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Abandoned Bastard of the Royal Family Volume 2 Extra Story 1 (LN Exclusive)

Newly Written Short Story – Schild’s Paradise Life in the New Lodging

This was when a few days have passed since Schild started living in his new lodging.

But even though it was only a few days, he had already discovered that the boarding house run by Lady Nazah was more comfortable and cozier than he had imagined. Whenever he came home, there was always someone who would greet him “Welcome back” after saying “I’m home.”

It was only a tiny thing, but for Schild, who has been living on his own all his life, this made him unexpectedly happy.

Meals were prepared at the appointed time, and the hot bath was prepared before you know it. And the best part is, the sheets were always tidied each time you go to bed.

For Schild, who had spent half his life as a monster slayer with no permanent residence, it was no more than refreshing.

And although this all started out as a physical pursuit of the bodies of the mother and daughter and finding a permanent residence to not embarrass his status, living together with them provided more fruitful days to Schild.

This is an account of a part of Schild’s fulfilling boarder life.


Schild usually welcomes the morning in his bed in the room of his lodging.

But today, he was greeted with a sudden suggestion from Lady Nazah, who was also the landlady of the room he is renting.

“Yes, that’s right. I know it’s sudden, but I’d like to hire them for one day.”

A housekeeper.

A housekeeper is a person who does the household chores on behalf of the owner of the house.

Lady Nazah wanted to hire them to work at the mansion for some reason.

But the first thing that came to Schild’s mind was, “…… was that really necessary?”. As such, he felt uncomfortable the moment he heard this proposal from Lady Nazah.

Although Lady Nazah’s “house” was too big for one or two people to live in, it was still not out of the realm for an ordinary family. It could easily be mistaken for a mansion for not-so-educated people like Schild, nonetheless.


In the first place, wasn’t she struggling to maintain the place since her late husband had left her and was in such dire straits ever since, that she had to open the house for rent to help her with the expenses? Even with the advance payment I made, I don’t think she had the financial means to hire someone else.

But of course, Schild, who was just being allowed to live in the house, knew he was not in a position to express his opinion in any way on the very property of her landlady or what she wants to do with it.

This confirmation was only done out of concern for the other party, so he only nodded “yes” as a predetermined response, and the meeting came to an end.

“So, for that, Mr. Schild, please stay at home and don’t go out for today.”


And not long after,

“These are the housekeepers who will be working for us today,” said Lady Nazah, introducing them one by one.

Since they were housekeepers, of course, they were all women. But unexpectedly, they were all in the same age range as Lady Nazah, around 40 years old.

““““We will be in your care.””””

“Uh……Okay? Looking forward to working with you as well?”

As for Schild, it was all he could do to respond, aside from bowing his head in turn to them.

“I’m going to have these people clean the house mainly. Oh, and that means they’ll have to go into your room as well, so please be aware of that.”


He felt that something was not quite right, being how Lady Nazah worded it as “mainly”. But as there was nothing specific he could point out, Schild decided to let it slide for the moment.

Then the cleaning by the housekeepers began, but……

“Why are they all here?”

All three housekeepers were cleaning Schild’s room.

The room was more than large enough for one person to stay in, but now, four people were in it, including Schild. As such, it became undeniably cramped. If yo u are abl e to rea d this me ss age, you a re re ad ing from an unaut ho rized aggre gate site. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at sta bb ing with a syri nge. ho me. bl og to s up port me and my tra nsl ations.

“Uhmm, wouldn’t it be more efficient if they were distributed in different rooms, not just here so that they could divide the labor properly?”

However, was no response at all to Schild’s probing questions.

“Please don’t mind us. We’re just doing our usual housekeeping business.”

Instead, the first of the three housekeepers spoke this to him in return.

Like Lady Nazah, she was a middle-aged woman with the air of a housewife about her. And although she is starting to gain weight at a mature age, she still possessed a strong impression of vitality, probably because she was constantly moving around and doing housework services.

“You’re the master of this room, so don’t worry about us and just stand there.”

The second person who spoke this was another older woman, with an air of being slightly older than the first.

