tanifa’s friends are not yet convinced, the two immediately knew they needed to step it up. And for Schild, there’s only one solution to prove it.

Yes, Schild has already decided that he’ll have sex with Tanifa right here and right now.

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