In fact, she looked like the oldest person in the room. Yet, despite this fact, there was an aura of toughness around her, and calling her gutsy strangely befits her even though she’s a housewife. This, also even though she may have probably already birthed a number of sons and daughters from her belly.

“That’s right! Also, you are the famous monster slayer, so it suits you better to act pompous instead,” said the third and last housekeeper, who was also probably the youngest of the group.

Even though she’s old enough by the general standards of the world, she still retained a younger woman-like quality to her appearance and behavior, enough to call her a big sister instead of a mother.

All three women who have arrived in the middle age of their lives were cleaning Schild’s room diligently and in silence but for all the wrong methods.

It was nothing but a strange sight.

If they were earnest about cleaning, it would definitely be more efficient if they were scattered throughout the house and divided up into groups of about one room each.

So why are they all gathered in Schild’s room?


Moreover, the way the elderly women were cleaning was also strange.

They were polishing the floor with rags. All three of them.

From the side, this was also highly inefficient.

Wouldn’t it be better to leave the floor wiping to one of them and leave the rest to polish the windows or remove the dust from the furniture?

However, the ladies didn’t seem to be doing such efficient work at all and were just wiping the floor with a rag.

They were bending down and crawling on all fours.

Even stranger is they were scrubbing the floor with their behinds sticking out toward Schild.

Since all three of them are doing the same work, in the same posture, and in the same position, this meant that there was a total of three pairs of butts facing him.

It was as if they were laying siege using their butts.




Three asses.

Asses that were old enough to be ripe and hot with flesh, and there were three of them around Schild.

What’s more, they were completely defenseless in front of him.

It was then that Schild realized a bit late what that meant.


Schild walked slowly and approached one of the three mature female buttocks.

As for the housekeeper, she was so focused on wiping the floor that she was utterly oblivious to the presence behind her. This ch ap ter tra nslat ion i s ma de po ssi ble by sta bb ing with a sy ri nge tra nslati ons. che ck onl y up-to- dat e trans lat ions on my Wordp ress si te.


He grabbed the ass of the mature woman with both hands, to which he received a shriek from her after.

It was too flirty to be considered a shriek, but it was a shriek nonetheless.

“Ahhhnn♡♡ What are you doing♡♡ Please, stop♡♡ I’m just here to clean♡♡”

“Don’t lie to me.”

Schild didn’t just touch her ass but also rubbed it. But he didn’t stop there. He also lifted up her long skirt, typical from a mature housewife, and exposed her enormous ass, covered by her underwear.

The underwear she was wearing was a lacy purple color with an enticing design.

“Nooo♡♡ Don’t look at me♡♡ You wouldn’t be happy to see this old lady’s underwear♡♡”

“What are you talking about? Also, isn’t this design you are wearing completely intended for people to see them?”

It all made sense when you thought about it.

They said they were housekeepers and cleaners, but the real purpose of these mature women lied elsewhere.

That’s why their cleaning was this inefficient.

They didn’t care about cleaning from the very beginning.

“Once you know that, there’s no need to hold back.”

Shedding the thinnest layer of covering of the same “housekeeper,” which was her purple panties, Schild looked directly at her now-exposed buttocks.

The mature woman’s buttocks had the thickness of flabby flesh that she has gained over the years.

As well as the feminine hole in the back that would likely be a hole that had already forgotten how to function as a woman.

To that hole, Schild quickly undid his pants, revealing his throbbing penis, and then plunged it towards it himself.


The mature woman moaned loudly as Schild’s male organ was screwed into her body.


“What are you doing♡♡ Stop it, stop it♡♡ Take it out♡♡♡♡”

“What am I doing? I ain’t really sure. Care to tell it for me?”

“Y-your cock♡♡ Y-your massive cock is going in and out of my old lady pussy♡♡ Take it out♡♡ Pull your cock out of my cunt♡♡”

However, contrary to her words, the housekeeper stayed still with no signs of escaping, even keeping herself in a perfect sex position as Schild bangs her rear. She even shook her ass happily and in sync.

Pang, pang, pang, pang, pang, pang, pang, pang……The sound of a man’s hips hitting a mature woman’s ass echoed through the room.

Meanwhile, the two other housekeepers watched in amazement as one of their co-workers was “raped” without saying a word.

There was no sign of them panicking to escape from the sudden predicament, nor was there a sign of trying to stop the violent room renter from violating their colleague.

They were just staring at the phallus that was relentlessly moving in and out of the last one’s vagina.

It was as if they had already forgotten about cleaning the room anymore.

“It’s just an excuse, isn’t it? Housekeeping, cleaning…”

Schild began to speak, not stopping his grinding movements to the vaginal flesh.

“You were expecting something like this, weren’t you? It’s just you and me in my room, with no one else in the way. Whatever mistakes we make, they won’t be visible from the outside.”

Meaning even if they get naked in this room, hug each other, put their lips together, connect their genitals, and even if he ejaculate in their vaginas, publicly, the housekeepers would just be cleaning the room.

There is no way to verify them from the outside.

“Still, I think that was very erotic too. I get excited when I feel like I’m doing something dirty in secret.”

“I don’t know♡♡ I don’t know what you’re talking about♡♡ We’re just called here to clean your room♡♡♡♡”

“So, you’re saying you get more excited in situations where you’re forced to be fucked unexpectedly? The older a woman gets, the more complicated the way she enjoys sex becomes, I see.”

Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…

The sound of her buttocks getting slammed became louder and more intense.

“Hauuuuuunnn♡♡ Amaaziiinng♡♡ The walls of my cunt and womb are shaking♡♡ My pussy is being pounded like never before♡♡”

The mature woman who had been penetrated by Schild’s penis was soon panting wildly, no longer sure of her identity. If you ar e abl e to re ad this mes sag e, you are re adi ng fro m an una utho rized agg rega te si te. Rea d at my Word Pre ss at stab bi ng wi th a sy ringe. ho me. b log to sup port me and my tr ansl ations.

“It’s shaking, the walls of my womb are being shaken so hard♡♡ I’ve never felt it shake like this before♡♡ Not with any man♡♡ Even my cunt is being rocked hard♡♡”

There was no longer such thing as a housekeeper’s pretense.

The middle-aged mature woman who had probably tasted many men by now based on her claims, towards Schild’s cock, it was as if all her maturity was gone, and she wiggled with pleasure with the zeal of a virgin instead.

“Ahhheeee♡♡ My pussy♡♡ my pussy is♡♡♡♡”

The mature woman soon went through a series of fine spasms while her vaginal walls were pounded by Schild’s penis, perhaps because she had reached climax too many times each time.

Unlike virgins, who have not yet developed their sexual senses, mature women who have gained sexual experience already know how to enjoy sex to the fullest.

This was also why they often tend to be incredibly promiscuous compared to the former.

Certainly, their vagina’s contractility may have grown weaker due to age, but their viscosity had strengthened instead, giving it an “aged taste” that was like drinking fine wine.

As a result, its deep stimulation soon became too much for Schild’s penis to bear.

“Guh…it’s coming out!”

White cloudy fluids spewed out from the tip of the glans and exploded inside the mature woman’s body, transferring the contents of the man’s testicles into the woman’s womb.

“Aheeeeeeeee♡♡ Ohiiiiiiiii♡♡♡♡”


The woman violently spasmed, not just in small increments but also in such a violent way that her female contours became indistinct. Soon, she collapsed, swallowed by the pleasure of climax.

“It’s broken now……♡♡ my pussy is absolutely broken now…….♡♡”

After this, Schild pulled out his penis, which had been thrust deep into her, and semen began to flow out of her vaginal opening. The force of it was like a waterfall.



Seeing this, the two remaining women stiffened, unable to move in the slightest.

One down, two more to go.

“Now then, let me ask you again.”

Seeing their reaction, which was still stuck in place, Schild spoke while he checked his erect penis, which he didn’t even bother to hide.

“What are you doing here?”

Are you here to clean the house as housekeepers?

To have sex as a mature woman?

“Or is it to be embraced by me, who has unparalleled physical strength and vigor as a powerful monster slayer and experience a ravaging sex as you’ve never experienced before?”

“NOhohooohooo♡♡ So good♡♡ I love it♡♡ I’ve never had sex with a cock this big before♡♡”

“Me as well♡♡ My pussy have never tasted a cock like this♡♡ Ahh, ram it inside me more♡♡”

“Aheeheeeeeheee♡♡ It’s going deeper inside♡♡ A huge cock is going deeper and deeper inside♡♡♡♡”

“Lady Nazah…”

Schild called out to the old landlady as he came down to the mansion’s first floor.

Schild’s room was located on the second floor. When he came down from the first floor, he was without a stitch of clothing, and his towering penis was still erect. Th is c hapt er trans lati on is ma de po ssi ble by sta b bing wi th a sy ri nge tran slatio ns. ch eck on ly u p-to -d at e tran slat ions on my Wor dpr ess sit e.

“Oh my, what an enticing appearance you got there. And it looks like you had a lot of fun.”

When he found Lady Nazah, the house owner, she was downstairs washing the dishes and doing other household chores.

It was as if she didn’t care about the hedonism going on upstairs.

“You were involved in this, weren’t you? Of course, you were.”

“What are you talking about, perhaps?”


Schild showed off his own towering penis again without any shame, which, coating along its surface, was a highly viscous liquid that was difficult to identify.

However, Lady Nazah already knew what it was.

It was a mixture of his own semen and the love juices of the women he had just fucked.

Lady Nazah gulped as she saw it.

Her eyes even shone along with the thick viscosity of debauchery flowing on the man’s cock.

“Those three are my friends,” she began to speak. “They are all widows, and because of that, we became fond of each other.”

Because of this close friendship, they immediately noticed a change in Nazah’s behavior and questioned her, which led to the discovery of her physical relationship with her new tenant.

“Well, I guess you could say this is in lieu of hush money for keeping our relationship secret. Also, I thought you’d be happy with this as well, Mr. Schild…♡♡”

“Well, I’m indeed happy, but why do you need to go this far to pretend that they’re housekeepers? If they wanted to have sex, they shouldn’t need to go too far just for that.”

“That’s just how we mature women are, Mr. Schild. It’s embarrassing for a grown woman to have a crush on a man beyond her age. That’s why we prefer to start by acting as an indifferent person, saying something like ‘I’m not interested in sex anymore’ and the like.”

Hence, the first step is to break down such adult pretenses. From here, Schild understood that this was also one of the unique pleasures of fucking a mature woman.

“I see, so that’s why you set them up as housekeepers?”

“Nope~. They didn’t come to our house to have sex. They came to us for work, and suddenly, they got into the mood, so they ended up having sex. Do you get it now?”

“So, these weren’t their intentions in the first place?”

These weren’t their intentions at all♡♡”


It was nothing more than sophistry, but having that kind of fun is the best part of mature adult sex.

“Also, wouldn’t it be disgraceful for the married woman, even if she’s a widow, to ask for sex with a different man other than his husband? Even more that we’ve already borne a child or two even. We’re already mothers, so we have to be role models to them at all times. Even if the child has already grown to the age where she can have sex herself……”

It was hard to believe that this was a statement from a woman who has already had threesomes with her own daughter and him, but Schild opted not to say it.

Apparently, grown women need an excuse.

“So, Nazah, do you want this dick?”

Schild spoke as he pointed to his lower abdomen.

“Oh, dear. Mr. Schild, haven’t you heard what I just told you? Why are you asking me directly when I’ve just taught you what it’s like to be a grown woman?” Though while she was saying that, Lady Nazah put her hands behind her back and began to untie her apron.

After it fell on the floor, her clothes came next, and eventually, even her underwear was dropped to the floor.

After that, Lady Nazah, now completely naked, pointed her huge, mature buttocks shamelessly to Schild. If yo u ar e abl e to r ea d t his me s age, yo u are r ead ing from an una utho rized ag gregat e si te. Re a d at my Wor dPr ess at sta b bing wi th a syri nge. hom e. blo g to sup port me and my transl atio ns.

As she had taken off everything, her anus and vulva hiding in those clothes were now in full view in his sight.

“Of course, I want it♡♡ I want your huge cock♡♡ And I want you to put that huge cock of yours in my used pussy and jerk it in and out♡♡”

Nazah bawled out shamelessly.

“Mr. Schild is such a bad boy♡♡ Why do you always make a grown woman like me say such frank things♡♡ You’re ruining my mature image♡♡”

“That’s because I’m still young.”

Schild spoke as if it was natural.

Being a young man in his twenties, Schild loved the taste of something as simple. Like fresh barbecue, with all its natural juices instead of an overly grand dish.

“So, what will it be? Ah, I know! Why won’t you say something far from mature to please my dick? You know, for a change of pace.”

“O-okay? What do you want me to say?”

“Come on, you already knew that, don’t you? You’re already a mature adult.”

“……Ff……M-my pussy…”

“Say it again.”



“P-please fuck my pussy hard, Mr. Schild!”

“Whoa, why are you yelling? You don’t have to be that loud, you know? Also, you’re a grown woman, yet you’re screaming words like “fuck my pussy” out loud like a whore, aren’t you ashamed?”

“So ashamed♡♡ I feel very ashamed right now♡♡ That even though I’m already a mother, I am still talking about fucking my pussy out loud♡♡”

But contrary to her speech, Lady Nazah showed joy in her tune.

That she felt as if her mind, instead of her body, was being violated, which also caused love juices to drip from her vagina and run down her thighs and reach her knees even without the man taking any actions yet.


It was as if Lady Nazah was already turned on by her behaving in such a humiliating way.

“Nuhooooooo♡♡♡♡ Bugh, buhoooooo♡♡ It’s coming in♡♡ A huge cock is coming in my pussy, and it’s so hot♡♡♡♡”

Without further ado, Schild thrust his penis into the vagina that was shown to him. Then he started extracting forward and backward as if it was the right thing to do.

“BUghhiiiiiiiiink♡♡ Pughiiiiiiiiink♡♡ Buhooooooonk♡♡Buhiiiiiiii♡♡ nhooooooonk♡♡♡♡”

Lady Nazah also started panting like a domestic animal, making Schild even more excited.

Their swine play continued until Schild unleashed a couple of loads inside Lady Nazah’s pussy.

After finishing his sex with Lady Nazah on the first floor, Schild returned to the second floor.

When he entered the room assigned to him, he found three pairs of bare buttocks lined up in a row.

They were the enormous buttocks of the mature women who had entered the room under the guise of being housekeepers earlier.

Now, all three of them were completely naked and covered in semen. Not only in their asses, which were almost as big as that of a horse or a cow but also pretty much almost in every part of their entire bodies he could stain on.

Of course, this included both their holes at the back, so right now, their bellies were also full and overflowing with semen, making it clear at a glance that they had all been thoroughly tainted by Schild.

“Have you gotten over the lingering effects of your climax yet?”

Schild asks the three, but the only reply he got was a raw spasm of buttocks, as well as the sound of semen leaking from their vaginal opening, squirting out as they go.

“So, you’re not back yet? I guess mature women have lesser stamina than the others.”

Saying this, Schild lifted the one he had been carrying from the first floor and placed it next to the three mature women. Th is ch ap ter tra nslat ion is ma de pos si ble by stabb ing with a syr in ge tr ansla tions. che ck on ly up -to-da te tra nsl ation s on my Wo rdp ress si te.

It was the naked Lady Nazah.

She was squirming all over ever since he flooded her with semen in her crotch. He lined her up with the other three, making it four mature women in total who had been violated by Schild.

Four ripely-aged buttocks twitched from time to time as they squirted his cum.

And that cum, which was being spewed from their holes, all originated from the same man.

All of the women’s asses were still twitching even though they had shared the fatigue of sex with each other. And yet, Schild, who had been the sole recipient of their loving, was still standing upright.

“I’m not done yet. I’m not sure if I’ve ejaculated enough,” he spoke what he currently felt.

His lower abdomen still warped with an erection that seemed to pierce the heavens.

It was as if he was now embodying his desire to enter a woman, to rampage and ejaculate as he desired, but there was no outlet around to fulfill that desire.

Technically, there were four “outlets” in front of him, but all of them were in low power, so he couldn’t expect any response.

It was as if they were just dolls with flesh. And they are only built for fucking.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to settle with this.”

Finally unable to resist the urge to ejaculate, Schild held up one of the buttocks as if it were a toy hole.

Then, he screwed his penis in without asking.

“Ohoooooooonk……♡♡ ooh, ooohnk……♡♡”

An airy, pig-like gasp leaked out of the woman as her vagina was pounded inside.

Regardless, Schild rocked his hips back and forth while also slapping the flesh of her ass in between, making another set of sounds to reverberate through the room.

“Aheeennohooogghh……♡♡ Oooh♡♡ Nhoooooonk……♡♡”

However, as she was lacking in energy, the woman was unresponsive. As such, she didn’t have the strength to squeeze Schild’s penis back, nor have her vaginal flesh coil with the flesh rod of Schild to achieve greater pleasure.


Feeling like he was rubbing some kind of leftovers, Schild quickly pulled his penis out and put it in the next vaginal hole.

“Nhooooohh……♡♡ sho good♡♡ my pusshy’s shoo good♡♡”

The next one was slightly more responsive.

Thinking it would be good to check her vagina more, he pulled out again and put it back in.

Nhiiiiiiiiii♡♡ Amazhinngg♡♡ a cock ish coming deeep♡♡ My pusshy ish sho happy♡♡♡♡”

“Yep, this is more okay than the earlier.”

Then he proceeded to another vagina.

Buhiiiiiiii♡♡ YEsh♡♡ My pusshy♡♡ fuck my pusshhyy ♡♡ Schild’s cock♡♡ pleashe ram your fat cock inshide me agaiiiinn♡♡♡♡”

Even better. At least, compared to the last one.

He pulled it out and put it into the last hole.

“Ahiiiiiiiii♡♡ Ahiiahiiiiiii♡♡ My pusshy is sho good♡♡ More, thrust it into me moreee♡♡ That big and fat cock♡♡ To this pussy who has already experienced giving birth♡♡ Make this pussy feel she’s a woman again♡♡♡♡”

The tightness was strong, and the feeling of being entangled in it was intense.

He was convinced that this was the best of the four, but upon closer inspection, it was the vagina of the woman he had first inserted himself into so he thought, “This is no good.”

“Iishh fiiine, you knoow♡♡♡♡ Completely fhiinnee♡♡ My pusshyyy♡♡ Make it recall with your glorious cock what it feels to become a woman once again♡♡”

After some time, the mature vaginas, which should have been knocked down from fatigue, were revived, making Schild violate them one after another until they ran out of energy again.

It took a bit longer this time though, making Schild wonder if the stimulation brought by his penis had awakened their long-lost sexual desires and aroused their bodies to the point where they even outweighed their fatigue.

Or is it that they accumulated all this thirst because they haven’t tasted a man for so long?

Either way, the mature obsession of women over 40 with sex terrified Schild.

“Mmmisterrr Schillldd♡♡ Fuck meee♡♡ fuck me moooreee♡♡ To this pussy who hasn’t tasted cocks in over a decade, I want you to fuck it and make it cum again♡♡”

“My pussy is♡♡ My pussy has been revived♡♡ It has only been used over the years as a hole for peeing, but now it’s functioning back as a woman’s organ♡♡ With all just one cock♡♡”

“Nazah, you’re so unfair♡♡ I can’t believe you did such a thing, introducing us a strong cock us only this late♡♡ I thought my pussy would never be used again♡♡ But now, it’s working to its fullest♡♡ It’s now ready to greet a cock again♡♡”


“Anyways, put it in♡♡ Please put it in right away♡♡ Bring this old cunt back to its youth with your cock♡♡”

“Did I carelessly break the seal of something terrible?” It was the first time Schild’s mind was filled with anxiety after fucking a batch of women with his penis.

This was upon seeing the oddly strange awakening of these mature women’s feminine side, all of whom had already gotten married, became mothers, and had already lost the feeling of being a young woman.

Moreover, these four people had been separated from their husbands for some time now. As such, they had been entirely out of touch with anything related to matters of opposite relations as they had missed the essence of their husbands for a long time.

But this time, they had been given a chance to revive it all. And the one who did that was none other than Schild, who gouged out their femininity from their already dried holes.

But for some reason, he also awakened something he shouldn’t have, causing the reason for his regret. If yo u a re ab le to re ad th is me ss age, yo u are read ing f rom an una uth oriz ed aggr ega te sit e. Re ad at my Wo rdPr ess at st abb ing wi th a syri nge. ho me. bl og to sup port me and my transl ati ons.

But it was too late to put it back.

“I-in that case…”

Suppressing the chilling fear in his heart, he said.

“Let’s have sex now. But I’ll start with the woman who will speak the most shameful things.”

After that, the four women were quick to act.

“My pussy♡♡ I want my pussy to get wrecked again♡♡ Nhoooo♡♡♡♡”

“Yesh, fuck me over there♡♡ Pierce me morreee♡♡ ram your cock inside my pussy until it’s fully broke♡♡♡♡”

“Come, let it all inside my cunt♡♡ I don’t care if I get pregnant♡♡ Just make this old lady pussy feel young agaiiinn♡♡♡♡”

“Aahhh♡♡ I’m already an old woman, yet I’m, here, longing for a cock♡♡ Give it to me♡♡ I want a young cock so bad♡♡♡♡”

All in all, it turned out to be worse than Schild had imagined.

Nevertheless, and not thinking he could contain it any longer, he followed their wishes and screwed and injected his semen into their vaginal holes.

“Bugghyiiiiiiiiiiiiii♡♡ Yesh, like thattt♡♡ Ram your cock into my pussy just like that♡♡♡♡”

“Ahhn, that’s so sneaky, Nazah♡♡”

One of the women screamed in complaint upon Nazah seizing initiative.  However, the insertion into Lady Nazah was completely random, so the order didn’t matter to Schild, who intended to insert it into all of them again sooner or later.

But as to relieve them, he held the two of the remaining three from either side, taking turns in taking their lips.

Of course, he also never stopped moving his hips back and forth.

Mmbuhh♡♡……chuuppuhh♡♡ uuupuh……♡♡”

“Mmlemm……puhaaa♡♡ You really brought us to the right person, Nazah♡♡ And you weren’t lying, especially with this huge cock of his♡♡”

“We’re fortunate to have him♡♡”


“I am lucky too,” Schild thought.

After all, because of Nazah’s invitation, he could devour such good quality, aged female holes simultaneously.

“I’d like to get the four of you pregnant, so line up, all of you, so that I could fuck you again in turn.”

“Well now, aren’t you a bad boy♡♡ Still, do your best to impregnate us all♡♡”


And so, after ejaculating inside Lady Nazah for the second time, he thrust his penis again into the next mature woman to the side, and onto the next, and onto the next one.

Because all of their wombs were already full of Schild’s penis, it was hard to tell how many rounds he did on each woman.

“Ahiiiiii♡♡ There, thrust it there more♡♡ Scrape my insides more with your cock♡♡ I want you to pound me until I’m pregnant♡♡♡♡”

“Aah♡♡ Hurry up and plug up my pussy with your dick♡♡ I don’t care if you stretch out my cunt wide♡♡ Just plug it inside and ram it iiinn♡♡♡♡”

“Fuck me, fuuckk my pussyy harrd♡♡ Ahh, I’m repeating this over and over, yet I can’t still have enough♡♡♡♡”

Once again, Schild’s seed exploded from the tip.

But this time, the spattering of semen was evenly spread over the bodies of the four mature women instead of their insides.

After all, all four pussies are now filled to the brim with Schild’s cum.

And yet, as if not yet contented in painting them white, Schild reconnected his dick to the nearest woman and plunged her insides again. Then he shook his hips.

As for the other violated women, they tried to wipe the semen off their skins with their bodies and tongue. This cha pt er tra nsl ation is ma de poss ibl e by st abbin g wit h a syr inge tra slatio ns. check on ly up -to-da te translat ions on my Wo rdpr ess si te.

“Aahh♡♡ Aaaaahhh♡♡ It’s back to my pussy again♡♡♡♡”

“Ooooh♡♡ so good♡♡ My pussy feels so good♡♡♡♡”

The frenzied mature orgy was still far from coming to a close.

“Uwaaaa!? What the hell is this?”

Tanifa shouted in astonishment as soon as she stepped through the front gate of their house. After all, as soon as she walked inside, she instantly saw a group of what could only be described as sex frenzies entwining their naked bodies in their front yard.

“Oh, Tanifa. Welcome home. Aaaah♡♡ Oooh♡♡”

“Welcome back.”

The one who greeted her was her mother, Nazah, but right now, she was naked and with her ass rippling hard from being pounded in the rear.

Of course, the one who was doing the pounding was none other than Schild, who was having doggy-style sex in their house’s garden.

And for some reason, they are not the only ones indulging in sex in the garden.

There were also three naked older beauties lying around.

“…..Unless my eyes are going crazy, those perverted women lying naked in the open air, and what’s more, in our very own yard, are Aunt Martha, Aunt Raelene, and Big sis Sheffa?”

“Yes, that’s right♡♡”

“You’ve grown so big, Tanifa♡♡”

“Even though I’m already old, for you to still address me as me big sis……this is why I love you so much, Tanifa♡♡”

But contrary to the endearing tone they greeted her, Tanifa’s reaction to them was cold and contemptuous.

“Well, I’m not really surprised. I guess it’s only a matter time before the aunties are to be eaten by Schild. But even though all your husbands are no longer with you, aren’t you people already too old to be screwing around?”


“Well now, isn’t that just acting brash towards us? Or are you telling us we don’t have the right to feel like a woman anymore because we’re already old?”

“I didn’t mean that-“

Compared to any of the women present, there was a mother-daughter age difference between them and Tanifa.

But even though this was the case, and even though Tanifa highly respected them for being friends with their mother who took good care of her in the past, seeing these elders turned into sluts and indulging in sexual activities outdoors without any shame still induced a headache in her a bit.

“Hey, Tanifa.”

Schild called out to Tanifa, who looked like she had chewed on a bitter bug.

As for him, he was still screwing his penis into Lady Nazah’s vaginal hole.

“Ahh♡♡ Aaahh♡♡ Ahaaa♡♡ Aaaahhh♡♡ Tani…faaahhh♡♡ why don’t you come over here♡♡” Nazah also beckoned to her daughter, in between pants as she got violated through her ass.

As for the one being called, her gaze became more and more bitter.

“What? No way. You’ll definitely do something weird to me.”

“Just come here.”

At this point, Tanifa already knew that something would be done to her.

Still, she eventually approached the man who had taken her virginity.

And when she was within his arm’s reach, he grabbed her by the head and pulled her close.

The next thing that happened was their lips overlapped.


The man who was violating his mother and her friends earlier was now ravaging his mouth in hers, twisting his tongue into her mouth. If y ou ar e ab le to re ad this mess age , yo u ar e rea din g from an una utho ri zed ag gregat e sit e. Re ad at my W ordP ress at sta bbi ng with a sy rin ge. ho me. bl og to supp ort me and my t rans lat ions.

Mmchup……♡♡ Mllem……mlemmmmuhh……♡♡ mmmpuhaa♡♡’

And while she was being debauched in her lips, her clothes were removed. Also, before she knew it, the penis that was just ramming inside the mother earlier was already pulled out and it was immediately being thrust into her very own pussy instead.

“Nhaaaaa♡♡ it has entered, Schild’s cock is entering meee♡♡ The very same cock that violated mama and my aunties♡♡ And now it’s going to violate me and turn me into a pervert in this yard as well♡♡♡♡”

After this, the harem sex with the addition of Tanifa continued, and then with Carney and Lirica, who came to visit later in his house.

I can no longer possibly talk about all of this, so I’ll stop this short story here.


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